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The Visitors Giveaway, Virtual Vivid Girl Sunny Leone and Teagan Presley

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Blue Room Giveaway: The Visitors

This week we have a very special giveaway from Wicked Pictures and for the smash hit The Visitors - an alien abduction horror flick that's absolutely worth getting. The Visitors is the latest adult film to join the ranks of Curse Eternal and Camp Cuddly Pines Powertool Massacre - a quickly growing genre of adult entertainment aimed at the mainstream audience who otherwise wouldn't watch an adult film. We've got 5 copies of the Visitor's DVD to giveaway, plus one lucky grand prize winner will win the actual top and robe worn by Kimberly Kane in the film. Enter now for your chance to win.

Spotlight Title: Virtual Vivid Girl Sunny Leone

Vivid Entertainment has long been a leader in porn when it came to innovation but it has tended to play if safe in recent years a bit too much. Thankfully, the company has made some decisions to change all that and regain some of their lost market share by mixing things up with a host of new contract hotties and some new attempts at showing the world how things should be done. One of these innovations is the release of Virtual Vivid Girl Sunny Leone, the company's first entry into the virtual sex genre in years, designed to compete with the well known offerings from Digital Sin's My Plaything series, Digital Playground's Virtual Sex series, Anarchy's Playing With series, and the newly established Zero Tolerance getting in on the action with the heated Interactive Sex series as outlined in a recent Blue Room Column written by yours truly. The choice to start the series using the incredibly sexy and frisky Sunny Leone makes sense given the amount of fan interaction the hotty has built up in various online forums providing (and custom made ).

The idea of any sex simulator is to provide a fan based experience that lets a consumer control the sexual actions of a lady performer that like and in that sense Sunny Leone is head and shoulders above many who have been so showcased previously by others. As a consumer, you select clips of Sunny and her friends doing various sex tricks, with an entire second disc of extras worth mentioning more than just the multiple paragraphs in my review. If you ever saw Sunny's Blue Room Clip, you'll know why we here at X Critic like her so much but a simple glance in her direction will tell you all you need to know too.

Virtual Vivid Girl Sunny Leone was a superb release by the folks at Vivid Entertainment for those of you into the sex simulator genre of porn. It's not just that Sunny Leone had a lot of screen presence or that the footage of Lanny Barbie gave me instant wood (their co-stars were also looking great) but the sheer magnitude of the release seemed designed to win awards all over the place thanks to extreme levels of fuck for the buck. I know some of you will complain that Sunny didn't do men, the cocks used were all toys, and the usual complaints about a lack of true pop shots but compared to what else is on the market, Virtual Vivid Girl Sunny Leone was well worth a rating of Highly Recommended. With relatively minor polishing up, I could see the next volume in the series getting the full enchilada of a collector rating, but the DVD set was clearly this year's flagship title by Vivid and one of their best efforts in a very long time that should silence the critics for a little while.

Sneak Peeks: Throb and Teagan: Sexual Freak 2

Digital Playground has been reinventing itself over the last few years with the help of director Robby D. and a growing stable of contract babes that quite literally draw crowds wherever they go. The company sent a couple of advance screeners for us to review recently, both worth checking out for more than fans of the contract ladies employed by the company. First up, Throb was another point of view (POV) extravaganza by Robby D. for Handheld Pictures that emphasized the women rather than his own directing style. Too many of his peers in the industry have the delusion that they are making art, resulting in watered down scenes that often greatly limit the strokability of the action far below the potential of the ladies working their assets on camera so it's nice when you get someone that drops the pretense and offers up something substantially more real as he did with this movie. The rough edges were part and parcel of the program but managed to increase the stroke factor by letting the performers provide their very best performances, elevating Throb to the level needed for being considered Highly Recommended. In short, the strokability, the replay value, and the levels of fuck for the buck once again establish director Robby D. as a man ahead of his time, showing that not all porn has to be the same old stuff. Throb works on so many levels that it's destined to become a classic for the POV fans, elevating the bar yet again for others to aspire to. Fans of the lovely Jana Cova should also be especially happy given the fact that her scenes were shot well before she became a contract gal, providing more of her than in almost any other release to date.

Next up was Teagan: Sexual Freak 2 a very hot piece of porn for fans of Teagan Presley but as the debut of Shay Jordan, it went beyond my expectations. Shay has a fresh new look that all the fans are going to be talking about and her initial performance was top notch compared to many of her peers. Still, the other gals in the show were also skilled and the net effect of the six scenes was to offer up a very stroke worthy bit of fun that had the kind of intensity and passion you've all been looking for. There were some minor rough edges but I figured it was one I could suggest as Recommended easily enough, nearly going up another notch in the process. I think I would've liked to see Shay and Teagan go at one another (if not have them give an old reviewer a mercy ride) but I'm sure we'll be seeing a lot of them both given their sustainable sexual antics in movies such as Teagan: Sexual Freak 2. If you'd rather have circus act sex or abuse porn, by all means look elsewhere but for the thematic domination provided by the ladies in the movie, you aren't likely to find better elsewhere these days.

Highlights of The Week

Reviewer Don Houston has provided us with numerous reports from Las Vegas over the years, telling us about the yearly porn awards and convention. Well, who better to check out The AVN Awards 2006 from Spice Studios given that the title "had so much going on that the limited hostess clips of Jesse Jane and her work in Pirates aside, it was worth your hard earned dollars thanks to the levels of fuck for the buck, production qualities, and slice of the porn magic from Las Vegas. I rated it as Highly Recommended largely for the fans and others into seeing all the latest flavors the field has to offer, coming across like a porn primer for the year 2005. In short, while I'd have liked to at least see trailers for the winners added on in a future extras disc, The AVN Awards 2006 stands out as a testament to an industry that so many enjoy as a guilty pleasure. Good job Spice!"

Ravyn, our ravishing reviewer, found three titles worthy of your consideration this time; Wicked Legends 1: "Wicked Picture's best of the best picks are presented in this four hour DVD. Each one of these well written scenes reminds us that Wicked is well known for in the Industry, giving women and couples all the romance and sensuality without the hardcore, rough sex, circus acts which you seen in many other films. All in all, this entire DVD is well worth the 4 hour watch. Once again Wicked has outdone itself with giving us the best twenty scenes from their best movies. Some of them are meant to buy movies while others were better to rent. We all have different opinions on what we like and dislike but over all, this is one you should add to your collection", Briana Loves Rocco: "Rocco, known all over Europe as a cultural idol and porn royalty, has met his match and true love in Briana Banks. Briana, who is the tallest, leggiest, nastiest blonde in porn, goes in search of her match in Europe, with Briana doing two anal shots with some heavy DP action with Rocco. This could actually be the most outrageous movies these two people have ever made. You decide as your mouth waters watching them go at it. Overall Briana Loves Rocco isn't for the weak at heart and into romance. This is for those that enjoy the rough sex and the name calling. My advice it belongs in your collection", and Filled to the Rim 3 which "had its ups and downs with me. I am one that has a very open mind but as a woman I ask myself if the ladies in this movie actually enjoyed the way they were treated. I know as a whole we as viewers enjoy different styles of porn, but the #1 question if porn is to draw in more female's viewers is this something that they truly would enjoy. All in all, this is more of a flick for men who enjoy the hardcore creampie aspect and the aggressive manner in which they had with the ladies."

Reviewer Don Houston is a huge fan of the leading lady of porn but saw something in her latest contract performer too, saying Sophia Syndrome: "proved that director Laurent Sky could make fair use of his stylish technical skills without going overboard as in some of his previous works. I'm sure it won't hurt sales that Jenna Jameson has publicly said that her scene in the movie was one of her hottest girl/girl scenes ever but all marketing hype aside, it really was a very heated scene to enjoy with both ladies doing a fine job. I would have liked the movie to be longer but the addition of some sweet extras and the performing skill of some very talented ladies sure made Sophia's debut a treat to enjoy repeatedly. I thought it was worth a rating of Recommended or better for the Jenna/Sophia scene alone but the supporting scenes all added some heat too and this was a keeper. In short, Sophia Syndrome was the kind of porn I have long expected from Laurent Sky and Club Jenna, making me wonder why they held out on their best stuff for so long. Good work!"

The first volume so caught our attention that we are happy to report Ass Jazz 2: "was another winner in the Buttman Magazine Choice series and well worth a rating of Highly Recommended. The technical qualities needed some spit & polish and not all the scenes were the very best they could be but the wealth of gorgeous glutes, the terrific tushies, and levels of high powered fuck for the buck made the relative lack of extras and other issues pale by comparison. Evil Angel has been on something of a hiring spree of late to expand their roster with such visionaries as Erik Everhard, Manuel Ferrara, and others; making me hope that Jazz Duro makes the next cut when it comes time to pick him up under contract (before someone else snatches him away (pun intended). In short, Ass Jazz 2 was a lot like the porn Evil Angel used to make before they refined and honed away most of their rougher edges, making it very stroke worthy and replayable for those of you wanting the real deal. Good job!"

Don Houston fell for Face Invaders, saying it: "showed the world that Courtney Cummz will make a fine director, especially since she surrounded herself with great talents on both sides of the camera. None of the dozen scenes were fillers and there was a tremendous amount of fuck for the buck with a bunch of hotties sucking off a wide variety of men. I'm not usually a big fan of blowjob only movies but the consistency of the heat, energy, and enthusiasm made this one worth a rating of Highly Recommended. In short, Face Invaders should be on your short list if you enjoy great blowjobs given by attractive women that put their all into their scenes. I've watched passive women go through the motions enough to appreciate a title as solid as this one, showcasing Courtney's potential for even better movies in the future. Great job!"

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Fans of Elegant Angel are destined to appreciate Big Wet Tits 3: "another William H. Nutsack winner that started off strong and ended with a great bang although the middle scenes were a bit in need of polishing up. Still, the technical values and levels of replay/fuck for the buck clearly made the show one I could Recommended. If a couple more of the scenes were as enthusiastic and energetic as the closing one, this might've had Collector rating written all over it but I have to admit this will be gracing my collection for a very long time. In short, Big Wet Tits 3 provided a plethora of pussy that will likely drive fans wild, marking another title by Elegant Angel you'll want to pick up, especially if you like seeing big tits and great tease footage."

Jenna Does Carmen was a surprising compilation in that it "did have an older scene starring Jenna Jameson & Carmen Luvana but as fine as that scene was, it did not truly define the quality of the title by itself. I could point to a half dozen scenes that invoked a spirit of heat, chemistry, and passion that surpassed the famous pairing up but that'd be a bit too subjective for this summary. In general, there was a lot of lesbian fuck for the buck here, all at a wonderfully low price, with solid technical matters, and the excellence that New Sensations has shown a number of times over the years. For me then, a rating of Recommended seemed the most appropriate rating to give Jenna Does Carmen, thanks in no small part to the wide variety of action you'll get in terms of the ladies presented as starlets in their own niches. The stroke value alone will keep you exhausted for a long time so give this one a look if you enjoy watching ladies get off with other ladies."

The Mooninite once again found an oldie in Great Sexpectations: "Both Hustler and Adam Film World raved about Great Sexpectations when it was a new release, and now that it's out on DVD, it's time for X Critic to rave about it too. It's a great blend of humor, sex and intrigue with a fine cast and strong direction. VCA's disc could have looked and sounded better and it could have had more supplements, but if the movie's all you're after this release fits the bill fine and comes recommended", and a newer goldie The Visitors: "Much like Pirates, this is a pretty legitimate attempt at crossover porn. The sex comes after the plot or because of the plot rather than instead of it though when it happens, it's pretty hot. It's well directed with nice production values and the erotic scenes are just that â€" erotic. Wicked Pictures has done a great job on the presentation all the way around and stacked this release with plenty of extras that add a lot of value to the package. This one won't do it for the spank movie crowd but if you're looking for a good couples movie or a decent thriller with some hardcore scenes, consider The Visitors highly recommended."

Jack's Playground 32 "looked to have a nice mixture of comedy and pussy, marking it as a worthy volume in the Jack's Playground series. I thought it was worth a Recommended based on the fuck for the buck, the diverse and skilled cast, and the levels of replay value offered up by the scenarios. I was extremely happy to see contract hotty Sophia Santi in two scenes since she really hasn't been given enough exposure to date, and the others in the show were also wise selections. In short, Jack's Playground 32, like its predecessor Jack's Playground 31 had a lot to offer fans of the series and newcomers alike. Sophia Santi shined as the wanton vixen desperate to score some video work and the volume provided fans with even more reason to pick up the popular gonzo comedy series."

Reviewer Michael Vega found his booty dreams answered with Big Round Latin Culos: "Even though I wasn't feeling Monica's scene, this disc most definitely delivers on it's promise of big, round, Latin asses. In addition to my two favorite round Latin asses, the lovely Marquetta and Victoria, Juan backs it up with such reliable asses like Olivia's and Luscious'. Though I thought the heat levelled off slightly after Victoria and Sativa's scene, there was enough blazing at the beginning to make this a Highly Recommended flick for big booty Latina fans", Diary of a MILF 1: "I guess I'm harder on the porn industry than I should be. I always take them to task when they do something like fill a flick called "Hot Lesbian Latinas" with chicks that aren't Latina, or "Hot Lesbian Teens" with chicks that are a year away from collecting their pension. I guess I'm looking for some kind of truth and want to feel that when I pick up a flick called "Big Round Latin Culos" that's what I get - Latin chicks with big asses. The definition of MILF is Mother I'd Love/Like to Fuck, yet in the porn industry it seems to mean any woman older than 25 - with or without kids, it really doesn't matter. I suppose it's just another way to allow a company to throw a random group of chicks under one banner without having to come up with a "witty" title. But like I said, I'm probably being harder than I should be. Anyways, four out of the five scenes here were pretty hot, so I'll let this one slide by with a Recommended", and Ass Parade 7 "Once again, the Bang Bros satisfied this big booty fan. In fact, there are a couple of girls I've now added to my list of "must see booty" - Mia Bangg and La Femme Nakita. Who would've figured that seven volumes into this series that the fellas would continue to bring the heat? Bring on number eight!"

Another remake in anticipation of our upcoming retrospective of Jim Holliday titles, Car Wash Angels: Wet N Wild: "showed that Jane Waters did indeed have a better understanding of the Holliday way of doing things even if he did not have the budget or cast to successfully pull off a truly "Jim Holliday" movie. I'm willing to bet that if some strings were pulled, some favors called in, and the budget enhanced just a little bit, such a goal could be achieved but as Jim used to say; the money should be used strictly for the women as all else is window dressing (listen to his audio commentaries if you don't believe me). It was interesting to see William Margold participate in the movie too since his bond to Jim was long and strong, now all VCA needs is to hook up with Jill Kelly to truly take the reigns. That said, Car Wash Angels: Wet N Wild was well worth a rating of Recommended to me for the bonus disc movie as much as all the fun the feature itself provided. There are still some rough edges to hone but I'm willing to bet that VCA can find the right formula to capture some of the Holliday spirit if they try harder."

Reviewer Vince Green caught four titles in the gonzo spirit with: Girl Next Door: "Dion Giarrusso has started things off right with Combat Zone by delivering a solid release with The Girl Next Door. While there are a few great scenes (Addison and Amy Reid), there are also a few average ones. The presentation of The Girl Next Door on DVD is quite good despite not being anamorphic and only a handful of extras. Director Dan Tana does his part by doing a good job with the camera and getting nice performances out of some newer actors. Hopefully as Combat Zone continues to grow, we'll see even better titles making their way onto store shelves", First Class Eurosluts 6: "Toni Ribas does a great job of collection a gorgeous batch of Euro hotties and delivering some great scenes. Katy Caro is definitely the highlight of the DVD and fans of hers will no doubt want to check out this release. Alexys also impressed me with her beauty and raw talent and I look forward to seeing her work down the road. Fans of sexy euro girls, 2guy 1girl scenes and some good anal action would be well advised to check this DVD out. Factor in quality extras and a technically sound DVD and you're got a real winner", The Russians Are Coming : "These Borscht eating bitches are put through the paces and only one ass is left unpenetrated. With five of the six scenes being 2F1M, that's a lot of rump for your ruble. The overall technical quality of the DVD is disappointing, but the quality of the material makes up for it. So if you're a comrade who likes beautiful, all natural Siberian sluts getting their asses pounded, The Russians Are Cumming is right up your alley", and the latest Private compilation with Private Life of Claudia Rossi: "Claudia Rossi is easily one finest looking actresses working in porn today, and has plenty of talent to back it up. A must buy for fans of Claudia, this jam packed 2-Disc DVD set has 5 hours worth of scenes packed with great DPs, high production values and stellar sex. If that's not a lot of bang for you buck, well then I don't know what the fuck is."

Trophy Whores 2: "wasn't the longest release by director Jonni Darkko and that lowered the levels of fuck for the buck but the extras, the casting, and the quality of the show were enough to elevate the rating to a solid Recommended. It's a tough call but when you see some Evil Angel movies lasting three or more hours for the same cost, it leaves a distinctive expectation (he and I spoke on the topic at the 2006 AEE Show with Erik Everhard; giving me the impression he wanted to smack me around a little). Still, I can safely say that Trophy Whores 2 might not have been as long as Jonni's previous movies but it was a lot of fun to watch with some good replay and stroke value for fans of the cast and good sex in general."

Don liked watching Becoming Carmen Hart as it: "was best viewed as a showcase look at the hot looking contract star Carmen Hart rather than one of Wicked Pictures big budget blockbusters designed to win scores of awards. The ladies all looked good here, some were particularly appealing in their scenes (Carmen and Tiffany Rayne doing the best job by a wide margin), and the technical matters were all good at enhancing what was shown on the screen. I thought the DVD was worthy of being Recommended; marking another solid release by director Michael Raven, even if not on the same scale as his recent hit. In short, Becoming Carmen Hart was most becoming of the leading lady and another notch on her belt of heated titles that fans should give the nod to, proving that she has more going for her than mere beauty alone."

Mr. Houston thought Double Parked 16: "was the best volume in the series for me and showed that director David Lord had what it takes to make it in the competitive world of pornography. His eye for capturing heated performances, his skill with the camera, and his ability to get the most out of the ladies all helped make this one worthy of a Highly Recommended. It didn't hurt that there were some decent extras, solid technical values, and an award winning cast of hotties either but he was at the helm and let them do what they do best, unlike many of his peers that want to make art or over direct to the point where the spark is lost. In short, Double Parked 16 has everything a raincoater could want in a fuck flick; a wide range of talented ladies that'll do anything, high end technical values, and plenty of fuck for the buck with the kind of strokable replay value that sets it apart from most of what you'll find in similar themed movies."

Reviewer Namrufmot then had four interesting hardcore picks with Reverse Gang Bang 2: "Overall I enjoyed this DVD, but much like the first installment, I don't think it would hold to many repeat viewings. Because of that fact, I can't recommend paying full price for this title. I would say it's worth buying on sale or a making it a rental at the very least. In my opinion it still deserves a rating of Recommended", Bang Bus 12: "What can I say? I'm a sucker for the Bang Bus series. The girls all look and behave like real amateurs starring in their first film. The acting is astoundingly good, so good in fact you are almost inclined to believe this is a real scenario (almost). Fans of the series will definitely want to pick this title up. Everyone else looking for a playful and lighthearted (yet sexually intense) DVD will want to check this one out as well", My First Sex Teacher 5: "While this DVD might feel low budget at times (all the scenes are filmed in the same room), you can't overlook the fact that there is some quality action. The women are all very attractive and all have very playful attitudes. If you've seen other installments in the series or plain curious, I feel this would make a solid edition to your adult DVD collection", and Terrible Teens 4 "The real strength of this DVD lies in the quality of girls chosen by FusXion. Each and every one is attractive, very young looking, and has a great playful attitude. Anyway you mix it that's a recipe for adult DVD success. If you're in the market for a DVD with "real" teen girls, you'll be highly satisfied with this title."

Alt Porn has never been better than Alpha 15: Reform School Girls: "too short for my tastes and had technical values that could only be described reasonably as requiring an acquired taste but the level of true lesbian lust, the cast, and the heat generated in the name of porn was well worth a rating of Recommended to me. There were scores of rough edges in need of polishing up but the movie struck me as a return to a time twenty years ago when the idea of porn was focused less on technical perfection than on the underlying heat of the scenes. I got the impression that almost every gal in the movie either got off or could have done so if she wanted to, making this a return to the so-called "old ways" as much as opening a new style as some of the alt-porn marketers would suggest. In short, Alpha 15: Reform School Girls was wacky, wild, and weird but its heart was in the right place in terms of giving the consumer an alternative to the slickly produced titles littering the landscape and the inclusion of Antonio Passolini's Lezbo A Go-Go enhanced the value of the package a whole lot. I look forward to seeing what Cat will offer up next given the strengths of this one."

Colonel Mustard then pointed out the finer qualities of Gag N Shag: "With a contest like this, everyone wins. This DVD is through the roof on the fuck or a buck scale. Each of the 8 women in this scene give a full blowjob scene and then a full length hardcore scene. This Private gonzo is a super strong entry that I would put against any US based production companies. I Highly Recommend this DVD who like to see oral scenes and full blown hardcore scenes in one DVD. For less than $20, you can't go wrong", Psychoporn: "was a great collection of hot women fucking and sucking for our viewing pleasure. Director Macondo brought something different to the table than a lot of his European counterparts. Every sex scene had a different spin, with plenty of fan favorite acts such as Anal sex, ass to mouth and double penetrations being the highlight. I Recommend and look forward to seeing more work from Macondo", Sex Angels 2: "This is a great DVD. The sex was extraordinarily hot with Liliane Tiger and Mya Diamond commanding extra kudos. The sex was raw, well shot and best of all these hot European ladies didn't spend the entire time making eye contact with the camera. The areas this DVD lacked was when it tried to be funny that overlapped into the beginning of the sex. What may have been a hot introduction became not nearly as arousing due to some hokey music in the background", Private Soccer Cup 2006: "Private always goes the extra distance for their adult DVDs. This production hires extras, sets and shoots on location to add depth to the most superficial types of entertainment. There was some actual soccer footage between the ladies and men that even looked rather believable. This is a great couples flick, especially for the soccer fan. The plot might be a bit too extensive as areas of the DVD tend to run long between sexual escapades", Pussy Party 16 "If you're ever attempting to have a pussy party, Cousin Stevie is your man. His award winning series grabs a bunch hot ladies to get buck wild in girl on girl fun for cash in front of a highly esteemed panel of judges. The sex was hot and looked as though the girls were really enjoying their time at the 'party'. I Recommend this DVD for any fan of Cousin Stevie's work."

Reviewer Saul Good enjoyed Fill Em All: "touts itself as a "reverse gangbang" on the cover. I'm not so sure I'd go so far to call either of the two scenes presented here a gangbang. A couple of lucky fellas maybe, but we're not talking multitudes here. Each of two guys gets 6 very hot women, mostly dolled up in heavy make-up, clunky jewelry and the kind of sexy outfits one finds in Playboys from the '80 (look at the box cover for an idea). This isn't a vibe I'm crazy about, but once the action gets rolling, it's easy to forget. All the women are attractive and could have done with out the fresh paint. And since they're all game for sharing a single dude, they get high marks in my book. Mainly the only setbacks of the disc come in the second scene. The action was a little less controlled, there wasn't as much "quick sharing" (that is boning from one person to the next, straying from the norm of X number of minutes per person). All said and done, this is a decent flick. In fact, since so much of it involves dildos and girl on girl action, it might be a good disc for lesbian fans looking for something a little different."

Reviewer Rob Randall lent a hand by coming out of his hiatus to tell us about Sakura Tales 10: "I was pretty happy with this DVD. The last scene with Tia Ling was my favorite. There is just something about watching this busty babe get into double penetration I love. The other scenes were also quite enjoyable with several hot cuties you won't want to miss", Addicted To Boobs: "I found this DVD to be pretty fun. The scenes were good for the most part. I especially enjoyed the scenes with Amy Ried (I can't get enough of this girl) and Mia Bangg. Those two scenes alone make this DVD worth looking into. For some great sex with some busty babes, Addicted to Boobs delivers", Big Wet Asses 8: "While I enjoyed the action, I was also disappointed. The action had far too little focus on the girl's features other than their butts. While I understanding wet asses is the theme, I'd still like to see more than the occasional shot of the girl's chests. Still this DVD had some good scenes and should be great for any anal fan", Nice Fuckin Tits: "I'm not a big fan of compilations, because the quality can be pretty bad. Despite Nice Fuckin' Tits is a compilation, it is not bad at all. The compilation is made up of some of very hot scenes with some very big breasted girls. Fans who like to see big titties bounce during sex will definitely want to look into picking this up", and POV Centerfolds 3: "I enjoy POV style action because when done well and correctly, the scenes are full of great closeups of the action. POV Centerfolds 3 has lots of great shots of its beautiful cast getting worked like crazy. The notable scenes include Nikki Rider and Lexi Marie."

Reviewer Don found Jane Blond DD7: "a silly James Bond spoof where Carmen is the super spy with the skills needed to save the world from an evil genius madman played by studly Tommy Gunn. The laughs were plentiful and unlike some of the other titles on the market, the entire movie was done in an appropriately tongue in cheek fashion. It was the latest Carmen Luvana release that fans will go crazy for. It had some rough edges and not nearly enough of the contract cutie for my taste but the humor, the cast, and the replay value managed to elevate the value of the show to me up to a level where I can suggest it as Recommended. In short, the levels of fuck for the buck, Carmen Luvana footage, and technical values all added up to making Jane Blond DD7 a weird little spy spoof for fans to enjoy this fall."

Reviewer Namrufmot even found four more movies worth your consideration with Barely Legal 61: "Considering they're up to the 61st installment in the series, you know Hustler is doing something right. Unlike many other "teen" DVDs, the girls presented here actually look like they could e in high school still. This would make a solid rental or a good purchase if you can find it on sale", Sperm Splattered 2: "This DVD delivers exactly what it promises â€" cute girls whose faces are splattered with sperm. If you like variety you might want to look for other places to spend your money. If you enjoy strictly blowjob and oodles of cumshots, however, this title is sure to satisfy", Don't Pull Out 3: "I'm not usually a fan of creampie titles, but this one I thoroughly enjoyed. What made this release so strong was the performances by the girls. Every one displayed a great attitude and showed no reluctance towards anything the guys threw at them. Fans of creampie titles should add this to their collection without hesitation. If you're curious whether or not you'd enjoy a creampie title, make it a rental first", and Young Tight Latinas 10 "When it comes to DVDs that solely feature Latina girls, you're choices are pretty limited. The girls on this DVD are attractive, energetic, and most importantly love to fuck on camera. When you get those three things, it's a recipe for porno success. If you're interested in Latina girls this DVD will be sure to please."

One of the industry's advocates for change and incorporating music that has some teeth to it, Rob Rotten, presented his latest directorial effort with Anal Swine, which Don suggested that: "director Rob Rotten for VCA Pictures might not win scores of awards or change the face of porn as we all know it but it did manage to offer up some sweaty hot scenes of anal activity that will appeal to many of you, regardless of the labels others may give it in the future. The fun factor was in full gear, the amount of fuck for the buck sufficient to provide plenty of stroke value, and the replayability factor seemed nicely handled too; even if the lack of extras kind of sucked it down a bit on the heat index. Had there been better extras or more footage in the movie, it could have been rated even higher but the respectable Recommended I gave it was earned all the way and not handed out as it would be elsewhere. In short, Anal Swine had lots of anal sex, women acting all nasty as though they were truly into the action, and plenty of stroke material to enjoy for a very long time."

Elastic Assholes 4 then: "proved that director Mike John still has some rough edges to work out yet continues to impress fans with his versatility in providing hardcore anal gonzo sex like few of his peers when he gets it right. In short, Elastic Assholes 4 had some solid levels of fuck for the buck, an attractive and skilled cast, and technical values that many wish all directors possessed so I rated it as Recommended. It was far from perfect but the replay, strokability, and chemistry displayed all made it worth checking out and getting a copy."

Hellcats 11: "was not as lengthy a release as some of the directors at Evil Angel tend to provide these days but it showed that quality over quantity is not a bad idea, with solid performances by all but one of the ladies. The levels of quality fuck for the buck helped make this one a title worth calling Recommended although I've seen some really great work by Joey that offered up more, and better, in the recent past. Still, I thought Hellcats 11 had the kind of appeal that many porn fans will find strokable, for all the rough edges and raw energy displayed so give it a look if you're interested in seeing some serious heat on the small screen."

It's A Daddy Thing 2: "was a solid effort by director Patrick Collins that was worthy of a rating of Recommended due to the levels of fuck for the buck, the heat of the scenes, the wealth of attractive ladies present and the decent extras. The flaws detracted from the overall project enough to keep it from achieving the next level but I have to admit that if my big fantasy was hot young ladies doing old, slobby guys, It's A Daddy Thing! 2 would probably have rated Collector status. The cast was a nice selection of women though and as such, I hope it gets some exposure to their fans given the mannerisms and appeal they displayed here but with a little more polishing up, the series might become even better so check it out to see what I mean."

Ass For Days "by director Ricky D. for Diabolic was proof enough that his last movie was no fluke (or beginner's luck as some seem ready to claim). The casting worked in most scenes and while more polishing up of the DVD mastering might have improved it a little, I have to admit that he provided some solid fuck for the buck, stroke value, and the kind of replay value that many of his peers are still hopelessly searching to provide. Over three hours with lots of attention to the fun factor and tease sure made Ass For Days a title that I can safely Recommended. I would've liked it better if Tiffany Rayne had been in it (reports were that she had to cancel a scheduled scene for the movie) but there was a plethora of pussy and some bodacious butt babes to make up for it."

Addicted Again "was a decent low budget effort by director Miles Long for release by New Sensations. The amount of fuck for the buck, the ladies in the cast, and the skill levels they showed combined nicely with the solid extras package to make this one worthy of being Recommended. There were some areas needing a bit more polishing up but I can say that I had a good time with Addicted Again and believe it to have a decent level of stroke and replay value. I may have to pick up a copy of Miles' previous work for the company to see if it was as good though I suppose I should point out that the BTS spoke a lot about anal sex that never took place, leaving something to be desired for those of us that watch them."

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