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The Interactive Gina Lynn, Teen America 21, and a whole lot more

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Intelligent Talk About Adult DVDs

Spotlight Title: The Interactive Gina Lynn

Chris Streams is the newest director distributed by Jules Jordan Video and given the quality of his releases both there and at his former employer, I think it is clear that Jules made a good decision in picking him up. The quantity of his current work is nearly matched by the quality, both significant improvements over the cost cutting measures he was forced to employ while working for others, the results being that he provides a lot of fuck for the buck you won't find so easily on the market these days. His latest release is a winner too with The Interactive Gina Lynn, a virtual sex title starring that well loved hotty Gina Lynn in what amounts to her second showcase by the company that should keep her in the limelight (the first being Darkside: Gina Lynn from a few years ago). The lengthy title provided Gina in six separate scenarios where she could tease, suck, and fuck her way to your hearts, not exactly offering a whole lot of new angles for the genre but still raising the bar for this year's awards as nothing close in the genre has come out to date. It was long, strong, and great to get the friction on (nods to Sir Mix-A-Lot); warranting a rating of Highly Recommended for her fans and genre lovers alike. Gina was in all the scenes, centrally located, and the dominant force so you will find nothing as dedicated to her presence; and that makes this a "must have" for said fans such as myself. In short, The Interactive Gina Lynn was a solid tribute to Gina Lynn and her ability to assist her fans in milking loads out of their cocks, a nicely done effort by the director to be praised.

Sneak Peeks: Jack's Teen America 21 and Jana Cova: Erotique

Digital Playground has long been a champion for trusting fans with an early look at their movies so it comes as no surprise that they gave us two very different titles to focus on this week. Coming out early next month will be their latest in this endeavor, a show called Jack's Teen America: Mission #21, the sequel to Teen America 20. The idea of the series is a beauty contest where Robby is "Jack", a guy tossed out by his parents working to pay the bills as his assistants have sex with the contestants that are trying to increase their chances of winning. There was a lot of humor as Jack and friends play the ladies to see more flesh, cop a feel, and work ever closer with the contestants. What set this volume apart from previous efforts is the age of the scenes, many of them taken from years ago and even the most recent of them from 2007, with the most promising being the work by gorgeous hotty Lacie Heart (retired contract gal). It was quite strokable with sufficient replay value to merit a rating of Recommended from me. I'd prefer the series go back to its roots and focus more on providing newcomers that are in or closer to their teens but this is reportedly part of the comedic aspect of the show (per Robby) so your mileage may vary. In short, Jack's Teen America: Mission #21 had a nice variety of ladies giving up the goods for your viewing pleasure so give it a look when it comes out next month and I think you will find it to be well worth your time, money, and seed.

Then, in a slightly softer look at adult content comes a title from Celeste called Jana Cova: Erotique. Celeste is the best looking director at Digital Playground as far as I'm concerned and my assorted female friends almost all appreciate her works more than I do given the emphasis on erotic elements that are sometimes lacking in other titles by the company. Over the years that she has directed, she thankfully gave up most of the "music instead of vocals" angle, and to say that her director of photography gives up some of his best nods to the performers under her direction is an understatement. The next example of her erotica in action comes out in the middle of next month and is called Jana Cova: Erotique. Much like the other volumes in the series, I got the impression that Celeste was shooting for a particular feel over a specific look most of the time, lovely Jana Cova certainly benefiting from the treatment given her in the movie. It had a whole lot of lovely Jana Cova being showcased and for that alone, it earned a rating of Recommended from me. I'm a fan of hers for good reason and the use of textures, different types of sexual imagery, and creative situations all contributed to make this a solid little offering for like minded consumers to appreciate. In short, Jana Cova: Erotique was the type of porno that combined a lot of variety to appeal to a wider audience, the erotic nature of the material undeniably appealing on multiple levels.

Highlights of The Week

Francois Clousot is currently one of the most prolific directors at Wicked Pictures, generally working on almost everyone else's titles while fitting in the occasional lead role himself. His steady hand and agreeable personality fit in with the admittedly quirky bunch there, his charm winning over the divas as effectively as his skills keep him in the good graces of the men. His latest title is another star focused feature, this time a comedy starring lovely Jessica Drake, called Dating 101. Having seen a lot of her in releases of late, I get the ominous feeling that her shelf life is coming to a close, a prediction I can assure other fans that I hope is completely off base. This time, she plays a lady that has had one too many bad dates and out of frustration, she sets out to save others from such a fate by using her know how as a dating consultant. I've seen a half dozen mainstream movies based on this theme myself in recent times but Jessica has the acting chops to pull it off handily and the comedic bits worked well with the couples oriented sexual activity, making this one fit right in with the company's marketing niche. It was a solid showcase for the talents of the lovely Jessica Drake and the replay value, strokability, and amount of fuck for the buck was enough to make this worthy of being Recommended for a general audience, perhaps even more for fans of light romantic comedy porn. In short, Dating 101 was the type of movie Jessica excels at on both sides of the camera these days, showing the wisdom of her continued presence at the company too.

Patrick Collins is the founder of Elegant Angel, one of the companies that literally changed the face of the industry so many years ago. So many innovations have come out of the company that it's easy to forget its humble beginnings. Over the years, many directors have come and gone but Patrick himself always stuck it out, despite rumors he was actively looking for buyers and with various setbacks. In the past couple of years, he has led his team on a mission to revive and rebuild their past glory, succeeding to a degree with some of the best gonzo available on the market, bar none. Running the business has certainly reduced his ability to direct though, his latest gem being All By Myself 3, a female masturbation title with a number of beautiful ladies "self serving" their needs in front of the camera. The back cover said it like this: "I like watching hot cover girl types lose their poise...and cum hard... Beautiful girls, in all their involuntary twitching perfection! Penthouse Pet Andie Valentino, Hustler cover girl Carli Banks, and Karlie Montana, Penthouse Feature Layout, round out a stellar selection of feminine perfection." It was a winner for fans of ladies getting off. I know porn is full of hype but I believed that many of the ladies were truly having orgasms, and while this selection of ladies might not have lived up to the original volume of the series with All By Myself 1, thanks to a nice diversity of performers and their various means of getting off, I still felt a rating of Recommended was fair since All By My Self 3 provided what it said it would. As expected, Patrick proved his talents yet again so fans of female solo scenes will like this one a whole lot.

Joone is known as one of the principles at Digital Playground but also their director of record for some of the stylish offerings the company releases each year. As a trained photographer, his work has been seen in various mainstream publications so it makes sense that he would be the lead director for the company's signature series, with the re-release of Island Fever 3 Blu-Ray this month. The movie came out a few years back with a high definition version that could be played on a computer but this version is the real deal; a remastered progressive title that can be played on Blu-Ray players. While it was the second HD DVD porn title on the market, I strongly suspect it was a big hit due to the way it served the couples and pretty pornlovers; exactly the kind of title you can use not only get off, but show off all your friends without looking like a massive pervert. Now in a newly remastered 1080p version using the Blu-Ray format, it looks even better, albeit not as stunning as some of the newer titles on the market released by the company. The title made effective use of cameraman Robby D. and his skills too, but the original release was a success due to the efforts of many folks, from the editor, the music director, the camera work, and the creative vision that combined with some of the most desirable contract stars of the time to forge a great looking movie, made even better thanks to this newly remastered Blu-Ray version. In short, Island Fever 3 Blu-Ray opens up a whole new world for the industry in the way it disproves the idea that the high definition formats can be too revealing or too clear to appreciate; making me gain a whole new appreciation for those few who can do it right. In general then, this version was another marginal upgrade for fans of the show, worthy of checking out by fans of the genre, format, and series.

Manuel Ferrara is currently one of my favorite male performers in porn, not because I am into guys but because of the way he gets the most of out his female performers. Having seen quite a few of his movies over the years with him as director, I know the kind of drive and energy he provides from both sides of the camera too, reminding me of an interesting marketing agreement that took place a few years back helmed by the man. The deal was between Vivid and Red Light District to combine the best of both worlds; hot contract performers that would go for the extreme gonzo sexual practices of the then rising star company RLD. Much like Red Light's quartet of excellent James Avalon features, this was a match made with a lot of fans in mind, the cross over potential really high, resulting in Perfect Match . Manuel would be the director and lead male while lovely Briana Banks would be the lady in question, supported by a bunch of other talented performers in a fusion of including a lot of Vivid extras. It was a unique offering in many ways, a production that any fan of Briana Banks should find incredibly appealing. The use of hard core gonzo sensibilities with such a performer would have made a bigger splash closer to the time it was shot but despite some technical limitations and rough edges, I thought the replay value, strokability, and amount of fuck for the buck to be worth at least a Recommended and no less than a "must have" for Briana's fans. In short, Perfect Match really was a perfectly matched set of leads that should consider an updated approach that would allow other contract gals to strut their stuff like this, perhaps with better lighting and camera work, but serving notice that Vivid gals can handle hardcore gonzo and Red Light District can bring the best of them in the process.

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Brazzers is one of those internet companies that shoots a lot of scenes for their website and later releases them on DVD, that supposedly "dying format" that I insist has plenty of mileage left in it. From what I gathered at the recent AEE, the company has a big emphasis on large breasts (real or fake) in their works, making it a good place for fans to check out. The first DVD of theirs sent to me to review is Pornstars Like It Big, a collection of their web-scenes on DVD that included five in the movie and another as a bonus. Seeing some of the big names on the marquee, I felt it was a nice selection so I gave it a look. It was a mixed bag in terms of quality scenes with three of them really well done, another well done for the performer's abilities, and the other two very hit or miss so I rated it as Recommended. It might have been partially related to the directors involved in the scenes or the outgoing nature of some performers but as I described above, the scenes often looked better than bigger name website offerings so you might want to check this one out. In short, Pornstars Like It Big had a lot of large titties, curvy rumps, and balls out boning so pick up a copy and you will likely find it to have a lot of replay and stroke value.

Jake Malone has been in porn a very long time as a crewmember that rose through the ranks very slowly. It wasn't until he started directing gonzo in the last few years that his name recognition in the field was learned by consumers, many finding him a breath of fresh air as he tried to go for a harder edged gonzo than most of his peers at RLD/PXP. Leaving them to work at Evil Angel proved to be the best thing he could hope for as his new distributor gave him plenty of freedom to get extremely twisted, also elevating his status as one of the in crowd by the association. His latest release with them is Nice Fucking View 3: Special Extended Set, the sequel to last year's Nice Fucking View #2 that surprised a lot of people, myself included. The idea was to combine the point of view (POV) phenomenon with Jake's usual style of rough sex, the director getting to nail the hotties after extensive tease and various tricks that often included anal. Knowing the movie was nearly four hours without the bonus scene and extras made this one a title you will spend a lot of time with, I prepared myself for the kind of wild ride the man has been giving of late, fully appreciating the need for down time as a result (needing to recharge my personal batteries). It was another of his kinky explorations of the point of view (POV) camera angle that catered to his love of pushing women just past their usual forms of sexual self expression into the area where they were on the wild side. I hesitated when deciding on what to rate it since his movies are so subjective, but I stuck with Recommended for the general gonzo loving audience and acknowledge that Jake's fans will likely find this another top of the line bone fest for them to appreciate the older guy drilling the younger ladies dynamic. In short, Nice Fucking View #3: Special Edition, much like Nice Fucking View #2, is geared to a specific audience of perverts but had a lot of fuck for the buck, strokability, and replay value so you will get your money's worth if you decide to pick up a copy.

Robby D. was not always one of my top directors, at least not until he worked at Digital Playground for awhile. Prior to that, he was charged with churning out product on an assembly line basis and while some of it provided insights into his desire to do something different (and better), his budgets and schedule were as limited as his hands were tied. After proving himself at DP, he went on to create numerous spin offs from his Jack's Playground series, the most consistently reliable being the award winning Teen America Series. The latest offering in the series is the remastered Teen America: Mission 3 Blu-Ray ; the company's most recent Blu-Ray title. The series shows Robby as "Jack" a loser from a wealthy family that gets cut off by dad so he starts working for a beauty contest to scam women out of their clothing. This time, there was a definite emphasis on college gals getting into the fray, the title serving as a good selection to offer up as the new format process is refined. If you like the series, this would be a good one to appreciate for Blu-Ray equipped folks overall, at least until the big guns start coming out in coming months. It was a decent title for the growing collection of high definition releases by the company and worth a rating of Recommended. The ladies all offered something different from one another, the technical aspects were well done, and the high definition remastering made the action look and sound clearer than ever. This might not be a reference quality title at this writing but Teen America: Mission 3 Blu-Ray will certainly add another dimension to the equation of what the format is capable of providing porn fans everywhere. Personally, I have a lengthy list of titles I'd like the company to start working on but only when they get the mastering tools prepared for full 1080p and are willing to add in some extras to increase the fuck for your buck quotient to compensate for the increased prices these discs are fetching.

Mike John is one of the best known directors of POV and blowbangs in porn today, his work released under the Jules Jordan Video label always managing to give the most suck for the buck you could hope to find. His most recent movie in the oral vein was Praise The Load: Special Edition; a double disc set of blowbangs with a bevy of beauties all well versed in the oral circuit. The men in the movie were all the same disposable mopes you'll find planting seed in similar efforts these days, there merely to provide the seed and proof that the women will suck anything with a heartbeat (perhaps giving hope to those viewers that have yet to find a willing partner to share intimate encounters with). It was as much a Tim Von Swine flick as Mike's from what I could see, each man having a different take on the idea but garnering similar results. The semi-religious nature of the title was a bit bizarre (even the font used on the cover was such that it invoked old memories) but make no mistake that the ladies here all seemed to be praising the multiple of loads hitting their faces that they worked so hard for so I rated it a respectable Recommended. In short, Praise The Load: Special Edition is the kind of blowbang movie you can count on to provide quality, quantity, and an appealing cast of diverse ladies you'd all like sucking your meat pipe. Gianna was the best of the bunch but you really couldn't go wrong with most of the ladies given their absolute devotion to oral pleasuring so check it out.

Jonni Darkko is one of the director's whose work is distributed by Evil Angel (and has been for a long time). Unlike some of his peers at the company, his works have a tendency to show that he really likes women, rarely devolving into the kinds of circus act sex others find appealing but certainly showing a willingness to push the limits of those that enjoy doing so. His latest release for the company is Darkko's Throat Fucks, a series of sixteen blowjobs that are often focused on his own cock in POV fashion (though other camera angles were also used; a wealth of ladies slobbing knob as though their throats were on fire and in need of copious amounts of ejaculate to sooth them. The nearly three hour movie had a wide variety of hummers though and while some were decidedly short, others carried on for quite some time, longer than most men would have been able to hold out. It sure offered up a lot of diverse suck for the buck and replay value. I'll admit that I'm not the biggest blowjob genre enthusiast out there but the ladies that were really applying themselves, like Gianna, Ava Devine, and a few more, really made their scenes special so I rated this one as Recommended. In short, Darkko's Throat Fucks should satisfy fans of oral only sex to the point that they will hold the director in high regard for a long time, the mixture of POV and more traditional styles of photography making it a cut above the generic pack.

Shay Jordan is clearly one of the most exotic looking beauties in porn at this writing so it made sense that she was snatched up under a contract while back. Of late, her work for directors like Celeste at Digital Playground has shown a willingness to improve her sexual skills rather than rely on looks alone; her game getting better all the time. Her latest release coming out next month is Shay Jordan: Scream HD-DVD, missing Halloween by a whole day but treating fans to a trio of tantalizing scenes where the young lady is set to push her limits all the more. Previous entries in the series have shown the magic of camera work by guys like Robby D. and Jim F., so I had high hopes that this might be her breakthrough hit. It was appealing to me on a couple of levels. First, it showed the exotic contract hotty getting sexually more active and second, it showed that the director was willing to expand past her previous limitations even more than before as she gave the consumer what has been repeatedly asked for. It was still tame enough sexually that couples will enjoy it but heated enough with enough variety that even seasoned aficionados should find plenty of strokable material so I rated it as Recommended. In short, the evolution of Celeste and Shay in their respective roles at Digital Playground continues in Shay Jordan: Scream HD-DVD the future looking so bright that I gotta wear shades.

Reviewer Harry Johnson then offered up a few titles worth checking out such as I Love Asians #5: New Sensations does it again with another fantastic compilation release. This time around Asians are the name of the game and this two disc set offers some of the more well-known stars in the industry. With names like Tia Tanaka, Lucy Thai, Kaylani Lei, and Nautica Thorn this is a very good blind buy for Asian fans. With that being said the action here isn't as solid as it could have been and I'm sure there are much better selections out there. Only a few of these scenes truly stand out while the rest seem content to be just "good". If you enjoy Asian hotties and you're looking for a lot of bang for your buck then I Love Asians 5 is definitely a release you'll want to check out. Each of the eleven girls here is well known and there is plenty of top performer action to be found. Some scenes are better than others and only a few truly stand out. Because of that this release comes merely recommended for interested parties as these selections don't feel like the best; and Innocence: Bad Bad Girl; If artsy porn is your cup of tea then you'll probably enjoy Innocence: Bad Bad Girl. With an amazing cast the show has a lot of promise and some fine technical quality only helps that fact. As hot as these girls are though and as nice as the sex can be there are problems. The soundtrack is very distracting and it plays over everything. The bleach white background also doesn't bode well from a practicality standpoint. Releases such as this come along every once in a while and though Innocence isn't necessarily bad it doesn't really stand out either. The girls looked amazing and the video quality only helped to accentuate that. The problems here are derived from sex that feels scripted, bad music that feels very out of place, and an artistic presentation that detracts more than it should. For what it's worth the sex here is decent but nothing special which makes this one a mere recommendation.

Fan favorite Peter Rockwell than came up with a treasure trove of top titles such as Barely Legal 80: Overall I was very satisfied with this DVD. The one thing it really has going for it is the quality of the girls. Each and every one of them is amazing to look at. Combine that with energetic sex, good technical quality, and decent extras and you have a DVD worthy of adding to your collection. If you're a fan of teen DVDs, definitely consider picking this title up; MILF Eye For Teen Pie #2: The sex on the DVD was top notch. The girls are all sexy and energetic, they have great chemistry with their partners, and they look like they're having fun. When you add in the value of the extras you have a DVD that delivers plenty of fuck for your buck. Whether you're looking for a DVD to watch with your partner or solo MILF Eye for Teen Pie Volume 2 should prove to be worth your time; America's Got Ass: The latest installment in the Seymore Butts series is an instant classic. While relying on what has made the series so popular in the past, this release also adds fresh faces and new scenarios. Fans of the series will, without hesitation, want to pick this up for their collections. Also, anyone who has never had the opportunity to see a Seymore Butts DVD and is curious, might want to make their first purchase; Reality Kings has been really proving themselves as one of the big players in the world of porn. Pure 18 Vol. 2 is another big step towards getting them to the top. Not only are the girls all top-notch beauties, but they really know how to fuck on camera. When you combine that with the tons of extras and the solid technical quality you have a nice little DVD. If you're in the market for a new amateur title, I'd consider giving this one some serious consideration; and Monster Cock Junkies: The sex on the DVD was top notch. The girls are all sexy and energetic, they have great chemistry with their partners, and they look like they're having fun. When you add in the value of the extras you have a DVD that delivers plenty of fuck for your buck. While it might not be the type of movie you want to bring home to the wife, Monster Cock Junkies should still prove to be worth your time.

Peter then showed us the delights of Barely Legal Cumming of Age #2: I've had the pleasure of viewing a number of titles in the Barely Legal series, and I've always been a big fan. This title, the others, delivers exactly what you want from an adult DVD. Sexy young girls, wild sex, and solid technical quality - the only knock I can find is the lack of redeeming extras. When taking all that into consideration, I still feel this earns a rating of Highly Recommended; Ivan's Bring 'Um Young #26: Overall Anabolic put together an enjoyable release with some very redeeming scenes. All of the scenes were intense, the girls were all hot with great attitudes, and the video quality was adequate - what more could you ask for? Fans of teen sex (or fans of sex in general) should give this title some consideration. If you can find a good deal on it then it becomes a no-brainer; There Will Be Cum: This was my one of the best blowjob compilations I've seen in a long time. For once, every girl is top-notch and really seems to enjoy sucking cock on film. They all show a lot of enthusiasm which is often an overlooked element in porn. Any fans of oral compilation DVDs will, without hesitation, want to add this to your collection; and Barely Legal POV #2: I've never been a huge fan of the POV genre, but this DVD was pretty solid. Some high-quality girls, playful sex, and excellent camerawork all combine to give you a DVD with many memorable moments.

Lovely Ravyn then gave us a head's up on a trio of titles with Off The Air: 1939 the age of the classic radio where everyone tunes in to the hit show "When Darkness Falls" each night for a new episode. With the mob in control of Chicago and the radio show, booze and dames making men crazy how much fun can it be to go live each night. Filmed in B/W for the first few minutes giving it a classic look and feel.The mystery begins when cast member are "popped" the way its been written in the script and no one has an idea who is doing the killing. A classic murder mystery with a lot of twist and turns and you can't forget the sex behind closes door. Being that Off the Air is about a radio show I listened attentively to the audio portion. Randy Spears plays the radio announcer for RSPO Broadcasting and does it extremely well. With his raspy voice, he give it the right touch and feel you would get from listening the old radio shows. I remember listening to old radio shows as a kid and got a kick out of it; Culos Gigantes #4: Mercenary Pictures and Lexington Steele together with Marco Banderas seem to have a good thing good with the Culos Gigantes (Giant/Wide Asses) series. This being the fourth and my first time viewing them didn't phase me at all. Being latina and coming from a family of men that love apple bottom girls, I already had an idea what I was in store for. Here you have four women with nice full round bottoms and know how to work it to their advantage. Each of these ladies showcase their bottoms wearing something very revealing and super short making for easy on and off. Culos Gigantes #4 follows the same route as its predecessors with the lengthy sex scenes and the tag team efforts of Marco and Lexington. The end outcome adds up to yet another good job for Marco, Lexington and Lisa with all the work they put into it; and Marco's Crazy Dreams: We all at one point or another have some really wild crazy fantasies and daydreams of people we come across on a daily basis, some more sexual than others. In Marco's Crazy Dreams we go on a sexual trip of what his day dreams and fantasies look like. Going from screwing some young teen to a jail cell fantasy these are some of the things that go around in the male mind and the female mind as well. Looking inside the male sexual mind has always been very interesting especially when he is Marco Banderas. With the help of Lisa De Marco his wife they brought those dirty thoughts to life in Marco's Crazy Dreams. From the dirty lil Diva Marie Luv to the ever so sweet and innocent looking Alexis Love, each of the ladies excel at bring to life those fantasies. The one thing that stood out was the lighting which I already knew first that there were some issues with it.

Next up was a look at MILF Soup #4: Miami-based outfit Bang Bros. comes up with another winning compilation DVD centered around the ever popular (but hard to precisely define) babe known as the MILF. This highly desired "mother" can apparently be as young as 22, judging by some of the females who populate the genre. The five starlets here are certainly not teenagers, but only one of them, the bodacious Holly, would fit most boys' fantasy of an older woman. At any rate, the gals are all extremely hot and energetic, which is what counts most. Fine female flesh invitingly displayed, good camera work and a sharp transfer add up to a very worthwhile disc. The scenes have all been shot on hi-def video, which gives a near-celluloid-quality richness to the picture; everything is crisp and the colors are vibrant and true. The aspect ratio for each of the five scenes is 16:9 widescreen, with the picture presented in windowbox format, that is, with black borders on all four sides. (The trailers are all in full frame.) The basic stereo sound is good enough, though some of the dialogue, little as there is, fades off into space, and in Rhylee's beach scene, some strong wind makes quite a racket on the soundtrack. There's nothing extraordinary or all that kinky in "MILF Soup 4," but young fans of "older" women (they top out here at, I'd say, a mere 30) will be gleefully pounding their peepees repeatedly, especially over the regal Austin and the colossal Holly.

Eon McKai's work has been getting more and more interesting over the years. Starting with Art School Sluts through to the Kill, Girl, Killfilms to his current work for Vivid-Alt, if you look at his work through the years you can see how it's all built up to his latest project, The Doll Underground. Based loosely around the exploits of The Weathermen, the sixties leftist revolutionary group who blew up a few government buildings in the late sixties and early seventies, initially in opposition to the Vietnam War. McKai's Doll Underground is a small resistance group lead by the mysterious Dorn Adorn (Pixie Pearl) who, through recorded messages and various forms of propaganda, recruits three young women - Lexi Belle, Reagan Maddux, and Presley Maddox. The girls throw off the shackles of mainstream society and eschew their street clothes for black and white Lolita/Goth outfits and set out to basically smash the state. Along the way they use a few lucky men, make out with one another, and masturbate. The Doll Underground runs the risk of alienating run of the mill porn viewers. While the sex is beautifully shot and completely hot, some folks might find that there simply isn't enough of it here to spank to often enough. That said, McKai has made a career out of pushing the boundaries of mainstream pornography. Contradictory or not, the film is a veritable collage of political rants, hot sex, art school visuals and dark humor. The fact that films like this are coming out from Vivid is a testament to his success and The Doll Underground is, at the time of this writing at least, his crowning achievement.

Black Dick in Daddy's Daughter #2 was up next courtesy of reviewer JJ Stalker: This vid is five scenes of youngish girls getting drilled by big black dicks. It's directed by Francesca Le, and clocks in at over two and a half hours. The box cover is cute shot of Arielle suckin' on a chocolate banana. The menu has a nice soundtrack of girls moaning and choking on cock that I rather enjoyed. The opening scene was such that he described it as: Another living room. Arielle, the cute brunette on the box, is enjoying her chocolate banana while Francesca chats her up. Arielle is absolutely cute and adorable here as she gets ready for her first anal scene. Then Tee Reel shows up and it's on. It doesn't take him a minute to get his dick in her mouth, and Arielle is a fantastic cocksucker: 9 out of 10. Tee bangs her cowgirl for a bit before putting it in her butt. Arielle makes the sweetest combination of cute and dirty faces as I've ever seen a girl make. She gets her ass fucked in cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, missionary, and doggy before Tee pops in her mouth. This is a good video with lots of solid, interracial fucking, and Francesca is great behind the camera. So, if you like watching girls getting proficiently worked with black dicks, this would be a good place for you to drop some porn dollars.

Last up is Felix Vasquez Jr's look at Please Pay My Tuition: In what I'm sure is to be a startling chronicle of affable young women looking to make their way through college through earning extra money in the search for the ultimate education, whilst enlightening the country on the painful economic crises to where young folks are unable to afford enrolling in college without obtaining a few jobs, director Cabbie brings us "Please Pay My Tuition," about girls who... well read above, except throw in "hand job" and "swallow" in the mix, and you'll pretty much sum up what the latest from Outlaw Productions is about, sans the intellectual pretense. Really, these gorgeous young women want tuition money. And these five lovelies will fuck anyone to get it. Don't you dare judge them, that's not being a whore, that's knowing how to hold them. And incidentally, none of them slap him when he offers fucking for money. And I'm sitting here wondering what fifty bucks would get me. Hey, I'm horny, not a millionaire. Cabbie is looking for women who will be helped with their tuition if they fuck... It's all very good stuff save for the Savannah Stern segment where the horrible scenario, poor sets, inexplicable Ron Jeremy appearance, and ridiculous concept drop "Please Pay My Tuition," from Highly Recommended to merely being Recommended. I don't know the circumstances behind Stern's segment, and I don't care, because it sucked. The rest of the movie however is filled with absolutely gorgeous realistic college girls all looking to get by through the side job of fucking a complete stranger. If only for the quality of three of the five segments here, "Please Pay My Tuition" is a good movie with some decent extras.

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