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Dangerous Curves: BBW Fan Fest Quickies

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By Rob Perez

At the recent BBW Fan Fest vulkanio.ru ran into several ladies who all had a lot to say. Read some of what they had to say below.

Amazon Amanda

What brings you here to the BBW Fan Fest?

I’m actually here supporting the event as a first of its kind, to actually promote and support BBW talent and models, any BBW in the industry. So it’s a really positive event that I wanted to be a part of, and of course promote my website, AmazonAmanda.com and myself.

What’s your Twitter and where can fans, producers book you for work?

Twitter is and my email is [email protected].

What else are you also promoting?

I do offer private sessions so I’m here promoting my websites, my videos and private bookings.

What do you do in private sessions?

I’m one of the few Amazon BBW goddesses. My slogan is “Amazon by height, BBW by size and goddess by nature.” I do height/size comparison, lifting, carrying, smothering, trampeling, face-sitting, foot worship, ass worship, body worship, human furniture, tickling, bondage, BDSM, domination. However there is no nudity or sex in any of my sessions. So I make you suffer with blue balls. [Laughs]

Do you do porn scenes or is it all just fetish?

No I actually don’t. It’s all fetish.

Would you ever consider doing a porn scene?

I have been approached and I’ve contemplated but, we’ll see what the future holds.

I’m guessing most of your clients are men. Do you have females or couples also as clients?

Yes I do actually. I have women who have actually approached me to do facesitting scenes to actually show them how to do it to their husbands, or if his fantasy is to be abused, dominated, crushed, then I’ll do a double session with them and their significant other. So it’s anything from instructional to just having fun.

Have you done workshops, worked as an instructor?

I do it privately but I’ve never done schooling 101. I would love to because I have 10 years experience doing this online and in sessions, but since I was 17 I’ve been doing it in my private life.

How old are you now?

I’m 37.

Anything you’d like to say in closing?

Thanks for coming out and supporting all these lovely ladies.

Betty Blac

What got you into doing porn?

I’m just really passionate about sex and positive about it. I’m into fun, happy sex, positive sexuality and loving your body. I started from that angle and I have enjoyed it. I’ve enjoyed the scenes that I have done and meeting awesome people like Kelly Shibari. I have a vision of doing even more stuff that’s creative and interesting.

Who have you performed with?

I’ve performed with Lucas Stone, Johnny Champ and a few other people that I have worked with from the Score Group.

How many scenes have you done already?

Six. I’m getting ready to do three or four more in the next couple of weeks.

Kelly Shibari & Betty Blac

Will you be shooting anything here while at Fan Fest?

It’s been talked about, potentially, but it has not been confirmed. So if I did shoot here it probably would be a girl/girl scene.

What girl would you like to do a scene with?

Maybe April Flores. I don’t know, there’s so many people. I’m sure I’ll walk around here and go, “It would be nice to shoot a scene with you.” [Laughs]

Kelly Shibari & Betty Blac

What’s your website or Twitter?

My Twitter is

Daphne Daniels

What are you here promoting?

Today I’m here promoting the launch of my website, DaphneDaniels.com.

How many scenes have you done?

I’ve done over 30 DVD scenes and I’ve also done lots of websites and magazines.

What have been some of your favorite studios to work for?

My favorite studios to work for have been Red Light District, Lethal Hardcore, West Coast Productions, Black Market, Evasive Angles, those are just the ones I can think of off the top of my head. [Laughs]

Who have been some of your favorite performers to work with, male and female?

Male talent has been Dirk Huge, Prince Yashua, Flash Brown, Rock the Icon, Jon Q, I’ve taken a good amount of male anatomy in this business. Females, I’ve worked with Cash Monet, Twilight Star and Desiree Devine.

How big are your tits?

My tits are 48D.

How much do you weigh?

Currently I weigh about 250lbs.

And how big is that ass?

I have a 50’ ass.

What got you into doing porn?

I got a approach a lot of times and I just turned down the approaches. Finally someone asked me again and I decided to try it for extra money. I went in, did the scene and found that this is something I felt I could continue doing, so I decided to continue doing it.

I’ve loved every scene of yours I’ve watched.

Thank you. I aim to please.

Teedra Dior

What are you here promoting?

I’m promoting a DVD that will be coming out soon that has two exclusive anal scenes. That’s really exciting for me. Also my website, TeedraDiorXXX.com. That’s also new so that’s what I’m here promoting.

How long have you been in the business?

-- sponsored by --

I started in 2008, left for a couple years, and then re-entered it in early 2010.

Do you have any scenes coming up?

I just continuously shoot scenes for my website, and there will be more DVDs to come out.

You mind if I ask you how much you weigh? You seem to be on the smaller end of the BBW scale.

Yes. I’m about 200 lbs.

What size are your breasts?

40 DD.

What’s your ethnicity?

I am Black and Filipina.

What’s your Twitter?

Mimi Melons

What are you here promoting?

I’m at the BBW Girl Tweet, which is a division of NaughtyTweet.com. Basically what that is, you can go and follow all the registered models in one place on Twitter. So instead of jumping on everyone’s page to see what they’re tweeting, you can go on the main site and read it all at the same time. A lot of the girls post pictures so there’s a lot of photos, snapshots, kind of like a summary of all the big girls in the industry.

From what I hear there isn’t a lot of camraderie in the BBW community; would you agree?

I would definitely agree and that’s the reason why this event is so important. We’re all in one place and we really have no choice but to get along. So hopefully it will break down some feuds or barriers or beefs between a lot of the girls. This industry is like junior high; it’s very clique-y, all the girls have their own little cliques and what not. Hopefully with everyone being in one place at one time the girls will get a chance to interact with each other. I think that’s great. I never met some of these girls in person and a lot of times when you’re just reading what other girls write or tweet you don’t really get a sense of who they are. When you’re reading something it can be misconstrued, someone can come off as bitchy and they’re not. When you get the chance to meet somebody in person you get a better vibe of them. So hopefully this event will help the girls get along and not have so many problems.

Are you meeting a lot of girls you’ve never met before?

Yeah. I’m primarily an East coast girl and I travel some. But this is my first West coast event since AVN so this is my second time out here.

Is there anyone here you’re really excited about meeting for the first time?

Maggie Dubonet, I have a girl crush on her. She’s so cute. I was excited to meet her.

Anything you’d like to say about the Fan Fest?

I’ve been with this event since it was an inkling. So this is really mine and Platinum Puzzy’s baby. To see everybody come together and be in one place at one time, it’s like “Wow!” Hard work really pays off. Lots of sleepless nights trying to put things together. It was a lot of work. I’m excited to see it come together. Platinum has been amazing. if it wasn’t for her this would have fallen apart, honestly. I helped but the credit really ought to go to her. She did it mostly all by herself.

Paige Reign

How long have you been in the business?

Actually I’ve been in the business less than six months. I’ve come a long way, I work really hard at it.

How many scenes have you done?

Two with Plumper Pass and I’ve done a lot of content that I’m actually getting ready to book and save for my website that I’m working on. That’s three websites I’m working on. I have my Twitter which is My email is [email protected] and Facebook page is Paige Reign.

Before doing porn what were you doing? Were you involved in the sex industry at all?

No. I was never involved in the sex industry. it was something I had thought about for a really long time, and I had a couple of friends who told me I should get into it. They brought me down to the AVN convention this past January and that’s where Platinum Puzzy walked up and found me. I owe it all to Platinum. She helped me a lot. She’s been great. She’s awesome.

Is there anything about the industry you don’t like?

I would have to say so far, there’s nothing bad I can say about it. I think it’s great. I’ve been having a good time.

Would you be considered a MILF BBW?

I would be more in the big tit category because I’m a 38J natural. I do the MILF, redhead, big booty, I’m in all that stuff.

What do you in your scenes, girl/girl, anal . . .

I do girl/girl. For Plumper Pass I did a solo scene and I did a boy/girl. I do girl/girl but I am not doing anal for a long time. I want my fans to really, really, really want it. I will do inter-racial but I haven’t gotten there yet. That’s another thing. I’m working my way step by step.

Can you handle a big cock?

Well I’m kind of small but I do the best that I can. [Laughs] I’m very tight but I work it in there.

Would you say Las Vegas is BBW friendly?

I would say Vegas is very BBW friendly.Extremely. The men on the West coast love women with curves.

What are you here promoting?

I’m signing for Porn Star Tweets. They’re great. I love the girls who work with them.

Why is an event tlike this important for the BBW community?

This is a super important event for us because we’re considered a niche, we’re not considered mainstream as far as the adult industry goes. I’m so excited to have been a part of this and I hope there are many, many more of these.

Sienna Hills

What have you been up to since the last time I saw you?

We actually found some people that are going to help me start my own toy line. We will be starting a BBW toy line that is much more BBW friendly, which is great. We’re also going to begin moldings, actual life-size moldings of all BBWs that way everyone can take home a little piece of their favorite BBW. On top of that we will be launching my Voluptuous Lingerie store all catering to Voluptuous women with curves. We’re trying to go nationwide; we’ll start off of course in Little Rock, Arkansas with it. Once we get it up and going we’ll see how it goes. It’ll sell everything from shoe wear to fetish wear, to lingerie, accessories and clothing but they’ll all be plus-size friendly. That’s the great thing about it. Also, my website is going live soon, SiennaHillsXXX.com. I have a retail store that will be going online, 12thStreetNewstand.com. And my production company is supposed to be coming online in September, which will be called BustinOutProductions.com. So that’s quite a bit so far. [Laughs]

You’ll be busy recruiting girls?

I’m recruiting girls already. I have one or two back home. I brought my protégé here with me. He’s wandering out right now, I told him to get out there, let them know who you are. His name is Jay Black, be looking for him. So I’ve been doing a lot of recruiting back in Arkansas to show what talent we have out there.

It seems there’s a lot of BBW performers from the South. Why do you suppose that is the case?

Because we love to cook, baby. We love to cook, we love to eat, we are not ashamed of it. That’s how we show our love.

And you love sex.

And we love sex. This is my theory: you keep me fed and fucked I’m great. [Laughs]

How long have you been in the business?

I’ve been in the business now five years and I’ve been selling porn now for 15 years. So it was just a gradual thing where I had my retail store, a local porn shop, and decided to send my pictures in and boom. Two weeks later I was out shooting for Score and here we are. Five years later and we’re still doing it.

Rodney Moore

Before even Sensational, The Score Group, you were the only person shooting quality BBW content. Why did you decide to begin shooting BBWs?

Obviously, I find them attractive. if I didn’t I would never have started shooting.

How long have you been in the adult industry?

Twenty years.

And you also work in the music business.

I was in the music business before I got into porn. If I do a movie that needs a soundtrack I can do it myself.

Do you miss the music business?

It’s a tough business. I had a little bit of success in it but I might try to get back in it at some point.

You worked on some succesful albums.

I had some small dance hits. I worked with a couple of people that became famous before they became famous.

What do you love more, the music business or porn business?

I love them both. You’ve heard the expression, “Do what you love the money will come.” I did music and the money was always feast or famine. Instead of segueing back into a regular day job I just found something else that I love which is porn. And fortunately, the money came in porn.

What kind of girls do you like shooting?

My personal tastes tend to be hour-glass shaped girls. Girls with big butts, big boobs, and the ones that come to mind that have that type of look is Bunny De La Cruz, girls like that. But I find them all attractive. I actually enjoy having sex with a girl and grabbing onto their stomach and holding on to dear life. [Laughs]

Actually one of the hottest scenes I ever saw you in was with Rebeca Linares where she’s oiled up. Do you like all types of girls?

Oh yeah. I like all types of girls. I don’t really have a preference. Actually I’m not too big on skinny girls and I don’t like fake boobs. That’s why you’ll rarely see them in my films. You go back five or six years you probably can’t find a girl I did a scene with that has fake boobs.

What are some of your BBW lines?

There are really only two. Scale Busting Babes which is an ongoing series and Whale Watchers which we discontinued. I never really liked the title but my distributor thought it would be a title that would sell. So we did that one for a while but we just discontinued it and concentrate now on Scale Busting Babes.

What brings you to BBW Fan Fest?

All these big beautiful women or as someone once said, “A huge assortment of women.” [Laughs]

April Flores

Why do you feel the BBW Fan Fest is an important event for the BBW community?

I think this is an important event because it shows that there are a lot of BBWs that are working and are interested in working more and furthering their careers. It shows we can all come together and support one another.

Did you have any major struggles in the beginning of your career?

No, not really. I was really fortunate because the way I got started was really different. I’ve had my husband, Carlos Batts, with me the whole time. He’s been my manager. Luckily, thank god, I haven’t had many rough moments.

April Flores & Tyung Lee

Are you excited about hosting the BBW Fan Fest Awards and did you ever think you’d get to do something like this?

I’m really excited. I never thought I’d do anything like this. I’m thrilled to be here.

Next year hosting AVN or at least the XBiz Awards.

[Laughs] We’ll see.

What do you think of AVN and XBiz not covering the BBW market extensively?

That they consider BBWs a specialty category? I think it’s an antiquated idea but events like this are showing, at least for us, that it’s a viable genre and it shouldn’t be lumped into the miscelleanous categories. It should be it’s own category. We’ll see how things go.

Julia Sands & April Flores

Is there anyone here you’re excited about meeting?

Just all the girls in general because I haven’t really met too many of them.

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