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Dangerous Curves--All Hail The Queen! vulkanio.ru Speaks To Sensational, SSBBW Superstar Performer, Desiree Devine!

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By Rob Perez

Anyone who is a fan of BBW porn such as myself certainly knows who “The Queen” of the genre is. For over four years, Desiree Devine has dominated the industry as one of the most electrifying performers. Her physically imposing figure—Desiree stands at 6 feet, 390lbs with 44H-52-68 measurements—and her exotic beauty, combined with neverending “dangerous curves” are what make Desiree the premier SSBBW (Super-Sized Big Beautiful Woman) working today. Even after taking a year off for medical reasons, Desiree is back, not having lost a step and ready to make her mark behind the camera for premier BBW studio Sensational Video.

In a rare interview, the most in-depth of her career, Desiree spoke candidly on a range of issues facing BBWs, personal issues she’s confronted and overcame, and a range of other topics. Desiree was warm, charming, generous with her time and honored to be speaking with vulkanio.ru for this month’s Dangerous Curves series, but it was a privilege for me to speak to the Queen!

What are you currently promoting or working on?

Right now I’m trying to get some stuff organized for . Maybe doing some directing for them. I have my own line that I’m working on; one is a series that is just regular hardcore, and some fetish stuff. I have my website that I’m working on (). I took a lot of time off last year so I’m pretty much getting back into the swing of things.

I’m going to start having shoot parties in different cities—LA, Vegas, on the East coast. I’m just trying to help different girls that want to be in the industry, kind of giving them different direction and giving my resources to try to help the people out. giving them tips on hair and makeup and all that kind of stuff. All that stuff is important now whereas before it use to not be such a big deal. That’s something companies look for now. I really want to dive in and find talent, beyond just looking for pretty girls. I want to find people with personalities. I want to elevate BBW porn. I don’t want it to just be fat girls fucking on film. I want it to be noticed. “This is a beautiful group of women. They’re talented and charismatic and they really have something to offer the industry.” I do this because I have a passion for the business not because I want everyone to know my name more. I have different motives and different reasons why I’m in this industry and why I’ve stayed in this industry for so long.

Is this your first time directing?

It would be. It’s not all set in stone. It’s something we’re working on. I’ve always scouted girls for Sensational over the last three or four years. I’ve always worked with them and for them. I do my own videos with them and scout for them. I really love that company, it’s one of my favorite companies to work with. I’m just looking forward to our new type of relationship.

When you say you scout for Sensational, you also mean .

Yeah. Clint Works (CEO Sensational/Plumper Pass) has several lines. I’ve been in the BBW Dreams series, BBW’s Gone Black, Plumpers At Play, Big Tits Big Toys. I’ve been in several of his series.

What sort of films will you direct and will you star in any of them?

I will star in some but there will be all kinds. I want to work in many different types of films. Everything from gonzo to fetish. I think being a female director and in the industry, it makes it a little different. I’ll have a different view of things than the normal male director.

Have you always been a big girl?

I haven’t. I had been thin for most of my life. Due to a health issue in my early 20’s I gained a lot of weight. Over the years I just accumulated weight. [Laughs]

Did you do any modeling before entering porn?

I’ve modeled since I was 14. Runway, print, I did stuff for JC Penny, different things. That’s pretty much what I was doing before I was introduced to porn. I met a photographer for the Associated Press and asked me if I wanted to model for him. He was working on a personal project. I did a couple of sessions with him and he told me he knew somebody in the industry that actually turned out to be Samantha 38G. He sent her my pictures and my phone number and a week later she asked me if I wanted to do some films, and two weeks later I was in Miami shooting films. So it was really quick.

Samantha 38G

When you went down to Miami were you shooting for the Score Group or Sensational?

I was shooting with Samantha for her website for Sensational.

Were you surprised to find out that there was a market for girls your size in porn when you were approached to do porn?

I was kind of surprised. Not neccesarily that there was BBW porn because there’s all kinds of porn. You see porn for everything. [Laughs] But I was surprised how popular it was.

What’s the best thing about being a big girl in the business?

For me I get fan mail from men but my favorite fan mail is from women. My favorite part of it is, I get a lot of fan mail from women. They thank me and appreciate what I do not just because they enjoy porn but because it helps them to feel differently about themselves. Women can be sexy in a bigger body and be confident in who they are. I think that’s important.

Have you had other BBW performers come up to you and say you inspired them to accept their size and go into porn?

Yeah. Just last week there’s a new girl, Anastasia Vanderbust, called and told me she had seen me on Plumper Pass, and I was her inspiration to get into the industry. [Laughs] That was very flattering to me because I think she’s very beautiful. A model here in Vegas, Jezebel Jolie, she for the longest time was one of my biggest fans. [Laughs] That was very flattering.

Anastasia Vanderbust

Jezebel Jolie

When you’re out scouting for new models what is it that you’re looking for in a new model?

Somebody who has a special quality—big ass, big boobs, pretty face. When I first got into the industry it was almost like, if a fat girl were willing to shoot on film she would be hired. It wasn’t very scientific. With less companies shooting and other companies having to really target their market, it’s pretty much big is in. Big butt, big boobs. I’m working on a line of belly fetish videos . for a lot of guys their fetish is bellies. So they either like big bellies, big butts, big boobs, pretty faces, that kind of thing. I really look for somebody that takes care of themselves as well as somebody who has a little bit of style, grace. You can always take a girl that has no style and do her hair and she’ll look amazing. But I find that the women who really take care of themselves are a little bit more sexy, more confident. You can tell they appreciate themselves and they exude that.

Everything you just said is important for a model to have whether she’s a BBW or not. Is having personality and charisma equally important for a model to have?

Absolutely! There’s a difference between being a model and going to a couple of shoots and having longevity in the industry. There are people who are beautiful, they can shoot, they are very photogenic. But the difference between people who can take a good picture and having longevity is their attitude and their performance, and how they connect with their fans. People also notice if you’re acting or if you truly enjoy yourself. People don’t want to watch porn that seems like it’s scripted, or if the girls are over-moaning or under-moaning or just bored. [Laughs] It really is how you perform and if you really enjoy what you do.

Which films of yours would you recommend to someone not familiar with your stuff in order to get a sense of who you are as a performer?

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I have a few different genres of films. So it depends on what they like. I did a girl/girl scene with April Flores in Voluptuous Biker Babes. I’ve been in BBW Dreams where I’ve done just boy/girl. I’ve done BBWs Gone Black, interracial. I’ve also done CJ Wright’s films. So it depends on what genre of movies somebody likes. One of my favorite scenes was for Zero Tolerance’s Waist Watchers 2. I worked with Christian XXX and he is one of my favorite people ever. Everybody has their own take on Christian but I am a fan of his. [Laughs] We have very similar personalities. Maybe I’m not blunt or crude about certain things but I’m definitely appreciative of his honesty. There’s so much bullshit in this industry with people trying to hustle each other that honesty is relieving. That was one of my very favorite films.

What would you say have been some of your career highlights?

I don’t know how people perceive it but one of my biggest accomplishments that I think I have had was when I had the lawsuit against Adultcon a few years back. I really can’t go into the lawsuit but it was based on the fact they didn’t want to include BBWs. They really wanted thin, mainstream pornstars.they didn’t want transgender, none of that. I didn’t want money or anything else. I just wanted them to be fair. They put on an industry event then it should include everyone who’s in the industry. The fact that they had to change their policy I felt was a big accomplishment, even though I will never attend one of their events other girls will have the opportunity to do so.

And they have EXXXotica and AVN even though BBWs aren’t really showcased enough.

I’ve never been big on award shows or any of that other stuff. Now there is going to be one specifically for BBWs coming in Vegas in July, . I’m very much looking forward to that. I’ve been nominated for Urban X Awards and Voloptuous Biker Babes was nominated for an AVN award a couple of years ago. They still consider it [BBW porn] a niche market, which it is and that’s fine, but it’s not accepted overall in the mainstream industry. I’ve been to a few of the AVNs and a couple of the Urban X Awards. I’d just rather participate and put more of my attention on the BBW Fan Fest. I think that’s better for our industry.

I will actually be signing at the BBW Fan Fest booth and at another booth, so I’ll be spending my time helping out the show and also doing my own stuff. I’ll be there, I’ll be participating at all the events, taking pictures. I actually live in Vegas so I’ll be available before, during and after the event. I am going to do a win a day with me contest. So while they’re here for the event I will spend the day with the lucky winner! That’s one thing I’m doing that will help promote the show, just out of my own time.

How important is an event such as the Fan Fest to the BBW porn community? Do you believe if it’s succesful it will get the mainstream porn world’s attention?

I think it will take a few years like anything. It starts out small and then it gets bigger, gets more successful and recognition. I don’t know if BBW porn or any other fetish or niche market porn will ever be completely mainstream or embraced. But I hope that they look at it as a legitimate industry. It is a legitimate genre of porn. It will be a great thing for our industry because it will give the girls in our industry something to strive for. Right now they don’t feel as appreciated. I think as far as an industry goes it will be good for our industry.

Do you feel as though you’re a pioneer of sorts in BBW porn, or one of the bigger names in the genre?

It’s hard for me to answer because I don’t really consider myself a star. I do think that you can’t deny certain accomplishments. I’ve been one of the biggest girls to work for Sensational. I was the biggest girl to work for Adam & Eve in Voloptuous Biker Babes. I’ve worked for a lot of companies that normally only hire plumpers to smaller BBWs. I’ve been the biggest girl. So for me I set certain milestones that allowed other girls to think, “I can do this. If Desiree can do it then I can do it.” And I’ve been in it a lot longer than most girls. I’ve always wanted to change the face of BBW porn and especially since I did one of my first movies with Rodney Moore. As much as I like Rodney Moore—he was so nice to me—I didn’t realize I was coming out in a Whale Watchers series. [Laughs] I was actually devastated when the DVD came out and that was the name of it. I always thought, “Why can’t BBWs just be beautiful? Why can’t they be appreciated and celebrated. Why do they have to be mocked?” That’s one of the reasons why I like Sensational Video so much. They have BBW Dreams and different stuff that celebrates beautiful women.

Things are better today for BBW performers entering the business but what hurdles remain for BBWs?

For one, I think one of the biggest hurdles is getting your foot in the door. Just to get your foot in the door and be shot by a known company is difficult. There’s not as many companies shooting anymore and they don’t shoot as often. And they’re becoming more picky on who they shoot. So it’s very difficult to get through the door. The criteria is a lot more strict than it use to be. You have to have something that sets you apart from everybody else. I have different qualities. I’m amazon, I’m tall, plus I have big boobs and a big butt so it helps. You have to have some type of specific quality that somebody can promote off of. Being fat just doesn’t cut it anymore. [Laughs]

Do you have self-esteem issues because of your size?

I did when I first entered the industry, and I think everybody—it’s just natural—for everybody on the planet to have things they’re self-conscious about. I don’t neccesarily have self-esteem issues but I am self-conscious about some things. When I first gained the weight I had horrible self-esteem issues. I didn’t think anybody would ever love me or would ever want me. It ook a long time for me to realize that despite my size it doesn’t make me a different person. I’m a great person all-around. I didn’t lose my intellect, I didn’t lose anything. I’m just a little bit bigger. So I adapted. I loved myself just the same even though I’m bigger. I still have things I’m self-conscious about. I don’t like the shape of my belly but some people love it so I just go with it. [Laughs]

Speaking of self-conscious, when it comes time to take your clothes off, as a plus size woman are you ever self-conscious about it?

The only time, and I wouldn’t say I’m self-conscious about it, I’m just concerned about the person I’m working with. If they’re not into BBWs, they’re just a regular porn guy and not really into big girls it’s going to be a problem. If they’re going to have performance issues, if they’re going to be turned off by it, because I have had those experiences. Guys have been hired to work with me but they’re not necessarily into big girls so it was difficult for them. One guy I actually worked with, he became a fan of BBWs because he likes working with me so much. He didn’t realize he was into big girls and that big girls could be so much fun. That was flattering. We’re actually still friends. It’s always if I know a guy isn’t physically into BBWs but works with BBWs, then I get concerned.

You’re comfortable being naked?

Yeah absolutely. And in my normal life I’m naked all the time. [Laughs]

Who would you say are the top BBW performers working today? Obviously you would be considered one of the top girls.

I would definitely include Samantha 38G. She’s more of a big titty girl. She’s not really a BBW. Farrah Foxx who’s one of my good friends and she’s also an SSBBW. She works more for the Black market, urban stuff. Mandy Blake, I’ve know about her for a long time. There is Lexxxi Luxe, definitely April Flores. I’m a big fan of hers. Julia Sands, I want to meet her soon. Kelly Shibari definitely. She and Tyung Lee are one of the only Asian BBWs in the industry. There’s a couple of girls I would have thought would’ve made it big in the industry if they would’ve stayed in the industry. Especially like Bunny De La Cruz. She literally did porn for a year, shot for everyone a whole bunch of times and just dissapeared off the face of the planet. Veronica Bottoms, everybody retired.

Samantha 38G

Farrah Foxx

Mandy Blake

Lexxxi Luxe

April Flores

Julia Sands

Kelly Shibari

Tyung Lee

Bunny De La Cruz

Veronica Bottoms

What would you say is the shelf life for a BBW performer?

A year or two. If they get past a year they’re lucky. I’ve been lucky enough to have longevity. It’s something a lot of girls don’t have and I don’t know why really. A lot of girls get into this business with the perception that they’re going to make a lot of money. You’re never going to get rich off of BBW porn. Ever! Especially shooting a few times a year, you’re never going to get rich off of BBW porn, period. Things that are going to make you money are your interactions with the fans.

Do you see fat as a flaw?

Not in my industry but when I was thin absolutely. It really depends. If you’re in this industry then your fat is what’s going to make you your money. A lot of girls can’t make it in this industry because they’re what I call tweeners. They’re in an in-between place. They’re not big and they’re not little. They’re just in the middle. Those girls don’t have a big fan base because they don’t have enough weight or too much weight to be thin. Me being a thin model I realized when I was thin and I modeled that everything was a flaw. You’re never perfect. You’re never good enough, you’ll never be good enough, and in the thin world it’s brutal and there will always be something wrong with you, no matter what. Cindy Crawford is flawed. It’s just how it is. You’ll always be flawed in some way. Being in the BBW industry or on the plus-size of things for me it was a relief because thin people appreciated me just because I am the way I am. I started out a 100 pounds lighter than I am now. [Laughs] You don’t really lose fans if you lose or gain weight. Just fans. I have fans who have been with my whole career. Then I have some who have come and gone. Your fans just change. I don’t in our industry view it as a flaw at all. It’s just part of who you are. If you have some weight you have some weight. It is what it is. Nothing to be ashamed of.

How do you feel about the term BBW?

I don’t let things define me. It’s just a recognizable brand or recognizable name for something. I think the way it is said could make it derogatory or not. If you say things in a derogatory manner then it becomes derogatory. If you use it as a descriptive word than it is. It doesn’t have to be a good or a bad thing. It’s just something the industry came up with a long time ago to describe this group of women.

BBW porn has become a little more respected in the porn mainstream. Do you see BBW’s gaining more respect in the mainstream world?

I do. I see a lot more commercials with plus-size people. I see TV shows with plus-size people. The United States is starting to catch up with what it is. You figure statistically, over 70% of the people in the US are overweight. With that percentage of the population being overweight, why would it still be shameful in our society to have a few extra pounds or be big? It’s such a huge population where actually being overweight is the norm. I’ve noticed that things are starting to change a little bit.

On a scale of 1-10 where would you rate yourself, looks-wise?

I don’t rate myself. [Laughs] I don’t rate myself because I think everybody likes something different whether it’s different qualities that people like about me. I would never know where to rate myself as far as looks-wise. I don’t think I’m ugly but I don’t think I’m supermodel gorgeous. I’m an average individual. I think I have some great qualities. I think I’m a little bit more critical of myself than most people are.

Last year you were out of porn due to having ovarian cancer. Are you completely rid of it?

Yes. I had a hysterectomy last May. I am completely free and clear.they took everything out so I have no more uteris or cervix or ovaries, so I don’t have to worry about it ever coming back. It worked out really good for me. I don’t ever have to buy birth control or tampons. [Laughs] It’s kind of a blessing. When you have an illness like that it really takes a lot out of you. I was tired all the time. I slept a lot. My ovaries affected my hormones so I was always emotionally unstable. I would cry at Charmin commericals. [Laughs] I just spent a lot of time alone and withdrew from everything and everybody. After I had my surgery I almost immediately felt better. I felt like I had more energy. I took me a few months to get back into the swing of things, living again. Being in the normal world. I missed my friends. By October I started traveling, finally got back to work, I did a couple of new movies. I’ve been building up again from where I left off.

If you were to lose a lot of weight would you continue doing porn as a thin woman?

I would. It’s kind of my thing now. [Laugh] I never thought it would be. I went to school and got my degree in electronic engineering and I never would’ve thought I’d be in porn. But porn certainly suits my personality and my lifestyle. I’m definitely an out of the box kind of person. Everything about me does not conform to any normal standard of society. Not that I purposely rebel against society, I just live by and truly believe in a different set of standards. I don’t think you should have to pick a side of anything.

Before porn did you have an active sex life?

I’ve always had a very active sex life. [Laughs] I’m very much a sexual being. I masturbate a couple of times a day; I like to have sex on a regular basis. I think it’s just healthy.

What do you think about when you masturbate?

I think about all kinds of things. Even though I’m super straight I’ll watch lesbian porn. Sometimes I watch gay porn. I really like to think about guys masturbating to me. [Laughs] That’s a big turn on for me. I think that’s one of the reasons I like webcam. I get to watch guys masturbate to me. It just turns me on.

When you perform, do you have a preference such as doing inter-racial?

I don’t have a preferance. I like inter-racial porn. I like the way that it looks estehicially but I don’t really have a preferance in men. I really like all men; I like Latin guys, Italian guys, Middle Easter guys. I’m very open as far as that is concern. I don’t really have a favorite type of performer.

Do you believe films where the girl’s weight is seen as a negative like these feeding themed films, do you believe they hold the BBW genre back?

I think they’re degrading but at the same time everybody likes something different. I think if it’s put out in a degrading kind of way that’s what people look at. People notice what’s repulsive or degrading and be fascinated by that and it’ll become viral in a day. And that’s how people are, they’re naturally prone to the negative. You got to put a lot more positive out to get them to overlook that negative.

Have you been offered roles like that?

I have a couple of times, not too often. People don’t offer me that kind of stuff. I just turn them down. Thanks but no thanks. [Laughs]

Do you have a lot fans that are hardcore fat fetish admirers?

Yes I do. A lot of them are overseas fans and they’re into the weight.

You don’t consider yourself a gainer or go out with guys that are feeders or have that fetish?

No and I’m not into feeders. I’ll do fantasy feeding sometimes but I’m not phyiscally capable of being a feedee. I can’t eat large quantities of food and I can’t eat a lot of sweets. My weight gain and the reason why I hold my weight is purely a medical issue. I actually eat pretty healthy and am healthy. I’m not capable of eating a lot. It just makes me physically ill so I won't be able to do it. Every once in a while I’ve had guys want to watch me eat which is fine. I’m not shoving cake in my face. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with mixing food and sex.

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