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Meet The Princess of BBW Porn, Eliza Allure

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By Rob Perez

BBW Performer of the Year nominee Eliza Allure can arguably be called the hottest BBW performer today, having been heavily in demand since beginning her performing career a two years ago. Studios, male talent and BBW fans all know that when they work with Eliza they are going to get an exceptional scene out of her. Behind the scenes Eliza is also a businesswoman who has managed to create a sort of mini BBW empire. Besides performing, Eliza is also a model, cam girl, has one of the most popular BBW Clips4Sale stores, and is a BBW who is sought after by fellow performers for her knowledge about the business. We at vulkanio.ru feel this qualifies Eliza as a real Dangerous Curves beauty as we see her star shining even more brightly as one of the new faces of BBW porn in the future.

I know you recently shot scenes for Plumper Pass. How did it go and how many scenes did you shoot for them while you were in Miami?

I shot two; they’re actually both up right now so you can watch them both. I did a boy/girl scene with Juan Largo, and a threesome scene with Cotton Candi, and he was also the male talent in that one. That one was really funny. [Laughs] I feel like I’m doing too much acting almost. I’m like, “Why am I not having sex more?” [Laughs]

Do you like doing some acting?

I think its fun. It has its place. But I think it’s just strange when there’s so much more acting . . . in one of my scenes it has 13 minutes of talking before and 30 minutes of sex. How is a third of what I’m doing acting now? [Laughs] They’re weeding out the bad actresses I guess, let them all go to Hollywood.

Is there a part of you that wants to break into mainstream stuff?

There’s a part of me that definitely is but because for fame you give up so much of yourself and your personal life. I already have people when I go to Walmart stop me, and they know who I am and, I just want to go shopping. [Laughs] I look like crap, I don’t have my hair done, I’m with my baby, please leave me alone. So I don’t know if I can handle super fame. [Laughs]

As a porn critic I would say you are one of the best BBW performers today but where would you rate yourself as a performer? Let’s just take April Flores, Kelly Shibari and Courtney Trouble out since they’re on another level . . .

I think the only thing those girls have over me are years, which is a good thing in a way and sometimes that can be a bad thing. The porn industry is changing a lot and I’m the face of the new porn industry. We’re making our own content and making ourselves stars versus waiting for companies to come and say, “Hey, we want to work with you.” I’ve seen how companies operate and the glitz and glamour that everybody thinks it is it’s really not what it is. I’ve been producing a lot of my own stuff and making more than I do per scene.

And you also shoot other girls.

Right. I just did seven hours of makeup and hair on a photo shoot and making them all look fabulous. I love doing that, I love making women look amazing.

You also shot your first interracial scene recently, correct?

I did that the first time I went to shoot with Plumper Pass actually, with Jay Cannon.

Most BBWs usually shoot interracial scenes on a regular basis. Is there any reason why you haven’t shot many more interracial scenes?

It’s not whether or not I don’t; it’s about who I’m going to work with. When I went back and shot in Miami I was suppose to have an interracial scene but it just didn’t happen because whatever male talent couldn’t show up. That kind of stuff happens a lot. But I enjoy interracial but it just depends on the male talent and male talent is so hard to find. Good male talent I should say.

How do you define good male talent?

It doesn’t always have to be about the size of your cock. Good male talent to me is, he shows up on time, he tries to flirt with you a little so you have good chemistry. He knows that during the scene it’s not about him, he’s trying to show you off to the best of his ability. He workouts so he can lift you. Like I really like the performers who actually go to the gym to lift us fat girls. [Laughs] It’s so hard trying to work with some guy who doesn’t really take care of himself, shows up four hours late and he doesn’t talk to you. How are you expected to fuck him right then and make it look good? Me, I don’t want to put myself out there if it’s not going to be good. If the scene I’m shooting is not going to be amazing I don’t want my fans to look at it.

And you have every right to expect that.

I was watching a male performer that I had shot with before and I didn’t particularly care for him, and he was shooting with another female performer after I had finished my scene. After they finished he says he really enjoyed that and “I don’t normally enjoy my job.” I said, “I know you don’t enjoy your job because I could feel that from the very first time we talked to each other. You would think anyone getting into porn, especially fat girl porn, would love fucking fat girls. Sometimes I’m like, “I don’t understand why you have this guy when there are a million fat admirers out there who like to touch my belly and know how to talk to a fat girl. That’s my quest lately is finding good male talent. I really enjoy working with my fans. One of the things when I am looking for male talent is if they are a true fan.

For someone not familiar with your work, what scenes of yours would you recommend they watch to see you at your best?

Well, I’ve changed a lot since I first started working in the industry. My newest scene I just shot for Plumper Nation, I think it’s called Plump MILFs 4 and it should be out soon. It was really fun shooting with them. The male talent just loves fat girls. He made me squirt everywhere. There’s also face-sitting in it and it’s just a fun scene. I would say that portrays me as I am now. If you want to do a size comparison watch my Evil Angel Evil BBW Gold 2 scene. My anal scene with Christian XXX, that was a really good scene. I get a lot of compliments on that.

Is there anything you’re promoting you want to put the word out there for?

Yeah, there’s a new site called Jeff’s Model.com and it’s basically just a bunch of the top BBWs and they’re really hot sex scenes with these guys who actually like to fuck big girls. Check it out, it has launched but they’re updating it constantly. That’s one I will be working with a lot.

I know you’re bisexual but do you prefer women more than men or is it about even?

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Here’s the thing. I’m very lenient with what I like in women. I love pretty faces, I love curvy figures. It doesn’t matter if you’re skinny with big boobs, I just want curves. With a man it’s not so much physical as it is mental. I really like intelligent nerdy guys. [Laughs] For a man it takes a lot more to impress me than it does for a woman. And if I’m getting turned on you can bet I’m either thinking about my body or some other girl. I just want to be fucked by the guy. I don’t look at a man’s ass and think, “Oh, that’s so sexy.” I’m more than likely thinking his girlfriend is hot. [Laughs]

Is porn something you always wanted to do? A job where you can be recognized as a sex symbol?

You know, it was always something in my mind that was OK. I never thought ill of porn performers—there’s a big stigma with women and even with men who think porn is kind of icky. But we’re doing it because there’s a demand for it. When I was a kid I wanted to be a nun, I wanted to be an astronaut, all these things. I went to school and I was surrounded by a lot of really unintelligent people. We all graduated and nobody can get a job anywhere doing anything that they’re supposed to be doing. I’m like, “Why is this?” and I start posting up pictures, and everybody really likes them and they refer me to porn companies. I can’t turn them down and then I researched them more and more, and I honestly really like the industry if you work it the right way. There’s a lot of negativity in porn but there’s a lot of good.

Do you feel like an entrepreneur at times?

Oh yeah, definitely. I feel like I’m building up my legacy. Nobody sent me to college and paid for my cars and did this for me, did that for me. Literally everything I have it was built by me. It was made by me, my hard work and dedication to everything. Thank god my fans like me.

What are your measurements?

Oh that’s great because I just did a measuring video with my friend Sweet Cheeks. So my boobs right now are G’s because I’ve been gaining a little bit of weight. My belly was 48 inches, and then my butt was 58 inches.

And what’s your current weight?

Around 280. It’s funny because when I first started taking pictures I was around 185, 190 pounds. So I definitely almost gained a 100 pounds throughout my career.

Does being a bigger girl does that instill more confidence in you? Are you a confident person in general?

I don’t think it equals more confidence in my opinion. Living in Las Vegas, walking around the Strip I’m constantly around people who have been drinking, who are very open with their opinion. They will always stop and say things to me but, I always feel like if they’re looking at me they must be thinking I look amazingly beautiful. When I was 120 pounds and perfect by society standards I can tell you I never, ever thought I was. I know it’s true for every single girl out there. No matter what supermodel you’re looking at, if she’s a Victoria’s Secret model there are things when she looks in the mirror, that she wishes she could change or she thinks she’s ugly. I don’t want to feel like that. I don’t want to be at war with my body for how many years I have left. I’d rather teach my daughter to be proud of herself.

When people do learn how confident you are they surprise to hear that? Is that condescending to you in a way?

I think it depends on the person. I get guys who tell me, “You just do porn because you like the shock value of it.” Being a fat girl who’s so open I go, “No. I guess I could be that or maybe it’s because I really like pleasing guys and having them worship me.” [Laughs] I get women, some of whom say I should be disgusted by my body. I wonder why. They have the same body as me so they’re saying they’re ashamed of themselves. If they want to be condescending about it I feel bad for them.

What was your immediate reaction when you found out you were nominated for BBW Performer?

It’s kind of funny because I didn’t know for a while until somebody told me, and I went “Oh, really?” I went to look online and I went, “Oh, shut up!” [Laughs] It was really awesome. I think it’s great that mainstream is recognizing that big girls do exist and we’re just not something to laugh about and that guys are really turned on by us. I think that’s what most girls can’t get around their heads, even if they’re big girls. Men really, really like big girls. They genuinely do.

It’s really awesome when we were nominated, to look down that list and to see how many BBWs . . . like April Flores is an actual BBW. Her body is not thick. It’s a big fat BBW body and it’s amazing that people are worshipping it. What she’s done has topped anyone I would say, on that list. You can’t debate whether or not she deserved to win.

Do you see more of an acceptance towards BBWs in the mainstream side of the adult industry?

I think that the business is seeing us a potential profit which is good, but a lot of naiveté can go into that and we could be taken advantage of. We need to be kind of smart about it. I think it’s good but mainstream companies still . . . like when I shot with Hustler, and I love Hustler. They were so nice to us and so amazing to us. But I was told, “Larry Flynt doesn’t like you guys, he hates fat girls, and he didn’t want to shoot with you guys. But we were doing this because we had merged with somebody and they wanted us to.” Now, I’ve been talking to them more and they’re seeing the potential of us more, and they’re talking about shooting some more stuff and doing some more videos which would be great. But it was weird to go someplace and be told that the company didn’t want to work with you.

If a mainstream company wants to shoot with me they have to show my body exactly the way it is. Don’t tell me to cover my tummy, that’s offensive to me. Guys want to see my tummy, they want to see my stretch marks, they want to see my cellulite and I want to show it off. [Laughs] I want to make women understand that I have literally, thousands of men who talk to me telling me how beautiful I am because they think they’re going to get to sleep with me. They live all over the world. They’re never going to meet me but they truly feel that way.

I noticed you recently posted different images of yourself from various weight stages in your life. Was there any particular reason why you did that?

I really have a lot of fetish guys who love to see my weight gains so I just indulged them, and they’ll go to that blog and they’ll look at my pictures, then they’ll click on my Clips4Sale and go buy a bunch of clips. I have a lot of pictures of when I was 18 and a 120 pounds and I think it’s funny see them and go, “That is not the same person.” It’s very much me. But it’s just expanding what we think is beautiful. I was beautiful then and I didn’t think it. Now I know I’m beautiful but what I find most beautiful are people’s inner beauty.

Are you happy at the weight you are now?

I am very happy. I think if I were to gain any more right now it would definitely hurt because I have tiny little ankles. [Laughs]

So you’re not looking to gain anymore weight, be an SSBBW?

People have been tagging me as an SSBBW which is kind of interesting. Some companies will shoot me with a fisheye lens to make me look fatter. So I think that sometimes I get tagged as that but I’m only 5’4. I know you can’t really tell our heights from our pictures but I am not very tall. I’m only 5’4, my body cannot handle very much more.

How long have you’ve been in the industry?

I’ve been in a couple of years now. I started in August 2012. So almost two years.

Who would you say are some of the other top BBW performers today besides you?

I know what the industry thinks and I know what I think because I’ve met the girls and I know their longevity as far as how hard they’re willing to work, and I think Mandy Majestic and Lexxxi Luxe are some of the top industry girls and I love them to death. I think they’ll be around for a long time. Those are definitely my two favorites.

Is it fair to say you’re a gainer?

Yeah. I like to play around with that. I can tell when girls don’t want to play around with that fetish because a lot of BBWs are like, “Oh, no. I will not do a gaining video.” But I made $500 off a video of me stepping onto a scale last month with Bella Bendz. That’s one video of me and her weighing ourselves. We did not get naked, we did not get penetrated, and we did not do anything. And that can be an equivalent of shooting a boy/girl scene. So I’m trying to show the payoff and the money you can get from them. And I’m going to continue making money off that video for the life of my career. It’s my content.

Have you ever turned down a scene you felt was degrading and put your weight in a negative light?

See that’s hard because I am the girl who says the word the fat. I don’t care. If you think there’s something wrong with the word fat then you think there’s something wrong with fat people in your mind. I am fat. I will pour baked beans all over my face and stuff hot dogs in it. It’s fine. I don’t care if that’s what the guy wants to jerk off to. It’s much better than me getting fucked. Me allowing a male performer into my body who is not going to be respectful of me is much more degrading to me than me eating on camera. But if a girl felt wrong about a scene then don’t do it. Don’t ever do something for the money. But I am OK with what everybody else thinks is degrading. I do that stuff to myself all the time and I make a lot of money off of it.

Do you have any limits, what won’t you do on film?

I don’t know. I won’t violate terms of service. That’s the only thing I won’t do. [Laughs]

What kind of scenes do you prefer shooting?

If I could just go and shoot a girl/girl scene, pick out a girl, that would be my ideal scene. I would definitely prefer that and I will probably be doing more of that stuff myself, but I’m also going to be doing much more orgies and things like that for Jeff’s Models, all girl orgies and fun things like that.

You told me once that you like working with fans, sometimes even more so than with male talent. Can you tell me why you like working with fans as oppose to experienced, male talent?

Sure. [Laughs] It depends on the male talent too because there are maybe one or two male talent I will shoot with because they’ve been in the industry so long and they’re drama free as far as I know. But my fans are amazing because they let me do anything I want during the scene. I don’t have to pay for it but I get paid for it, and he enjoys it. [Laughs] I like to have fans and I like to show a real man. I’ll do blowjob videos with my fans and even if they have small cocks who cares. I just invited a fan over to my house and I’m giving him a blowjob.

Is that becoming the norm with BBW performers, performing with their fans? It seems to be more common with BBWs, not to say thin porn girls don’t either.

You know why? Because I’ve been giving them all this advice. On my blog I’ve been writing on there about some things that they should do. There are about 10 to 20 girls in the industry texting me and asking me about this or that. I think that’s why they do it because they see the benefit of it.

Is shooting your own content more lucrative than doing a scene for a studio?

Doing a scene for a studio is great because you get the money right up front, right there. But shooting my own stuff guarantees that my rent is paid every month. I will always take an offer from a company if I feel it’s a good company to work with. But that is far and few in between. So I work with Plumper Pass maybe twice a year. I don’t work with them very often. They shoot as many scenes as they can at that time with me and I’m lucky if they call me in a few months. That’s just the way it is. So I would always say, produce your own content. Always. If you get the offers, great. Pick them up.

When it comes time to remove your clothes for a scene, because you’re plus size, are you ever self-conscious about it?

Oh god no. I’m more mad when they make me put my clothes back on. I just rather sit around naked. [Laughs] I’m naked all the time. I don’t like to wear clothes. If I’m at home I’m naked. It doesn’t matter if there’s 10 people in my house, they know if they’re coming into my house, I’m naked. So get used to it.

Is this your career and do you want to remain in the industry?

This is why I think I’m a little more realistic. I do love all the attention I get from porn. I’m not going to lie. I’m not going to be one of those girls that says, “I don’t really like it.” I love that guys tell me how amazing I am every day. It’s very easy to love yourself that way. But when my production company gets a little bit more on its feet that’s where I’m going to be focusing my energy. I feel like I have the ability to make the other models look so much better than they even thought possible. I feel like that’s where I want to focus my energy.

So you’ll stop performing then?

Not stop. I don’t need it in my life but I want it. I want a career out of it. I want a name out of it, and I want it to be able to help me pursue other pursuits. I’m not just porn. I have more substance to me, I want to expand into other things. I’m building my legacy.

Any final words for your fans?

Thank you guys for supporting me. I’ve been very lucky not to get my stuff pirated so far. Everybody has been happy enough to pay for my content so that makes me very proud. I feel like I’m worthy of being paid for.


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