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Dangerous Curves--An Interview with Plumper Goddess Karla Lane

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By Rob Perez


Few porn girls, and even fewer BBW porn girls, can rightfully claim to be a porn superstar. Not only is Karla Lane a BBW porn superstar but defined what a BBW porn superstar is. When Karla Lane broke into BBW porn in 2005 she immediately caught the attention of porn studios specializing in this niche (as it was known back then), and became one of the last pieces of the puzzle to make the porn world take notice of this new emerging genre it has become today. Karla became one of the most sought after performers, appearing on a number of DVD box covers for Evasive Angles, West Coast Productions, Score, Sensational, CJ Wright, Rodney Moore, and Devils Films back when being on a box cover mattered. Between 2006-2008 few BBW performers were as prolific, and no other BBW performer was more exciting to watch. Together with BBW superstars Samantha 38G, April Flores, Bunny De La Cruz, Veronica Bottoms, Kelly Shibari and Desiree Devine, Karla was not only the youngest shining member of BBW porn’s golden age of performers but is undisputably a legend in the BBW porn world.

As with most superstars Karla kept a low profile between scenes, rarely if ever making public appearances which added to her appeal and giving her a mysterious aura. Karla’s work spoke for herself, so much so that during her hiatus her fans continued to download her scenes, gained new fans, and earned a Fan Favorite nomination at the first annual BBW Fanfest awards despite not having shot a new scene in over two years. Her second time around Karla is once again nominated for Fan Favorite and will be more interactive with the fans, shoot more content, set up a website, and continue where she left off—dominate the BBW porn world with her always explosive performances. We have no doubt the older, wiser and always sexy Karla Lane will be a force to be reckoned with. She not only defines what a BBW superstar is but she defines what it means to have “Dangerous Curves!”

You took a break from performing and now you’re back. What did you do during your time away and what did you miss most about performing?

I missed sex. I did not miss where the industry was going with all the new laws and everything. I just focused on a lot of things. I took a lot of vacations, spent time with family and friends. It was more of a vacation because I had been working in porn for so long that I never really took a break. So I decided
it was the best time to do it when everything was going bad.

So you had planned on coming back?

I did, yes. I just wasn’t sure when.

Did you keep in touch with your fans, people in the industry during your break?

Not really. Honestly, not until this past January did I have any fan-related contact. I didn’t have a Facebook, I didn’t have a Twitter. I didn’t have anything. So if you wanted to get a hold of me it was virtually impossible. The only industry person I kept in contact with was Clint Works over at Plumper Pass. We’re friends and I wanted to maintain that 8 year relationship.

Why did you decide at 18 to go into porn?

I personally love to masturbate and the best way to do it is with porn. I just went and did it. I had a lot of porn friends, knew photographers . . .

What was your reaction towards the industry when you first entered it?

How friendly people were. In general it seemed as though it was a golden age. Seven, eight years ago people cared about making good quality stuff. The Internet wasn’t out there much. People kept friendships and I knew at the end of the day that connection would come in handy. Now everybody is independent. “You do your shit, I’ll do mine.”

So you feel the business has changed a lot in the eight years you’ve been in the business, for better or for worse?

Yes it has changed but I haven’t decided if it has for better or worse.

What matters is you’re back.

Yes but I’ll be doing things a lot differently. I’m going to be working on my own website, exploring my options. In the past I’ve only done this and I was never interested in doing anything else besides videos. Now I’m going to work myself as a brand and see where that takes me.

Is there a film or more than one film that stands out as your favorite one ever?

Because it was an amazing experience working with all the guys in the cast it would have to be Karla Lane Loves Black Men. That film where it was just me, that’s one of my favorite ones. I did so many different things in that. I played a dominatrix at one point, a blow job scene in a wedding dress. I mean c’mon, who does that? I do.

What’s your connection with James Deen? How do you two know each other? Did both of you talk about getting into porn because both of you got into the business at the same time.

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James Deen and I were friends years ago before he was James Deen and before I was Karla Lane. We both had a thing and it was awesome. He’s a couple of months older and it was a joke that I wanted to do porn. But I told him he’d be good at porn. He turned 18 and sent his pictures in to a few places and that was the beginning of James Deen.

You two have never worked together in front of the camera. Would you like to?

We’ve never worked together. I never even run into him on anything porn-related. I saw a while ago at an awards ceremony and we made a joke about being friends back then, an inside joke and we began laughing so hard, then we both went our separate ways. But I would love to do an anal scene with him. He was the first person I had anal sex with. It was in a bathroom in a public park. It was good. That’s how I lost my anal virginity. [Laughs] A lot of girls would say “Lucky you.” It’s James Deen.

A lot of non-porn girls believe porn guys are disgusting but how do you personally feel about porn guys?

I think porn guys are sexy. I think a guy who enjoys himself and gives pleasure to others is fucking amazing, so why not? Girls masturbate we’re just not that honest about it. We do check out the latest videos, their sex toys, everything. It makes life easier and with the Internet you can buy anything online.

When you did perform the first time around, how aware were you of your popularity? Virtually every movie you performed in you made the box cover. Did you know you were that popular?

No idea. I’ve seen tube sites where I have 7 millions views on just one video. When you think about it, 7 million people have jerked off to that video. That’s insane. I don’t know anybody that has 7 million people that have seen their shit.

I still have your DVDs from 2006, 2007 that I still watch.

Hey, my work is classic!

Most of your scenes early in your career were either for Evasive Angles or Plumper Pass/Sensational Video. Which of the two studios were you more comfortable working for?

In the past I would have said Evasive. But now it’s Plumper Pass. I like where they’re going. I love the way they set up things and the way they make the girls look. They make the girls look pretty and some companies don’t focus on that. Just because you’re a bigger girl doesn’t mean you’re not pretty. I’m a big fan. I’ve been pushing their stuff and I have a good relationship with them right now. But the person I was most comfortable working for and unfortunately he retired, was CJ Wright. I loved the way he did his thing and I admired that.

You recently filmed a bunch of comeback scenes for Plumper Pass. How did it all go?

I think you’ll want to watch them. The is already out, it’s an anal scene, and I love the pictures. I’ve only seen clips of the scene; I haven’t seen the whole scene yet. I really enjoyed doing it. I shot two other scenes while I was out there.

Are you booked to do any other scenes in the near future?

Honestly, right now I haven’t really focused on booking anything else. My schedule has been chaotic. I have a timeline for everything. This month is all about Vegas, getting set up for that, doing photo shoots and doing everything I need to get ready for that. August, I’m finally looking at finally picking out a webmaster, start setting up a website. I’m not in a hurry to just work with any company because they’ll pay me. I’m going to be very selective with who I work with. I want quality stuff out there. I’ve never done a scene just for the paycheck. I have never seen a purpose for that so hopefully everything works out.

Were you surprise that your fans didn’t forget about you because normally, once a girl leaves the fans move on to the next girl.

I was very surprised. It’s kind of weird how people enjoy your work so much. It’s awesome to me because I never thought of myself as that kind of person but apparently people have. People still watch my videos and still want me around. I’ll be around for them. When they don’t want me to be around anymore I’ll take a break again.

Back when you started I remember walking by the BBW sections of every adult store and seeing you on the cover of virtually every BBW title. Evasive Angles, Sensational . . .

Black Market, Justin Slayer, I’ve worked with most of the main companies. The only companies I haven’t worked for are the companies based out of Florida because I didn’t travel in the past. But now it is an option for me. I never realized how many titles with me in them were out there. And they all came within a two-year time span. I was on every cover and it was ridiculous. I think only twice did I not get the cover out of all the videos I did appear in. I was kind of upset and I made it known I wasn’t happy about that. So I did pull a little diva attitude. But overall when you saw me on the cover you knew you were going to see a good scene from me.

I don’t claim to be an expert but I really do think overall, you’re one of the top five BBW performers of all time.

I would agree. It’s kind of cocky saying top five but with all the fans out there saying it I might have to agree with that. In the past I would have said “Fuck that. There are so many more girls popular than I am.” But I’m pretty popular right now. It’s kind of scary. It’s a really scary thing. Again, I’ve never known that and it just seems like a reality check recently.

Your first time around you really didn’t put yourself out there much as far as attending conventions or fan signings. Were you ever recognized outside of porn?

I was recognized on the street all the time. I walked down Hollywood Boulevard once going into a liquor store and this limo driver rolled down the block just to tell me he loved my work. It almost got to the point where I was very uncomfortable but it was funny. I never had a creepy experience. I’m lucky like that. With most of my fans if you’re cool we’ll become friends. It’s no big deal for me to have dinner with a fan. I had dinner with a fan last week. We ended up having awesome Korean BBQ together.

What award are you up for at BBW FanFest?

Fan Favorite which is amazing because after two years of not working, people still like me.

The scenes you’ve done have mainly been gonzo, straight to sex scenes. Are you interested in doing features, parodies, movies where you play a character?

I would love to. I would like to do a parody but I don’t know what character I would play in a parody. I would love to do things like that. It would be fun. It’s different and I love different.

Today being a BBW there is much more acceptance towards those girls by the porn mainstream. Back when you started did you believe the market for BBW porn would grow?

Oh yes. Most guys like an average looking girl and not every guy is going to be having a girl that looks like a porn star. It’s more of a realistic look. I think guys secretly want that and it’s not looked down upon anymore.

Do you remember the first scene you did? Were you nervous, scared, or excited?

I think the first scene I did was for Channel 69. It was awesome. I was wearing my green little outfit and I had bright red hair. It was easy. I always enjoyed sex so having sex in front of the camera wasn’t much different.

You’ve been described as CJ Wright’s muse. Was he your favorite performer to work with and why?

He was. Honestly, he was an amazing talent. I miss him a lot. He made every girl feel beautiful. CJ knew how to work it. He would see a girl that weighed 400 pounds and made her feel like she weighs 100 pounds. It was ridiculous what he could do with a girl.

Who were some of your other favorite guys to work with?

I’ve worked with most of the guys so I don’t really have a favorite. I honestly don’t have many guys I would say no to either. Overall, I’ve had really good experiences with my male talent. I don’t have a favorite. I just enjoy them all.

Any girls you’ve really enjoyed working with?

Again, I’m an equal opportunist. I don’t have a favorite. I just want the girl to be hot. I mean fucking hot. Make my panties wet hot.

Before porn were you very sexually active? Did you engage in orgies, group sex, had a lot of sex partners, sex with girls?

Yeah. I’ve always had a thing for virgins and I still kind of do. Let’s just say I had a reputation in school. [Laughs]

I like girls that are slutty. Why is that a bad thing for guys to admit to?

I’m a little whore. I’ll be honest. I like what I like but then again, I could be very committed to someone. But if I’m single I will be whoring it up. If I’m with someone I will only be with that person. But I can also have multiple relationships.

So you are polyamorous?

I am polyamorous.

You have such a young, sweet innocent look about you. Do people mistake you for being much younger than you are?

All the time. All the time.

When it comes time for you to take your clothes off for a scene, because you are bigger do you ever feel self-conscious removing your clothes in front of people?

No, I like being naked. I’m comfortable in my skin. You don’t like what you’re seeing then you don’t have to look at me.

Where do you see BBW porn heading; do you see it becoming more popular?

I do see that. I do see someone being nominated for the best performer. Having a good chance and not being a joke.

What do you want to say in closing to your fans?

Thank you so much for loving me. They truly care about me and I care about them. Thanks for being so awesome throughout the years. Thanks for the support. Thanks for being so amazing.

For more info on Karla Lane, visit her on Twitter , and like her fan page on Facebook at .

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