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Dangerous Curves--vulkanio.ru Speaks To the Large & Lovely Dynamic Trio Platinum Puzzy, Sienna Hills and Mimi Melons

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By Rob Perez

I have always had a fondness for plus-size, voluptuous, thick women. Don’t get me wrong, I’m attracted to a wide variety of women. But heavier women are just that much more softer and have that much more to play with. A woman with curves who carries her weight well and is confident in herself and in her appearance is my kind of woman.

In my first in a semi-regular series of interviews with the most under-appreciated group of women in porn—BBWs (a term I will try not to overly use)—I spoke with 2011 Urban X Award BBW Star of the Year Platinum Puzzy, Southern belle knockout Sienna Hills, and promising newcomer Mimi Melons at the 2012 Adult Entertainment Expo in Las Vegas. During our conversation the three women talked about theirfrustrations of having been overlooked by the industry for so long, why BBW porn is growing from its fetish/niche status to its very own genre, and the upcoming , the first of its kind porn convention dedicated solely to big, beautiful ladies. To my peers in the adult industry, the time has come to view these ladies as serious, business-minded performers who can heat up the screen just as much or better than their thinner counterparts. Platinum, Sienna and Mimi are three such performers determined to make the genre a force to be reckoned with in porn!

Tell me about the . What exactly is the Fan Fest about?

Mimi Melons: BBW Fan Fest is running July 13 – 15 in Vegas at the Tuscanny Hotel. Basically what it is, it’s an Expo that celebrates all your favorite BBW starlets. There’s an expo, there’s an awards show. There’s going to be seminars. It’s really our very own BBWtrade show. It’s the first of its kind that’s just for us. So it is the equivalent to an EXXXotica but it is just for us. We have a variety of vendors coming as well. We’re going to have entertainment, we’re going to have a DJ, we’re going to have people performing on stage. There’s also going to be vendors that provide product to the plus-size community. We’re trying to get a couple of clothing lines. We’ve got photographers. There are a couple of booths of actual male talent that work with BBWs that want to promote themselves as well. There’s a little bit for everybody. It’s in the works but hopefully have some male exotic entertainment so that we have something for the ladies to come out, because we don’t want it to be a sausage fest. [Laughs]

I’vebeen pushing this event so hard because I hold it near and dear not only because I’ve been a part of it since the very beginning but because it’s an opportunity for us. This is the first event that someone ever cared enough to put together for BBWs. If we don’t support it and produce it and execute it in a classy and functional and positive manner, no one is ever going to give us the opportunity again. It would be a setback for Fan Fest not to work. Someone’s finally taken the time and effort and the money to put something into us. If we don’t appreciate it, if we don’t respect it and we don’t promote it and make it a success, how long is it going to be before we get the opportunity to do it again.

Platinum Puzzy: It will prove that a major setback for BBWs are BBWs; that they are their own worst enemy. The whole reason why BBWs are in the position that we’re in is because when you give them an opportunity—and unfortunately, it happens a lot in this industry. The girls are very catty, they’re very competitive, and instead of uniting and saying, “OK, there’s only a small community of us. Let’s unite together and make a change,” they bicker and fight and cause drama. They make it very difficult to be professional. It’s been a very hard process for me to set aside people that are haters. I’m an ambitious person, that’s just who I am and I’m not going to stop doing what I do because it intimidates you. And that’s what’s going to happen with Fan Fest if it’s not a success and it only goes to show that if given the opportunity, if you don’t do anything with that opportunity then you defeated yourself.

Mimi Melons: Exactly. That’s why I think this is so make it or break it. It will set an example.

Platinum Puzzy: BBW Fan Fest, as it stands now, has the potential to be bigger than AVN. The way that AVN is now, the way it has shrunk, BBW Fan Fest has an opportunity to take that consumer base and probably turn some of those people that weren’t exactlyforthcoming about their BBW desires, or who didn’t know they had BBW desires. I think we’re going to see a change and a transition and it has a potential to be huge.

I know you’re also here in Vegas promoting What can you tell me about that?

Platinum Puzzy: It’s part of the Naughty Tweet Network and it’s basically Pornstartweet, gaytweet,urbantweet. It takes each niche in the industry, and it puts all the stars on one page, centralizes all their tweets and has a link to the stars. That’s the same thing with bbwgirltweet. The BBWs that have been added thus far—it’s about 150, 175—you can go on there and you can see all their tweets. It’s on atimeline and it has all their links on the righthand side. It comprises most of the BBW girls in the industry and it has about 4,000 followers. It’s made up ofBBW models, their followers and fans.

While here at AVN is there anyone you’re looking forward to meeting?

Platinum Puzzy: I think we’vemet everybody. So for us it’s more of a reunion.

Mimi Melons: We get excited when it’s convention time.

Platinum Puzzy: It’s like a high school reunion. [Laughs] We gett to see people that we don’t get to see in between conventions. We’re big girls and a lot of the girls we’re friends with are smaller so we’re not likely to end up at the same shoot. It’s not like the smaller girls where they see each other all the time. We’re big girls so our studios are different. Everything is just different. Honestly, I will say that Porn Star Tweet has really united us.

Sienna Hills: Its open their eyes more to us . . .

Mimi Melons: We were at a manistream[porn] party and we were with people we wouldn’t know if it wasn’t for the Naughty Tweet Network. But we’re all in the Naughty family.

So you’re actually friends with the thinner girls too?

Mimi Melons: Yeah.

Platinum Puzzy: We don’t discriminate.

Usually those two worlds normally don’t collide.

Mimi Melons: That’s the problem.

Platinum Puzzy: That’s what I’m here for. That is why I took on . My goal is to break down those barriers that big girls don’t belong in mainstream porn. We belong everywhere the smaller girls belong. Even if you break down smaller girl porn, in the mainstream they’re all different shapes and sizes. You’ve got small boobs, small butts and just a skinny frame. But then you got the curvy girls that are a little bit bigger with bigger boobs and bigger butts. So there are different shapes and sizes regardless. We’re just a lot bigger. [Laughs]

When I spoke with India Summer I complimented her on appearing in Sister Wives XXX where she performs with Lisa Sparxxx and Samantha 38G, girls you never see in a Vivid movie.

Mimi Melons: And that’s like the main goal. Platinum works super hard and we wouldn’t have networked with half the girls that we do if it wasn’t for Platinum. I met them all through conventions and had I not gone with her to my first convention I wouldn’t know anybody. So it definitely helps making our presence known. We’re going to show up. We’re going to come every single time. If there’s something we’ll be there.

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Platinum Puzzy: I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that a lot of the big girls in the industry were intimidated by mainstream. Instead of approaching it with a confidence and a sense of security, they approached it with, “They’re probably going to reject me.” So a lot of girls probably were and it starts an awkward situation and it pretty much is a lose/lose. The big girl is intimidated, the small girl is intimidated, they’re both just intimidated so you’re in a situation where it’s uncomfortable. It then becomes hard to create a connection. But I feel, “Screw it.” I’m here, I’m fat and I’m not going anywhere. A lot of people have respected that. It has caused some problems. There has been discrimination. There are people who don’t accept it. It’s like going to a club. There are people who are going to find you attractive and there are going to be people who don’t find you attractive. You just go with the flow and take what you can get and be happy with it.

Mimi Melons: I will say there are more positives than negatives.

Platinum Puzzy: But that has to do with attitude.

Mimi Melons: Yeah. I feel the response from other actresses and other people in the industry has been mostly positive. That’s also because we’re professionals and we’re here to set an example that not all big girls are trashy or sloppy or lazy. We can come to these events and put on just as good of a show as a girl who is a size two.

Platinum Puzzy: And we’re not looking for a pity party. I think a lot of big girls in this industry or a lot of plus size girls have gone into this looking for the attention and it becomes a pity party. “Oh, I’m fat and everybody treats me different.” If you don’t go expecting that, if you go with a positive attitude it welcomes people to treat you [better]. I think the way you act has a lot to do with the way people treat you. If you act respectful of people they’ll respect you back. Obviously, it’s not the same for everyone if there’s going to be that exception to the rule. And there are some who think, “Fat girls don’t belong in porn.” That’s fine but the majority of everyone we’ve encountered has been very welcoming.

Mimi Melons: I think people are happy to see that there are big girls. It’s the what . . . number two most searched porn on the Internet is BBW porn.

Platinum Puzzy: It’s in the top five of Google porn searches.

Mimi Melons: There’s a lot more people that are interested in it. I think a lot of people on the back-end side of it—the businesspeople—are starting to see . . . money is money. They’re willing to take on bigger girls now because there is such a demand for it. It’s becoming more of a demand so of course they’re going to have to embrace us because of the demand. They can’t do it without us; they might as well include us.

But do you see the bigger studios hiring BBWs anytime soon?

Platinum Puzzy: Who needs them to cast us in a film? Why can’t we just shoot it ourselves?

Sienna Hills: We actually have our own production companies.

Platinum Puzzy: In the next year our companies are going to be one of the companies girls look to come and shoot for. That’s our goal. Why do we need to wait for the major studios? When it’s all said and done and we’re up for an XBiz Award or AVN Award or whatever award we’re going to be nominated for because it’s going to happen. The other companies are going to be like, “Wow, maybe we should’ve paid more attention to the BBW niche market. Maybe we should’ve given them those opportunities.” But by that time it’ll be too late because we will have already made that extra ground. It’s not a competition. It’s just a matter of, if you don’t want to give us the jobs that’s fine. We’ll do it ourselves. I think that’s what our niche has lacked in the last how many years it has been. Plenty of girls have had the beauty, they had the potential, the stardom but they never did anything with it. They haven’t had that confidence or the balls to say, “I belong here and I’m going to do something about it.” And it’s not about gaining work with the bigger companies. Yeah, we would love to work with those companies but why not be your own company? Why not be an independent producer of what you like to do?

It’s a process. In order to produce high quality profitable porn, it’s a major investment. So we’re in the process of stepping up our game as far as quality and equipment, editing and getting it all to the point where . . .

Mimi Melons: Where our DVDs belong. Next to a Vivid or . . .

Platinum Puzzy: Right now our stuff is a little more amateur. [Laughs]

Mimi Melons: But that’s the main goal is to have one of our products be able to sit next to a Vivid picture and someone picks up ours first. That’s the goal we’re working towards.

Platinum Puzzy: But I wouldn’t do it any other way because I want to know what it takes to edit a video. I learned that. I want to know what it takes to make a DVD. I learned that. I want to know what it takes to distribute it. I don’t know that. And I want to know the process from start to finish so when I’m working for my company or I am on top, I know how things need to be done. I don’t need to be supportive of someone else expecting them to tell me how it needs to be done because I don’t trust nobody. [Laughs]

Mimi Melons: It’s one less person off your payroll when you can do it yourself. You don’t have to pay a specialist to conduct your workers. You can walk right into the editing room and say, “No. That’s not right.” Or you can walk into a studio and say, “You need to remove those lights. That camera needs to be over there.” You don’t have to pay supervisors. You just walk in and you know exactly your business in and out.

That’s all technical. As far as marketing goes, how do you feel about the term BBW? It’s not a term I like anymore.

Mimi Melons: Me personally, I hate it. I think it’s so old. When I hear the term “big beautiful woman,” I picture one of those Spencer cards. Old, outdated, sloppy and degrading. That’s the first thing that pops into my head.

Platinum Puzzy: I don’t think so. To me personally, we spent many, many years getting people to understand what a BBW is, and for us to try to change it now only creates a marketing problem. We have years and years of BBW porn. It’s been tagged, it’s been labeled. I don’t like labels but at the same time it’s something we can identify with. We can bond as BBWs. There are people who don’t know what a BBWis so why not teach them? If we change it now we have to re-educate everybody that already knows what a BBW is and looks for BBWs.

Mimi Melons: In that way it would be a huge marketing setback.

So in other words you’ll keep the name but you don’t have to accept it?

Platinum Puzzy: Right! We’re curvy. What about curvy. We’re plus size.

Sienna Hills: I think it comes down to what you’re comfortable being called. Everybody is different. Names have changed over the years constantly. So what it boils down to is, “What is that individual comfortable with?” That’s all it is. I don’t mind being called thick. I don’t mind being called a BBW . . .

Mimi Melons: It doesn’t even bother me to be called fat.

Sienna Hills: The word fat is one I really don’t like but I know I’m fat. But when I think fat I think 5, 6, 700 pounds. I think of obese fat where you need a crank to get yourself out of bed.

Platinum Puzzy: I feel like if you take the power out of the word it’s not degrading. It was intended to be degrading but if you used it as a descriptive word then you’ve taken the power from someone else. Yeah, you’re fat. OK, so what? Yeah, I’m fat. OK genius, you can see that I’m fat. Come up with something more creative.

Mimi Melons: Then they don’t know what to say after that.

So you don’t find the word fat as an insult?

Platinum Puzzy: No

We’re all fat here. I’m fat too as you can see.

Platinum Puzzy: I’m fat and fabulous. I’m OK with who I am. I’m confident with who I am. So why should it insult you about my size? It doesn’t hurt you, it doesn’t affect you. You don’t have to wear my shoes.

Mimi Melons: I think the only people that it does offend are people who look at fat as being a bad thing. People who do get offended are because they are insecure with themselves and they view fat as being this horrible, awful thing.

Platinum Puzzy: Like it’s a disease.

So do you consider fat a flaw?

Platinum Puzzy: Thin people consider it a flaw because they’re insecure with themselves. It doesn’t matter how thin they get, it doesn’t matter how much plastic surgery they get they’re still insecure because everything you do on the outside doesn’t fit the inside. Does it help some people, maybe it does. But for the majority if you’re not fixing what’s on the inside, it doesn’t matter how much money you’re spending on the outside you’re still going to be broken on the inside. So yeah, they consider it a flaw because they look at us and go, “Wow. I could never be happy that fat.” But here’s the kicker; honey, I am happy.

You’re in the business at a good time for BBWs but do you think you could’ve come to these conventions 10, 15 years ago when BBW porn was hard to come by and BBWs didn’t have the respect you have now?

Platinum Puzzy: If it were me, yes I would have. I started going to EXXXotica in 2008 just to get myself out from being behind the computer and I wanted to expand. I just knew that there was more out there for me. So I went to EXXXotica and there was nobody there. I met Lisa Sparxxx who’s not really a BBW. She’s just got big tits. She just looks a little bit bigger but, I didn’t see any BBWs out there. I thought, “Why is there nobody taking advantage of all these 50,000 fans spending money?” From then it was my goal to go to every show and I would promote every show I was going to. I then saw more and more BBWs coming out and attending as a fan. Now that I started exhibiting now they’re starting to exhibit. They see that there’s money in promoting yourself. It’s about the networking, it’s about promoting yourself.

Mimi Melons: There aren’t a lot of big girls that are doing business with mainstream companies. I wouldn’t know anybody if I hadn’t gone to a convention with Platinum first. You have to put yourself out there and you do the networking. The networking alone is more valuable than selling your stuff.

Platinum Puzzy: I don’t think they thought they could. I think what’s happened is that a lot of BBWs are stuck in this box. They think that BBW porn is the only place that they can go. I decided to take it outside the box. Who’s to say we can’t have our own toy line? That we can’t have our own movie production company? That we can’t own Vegas? I want to own Vegas. I’m thinking so big that I know it’s possible but no one has ever taken the chance to do it. So how can you say it’s not possible when you haven’t even failed at it? But no one’s been willing to do it and that’s why no one has been able to obtain it. I can tell you 2011 was phenomenal but 2012 has gotten off to an amazing start. I know things are this close to . . . they are already happening.

So Platinum, you’re the one responsible for the BBW explosion going on now?

Sienna Hills: I think she’s helped contribute more than her fair share.

Mimi Melons: She’s paid her dues.

Platinum Puzzy: I think I’vemade it less as a pornstar and concentrating more on starting a movement. I feel like BBWs are treated like a fetish and we’re not. We’re a preference and I think we’re not respected in the industry. A lot of the films I’ve seen are very degrading to BBWs. I don’t knock anyone for trying it, doing it or getting paid for scenes. But I think we need to steer away from that kind of stuff. Just because we’re fat doesn’t mean we want to eat.

Mimi Melons: Or like when they make you eat food off the floor and then you get fucked in the ass while you’re eating your doughnut. People who do that extreme, abusive, derogatory [porn] I think it’s criminal. Good porn is two people who enjoy having sex with each other. There’s the porn that is derogatory that does give all porn a bad name which is the same thing for BBWs. There’s BBWs that do porn and carry themselves in an inappropriate manner that does make us all look bad. I’m not going to name any names but there are other BBWs right now that are less than classy and whom I don’t consider in the same ballpark as any of the ladies in this room.

Platinum Puzzy: The market is very saturated. I think a lot of people think that porn is instant fame, its instant fortune. So instead of getting a regular 9-5 job they decide to become a pornstar. What they don’t realize is that a DVD shelf life use to be anywhere from one to two years. It’s now like 6 months if you’re lucky. There are less companies that shoot BBWs and once you’ve shot with them, it’s either you get on board and they shoot you frequently or they don’t ever shoot you again. So you have a 50/50 chance of at least getting to consider it work. And it’s not like every month where you’re going to get a paycheck. So a lot of girls enter the business with this idea that it’s going to be instant fame and fortune. What they don’t know is that it’s a lot of work. It’s a lot of time, sacrifice; it’s a lot of education. In seven years I learned marketing, web design, website building. You name it I’ve probably overcome most of it. There’s still so much for me to learn. The problem with the BBWs is that they get into it and they think its immediate attention. They don’t realize it’s a real job. There’s more to it than just fucking on film.

What studios for BBWs are the best to work for?

Sienna Hills: Sensational Video, if you ask me, is the biggest, the greatest BBW studio. They’re awesome. They treat you right, they’re good to you and that’s their niche. That’s all they have on there. They don’t have any skinny girls.

Mimi Melons: That’s their expertise so they’re the best in the biz.

Sienna Hills: For me the second one would have to be XL Girls. I really love working for them but their thing is just big tits. Those would be my top two, but Sensational is definitely the top one.

What about Rodney Moore or CJ Wright?

Mimi Moore: Rodney Moore, I think his BBW porn is more derogatory.

Sienna Hills: He has a series called Whale Watchers. Seriously? You’re calling me a whale? Its like, “Don’t call me Porky.” Don’t do that. That to me is when you’re crossing the line.

Mimi Melons: But CJ . . . thumbs up. For the most part all the girls in his movies are attractive, they carry themselves nice, they look nice. The photography is done nicely. It’s quality.

Platinum Puzzy: But CJ is also, from what I understand, a BBW lover. So that makes a big difference. He’s real selective.

Sienna Hills: He told me Iwasn’t big enough. [Laughs]

Platinum Puzzy: CJ is very sensual. You can tell he enjoys what he’s doing in his work. And I think that has a lot to do with successful porn, when you do it in a manner that expresses who you really are. People tend to gravitate to that because no one wants to watch fake sex. If it’s not real it’s not going to turn me on. With CJ he’s tapped into a market of, “I’m having sex with these women that I truly am attracted to and actually adore.” He has sex the way he likes to have sex. For him it sells really well because people want to see that. They want to see him doing his thing. He’s very passionate. Some of the stuff I’ve seen of his is just amazing.

Why did all of you decide to get into porn?

Platinum Puzzy: Me, personally, I started dating a guy that was a swinger. I’m not a big swinger person. Certainly back then. I was much less open-minded then than I am now. He said he was looking at stuff online and he said, “You look really cute, a lot cuter than some of these girls. You should give it a shot.” It was a major confidence booster for me. I really enjoyed it. It just took off from there. I started doing webcamming, got on a website. Naturally, the videos came next and here I am. [Laughs]

Mimi Melons: My story is pretty much the same. I was seeing this guy. We weren’t really dating, we were just sleeping together. It was exciting. That’s all we did. We would meet up in this hotel room and it was fun and exciting. We started taking pictures and doing this and doing that, just in my personal sex life. He posted the pictures online and I got a huge following. People started requesting me. I thought,“Wow. I can handle that.” At just about the same time a guy had approached me about being a webcam girl and I thought, “I should really do that.” So I got a place and soon after I started webcamming I met Platinum. It’s been all uphill ever since.

Sienna Hills: I’ve been selling porn for fifteen years. I own a retail store. I recently bought it from the old owners that I worked for for so long. Four years ago I saw that Score was looking for new models so I said, “What the hell? Let me just send this shit in.” Two weeks later I was shooting in Miami and as they say, the rest is history. I haven’t stopped since. [Laughs] I knew they would accept me because of my tits. I’ve always modeled. I’ve done local car shows. I do calendars. I’ve always done stuff like that so I know I’ve always had that look.

For more info on the BBW Fan Fest or BBW Girl Tweet, please go to and .

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Photos courtesy of Sienna Hills, Mimi Melons, Platinum Puzzy, Supathickchicks.com, Thicknbusty.com, Rob Perez.

Sensational DVD Boxcovers courtesy of Sensational Video.

Sister Wives XXX images courtesy of Vivid.

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