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The Responsible Yet Naughty Porn Star-Jenna Haze

Jenna Haze has come full circle with her career and her claim to fame is her girl next door image that has kept her very loyal fans watching her for the past ten years. Jenna’s clean cut image has the male population carrying the biggest crush on her and become flabbergasted and speechless when they meet her in person at the porn events. She is a firm believer in speaking her mind about topics she feels very strongly about and is very easy to talk too. An avid reader, she credits her Mom for her placing a book in her hands at the age of three. Throughout her travels she has her kindle attached to her hip. Her two favorite television shows are True Blood and Weeds, and makes time to watch them with her busy schedule. Jenna seldom has any free time and when she does, she takes a two week vacation from work to travel.

Over the past ten years, she has grown into the person that she is now, not letting the high school drama that surrounds the porn industry affect her success. She goes on to tell her fans about her company Jennaration X Studios and the stress behind it. Jenna clearly states that she has always taken good care of her body which of course is her money maker. As a company owner, one of her many pet peeves is piracy, she clearly expresses how it affects every aspect in the industry and of her hopes that one day all the adult companies would band together to fight against it.

In my interview with Jenna Haze, my questions aren’t the typical ones that are asked by others which came as a surprise to her, since the majority of the questions asked are repetitious . Jenna is all about her job, career and her health, keeps to a very healthy lifestyle embracing it fully. Her love for her fans and that drive keeps her going and helps maintain a positive outlook on life and her career.

Jenna is an all natural young electrifying personality that give more than 100% in everything she does in porn, she refuses to live up to the adult industries image of how she should look keeping her girl next door image. She openly admits to her love of inter-racial porn, wanting to continue to break down those walls which people still think that doing inter-racial as a taboo to do.

She brings a woman’s perceptive to an all male company to which she feels very at home at. Her movies continue to keep fans watching and wanting still more of her. She speaks a bit about her stocking and pantyhose fetish and of her movie “ Legs Up Hose Down” and of her off screen romance with her co-star Monique Alexander in “ Meow” which won Best Girl/Girl at the 2010 AVN, and as Jenna puts it .. “ It’s not the typical lipstick g/g porn. Its real passion and real emotions” When it comes down to it, Jenna Haze loves her fans and loves doing her job and will continue doing it until she decides it’s time to retire. But for now, Jenna Haze will keep being in front and behind the camera for years to come. Thank You Jenna for taking time to talk to me and I wish you all the best to you and your continued success with your company Jennaration X Studios for years to come!

I do hope you all enjoy the very candid answers Jenna gave vulkanio.ru and If you have a favorite performer you want to have interviewed just let us know..Also all the pictures of the beautiful Jenna Haze are courtesy of Jennaration X Studios. You can follow Jenna on twitter.com/ jenxastudio and visit her website jennahaze.com.

Ravyn C

1- What is next for you since you have done just about everything there is to do in porn?

I haven’t done everything (giggles). There are certain things that I will never do. I won’t do a gang bang, or a double anal or double vag. I am way too little for that. I’ve one done a few DP’s in my career and I am planning to do a few more for my company Jennaration X Studios which is pretty exciting. I honestly can say that directing is the general direction I am going. I really feel like I’ve spent so much time in front of the camera that I’ve kind of mastered that and so now the directing and producing and putting the DVD’s together is a whole new learning process for me. I’m finding my own directors style and stuff like that, but I don’t want to stop being in front of the camera anytime soon. There is still a lot more smut to come from me.

2-You have been rated as one of the best of the business, how many times have you had to re-invent yourself to keep up with changing times and your fans?

I don’t think that I have ever had to re-invent myself. I’ve e had pretty much the same hair color now for seven years only adding some highlights to it. I haven’t changed anything on my body, no piercings, no tattoos, no plastic surgeries, and no fake nails. I pretty much have stayed the same. I think that’s why I’ve remained pretty much successful because I haven’t changed. Though I do dress up for different roles and different hair and makeup and stuff like that. There is a consistency with me, while other girls feel they have too, keeping that girl next door look for me and not looking like a porn star, keeps the fans having that crush on the girl next door for the past ten years.

3-What male performers do you enjoy working with that you have a good amount of chemistry with which carries over onto the screen.

My two all time favorites of course are Manuel Ferrara, who happens to be every girls favorite to work with. Manuel is a very passionate performer, extremely handsome and he knows what he is doing and has a big dick. He makes all the girls feel like they are the most beautiful girl in the world. With Manuel you tend to lose yourself and he a way of making you feel its not a sex scene, that it’s just you and him. Manuel is all about you, just banging the crap out of you. I remember the first time I worked with him, I got scheduled to work with him, it was right after “ Darkside of Jenna Haze” for Jules Jordan. I had told Jules I was working with Manuel and Jules had asked me if I was doing anal and I answered “ Yeah of course I am” and I said I can handle it, no problem, and I saw how big he was and I was like “ Okay” Before the scene Manuel makes you feel so relaxed. He just works his magic and bang he is in there! He brings out a lot in the girls that other male performers can’t do.. Manuel is AMAZIN!

My other favorite is Justice (Amy Reid’s boyfriend). He is another performer who isn’t that well know like Randy Spears or Erik Everhard but he is a good performer. When Justice and I work together it’s just instant passion.

4-Which of all your movies is your favorite and why?

Which out of all of them.. ?? Oh god that’s really really hard. I can’t just pick one. My favorite Jennaration X movie from my company is “ Legs Up Hose Down” I have a stocking and pantyhose fetish so that one was very fun for me to make and it’s the last one I did that I felt I got into the groove of being director and producer and the role perfectly fit me for that one. It is a little artistic and I absolutely loved it. Its really dirty and just a hot, hot, hot movie. Other than my movie, it would have to be “Jenna Haze Darkside.” I’m trying to get Jules to do a second one, but he keeps saying “we’ll see.” I keep telling him it will be amazing, and I loved to do another one before I retire someday of course.

5- Do you feel that men and women are treated equally in the porn industry?

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That’s an interesting question; I have never been asked that before. I think it depends on who you are dealing with and what company you are working with. I have seen guys rates go from when I first started ten years ago them getting anywhere from $300. to $400. a scene. Now guys are getting paid between $800 and, well Manuel gets about $1500. Per scene, more than most girls get. The rates went from being very low for the guys, now the guys rates have been really high. I think that these guys are more important to the scenes than they used to be. Before porn was solely focused on the women, where now companies are really want a good male performer that can handle the girls especially if it’s a new girl. I don’t know if guys are treated differently. I think that women that tend to get a little used, but they let themselves. I think that there are a lot of women who shouldn’t be in the in the business. I don’t think that they are cut out for it. It’s a hard business to do and I see girls all the time that shouldn’t be in the business and aren’t happy with themselves. These are the same ones that are taken advantage of. There are directors and companies that do take advantage of these same girls or think that they can so I think that is probably a little mistreatment of both sexes. Again it depends on who you are and who you work for. That’s one of the reasons that I am glad that I work for myself now. I call the shots and I’m the Boss. I got tired of doing everyone’s fantasies and decided to do my own for once.

6- Speaking of fantasies.. What are yours?

Many! I’m starting to get into more public stuff, so you will be seeing some of that from me. I really want to go to exotic places and shoot some movies. I love fucking on the beach; I want to have sex on the train travelling across Europe. I want to do crazy things like that. I’m planning on Sexual Activity 3, as well as my first inter-racial DP which I am somewhat nervous about because I am tiny. For that I am going to warm up with a regular DP first. I have so many dirty fantasies its ridiculous, but you will be seeing them in my movies.

7- Has the adult industry changed for the better or worse?

I think that in certain aspects it’s gotten worst. I think that the market is over-saturated with the young girls who have no business doing this; I feel that later on in life that they will have their regrets. I feel that a lot of these girls are going to be hurt by this, that’s kind of one of the ways it’s changed cause now anyone can be a porn star. But I feel in the same content its gotten better because it’s gotten more mainstream accepted and recognized and that people are starting to break down the walls between mainstream and porn with the Sasha Grey’s, Jenna Jameson, Digital Playground’s Riley Steele in Piranha 3D and me in Crank 2. I personally don’t like the extremist sex that I have seen and it makes me wonder just how hardcore and extreme can one really get. How many dicks can you take in your ass at once? For me, it takes away from the sexuality and sensuality of it all and it just embraces the “hardcoreness”. I feel that it turned almost into a circus act. Almost four years ago, there was that one girl that did a triple anal.. “Who does that??!” That’s not even sexy to me. With my movies, I am trying to bring back the sensuality and sexuality but still be nasty and hardcore. I feel that certain things are not normal for the body. I might be in the minority with the way I am thinking when it comes to the porn fans. I think that we are starting to go back into it with all the big features and the porn parodies. It’s all about getting away from the hardcore stuff. I am a big believer of free speech and our rights. I believe people should shoot what they want and do whatever they want. For me I want to bring it back to the sexuality. Like the kissing, you don’t see a lot of that anymore. Like in the 90’s porn was much more passionate and in the early 2000’s things changed and it’s been super hardcore ever since. Back to my movies, you will see a lot of kissing and a lot of interaction between the people. I book people that they really want to work with the other and really turn them on,. I am not one of the director’s that says you fit the role, “I want you guys to have sex”. I sit down with my girls and call them. I ask them who they want to work with and who is your favorite guy, who makes you cum the hardest, that’s who I want to fuck you.

8- What do you think about all these porn parodies that are being made?

Some of them are really hilarious and amazing and done really well. Then you have those that should have not been made at all. For instance the Golden Girls parody, Come on, no one wants to think about Betty White having sex. I feel that they are making parodies out of anything today. Then there are those that are extremely well done and I have to give props to them (Axel Braun for instance). I starred in the Twilight porn spoof and I haven’t even seen it. It was amazing to play that role because I have read all the books. A lot of people in porn said that in the Twilight adult parody I was in, that I was a better actress than Kristen Stewart, who played Bella in the mainstream version.

9-What advice can you offer those to those just starting out in porn?

First of all make sure that it’s something that you really really want to do before you do it. Porn is one of those things you can’t take back. Before you do it, go to a set and see what it is like first hand. I’ve seen so many girls that have gotten into the business and do only one scene and then they say they wish that they had never done it. Then they have a video tape of them out there. A lot of the time they will shoot for a big company or something and there you go, you might as well keep doing it. Eventually, everyone is going to know you as that porn star on Brazzer or some 4other site. I definitely think that the girls should think it through and that it’s something that they really want to do, that it’s not for the money, that they want to do this for themselves, and that they are comfortable with it, it’s a very physically demanding job. Not just that, but I’ve always thought the industry to be a bit like high school, so it’s an industry where you must have a thick skin for it. You can’t be too sensitive; everyone has something to say about everyone. So many girls let their agents make the decisions for them or their, pimp boyfriends. A lot of these same girls let the4mselves be talked into things by directors that they are not ready to do or they get locked into a contract that they did not realize that they could negotiate it. These girls don’t realize that they have the pussy and they hold all the cards and they can control it all. Every contract that I’ve had, I have changed things, read through it myself. Those girls sign stuff and they don’t treat it as a business as much as they should. You have to be smart about it. You have to realize it is sex that you are having and your body is what you are going to be using. I tell people that I am a sexual athlete, and you have to take care of your body. You need to eat healthy, work out, cut out the drugs and booze, whatever it takes. It’s your body and you have to keep it in shape and a lot of girls don’t really do that. Your body is your money. I don’t go to a lot of the parties; I do go to a lot of the events and shows. A lot of the girls get caught up in the drugs, just like in any industry including mainstream and sports, all succumb to the temptations. One has to be strong to be successful and stay away from temptation.

10- If there was one thing you can change within the adult industry what would it be?

One thing I can change??? It would be piracy! Down with Piracy!! I would love to see all those tubes sites taken down. Being a company owner and a producer, seeing my stuff being pirated and having to talk to Jules about putting a cease and desists order to those people, shutting them down cost money. It cost us money to protect our stuff ends up cutting into our profit margin. I really wish that people using these sites that it’s stealing. It’s not only the porn stars that suffer, not only the directors and producers, the companies, it goes down the line. It’s the editors,pa’s,pm’s all suffer from the theft of our stuff. All these people have families to feed their families. I think that if the industry as a whole band together, we can accomplish anything when it comes to stopping piracy. I want to see our industry get back on top. These tubes site ruined the industry financially and I am surprised that our government hasn’t gotten more involved. I know that a lot of these sites are overseas and their laws are very lax when it comes to pirated content be it mainstream movies, music or porn. Again I don’t understand why our government doesn’t do anything about it. If you think about it, the porn industry is essential to California’s economy. Piracy is taking money out of American’s pockets.

11-What are your own personal views on condom use?

This is another topic I have strong feelings about…. There are two ways on how I feel on it.. I happen to go back and forth on this issue. Some of the fans tell me that they don’t like seeing condoms in a scene because it’s a fantasy etc and it kills the moment. Personally if I’m watching porn and I was a huge porn fan before I started doing porn, I don’t care if they are using a condom or not. I think it’s more they guys that care, they are thinking about how it feels with it on. On the other hand, I don’t think the girls care too much. I would rather watch two people do a scene together and know that they are protected and know that they both went home safe after that and then watch the scene after that worrying if those two people have HIV. I am not a fan of condoms, personally that’s how I feel.. I don’t think that people have the right to tell us what to do with our bodies. I am very much into limited government and all that stuff like that that… On the other hand, I have noticed that in the last ten years, those girls that chose to use condoms won’t get work flat out. For me that makes the playing field very uneven. If a girl wants to use a condom they have a right to use a condom and the way the industry is set up now they won’t get any work unless they work for Wicked Pictures. If they want to get work and build a stable career, they have to do it without a condom. They are almost forced into it in some ways. If they made it mandatory, it would level the playing field and everyone would have more of an equal opportunity to have a good career, but at the same time I really feel that its not their business and we should be able to chose what we do with our bodies. It’s like we do paperwork before we shoot a scene, we sign a waiver stating “I choose to do this without the use of a condom.” I go back and forth on this topic. It can kill the moments as I said before, you have to stop shooting to have the guy put on the condom destroying the sexual flow of the scene.

12- As a Director and Producer, would you have girls working for you use a condom if they wanted too?

If I really want to shoot a girl and she said she would only do it with a condom, I would definitely shoot her. Why will I not shoot a girl just because she wants to use a condom? If that girl want to feel safe and feels more comfortable using one or whatever it is, I won’t let that get in the way. Most of all I want the talent to feel comfortable on my set and have a good time then go home with the feeling that they made something awesome working with me that day. I want them leaving with a good feeling so I am not going to tell the girl “ No she has to do it with a condom” and so far no one on my set has asked,.

13-What are your personal opinions on stricter guidelines on testing for HIV and STD’s and mandating more testing than just the normal ones?

I think that is just fine. Actually ever since I started my company back in 2009, I do what Belladonna does. I get everyone tested right before I work with them. There is a window you get tested every 28 days, for me that’s way too big of a window. Who knows what they did the night before. People must get tested the day before I work with them. I pay for the testing out of my own pocket. If they want to regulate stricter testing then I am all for it. I think that the cleaner image the industry has, the better it’s portrayed to the public. I also think how funny it is that you read all these news article how the porn industry is spreading diseases, everyone I have me in the business “ are generally more cleaner than the general public”. The public rarely gets tested at all. Not only do they not get tested unless need be, but they don’t get tested for DNA/PCR. They get the standard HIV test which has a six month window. We do all the DNA/PCR which goes down to the day.

14- What do you think is the biggest misconception the average porn fan has about the adult industry?

For me it’s my job and my career. I am sure that there are cliques out there that have these huge sex parties and orgies after the shows and events. I don’t have sex outside the business. I have a responsibility to my co-workers and to myself to stay healthy. I have only been in three relationships since I started and other than that, I have not fucked around outside of work. No privates, no porn star experience, no escorting, no hooking, none of that stuff. I have never had to do any of that stuff in my entire career. My body is my temple and I want to take care of it.

15-What makes or breaks a good performer male or female?

I think its passion and the love for your job. That is why men like Manuel are so successful, he is very passionate about sex, he really loves sex, he loves his business and like others he embraces it. Like myself, I feel like people are in it for the wrong reasons and they are not going to do well. Hard work ethics are very important. I have seen gals in the past few years, very beautiful and good performers but lack the drive and desire to make it a good business for them. Then you have girls like Tori Black and Alexis Texas who came in took the industry by storm and are amazing performers who have that drive and dedication as well as the love for their jobs, their fans and are hard ass workers.

16- Do you regularly have orgasms while on set and how many through the day.

I can count on one hand over the past ten years how many times I have had to fake it. Those were usually the g/g scenes for JKP( Jim Kelly Productions), when I was their contract girl. The g/g stuff I did for them was lipstick lesbian, with the toys not real sex. That’s why I really wanted to do “Meow” for my company which won AVN’s Best G/G Movie of the Year. Which there was a lot of kissing, a lot of touching, real lesbian love making. I’ve been in a real lesbian relationship in the past and I know how it really is. After doing a lot of that cookie cutter ooo’s and ahhh’s stuff, and the in and out with the toys I got really tired of it. The most I’ve cum is about 12-13 time and the least is about 2 times and the good about it is, if the guys aren’t doing it for me, well now I always work with my favorite guys, before when I worked with a bunch of different guys, if he wasn’t getting me off, I would always think of something dirty in my mind to make myself get –off.

17- Do you have a favorite position?

Everyone has one! Generally it’s always doggie style, flat on my stomach, with my legs together and my butt just up in the air a little. I really enjoy missionary because I like to look at the person I am fucking and I love being kissed a lot. Doggie and mish are my two favorites then there is spoon because its lazy sex and you can lay down on your side. For anal its reverse cowgirl.

18-What goes through your mind while you are in the middle of a scene? Do you get lost in the moment or do you drift off someplace else?

I have lost myself in it, but since I’ve been directing and stuff, I have so many things on my mind it’s become harder to lose myself in the moment. Its a lot easier for me when I am shooting for someone else because I can relax more and there isn’t a lot of stress. Like I said, whoever I am with I can get myself off, I can be turned on by the situation no matter what. I always have a good time and always get off and experience that afterglow.

From Jenna Haze to all her Fans : “ Embrace who you are Rock who you are!

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