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Jessica Drake and Kelly Shibari On Wicked Pictures' Jessica Drake's Guide to Wicked Sex: Plus Size

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By Rob Perez

History is in the making as Wicked Pictures recently released its groundbreaking Jessica Drake’s Guide to Wicked Sex: Plus Size. Co-directed by Wicked contract star jessica drake, one of porn’s leading authority on sexual health, and plus-size advocate Kelly Shibari, Guide to Wicked Sex is a huge step forward for BBW porn to be accepted into the porn mainstream.

As the first sex education DVD created for the plus-size community jessica, a multiple award winning performer with 15 years experience in the adult industry, says that this project is very important to her. “From the inception of my series Guide to Wicked Sex, I've wanted it to be a unique educational hybrid, an all-inclusive resource to everyone interested in realizing their sexual potential. I believe we are in the midst of a shift in the collective mindset of the adult industry, as well as society, in regards to sexuality and beauty.”

Kelly, also a multiple award winning performer who has been the leading voice in the adult industry when it comes to size acceptance in the adult industry, believes this DVD will not only be educational and erotic, but also be “emotionally empowering” for plus-size men, women and couples to feel “confident in their sexuality and communicating about their relationship and sexual desires.”

The cast of this groundbreaking production includes BBW performers Devlyn Red, Angel DeLuca, and Scarlet LaVey, as well as non-performer couples Scarlette Cyn and JC Lewis, and Sherri Shaulis and Michael Colbert, in addition to Kelly. “"The cast brought their A-game to this production and were honest and open about relationships, communication, and sex,” says Kelly.

“I believe we are in the midst of a shift in the collective mindset of the adult industry, as well as society in regards to sexuality and beauty,” says jessica. “I am very grateful for Kelly’s input and expertise, and I feel privileged to present what I feel is one of the greatest volumes in the entire Guide to Wicked Sex series.”

In this exclusive interview with vulkanio.ru, both jessica and Kelly together discuss their goals with this project in addition to a whole host of issues surrounding the BBW community.

How did the idea to do a Sex-Ed DVD on Plus Size women originally come about?

jessica drake: It was always my goal to make the line all-inclusive and through research, I learned that it's a genre that's underrepresented or when it is presented, it's often in a derogatory fashion. I thought that Plus Size would be a great addition to the line and could offer a high quality resource.
Kelly Shibari: I’ve always been interested in doing things that haven’t been done in the industry. By the time I had been in this business for a few years, I knew I wanted to branch out from just being a XXX performer. At a certain point, you have to figure out what you can give back, in a way. I knew a natural transition for some performers with some tenure was to branch into education – you share what you have learned, both personally as well as from the questions asked of you by fans. I have a large variety of fans, but they are mostly people of size, both men and women, so a lot of the questions were about sex, dating, relationships, and communication, including body confidence, when you’re plus sized.

I had looked into resources to see if there was something I could regularly suggest to people who would ask me about sex and size. What I found was there were a few books, and definitely a lot of blogs by plus size women, but very little in the way of visual, and definitely nothing video-based, to which I could direct people. I figured – if there isn’t a Sex-Ed video about sex and relationships for people of size, someone should do it.

I had approached a few companies over the past few years, which already had established Sex-Ed DVD lines, to see if there was any interest. Unfortunately, the response was lukewarm – I’m not sure if it was because BBW was something that hadn’t quite become as popular as it is now, or if they were worried about creating a product and saying something “off,” which may offend. But when I approached jessica drake about the possibility of doing a plus size Sex-Ed DVD, she said yes without hesitation.

I sincerely believe things happen when they do for a reason. The other companies were not the ones I was meant to work with on this project – it really was meant to have been created with jessica and Wicked, and I’m so thrilled with the end result.

Angel DeLuca & Scarlet LaVey

Why in your opinion do you feel there’s still a bit of a backlash towards size acceptance in the adult industry?

JD: I think it's society in general, but lately there also seems to be more of a movement towards body acceptability and confidence, both in and out of the industry. We now see models complaining about being photoshopped instead of expecting or asking for it.
KS: It’s an interesting question. I don’t necessarily, personally, feel there is an actual backlash. I see most things from a business aspect, rather than personal – my feeling is it’s directly correlated to mainstream media and how it skews society’s views on what is beautiful or sexy. When you’re fed, every day, the concept of how dieting, perpetual exercise, weight loss products, surgery, and medication are the key to happiness, it brainwashes the public into believing that anything other than a 36-24-36 figure for women is unattractive – even if in their mind, a different type of woman is your actual preference. As a result, when people search for fantasy-based erotic entertainment, they naturally gravitate towards that specific visual depiction.

Porn, as far as mainstream, capitalist porn is concerned, is by its basic nature profit-based. As a result, what sells more copies, and more downloads, is what gets the most attention. In today’s society, with its mainstream media portrayal of what is “supposed” to be “acceptable,” that means the bulk of porn purchased is of the slender variety.

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BBW porn has a very loyal, yet rather small, following when compared to mainstream porn. Its potential is evident when a mainstream company opts to get into the BBW porn production game. Unfortunately, with most mainstream companies, they really only do a few releases before they do a profit assessment – and when compared with their other lines, the BBW titles unfortunately just don’t have the same sales numbers. And when a profit-based business assesses profits and figures out what lines to discontinue, the ones with the lowest profits are the first to be dropped. In my 7 years, I’ve seen Zero Tolerance, Red Light District, and even Evil Angel attempt BBW lines‚Ķand they don’t do them anymore. The only mainstream company producing a BBW line currently is New Sensations – and it’s because they have opted to use “chubby” models rather than BBWs and SSBBWs – catering to not only BBW fans but also the mainstream fans who might be into a thicker performer, or are into busty girls, and are OK with a little thickness on their models.

Awards are the same way – I’ve learned over the years, because I’ve asked – the main reason why many award shows didn’t have a dedicated BBW category was the simple fact the reviewers were never given enough DVD title options in the BBW niche to make a separate category. It’s why BBW porn has been “lumped in” with other niches for a “Specialty Release” award – when committees only have 5 titles a year from which to pick from within a niche, it just becomes silly to make a separate category. With more companies making sure copies of their DVDs are submitted to reviewers and nomination committees, and more titles from which committees can select a handful of nominees, it’s made it an easy decision to make BBW porn a separate category.

It’s not personal – I truly feel it is only business. Once you understand that, it makes everything about this industry easier to comprehend. It’s not really a backlash – it’s the result of sales, profits, and the current state of financial support by fans of the genre. Once you understand why something isn’t going the way you hope, you are able to also figure out how to rectify the situation. It’s a much better way of solving a “problem” than simply complaining and creating drama over it.

Devlyn Red & Dick Chibbles

Jessica, did you have in mind who you wanted in this DVD? What made you eventually decided that this cast—male and female—was perfect for this DVD?

JD: Honestly, I let Kelly take the reins here. She knew the performers. When she sent me the potential cast list of both the women and the men, I knew it was the perfect blend. I was also really glad that Kelly performed in it.

KS: jessica was kind enough to entrust me with the casting for this project. I knew from the very beginning I wanted to incorporate Devlyn Red in the film, as she and I have worked together in the past. I came across Scarlet LaVey through New Sensations’ Big Girls Are Sexy 4, and subsequent conversations with her. Angel Deluca was Scarlet’s preference for her girl/girl scene.

I had never intended initially to perform in the film. jessica does not perform in her films, and I felt it was unusual to perform in a film where I was playing the role of educator. However, it was jessica’s insistence that I perform in the film – and her reasoning made complete sense. My fans, if they viewed the film, would expect to see me in a scene – so I agreed.

The male performers, as well as Angel, were a result of selecting performers who had not only worked with Devlyn, Scarlet, and me in the past, but also had a history of being able to create authentic chemistry on camera. It’s simply easier to work with pairings with past history, especially for the long shoot days we had planned, as well as the interview segments.

I had wanted to address plus sized men for this film; however, the lack of male performers of size prohibited me from pulling from the existing talent pool. I had posted a casting call for plus-sized men, and received a lot of entries; however, when they were actually asked to come in for a meeting, every single one backed out. It’s something you see often; a lot of guys want to say they are able to perform in porn, but when they’re called out, they get cold feet. I wasn’t surprised, but I was definitely disappointed.

Because I still wanted to incorporate plus-size men, or BHM as we call them (Big Handsome Men), and I knew I wanted to include segments on relationship communication as well as body confidence exercises, I looked to my personal friends who were in plus-size relationships to see if they would be interested in being in the film. Luckily, Sherri and Mike, and Scarlette and JC, were interested and available, and were absolutely perfect for those exercises. (They are the non-performing couples included in the DVD)

Kelly Shibari & Derrick Pierce

Jessica, can you run down each of the scenes and tell me what you loved about each of the performers, what you feel they brought to the DVD?

JD: Kelly and Derrick Pierce were on a bed, and their scene to me is natural & hot. You can tell there was an element of comfort and chemistry that you don't always find- that's why casting is so important. I liked that they didn't stick to the same positions. If something was working it went longer, if not, they changed it up.

Devlyn and Dick Chibbles did their scene in a shower, and it started out rather challenging, but I think that it was great to emphasize ways to get comfortable. We had some face sitting, which is a really popular fetish that you don't see often in movies. They were also all over the floor of the shower, on towels for comfort. The oral sex is one of my favorite parts. These two brought a lot of realism.

Angel and Scarlet did a scorching girl/girl scene. They were the absolute perfect mix and their chemistry was insane. They ended up using vibrators in wedges to ride, they were scissoring . . . everything was so hot. That was the last scene of the night, and everyone was just as excited to watch that one as they were to see the first one. It's gorgeous. They brought a passionate, glamorous girlfriend look to the project.

Jessica, what did Kelly bring to this project from a collaborative standpoint? Do you feel she truly understands these women?

JD: Everything! I knew I wanted to collaborate with Kelly since the very beginning. Of course she's familiar with the genre, so it made perfect sense, but I'm also in awe of her drive and desire to educate people about the plus-size community. She did so much, from casting to scriptwriting and coming up with ideas for the project. I'm very pleased with her involvement.

Kelly, what did jessica, obviously not a BBW, bring to this project from a collaborative standpoint? Do you feel she truly understands these women?

KS: I think that just because someone isn’t a BBW or BHM, it doesn’t mean he or she “couldn’t possibly understand” the “issues” surrounding plus size men and women. jessica is one of the most genuinely compassionate people I have ever met; she has many fans, friends, and family, of which plus-size people make up a part. From an informational point of view, jessica entrusted me to create the script and cast the project. From a technical standpoint, she provided valuable support and guidance in terms of the actual direction of the film, from the editing of the script, delivery of the narration, and technical assistance, all the way to the actual look of the scenes.

It’s unfortunate if anyone says or thinks that just because jessica isn’t plus-sized herself, she is incapable of understanding true curiosity about the subject matter, and a genuine want to share information about all things sex, relationship, and communication with the public. She possesses all of those qualities, and without her, this project would not look as amazing as it does.

jessica drake

What is the overall goal you have with this DVD? What do you want the public to get out of this DVD?

JD: I want people of size to see this as the first Sex Ed resource to learn about body confidence, communication, positions, and mostly, as a resource that is specifically tailored to them.

KS: This DVD is intended not just for the already confident person of size who may want a refresher course in sexuality or a few new ideas they hadn’t considered before; it’s also, most definitely, intended for those people who are uncomfortable with their size and how it relates to their confidence and sexuality. It’s also for those who may have gotten into a relationship when they were slender, but have gained weight over time, including women who may have been pregnant and not lost the “baby weight,” but also both men and women who often gain weight as they age. Often, when people change their body shape years into a relationship, they worry their partner is no longer interested in them, and “bed death” results. It’s very unfortunate – and can definitely be overcome.

My hope with this film is to have people of size, both in body-positive cosmopolitan cities as well as in “middle America,” see how they can become more comfortable with themselves, enjoy sex with each other, and perhaps even consider doing so with the lights on and completely naked!

In your opinion, do you feel the BBW genre will continue to grow to the point where these performers can be just as popular as the mainstream performers?

JD: I think that the genre will continue to expand, and I think that already there are plus-size performers that are way more popular than some of our "mainstream" performers.
KS: I think everything is cyclical in their popularity. Music, fashion, and even different genres of adult entertainment – all things ebb and flow in popularity. When I got into the industry in 2007, from what I saw, the BBW genre had hit its peak for that cycle. Mainstream porn companies like Red Light District and Zero Tolerance produced one BBW title per year. The Score Group was flying girls in from other cities on 3-day contracts at a really awesome day rate. Then, in 2010, it all slowed down with the recession, piracy, and other factors. It’s been a climb back up since then, and I think right now is a really decent time for BBW porn, in terms of visibility. A few BBW performers even command similar rates as the mainstream girls. Award shows now have specific BBW categories. Many BBW performers are also webcam models, and say they are able to pay their bills doing so. [So] I think “acceptance” is already here.

Growing, on the other hand, is dependent on sales. As a niche, I’m not sure if it’ll ever match the kind of profits mainstream porn makes, given what society in general is fed on a regular basis. But it wouldn’t surprise me if, over time, we were able to see more plus-size porn as an offering in hotel rooms as pay-per-view, more adult cable channels offering BBW porn, or even more mainstream porn companies opting to try a BBW line. With awards shows now having BBW as a category, it might be just the incentive some companies need to invest in trying a plus size line.

Do you hope to see BBWs in more mainstream productions not labeled as BBWs but hired because they can perform, they can act, they just happen to be plus-sized?

JD: I'd love to see a cast of different body types for different roles. I think that it gives a much better relatable fantasy for viewers at home who might share the same desires or look the same way.

KS: In porn? I think it’s a tall order, when the business of capitalist porn is to label and be niche-oriented. Not trying to sound negative, but when you understand the business of creating fantasy, it makes total sense why different DVD lines are specifically created for certain fan bases. I think there is a place for some crossover in features and parodies, though – it’s definitely been unfortunate to see a slender performer playing a plus-size character in a parody. But as someone who’s been cast in non-sex roles in mainstream porn features, I hope it’s a trend that continues.

Kelly, because you are one of the most successful BBW performers ever, if you were thin or average size for porn, do you think you would’ve had half the career you’ve had? Do you feel your career would’ve lasted 8 years which is beyond the norm for a porn career?

KS: Thank you – I’m not sure if that’s necessarily true, but I do think I may be one of the most visible BBW performers in media at the moment. Everyone has her own measure of success. I certainly don’t think I’m better, or prettier, than any other BBW performer. But I’ve been able to meet 99% of my own bucket list, so I’m very happy about how things have turned out.

I’m not sure if it would have been any different had I been slender or “average” size. I just don’t see things in the “what if” / “woulda coulda shoulda” capacity. I’ve always been chubby – I’ve never been anything else. I just do the best I can, deliver the best performance I am able, and try to have as much fun as possible doing it, and hope my fans like my work. I’ve also not depended on performing as my sole source of income, so I haven’t let slow times affect me too much. It’s given me the opportunity to evolve into other work which allows me to stay in an industry I really do love – PR and Marketing – and I’m having an absolute blast.

Ultimately, my goal is to be happy – and I’ve succeeded where that is concerned. No regrets. And size has nothing to do with that.


For more info on Jessica Drake’s Guide to Wicked Sex: Plus Size, please visit and . Follow jessica drake on Twitter . Follow Kelly Shibari on Twitter .

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