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Island Fever 4, Jacks Playground and Skater Girl Fever

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Spotlight Title: Island Fever 4

The movie Island Fever 4 is the latest in the erotic vignette series that showcases the Digital Playground contract performers (Janine had retired again and Shay Jordan had yet to be signed so they weren't in the movie) where the ladies engaged in various forms of sex with the other gals or a male partner in the case of Jesse Jane and Teagan Presley. The circus acts were left behind and there were condoms used at times but for me, the best scenes involved multiple contract stars trying to get each other off with all the great scenery offered up on the islands of Bora Bora where the action was shot. There were approximately twenty scenes here (depending on how you count some of the trysts) and even clocking in at over three hours, that doesn't leave a lot of time for the individual scenes to develop. The vocals were lost and music replaced them but the look of the scenes reminded me of the term pretty porn that many fans like a lot so that said, you really can't go wrong with it if this is your porn genre of choice.

Island Fever 4 was clearly Digital Playground's premium movie of the year in terms of all the work and sweat that went into it and our advance review of the title clearly spent a lot of time with the multitude of extras and bonus features. Robby D. may have suffered for his craft but he helped make director Joone look very good with the kind of artistic, tasteful, yet powerful scenes starring some of the reigning hotties of porn. In short, Joone's done it again and if you see just one movie this year, you'll want it to be Island Fever 4 given the strength of the cast, the sheer beauty of all that went into it, and the replay value provided. Jana Cova looked exquisite, Teagan looked better than she has ever looked before, Sophia proved she offers more than just a little sophistication, and Jesse's buoyant personality all contributed to making this a superior effort. If you like the kind of erotica that can be enjoyed with a significant other, Island Fever 4 is hand's down the favored movie of the year to take home various awards, making it worthy of the X Critic Collector Series rating. The movie might not appeal to those of you that prefer abuse porn or circus act sex but there's no denying it was head and shoulders above the competition mentioned so far this year. Fans of extras will also note that no better package of extras has been released this year in terms of material uniquely shot for the title in hand, marking it as a three disc triumph combining quality AND quantity beyond all expectations.

Sneak Peeks: Jacks Playground 32

Having seen scores of advance screeners from a variety of companies, we noted that Digital Playground once again stepped up to the plate to provide us with a quality title that has not hit the shelves yet, in this case Jacks Playground 32 which comes out later this month. Jacks Playground is one of the longest running comedy titles in porn, following the adventures of a hapless loser named Jack that uses the promise of jobs in music videos to entice women into having sex with his friends or at least masturbating ion his threadbare couch. While the series has had some great volumes in the past, beautiful contract performer Sophia Santi in no less than two scenes, was the focal point of the show this time. Fans of the former Penthouse gal will find her a breathtaking sight to behold and while she still isn't entertaining men on screen, we would point out that someone this attractive might not have to (at least for now) so if you're interested in the playful fun of the series, you could do far worse than jump in at this point to see what director Robby D. has been offering his fans.

Highlights of The Week

Reviewer Don Houston thought that Jules Jordan's Breast Worship was a big winner: "Jules Jordan may not be a religious man but if you look closely at his recent titles (or derivatives thereof) you'll notice that he spends a lot of time worshiping all things sexual like Ass Worship, Jenna Haze Worship, Interracial Worship, Sperm Worship, and Asshole Worship so it should come as no surprise that his latest two disc epic is titled Jules Jordan's Breast Worship. As a fan of "serious melons" myself, just the package alone told me that I'd probably find more strokable breast material here than in any two gonzo movies by lesser directors and I was ready to put the movie to the test when it came in the other day. Jules Jordan's Breast Worship was the latest Jules Jordan epic double disc release and it seems fitting that so many of the gals were naturally double D or better as a result. The levels of fuck for the buck, the extras, the handpicked cast and their talented tease, as well as the technical values all combined to make Jules Jordan's Breast Worship worthy of a rating of Highly Recommended. I know a few of the usual pundits will likely chime in about the horrors of lengthy porn scenes but those of you who like tease footage and more complete scenes with superior replay and stroke value will find this double disc set a very nice change from the multitude of companies seeking to give you less and charge you more, suggesting that by calling it "art" you'll be dumb enough to buy into their argument. Further, if you like large, natural breasts, you'll find this one to be among the very best offered up recently, marking it as another notch on Jules' belt."

Ravyn then told us about a trio of tantalizing titles with: The Sitter; "With only 83 minutes to this Vivid feature film, it tends to moved along rather quickly. The actors seemed to be in tuned with each other and were not busy watching the clock. Each actor took the time to really intensify the moment with their co-star which by the way Sativa Rose excels at. The idea of an on-going fantasy of making out with ones baby-sitter is one that is constantly in the back of the male mind and female mind as well. One can only hope that these fantasies we all have stay locked away in the darkest corner of our minds saving us the trouble of explaining why we always want to drive the babysitter home. On a scale of 1-10 The Sitter rates an 8. This is one to add to your ever growing porn collection", Draculya; "a big budget original movie masterpiece filled with gothic passion and hard core lust shot in a European castle and a real 15th century dungeon. A Vampire saga that rises up from the evil sex minds of two 1880's Carpathian women that prey upon the sexual desires of men and women alike feeding off of them after the victim has an orgasm. Seen as a teaser glimpse into the lifestyle for those that are Fetish and Goth "curious" Draculya certainly explores and entertains some areas in the fetish realm. Though boot licking and licking milk out of a saucer isn't what you many call fetish, the appearance of such is indicated in the movie. The leather attire wore is in proper prospective as the role of a Domme is clearly seen in Julia Silver's role as the Succubus in total control of her minions", and Meet The Fuckers 4; "gives the viewers some great action and performances. Most of the scenes ran longer than needed and should have been edited tighter. For instance, the scenes with Daisy Marie and Jenna Presley dragged on using the same positions over and over with no climax. Hillary's scene is good from beginning to end. All in all even with the long scenes this is one to add to your collection."

Don truly appreciated Lux's Life: "One of the questions I field pretty regularly is how Vivid Entertainment scores so many hot contract gals. To be honest with you, I have several theories but never get an answer that I can live with since an independent can make so much more on her own. Still, in recent years, this has led to the company picking out some of the most premium pussy you'll find in porn, several of which have cast the stereotypes aside and shown the world what the New Vivid contract performer is like. One case in point is Lux Kassidy; the company's latest contract gal. She's only been in one scene prior to the contract and gets showcased in Lux's Life on her first outing at Vivid. The movie is a slice of life type production where Lux plays herself as she routinely talks to the camera on the set of her movie. She was in numerous scenes and there was a ton of footage of her that wasn't sex related, making it a dedicated effort on her behalf. While she only does women at this point in time, she's beautiful, sexually appealing, and has great fun providing the kind of passionate lesbian scene that Vivid has been known for in their sorted past. Lux's Life was a near perfect showcase for new contract gal Lux Kassidy and with the levels of fuck for the buck, high end production values, and sheer fun alone, it merited a rating of Highly Recommended. The replay value, strokability, and sweet extras sure didn't hurt either but this was definitely a title that should be kept in mind for those who like beauty mixed in with a passion for pussy. In short, Lux's Life made a believer out of me that Lux and Vivid have a lot of potential together if the company decides to mold her into the next porn success story. Good job on the movie and on the DVD!"

Don Houston liked Porn Tarts: "Danny Case has been one of the best directors at Third Degree for some time now, sticking with this alias over his usual Pat Myne for some reason. Still, a rose by any other name still smells like a rose so whatever his name is at a given time; his brand of porn direction always manages to work for many of his fans. His latest offering to the porn loving world is Porn Tarts, a series of five scenes where new or relatively new ladies have sex after some teasing. It was a generic type of product yet still seemed to work as the ladies were all worthy of your time, money, and seed with no overlying theme addressed or dialogue outside of generic porn interviews. Porn Tarts was a solid little effort by director Danny Case for release by Third Degree to showcase a pleasing selection of eye candy that was new to the business. While it had some rough edges that are expected of new gals, the overall quality of the action was such that many of you will agree with me that Porn Tarts is worthy of being Recommended given the amount of fuck for the buck, technical qualities, extras, and attractive women that were hot to trot."

Club Jenna was batting 1000 this time with Deep In Style: "Laurent Sky has long struck me as a director all too willing to employ visual effects for a sense of style that reminds me of a rave party (all flash and little substance) but he has also proven to be able to transcend these leanings when forced to adapt. His latest release by the folks at Club Jenna is Deep In Style, where he tried to offer something of a compromise for those of us that enjoy effects like condiments on a good meal; sparingly. In all, I wanted more sex and extras but this was a superior effort on the part of the director so I was willing to accept it as transitional to his potential. Deep In Style was far better than the oft-touted Raw Desire and Porno Revolution in terms of people having sex and enjoying themselves as well as limiting the amount of "style" employed in the name of providing something original and creative. The cast was top notch, the ability to skip the non-sex parts as a menu choice, and the very appealing BTS extra all gave me enough ammunition to elevate the rating to a Recommended even though the movie wasn't as lengthy or sexually diverse as I might have otherwise wanted. The bottom line about Deep In Style was that the roll Club Jenna has been on continued unabated, with director Laurent Sky showing the world that he can indeed offer "style" AND substance without the need to sacrifice either in his porn. It was amusing to hear hostess McKenzie Lee make numerous comments about style too but I'll let you check them out for yourselves since I agreed with almost all of them (even if they were a bit tongue in cheek). Nicely done!

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Then came Up R Class 4: "Chris Streams is one of the talented directors at Third Degree and it should come as no surprise that his works tend to draw attention by virtue of his straightforward manner of presenting attractive people having sex. The latest offering by the man is Up R Class 4, the sequel to Up R Class 3, where a group of major hotties engage in heated sex that included anal play. If this sounds good to you, you'll want to note that all of the scenes seemed to be well handled with lots of tease for good measure. was a title that rated a Recommended from me thanks to the wonderful casting, the physical appeal of that cast, and the amount of quality fuck for the buck presented with solid technical values. There was always the appearance that the ladies were getting off and that elevated the rating for me more than a little although the extras and a few scenes weren't quite as good as I had hoped they'd be. In short, Up R Class 4 was another in the series that fans will enjoy if they appreciate fine women having heated sex in front of the camera. Good work!

Sexpose was another solid entry that surprised us this time: "Lexie Marie was a contract gal that had the looks but often lacked the ability to have powerfully appealing sex on camera. In the last year, she has gone from zero to hero in that sense since she has found something inside herself that has elevated the heat of her scenes, the active enjoyment of her scenes, and the sexual aggressiveness of her scenes to the point where I almost wonder if something specific took place to bring this newfound sense of passion out of her. That said, the folks at Teravision took full advantage of this new Lexie and made a showcase DVD using her in every scene called Sexpose. If you've ever cared for her looks or abilities, this is clearly the pinnacle of her career as each scene had a lot of the qualities I look for in a winner. I haven't always been a slavering fanboy of the young hotty but if she makes more flicks like this one, I could find myself kissing her curvy little ass all over the place. Sexpose was a title I could easily rate as Highly Recommended based on the amount of fuck for the buck, the quality of the cast and sexual heat, the extras, and technical values. I've said it before that when people put their mind to something and try to focus their energies, they can transcend their usual limitations. In the case of Sexpose, Lexie Marie worked with some of the finest talent but didn't rely on their appeal alone as she totally threw herself into the action like never before. Showcase movies like this are rare these days but whoever made the decision to put Lexie in every scene took a big chance and it paid off incredibly well. Good job!"

Reviewer The Mooninite picked up two of the most awaited titles geared to the younger porn lover with Skater Girl Fever; "starts off with the camera following a terry cloth clothed gal wandering down the street with her board. From there we see clips of the girls from the film kissing and goofing around â€" it's very candid and informal and not at all like you'd expect a porno movie to start out like. An excellent combination of naturally sexy women, hot sex, and kink all shot really well and set to a great batch of songs, Skater Girl Fever isn't your everyday run of the mill smut film. It's artistic without being pretentious, it's completely hot without being too intensely dirty and most importantly it's fun", and Blacklight Beauty "this is a fun and freaky smut movie with hot little punker/alt/whatever girls doing their thing and looking good. Zipper experiments with the structure and the cinematography so sometimes it gets a little odd in terms of the visuals but that appealed to this reviewer's sensibilities a fair bit as at least it was something a little out of the ordinary and different. If you've enjoyed any of the Burning Angel stuff or some of the more recent Pulse titles like Naked and Famous then the odds are pretty good that you'll dig Blacklight Beauty a fair bit. It's a really slick blend of over the top style and hot, hardcore sex. The clowns, well, they wouldn't have been missed to be honest but the rest of this package is quality stuff.

Was there ever any doubt about How Do You Want Me?: "Vouyer Media has one of the best track records going for a gonzo company thanks in large part to founder/director Vince Vouyer. Vince is known far and wide as a skirt chaser and his desire to provide cutting edge gonzo without relying on goofy special visual effects or circus act sex to improve his movies has long been appreciated. His latest winner of a flick is How Do You Want Me?, a series of scenes that are dedicated to new women or women trying new things, all captured in POV fashion. The short version of the review is that Vince did an exceptional job here but the ladies shined on their own merits, making it easy to watch the movie but tough to keep my hands on the keyboard as I wrote this review. How Do You Want Me? was another fine example of the work of Vince Vouyer as an innovator in gonzo porn. The ladies were attractive and skilled, their enthusiasm added extra heat, and the technical values combined with superior fuck for the buck and fun factor made me figure it was well worth a rating of Highly Recommended. In short, How Do You Want Me? should provide Vouyer Media with another example of why they are among the top companies in the industry these days as Vince used all his wiles to obtain the best possible performances out of an already talented cast of fine ladies. Great work!"

Reviewer Namrufmot likes them young so he found three youth oriented titles to share this time with: Barely Legal 60 "Considering they're up to the 60th installment in the series, you know Hustler is doing something right. Unlike many other "teen" DVDs, the girls presented here actually look like they could be in high school still. This would make a solid rental or a good purchase if you can find it on sale", Teen Tryouts Audition 46 "I've had the pleasure of reviewing a number of the Teen Tryout DVDs, and this is one of the best. I'd almost recommended buying it just to see Sweety in action, but when you consider that there are four more enjoyable scenes it becomes a no brainer. If you're in the market for a quality teen DVD, look no further", and Desperate House Whores 5 "My only "complaint" with some of the series' previous installments, was that the girl didn't look like they could be real housewives. That's the same case with this title; the girls often look too young. So don't but this DVD because you're expecting to see some MILFs, buy it because it has some energetic and enjoyable action."

The Mooninite also enjoyed: Naughty Book Worms 4; "is targeted to a pretty specific segment â€" those who like natural girls in glasses (three of the five girls keeps her glasses on for her entire scene) and who also enjoy the fantasy of a teacher coercing a student into sex in order to boost grades or win favor. If you dig young girls in glasses and get off on the student/teacher fantasy that this plays up on, you'll enjoy the release. The girls are all sexy and natural and as pedestrian as the fucking is, everyone seems to be enjoying themselves which raises things up a bit more than the otherwise would have scored. Recommended if this fits your kink, a decent rental for everyone else", and Manhandled; "if you like seeing women fucked really hard and almost violently with little regard to their pleasure (or at least it would seem that way) with a lot of angry stunt fucking then this is going to be right up your alley. It's very well shot and very well cast and the girls take it like champs. On a personal level, it wasn't 'my thing' and so it won't get the glowing recommendation that other Belladonna releases have gotten in the past. If this is your kink, however, you will definitely dig it and there's a massive amount of content in here to get you off. It's recommended for those who know what they want and know what they're getting into."

Ravyn then finished up her look at the premium compilation series by top notch Wicked Pictures, saying: Wicked Legends 2; "Wicked 's best of the best picks are presented in this four hour DVD. Each one of these well written scenes reminds us that Wicked is well known for in the Industry, giving women and couples all the romance and sensuality without the hardcore, rough sex, circus acts which you seen in many other films. All in all, this entire DVD is well worth the 4 hour watch", and Wicked Legends 3; "In this third and final DVD of Wicked Legends Volume 3, once again Wicked has out done its self with giving us the clips of their best movies. Some of them are meant to buy movies were others you can rent then. We all have different opinions on what we like and dislike. Over all, this is one you should add to your collection and I know I am certainly purchasing a few to add to my already growing collection. Wicked you have out done yourselves again."

Houston found Romantic Rectal Reaming 2 worthy, saying that: "Anabolic Digital is one of those basic gonzo companies that has long established itself as a training ground for directors and performers alike as it continues to churn out a lot of hardcore titles with various directors. Their latest release of note is Romantic Rectal Reaming 2, a title with a splendid cast of talented ladies who took to anal like it was second nature. The casting alone was substantially better than average; instead of having a couple of hotties and the rest being filler chicks, the entire cast were skilled at hardcore, and the technical values were pretty decent with a few rough edges. Romantic Rectal Reaming 2 was the first movie directed by Rob E. Nice that I recall seeing and I have to admit that given what a decent job he did with this cast, I wanted to see what else he had to offer on DVD. The quality of the cast, the amount of heated fuck for the buck, and the fact that five of the scenes were ball draining blasts (and the sixth pretty good too except for personal taste in the performer), all made this one worth a rating of Highly Recommended. If Anabolic Digital is making a lot more porn like Romantic Rectal Reaming 2, I might have to start reviewing their titles more often because this was a lot better than I was led to believe by some of my associates at other websites. For all it had to offer, this was a fine fuck flick to stroke off too repeatedly.

Vince Green discovered that women directors can be just as good as men in Cum Swappers 5: "Directed by the fun and sexy adult actress Nicki Hunter, Cum Swappers 5 is a little different than you standard gonzo fare. Nicki is very vocal during each scene and very rarely goes silent during the film. Besides directing the performers, she encourages them, complements them and even moans and groans during the action. Cum Swappers 5 was the first gonzo I've watched with a female director so involved from behind the camera. Even though the DVD was lacking in extras and could have technically been better, I thought it was a fun and refreshing release. Nicki Hunter had 10 great looking girls to work with, and produced good sex scenes including some elaborate cum swapping. This release might not be for everyone, but if you don't mind constant commentating by a female director, you should give this a shot."

Kudos to Chris Streams for Filthy: "Third Degree is a company dedicated to providing porn that fans can stroke off to without all the bells and whistles or artistic lameness that you might have noticed enjoying a renaissance at some companies. As such, fans have sought out their consistently best directors like Chris Streams and honored him by singling him out as someone they can trust to deliver the goods. His latest movie is Filthy, a series of heated gonzo scenes where the cast were given some basic steps to follow for the enjoyment of each other and with the fan in mind, with some of the best talent in the business. Filthy was another title from Third Degree that earned a rating of Recommended for the quality of casting; the levels of fuck for the buck, and the technical excellence that helped convey the performances at their best. Not all of the ladies were equally talented but the worst of the lot was still better than average and it became clear to me that Filthy was a cut above the pack in several ways. From newcomer Amy, to rising anal princess Naomi, to the seasoned skills of Lisa, there was a lot of solid fucking going on and the extras didn't hurt either. Give it a look and you'll find a lot to like for a reasonable price, though it was not the top pick from the company of late."

Interracial Lust 4 seemed like a proven commodity: "Platinum X Pictures is currently releasing some of their previously shot movies during a short production hiatus. Some of them are better than others and before she left for greener pastures, contract director Jewel DeNyle had shot a number of titles worth your time, semen, and money with one of the last being Interracial Lust 4, a series of five scenes between black men and white or Latina women. If you look at the cast, you'll have a pretty fair idea of what these gals are capable of and a few of them really turned up the heat here. Interracial Lust 4 was not the best movie I've seen from Platinum X Pictures of late but aside from one guy's wood problems and a few ladies in a bit over their head, I thought it had a decent amount of stroke and replay value. For the levels of fuck for the buck, production values, and reasonably decent extras, I thought Interracial Lust 4 earned a rating of Recommended. If you like this kind of show, you can find titles with more quality, and others with more quantity, but for the price PXP titles sell for, you may have to look for thematic equivalents in the under $20 price range that offer as much."

Always a proven champion, Mike John's Semen Sippers 5: "Mike John is probably best known as one of the leading director proponents of point of view (POV) gonzo porn; having shot it for several companies before landing a job at Jules Jordan Video earlier this year. I know he has a great many fans and other company owners have confided in me that they really wish they could have signed him up themselves given the consistent quality he provides in his movies. His latest release is Mike John's Semen Sippers 5, a movie that had pairs of women having gonzo sex with a guy before ending the scene with a cumswap and swallow. After all, the cover said it best with: "sharing is caring" and the characters employed in the movie were some of the best known performers in modern porn so I had little doubt that fans would be happy. Mike John's Semen Sippers 5 may not have been the best Mike John DVD made to date but it was clearly a solid enough effort to justify the hiring decision of Jules Jordan Video yet again. I'm not going to say that everything the man touches turns to gold but his track record is still well above average for his peers and the levels of fuck for the buck, extras, and decent technical values all added up to a rating of Recommended. In short, Mike John's Semen Sippers 5 had some very strokable and replayable scenes that even though who aren't specifically fans of Mike's will enjoy watching this one more than a few times."

Reviewer Namrufmot also liked: 1 Dick 2 Chicks 5; "Like the previous installments, this DVD is everything that an adult DVD should aspire to be. Intense and playful action, excellent video quality, and plenty of extras all make this DVD a great value. Fans of threesomes (who isn't) will definitely want to consider adding this one to their collection", Jam Packed Assholes; "If there is one way to describe this release its "Value Packed". With over five hours of action spread across two discs there is sure to be something for everyone. And because Red Light had their choice among scenes to pick from, they chose only the best â€" no fillers here. If you're a fan of anal sex, you'd seriously be hard pressed to find for fuck for your buck than this", and New Whore At The Door; "Overall I was pretty satisfied with this DVD. Starring some very attractive ladies the sex is always passionate and energetic â€" never mechanical. The only fault I can find, and granted it's a small one, is the lack of quality extras. It still provides enough "fuck for your buck" to earn a rating of Recommended."

The Hustler Empire Best of Centerfolds looked awesome: "a collection of scenes shot by Richard Hamilton from his Centerfold and Taboo lines, taking some of the best the series had to offer in order to provide the consumer with nearly three hours of cheap entertainment for your personal pleasure. Best of Centerfolds is part of the newly established Larry Flynt's Private Collection series and as such, it appears that some extra care went into making it. The quantity of fuck for the buck, the quality of the ladies, and the production values, were all sufficient to rate it as Recommended or better, depending on your tastes and how many of the scenes you already have. I would have preferred that the scenes be marked with which titles they came from and that the DVD packaging more openly admit it was a compilation in the first place but I have to admit that Best of Centerfolds was a nice beginning to a series that has a lot to draw from if the right person is put in charge of it."

Reviewer Namrufmot then found No Swallowing Allowed 9: "There's not much to say about this DVD other than it's just another typical gonzo release. I often felt that the action was a little too extreme, so unless you're into that I'd look elsewhere. I wouldn't want to pay full price because I think there are better titles out there. If you manage to find a good deal though, I'd definitely consider adding this title to your collection though" and Incumming 9 worthy: "Cream pies seem to be gaining a lot of popularity in the marketplace. I've had the pleasure of watching two installments in this series, and I was very impressed by both. Featuring some of the industries hottest girls doing all sorts of natural acts, this DVD will be sure to please the discriminating cream pie fan."

We liked About Face POV 4: "Third Degree has become one of my favorite gonzo companies this year as I've watched numerous outings by director Chris Streams. His latest movie out is About Face POV 4, the sequel to About Face POV 3, where the ladies all provided some tease footage and then had sex with him in point of view (POV) fashion. While it seems like a simple formula to follow, the choices in casting the ladies were all really solid except for one and the results were noticeably better than so many titles on the market these days. About Face POV 4 was a title from Third Degree director Chris Streams that was worth a rating of Recommended to me (but for one gal that I didn't like and the lack of some advertised extras, it would've been higher). The quality of four scenes was high, the technical values tended to be very decent in most cases, and the strokability of the material was as solid as the replay value. In short, About Face POV 4 had some rough edges but they were rough edges that allowed for lots of energy and chemistry to be displayed so I found it to my liking more often than not. If you enjoy true POV gonzo, give this one a look and I think you'll be surprised at the levels of quality displayed."

Don found a new company to supply his voracious appetites with XXX Pin-Ups 1: "Mach 2 is one of the new gonzo producers of porn on the block so I gladly picked up a couple of screeners from them the other day in hopes of seeing what they had to offer. Upon reading their website, I found a number of names that I have long associated with quality porn so I felt that my chances for finding a new source of good titles had increased substantially (too many new guys seem to be in porn for a quick buck; a less likely scenario in these days of tightened budgets and lower sales). The first movie from the company was XXX Pin-Ups 1, a series of gonzo scenes directed by veteran performer Otto Bauer. While there were some rough edges in need of polishing up, the movie was well worth checking out, especially thanks to the assistance of industry veterans Jim Powers and Skeeter Kerkove. XXX Pin-Ups 1 was a nice surprise for me because given the number of gonzo companies churning out porn, many of the newer ones seem too derivative of the rest of the pack. Without providing something of merit that the other guys don't have, that means you either need to compete on price, quality of talent, or an overall vision. It was funny that when I first opened the DVD case, I thought the DVD was signed by the cast and thought that this was a nice touch for a company to provide (it never hurts to be nice to reviewers) though upon closer inspection, all the magic marker wording said was "screener copy not for sale". Regardless, Mach 2 is starting off on a good foot with me for the quality of the movie in hand, earning a rating of Recommended for XXX Pin-Ups 1. If their other titles are as good as this, it won't be long before they become a name to be reckoned with. Good job!"

Puff Puff Give showed: "Dawayne Dane is one of those background production assistant types that has been branching out a lot lately as a director, providing his own unique brand of porn that addresses the need for interracial harmony. His latest such movie is Puff Puff Give, a series of interracial cumswapping scenes that were heavy on anal sex and a diverse selection of ladies, including two of the most popular anal queens in porn. Puff Puff Give proved to be a nice selection of hardcore raincoater scenes for the interracial lovers out there that want to see more cumswapping in their porn. Director Dawayne Dane used the talents of Chris Streams to capture the hotties as best he could and the levels of fuck for the buck, combined with some great casting and passion, made Puff Puff Give worth a rating of Recommended from me. There were some rough edges that could have been polished up and some of the ladies seemed too mechanical in how they approached the action but none of the ladies appeared to dodge the streams of semen or have issues with the color of their partners, a distinctive difference from some of the other titles for sale these days if you know what I mean."

We close with Ass Jazz 3: "Jazz Duro proved to me with his direction of Ass Jazz 2 that he was no one hit wonder in gonzo porn; providing the kind of heated sexual escapades that drive fans wild with stroke value so I was pleased to hear that Evil Angel was going to continue the series with Ass Jazz 3, the newest anal extravaganza released by the company. Ass Jazz 3 was another good effort by Jazz Duro that he can add to his porn resume with a gleam of pride in his smile for the kind of heated anal antics he offered up to the home viewer. It had some additional rough edges and I'd rather he find more of the fresh talent he's used in the past or get into doing some of the better quality anal queens though it was still a nice selection given their skill levels. In short, I thought Ass Jazz 3 was worth a rating of Recommended or better for all you anal fanatics out there that are tired of seeing the same old couches, the same old faces, and the same old formulas used far too often by most of the established directors in the jizz biz. It wasn't quite as appealing as Ass Jazz 2 but I'd hardy expect Jazz to hit a homerun every chance he got so until volume 4 in the series comes out, you'll be satisfied with plenty of stroke value as provided here."

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