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Deviance, Teachers, Full Streams Ahead 2, Interactive Sex with Tori Black, and a great deal more...

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Intelligent Talk About Adult DVDs

Spotlight Title: Deviance

Joshua is the credited director for movies released under the Skinworxxx label, his productions currently distributed by Adam & Eve. Having said a lot of nice things about a quickly shoot piece of fluff called Malibu Sun Goddess, I was called upon to give an in-depth look to their second title, a movie called Deviance. Unlike the lesbian antics of the first release, this was billed as a hardcore, all sex movie starring hotty Eva Angelina for her comeback, the lady already lucky enough to have scored two extremely popular spotlight flicks in her past such as E For Eva and Evalution (a third, "Evalutionary", just coming out a week ago). This time, Eva was in four of the six scenes, the lady doing anal, DP's, lesbian, and interracial just to name a few acts in the movie. As a big fan of the lady from way before she starred in various features and sitcums, I was hoping that her comeback would prove to be as smoking hot as the lady could be. It was such a great showcase for lovely Eva Angelina that any fan of hers should consider it a veritable "must have" based on her strengths alone, the additional warmth generated by ladies such as Teagan Presley, Kagney Linn Karter, Shawna Lenee, and others adding to the replay value more than a little bit. For my purposes, I felt this one earned a rating of Highly Recommended given the strokability and amount of fuck for the buck, the ending lesbian scene starring Teagan, Alexis Texas, Eva Angelina, and even Sunny Leone, enough to push it over the edge. In short then, Deviance combined the technical wizardry of B. Skow, vision by Joshua, and all the heat brought forth by the ladies mentioned to win me over in a big way, the unpolished edges giving it additional appeal as well as a glimpse of what is (hopefully) to come from fledgling company Skinworxxx.

Highlights of The Week

Chris Streams is one of my favorite directors distributed by Jules Jordan Video these days, his efforts consistently combining great quality and quantity of hardcore smut to make them very desirable indeed. He takes some care in his casting and it shows more often than not, the guyrarely relying on last minute stand-ins as so many others appear to do. His latest double disc release is called Full Streams Ahead #2: Special Edition, the movie providing twice as much fuck for the buck as most of his competition, with the emphasis on point of view (POV) action. This means that lucky Chris is getting his knob slobbed and banging all the ladies of the movie, the man up to the challenge of getting them off as they milk his nuts dry in wild fashion. While I'm not a huge fan of the POV genre myself, just a glance at the cast list itself told me this would be a winner, the ladies including hotties such as Kristina Rose, Rachel Starr, Jenna Presley, Bobbi Starr, Fabiane Thompson, Courtney Cummz, Chayse Evans, and Mason Moore. It literally blew every other POV movie out of the water for me this year, Chris saving the best for last as the awards deadline comes to a close next week. Every gal in the flick was hot and a great performer, most of them showing a lot of chemistry with the director and his own abilities truly up to the task of pleasing them. The copious amounts of tease footage also helped make this one stand out with the attention to detail shown on the thankfully slutty attire the gals wore, my belief that the amount of QUALITY fuck for the buck, strokability, and replay value sufficient to merit a rare vulkanio.ru Pick. In short, Full Streams Ahead #2: Special Edition relied more on chemistry and true sexual heat than technically perfect camera work but even then considerable care was given to the production which was not only equivalent to more than two movies worth of action but two really, really good movies at that so if you have any interest in the POV genre at all, pick this one up and enjoy it for a long hard time.

Elegant Angel has been the premiere gonzo company for many folks the past few years, eschewing gimmicks and focusing largely on the basics that porn fans want. Their latest title coming my way was She's The Boss and seeing it was helmed by William H. Nutsack, I had no doubt this latest in the company's occupational series would impress given the cast. The ladies included Lisa Ann, Kristina Rose, Sarah Vandella, Charley Chase, and Charlotte Vale, each of them adding something special to the mix without the need to stick to a strict formula. With a few immediately notable pairings and the production favored by some of my associates already, I knew that this would be a knuckle buster of a stroke flick. It was a lot of fun to watch with the sexual exploits strong enough to merit a rating of Recommended. The energy and enthusiasm of some scenes combined with the personal chemistry of other scenes helped make this one a winner. In short, She's The Boss might not compete with the very best that Nutsack has offered in the last year but it was head and shoulders above most of the generic gonzo pound fests out there so check it out. Keep in mind that the Blu-ray version looked superior to the SD version but such an amount that you will definitely want to see the high definition version given recent price declines in the format at places like Empire. In any case, the SD version held up nicely by comparison so the decision to upgrade to Blu-ray will not be as easy this time, this SD version showing off the heat and passion of the performers quite well.

Jules Jordan Video has long been a premiere distributor of gonzo porn thanks in large part to driven success stories like director Erik Everhard. Erik is arguably one of the best male performers working these days, his almost trance like state of mind when he is hammering away at top notch pussy making him a fan favorite as well as the kind of guy the best ladies prefer to enjoy working with. Everhard's latest title sent my way is Anal Cavity Search 7: Special Edition, the series renowned for the quality and quantity of ass Erik and his buddies score. If you prefer watered down feature porn or the kind of smut you'll find on late night cable with arty farty effects and stringed instruments playing, keep on looking because this is not that kind of porn, this is the real deal complete with performers like Kristina Rose, Phoenix Marie, and Chayse Evans, to name a few. It was not his most consistent release in terms of passion, chemistry, and enthusiasm but it was still head and shoulders above most of the gonzo crud populating the market, each gal here doing anal and pretty much every other act desired of her. My standout performers were Kristina Rose, Phoenix Marie, and Chayse Evans but I could see where some of you might prefer the sleek coldness others offered up so I rated this as Recommended. In short, Anal Cavity Search 7: Special Edition was dedicated to offering up a lot of anal antics driven by Erik and his pussy posse, the guys doing just fine putting the ladies through their respective paces this time.

Zero Tolerance is one of the top production houses making gonzo releases these days, director Mike Quasar their superstar behind the camera. Their latest blockbuster release making it my way was Interactive Sex With Tori Black, spotlighting the ever popular Tori Black in the company's virtual sex genre. One of the major selling points for the three disc release is that Tori finally gave up the ass on camera, doing more anal sex here than most ladies do in a half dozen fuck flicks thanks to the multiple camera angles, various situations, and clips provided. had some of the same limitations other genre offerings have had in that the viewer is still limited to a select few choices at any given time and all of the staying power is directly proportional to how much you like lovely Tori Black in the first place. She is a beautiful young lady with a lean body and with this fuck flick, she opens that final door for fans in doing anal, my own tastes varying just enough to credit this three disc set as Recommended or better based on her appeal more than the genre this covers. In short then, Interactive Sex With Tori Black was as solid a spotlight showcase of the young cutie currently exists on the market today, a veritable "must have" for her legion of loyal fans to enjoy repeatedly as they shower their ceilings with the displays of liquid lust she will undoubtedly inspire.

Mason is one of the most creative directors at Elegant Angel these days, her hardcore smut making people stand up to take notice. Of particular interest to me is when she spotlights an individual performer and allows the gal free reign on doing some of the hardest sex of her life, such was the case with recently released Tori Black Is Pretty Filthy. As a general rule of thumb, I find Tori Black to be one of the most physically attractive young ladies in porn and have sung her praises as such for a long time now but the flip side of that coin is that many of her performances simply lacked true heat, passion, and energy as well as chemistry. Over the last year though, she has truly started to come into her own with various performances in sitcum parodies, other gonzo work, and even her own virtual sex release where she upped the ante with her fanny (in Interactive Sex with Tori Black), elevating her status for me in a big way. So Mason's touch is almost designed to become the icing on the proverbial cake if her past titles in this vein are any indicators of how heated this one will be. One point it advertises is the movie containing Tori's first non-POV anal scene (and with Manuel Ferrara!) but she also does interracial and threesomes too, all that was missing was a blowbang or gangbang to convert her into a raincoater's dream girl. It definitely a walk on the wild side for Tori Black and perhaps her strongest release this side of Interactive Sex with Tori Black, the two amounting to her best companion piece movies fans simply have to have in order to consider themselves fans. Tori showed the expansion of her personal limits in this one better though so while she still has some rough edges to work out, Mason should be praised for eliciting this empowering session of scenes that worked very well for Tori, my personal rating of Recommended admittedly on the low side compared to the opinion of any of Tori's legion of slavering fanboys (whether reviewers or not). In short then, Tori Black Is Pretty Filthy amounted to slightly less than I expected of it but Mason did manage to bring out some of Tori's best work to date, showing the performer is not just another pretty face when she wants to be filthy.

Diabolic is one of those gonzo production companies that can be hit or miss for me, their directors such as Ray Bones sometimes providing some heated footage to enjoy. One of their most recent titles I was sure I would appreciate just came in this weekend, a movie called Oil Spills 2 (the sequel to Oil Spills 1) and if you are a fan of big wet asses and other shows where the ladies get oiled up in tease sequences, you should find this one appealing too. The stand out scenes for me included Shyla Styles, the one with Chayse Evans & Charlie Chase, and Ann Marie Rios' work but all of them had some stroke value for me and my oil fetish. It was a lot of fun thanks to a solid cast of attractive women and the oil concept applied so well. The music could have been dropped, the tease sequences longer, and the extras greater given the shortness of the flick itself but ultimately it was easy to rate this one as Recommended or better for those of you that like the cast or appreciate oiled up hotties as much as I do. In short, Oil Spills 2 was even better for me than Oil Spills 1 in some ways, the flick flirting with a higher rating a number of times but held back by relatively minor issues that I hope will be corrected in future endeavors (work on the technical aspects too). Still, it was hard to deny that Ray his due, the man starting to find his place in the porn pantheon with efforts like this one so check it out.

LT Turner is one of the directors at Elegant Angel that tends to handle their niche markets, and quite well from what I gather. His interracial movies are usually light, fun, and fluffy without harsh messages or abusive treatment towards people, a definitely needed thing compared to some of his peers that seem to think ghetto talk and slapping around ladies is somehow preferable. His latest flick is White Mommas 2, a combination of the interracial and MILF genres that some people enjoy so much, a sequel to the well received White Mommas 1 that I reviewed earlier this year. This time, the top notch crotch included Julia Ann, Kylie Ireland, Shayla LaVeaux, and Chloe, each of whom have had lengthy careers in porn and all but one of them doing anal this time. It was another volume in the series where the fuck for the buck, strokability, and replay value earned a rating of at least Recommended or better depending upon one's particular tastes in genres. Julia Ann, Kylie Ireland, Chloe, and Shayla LaVeaux were the highlights for me and as a fan of theirs, I knew this was one of the best genre releases of the year. In short then, White Mommas 2 satisfied all the expected aspects of what was advertised, LT pleasant enough about his roles to suit and the ladies each in cougar mode from what I could tell so go check it out.

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Maestro Claudio & Schlomo Mortichay are the current sitcum parody experts over at Red Light District, their recent attempt to jumpstart sales in the huge parody market falling somewhat short of expectations but still appreciated as something different than the generic gonzo the company made its mark with over the last several years. Their second attempt making it my way is called Celebrity Apprentass, a takeoff on the Donald Trump show where he abuses marginal celebrities on national television to see if any of them can stand his ego long enough to "win" a spot on his business development team. This time the company wisely cast long time comedy porn performer Kyle Stone as the lead, calling him "Donald Hump", joined by Kylee "Iskanka Hump" Reese and Dex "Donald Hump Jr." Magnum as the judges of who deserved to stay during the competition. While all in good fun, this was another sitcum parody in need of polishing up, the sexual action decent enough though a lot of the dialogue either improvised or hastily jotted down to the point where it could have been much better. It was another parody sitcum that could have been better but still managed to elicit a number of laughs, half the time at the attempts to imitate the pseudo-celebrities and the other half laughing with them as they managed to hit the mark. Sexually, most of the scenes had some replay value and strokability too, a wider variation than expected but enough to squeak by with a rating of Recommended all the same. In short, Celebrity Apprentass again showed that the company could pull off a comedic effort mixed with some sex on a reasonable level, the potential hampered more by the rushed nature of the production than genuine lack of talent. I look forward to seeing if the company will hone and polish a truly worthy competitor in the future though because frankly, there is no doubt in my mind that they have shown enough ability to surpass a lot of wannabe contenders.

B. Skow has been the driving force at Vivid Entertainment in terms of providing good looking porn in recent years; typically bringing something unique to the mix as he enhanced the performances of the ladies he shot for the company under so many sets of circumstances. His latest release is a continuation of his popular series of lengthy scenes called Brand New Faces 21; a movie dedicated to showcasing some lovely young ladies in their first scenes for porn; the emphasis this time being on blondes that were all natural. The porn industry is replete with gals claiming to be in their first scenes ever but the catch this time was the cover promising a "100% Money-Back Guarantee" that these were the first times the ladies were on film. Be that as it may, the cover also promised that the scenes were candid and given my experience with newcomers, I have long been surprised at how well Skow gets great performances so regularly. Again of interest to me was the fact that Skow's name again appeared nowhere on the cover either front or back, strange considering the award winning director is a major selling point thanks to his skill with the camera as well as the ladies. It was worth a rating of Recommended to me for all the action, the new faces, and the technical handling of the scenes but fans of brand new gals will think it was a "must have" since the ladies looked and performed their roles so well. I can't definitively state that none of them have shot a professional scene before but like so many titles that Vivid sits on for years as part of their marketing approach, Brand New Faces 21 was part of the disturbing trend to hold off on releasing the scenes, from what I gather due to the multitude of material Skow has shot ahead of schedule. Whatever the reality of the marketing claim though, all five of the ladies were breaths of fresh air and deserve some accolades for providing enough fuck for the buck, strokability, and replay value to make this a keeper for your collection. Skow does it again with his attentive nature to make these ladies shine better than his peers could hope to, the series website probably the best thing the company has provided in a long time in terms of consistent quality.

One of my favorite production companies over the years has been Digital Playground, their high end work impressing me to look beyond the cries of their many critics. Their lead director, Robby D., is notable for his mainstream training as well as his love of the ladies both in front and behind the camera, the end result of his work has been a pile of awards issued by most of the major organizations servicing the industry. Well, this being September, I knew I'd see some big budget extravaganza from the company like their earlier release of Nurses, most companies employing contract performers feeling the need to provide a sort of "time capsule" this time of year. Not surprisingly, this took place in the form of Teachers, a double disc set with minimal extras; the latest release in the vocational series that has proven so popular. I know the critics will howl about the use of the contract staffers, most of whom are no longer with the company, in the role of high school students and as much a company apologist as I am, I will concede this point up front, but there was a huge attempt to make this a premium cast on all fronts, even bringing in hotties such as Lisa Ann, and top tier male talent to flesh out the proceeding. I found myself appreciating the trouble he went through to elevate this one past the all too generic productions he is used to making. Riley Steele stood out as the best cast "student" and the adults of the production (Lisa Ann, Katsuni, Ben English, Evan Stone, and Mick Blue) all seemed age appropriate to their roles here, the script a bit too light on humor and depth to really merit as much applause. Still, even the relative lack of extras and technical issues (the movie wouldn't play in my computer, had some minor glitches, and the previously discussed issues in the tech section above) could not weaken this one below what I estimate should be considered a B- grade of Recommended. In short, Teachers reminded me of "High School Memories" and other tributes to growing up in such a manner, and with such a cast, that it will likely win some awards even though it appeared to be rushed to pressing, the appearance of a wealth of now-gone contract gals alone enough to make it well worth your time, money, and seed.

Lee Roy Myers is currently riding the wave of popularity for his sitcum parodies released by New Sensations. While still trying to find the right rhythm for such shows, some of my associates claim he is only a couple notches down from the infamous crew at X-Play, the award winning duo that currently dominates the market in terms of providing the best movies in the genre. I admit that I liked Scrubs better than The Office and the ever present learning curve faced by all directors proves once again that experience helps with upgrading the results as I sat down to enjoy Seinfeld: A XXX Parody: 2 Disc Collector's Set in Blu-ray this past weekend. The original show helped propel Jerry Seinfeld into the national spotlight, the show about "nothing" a hit for years on network television. In Myers pornified rendition of the show, he takes several of the more sexually oriented episodes from the series and spins them a few notches deeper, the end result the best effort by the team to date. James Deen took the lead as "Gerry" and unlike some of his past feature work, he seemed well suited for this role, as did Eric John as "Crammer", Kristina Rose as "Elaina", and Steve Pomerantz as "Gorge". It was my favorite movie by the director on a few levels, easily earning a rating of Recommended from this sitcum devotee. Sure, a few of the characters were ill equipped for their roles (either in terms of playing the characters or having sex) but James did a passable Jerry, Kristina did a good Elaine, and Steve's George was a lot better than expected. Eric could have polished up his Kramer and other than Evan's Porn Nazi (as well as J. Walker's Noman), the rest of the cast were largely disposable. I got the impression the script was written quickly with few revisions and about half the sex scenes had little replay value for me but ultimately, I think the director is getting better with each release. He might not be much of a threat to the X-Play duo's efforts yet, but he is better situated to challenge them than any other director in the field given what I've seen so far. In short, Seinfeld: A XXX Parody: 2 Disc Collector's Set was as entertaining a sitcum as I've seen all month, the extras package and leads showing some acting chops that could lead to bigger and better things. If you like sitcum porn parodies, you could do far, far worse than this one.

Black Ice is the urban subsidiary of one of my favorite gonzo production companies (Zero Tolerance) and while it is rare that they send me anything to review in my comfort zone, I certainly can't fault their capable lead director, Dawayne Dane. He has a tendency to follow in the footsteps of associate Mike Quasar in how he lightheartedly enjoys his work, the performers tending to respond well to his efforts by delivering better performances. His latest title coming to me is Massive Wet White Asses, a selection of five interracial scenes starring some fleshy but fine foxes such as Gianna, Nikkie Vixon, and Leenuh Rae, all taking some large black pipe while getting off. As a fan of women getting off with guys of any color (women too), I found a lot to like about the production including the manner in which the ladies oiled up during the tease portion of each scene. It made solid use of the performing assets here, all of the gals providing at least some stroke value while others, like Gianna, were off the charts hot so I rated this as Recommended or better depending on your personal appreciation of curvy women getting all oiled up to work with the brothers. There were some technical mishaps and the lack of music during the tease seemed a better way to go than using bad music but something else might have worked better still. In short though, Massive Wet White Asses lived up to the premise and I hope a sequel will emphasize ladies getting into the action as well as some here did, just more consistently.

Jules Jordan is the porn name for one of the most popular gonzo directors of our time, bar none, thanks to the carefully crafted manner in which he caters to a wide audience of fellow perverts that enjoy lengthy sessions of tease footage, sexy lingerie, and some of the best casting this side of porn valley. His company, Jules Jordan Video, also distributes a number of like-minded directors that collectively make up some of the best in the business for providing fuck for the buck value, quality of footage also considered extremely important in their titles. Jules' latest double disc extravaganza is Slut Puppies 3: Special Edition Set the last of the series coming out nearly three years ago to offer up some of the best young ladies in porn strutting their stuff, all to the beat of Jules' drum. One look at the front cover will tell you if you are a straight male interested in women, the tendency towards blonds noted as much as the lean fit figures so many porn lovers appreciate. It was the kind of production many fans adore on several levels, the emphasis on youthful ladies taking as much cock as they can before finding the semen gracing their respective faces among the best in the business. I prefer women to be more consistently active in their scenes but there was no doubt in my mind that Jules really tried to crank up the heat here. My biggest complaint this time was that the BTS, advertised as being 60 minutes long, was only a third that at just over 20 minutes so I adjusted the rating to Recommended to compensate. In short, Slut Puppies 3: Special Edition Set was a jam packed double disc set full of cute young ladies showing their slutty ways, Jules providing enough replay and stroke value to satisfy even his harshest critics so check it out to see what I mean when I say that he blows away his competition more often than not.

Lee Roy Myers is New Sensations' answer to Will Ryder/Scott David at X-Play Media, Axel Braun of Axel Braun Productions, and Anton Slayer/Jerome Tanner at Hustler Video for making porn parodies or Sitcums as they are referred to these days. His work is consistently held in good regard by fans and his peers, and even his often rushed shooting schedules do not water down his efforts too much as he seeks to bring the public back to the company that employs him, their abundance of compilations convincing many folks they had all but left the production business altogether until Lee began. His latest release is Friends A XXX Parody Blu-ray in the form of a 2-disc collector's edition, the spoof of the once popular sitcom already gaining some positive press at this writing. The show it was based on revolved around a group of six friends always bemoaning their fate, sitting around a coffee shop for hours on end each day as life threw them various curves to deal with. While I liked the show on occasion, I admit to seeing a handful of episodes towards the latter half of its ten year run, the show having long run out of steam before the plug was pulled back in 2004. This time, the sitcum version took a handful of bits from the original show, pornified them, and then let the admittedly decent look alike cast have some fun. It had a lot going for it in terms of sets, the cast resembling pornified versions of the mainstream characters, and a few of the cast like Rocco Reed and Anthony Rosano showing they were well suited to the niche. The sex was on the generic side and there could have been a more coherent storyline to follow but this was often a problem with the mainstream show too, the director apparently mimicking aspects that probably could have been polished up more but still earning a rating of Recommended. In short, Friends A XXX Parodyin Blu-ray might not be the best sitcum of the year but it further cements Director Lee Roy Myers as a player in the field, perhaps his budgets getting increased to compete with the big boys of the genre in the future.

Elegant Angel is currently the most consistently solid gonzo production company in all of porn, relying on what a few friends and I call a "meat & potatoes" approach rather than try to be all things to all people or promote quantity over quality as others have successfully done. While I do not always find their work as perfect as some of my colleagues (on vulkanio.ru and elsewhere), there is no doubt that under the administrative leadership of owner Patrick Collins, directors like William H. Nutsack have evolved into near forces of nature in delivering the goods to the raincoaters crowd. I don't go to them for features full of bad acting and ten year old videogame level computer graphics for special effects, I go to them for hardcore fucking and tease that remains strokable years past the flavor of the moment have lost favor. Their latest collaboration is a little fuck flick called Glamour Girls 2 , the sequel to Glamour Girls 1, in which the ladies are dolled up even nicer than usual, handled in such a manner that those of you not typically into the straightforward nature of the action provided might even find this better than your usual source of smut, ladies such as Avy Scott, Sadie West, Kristina Rose, Jayden Jaymes, and Rebeca Linares showing their partners a really hot time. If this sounds as good to you as it did to me when I picked up my copy, you will likely find it worth your while to check out. It was a fun project using some very attractive ladies and glamorizing them up a few notches higher than usual in the five scenes. The attempts to go slightly beyond previous efforts were noticed and while not perfectly consistent, it did enhance the resumes of the entertaining gals yet again. The amount of fuck for the buck, strokability, and replay value was worthy of a rating of at least Recommended or more depending on how much you adore the ladies present and I look forward to seeing future volumes as well as a possible high definition version if possible.

New Sensations has been releasing so many compilations in recent times that I haven't been able to keep up with them, my primary interest in their titles revolving around their sitcum efforts. Still, they have put together some fine works that center on either particular performers or themes that I enjoy whatever comes my way, such as a title called Young Girls With Big Asses. The theme this time was on relatively young women with rounded rumps, the kind of show that I always appreciate when the asses as as sweet looking as those possessed by ladies such as Kristina Rose, Ashli Orion, and Jordana James. While there was no new content here, many of the scenes were fairly fresh, some of them barely released in their original titles this year. The back cover said it like this: "Prepare to be blown away by some of our hottest young girls with big asses! Kristina Rose, Sadie West, Ashli Orion, Virginia Want, and Kirra Lynne lead this cast of ripe booty-full butts to give you 2 discs full of fresh & jiggly fun! We've got so much ass in store for you that you'll be up to your neck in booty heaven!" It was a lot of fun, most of the scenes new enough that I haven't seen them in the past. For me, the quality of the scenes on average amounted to earning a rating of Recommended though, some sweet young ladies with curvy asses making it the kind of compilation I will always appreciate. Fans of the cast may want to elevate that rating a notch but ultimately, the quality of the scenes and way they were shot left me hesitant to do likewise, the variations due to the numerous directors at the helm of the individual scenes all showing their own styles. In short, Young Girls With Big Asses: Collector's Edition continued the company march towards offering a lot of fuck for the buck but I would have still enjoyed seeing better extras and perhaps a scene or two unique to this production to make it stand above the pack.

The infamous Mooninite then provided some insights to titles like Seek And Destroy. While it doesn't deviate much from the alt-porn formula, it does feature some foxy women in various states of undress and in various despicable acts of fornication, meaning that those with a thing for cute gals with ink and such should find enough to enjoy here. No plot, no recurring theme, but hey, there's a guy in a bunny suit getting his prick licked in here. It's well shot, it's interesting, it's hot and it's definitely got its own thing going on. If you figure you're part of its target audience, give it a shot and consider it recommended, even if Pulse needs a slap for not bothering with any extras; Hustler's Blu-ray debut of Barely Legal - Little Darlings is a good thing if you're into petite types and pigtails. The rock so-so transfer is compensated by five steamy sex scenes that do deliver exactly what you'd want out of a release of this type. It's all shot with style and with a nice sense of free spirited fun. Recommended, if you don't mind orange looking girls; Hustler seems to be cashing in on the porno comedy craze that's popular right now, with their Not The... series of XXX spoofs and now the Untrue Hollywood Stories line that's kicking off with a parody of the tabloid style lives of Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan. Played by Eden Adams and Scarlett Fay, both of whom really do bare uncanny resemblances to the women, this two-disc Blu-ray release is a good mix of hardcore sex and reasonably funny comedic bits. Both of those porno parodies turn out to be a whole lot of fun. They're well cast, well acted, and genuinely funny and not only that, at times they're surprisingly realistic; While Debbie Does Dallas is far from the best dirty movie of the era, it was hugely influential and it did have quite an impact. Bambi Woods is likeable enough in the lead and the mystery around her disappearance makes the movie more interesting than it would be otherwise. If you've got the previous special edition release you might want to hold on to it for the original mono mix and the exclusive commentary but if you don't, this 30th Anniversary Edition has more extras and is likely going to be much easier to find; and Up 'R Class #6: The sixth entry in 3rd Degree's ongoing anally geared gonzo series wrangles up a pretty solid array of gonzo girls known for their backdoor skills. To keep the title accurate each of the five girls in the feature has been dolled up a bit, they're all sporting black stockings and high heels and the sex always takes place indoors inside some fairly swanky rooms and set against nice furniture.

Dr. Jay then offers a number of titles worth your money such as Tits to Die For: a five-scene all-sex release that highlights the big and buxom tits of some of the hottest girls in 2009 porn. Tits to Die For is definitely a couples-friendly flick. The sex is all-vaginal (except there's a tiny bit of anal finger-fucking in Scene Two) and never gets edgy. However, that's not to say that the sex is not enjoyable...because, for the most part, it is; Teen Idol 6, which features white, Asian, and Latina girls with black men, doesn't disappoint in this regard: I am very pleased with Ashli Orion, Tori Paige, and Mimi Allen. These girls, although not as polished as they will be after spending some more time in front of the camera, are well worth a look; Busty Beauties: Flotation Devices: a busty-girl five-scene movie in which all the sexual encounters involve water. The sex is pretty standard fare--no edgy stuff or anal--and is definitely appropriate for couples. The locations are quite nice and the scenarios, although not as involved as those in a feature, are well acted and captured; Bitch and Moan 2 is a five-scene all-girl fuck fest featuring the incomparable Kylie Ireland, Dr. Jay's Must-See Girl Eva Angelina (2007), and a bevy of horny and beautiful women who really know their way around pussy. It's delightful; Ashlynn and Friends 8 is a standard-fare five-scene boy/girl gonzo flick featuring Digital Sin's busty blond contract girl Ashlynn Brooke and four of her lesser known friends. One of Ashlynn's friends is super-busty and all-natural Sara Stone who, thankfully, is back in front of the camera after a hiatus away from the adult business; Evil Anal 8 : a hotter-than-hell, five-scene, anal-intensive release that's part gonzo and part POV. The movie clocks in at slightly more than three and one-half hours and consumes two DVD-9 discs. During that extended amount of time, you'll see one of the foremost male pornstars on the planet film and fuck some of the hottest anal-loving chicks on the planet including delicious Kristina Rose, adorable Andi Anderson, super-bad-girl Harmony, and one of my favorite new stars Mya Nichole: Babysitters: an extremely well-made, sexy, fun, and oh-so-entertaining release by acclaimed adult director Robby D. In seven first-rate scenes, Robby shows how "whatever babysitter wants, babysitter gets!" It's not as swashbuckling as Pirates, disconcerting as Corruption, or as bittersweet as Coming Home.Yet, its storyline is enjoyable, the acting is really quite good (especially the characters played by Teagan and Jesse Jane), and the make-up, wardrobe, locations, and sets are all feature quality. So, I'm calling it a "light feature," if you will. It's kind of like cotton candy: sweet as can be without being too demanding; and The Surrender of O, Bree Olson brilliantly continues the role of O, an erotic photographer who specializes in bondage-related imagery, immortalized by Adam & Eve's retired contract star Carmen Luvana in O: The Power of Submission. Bree's portrayal of O is nothing less than stupendous. She should be nominated for--and receive--an AVN or XRCO award (or both!) for both her acting and her sexual performances.

Ravyn came back to us with a review of Playgirl's Games Of Love: an erotic soft core DVD made for first timers that do not enjoy the hard core genre of the adult movies. They will find these titles more suitable for their taste. Even the cover of the DVD is made specially to attract a woman's desires at the point of purchase. Playgirl gives you the typical romantic get-together without the intense circus acts that are a turn off for so many. There is also abundance bonus material including a solo male masturbation scene which you can either pass or watch. The photo shoot proves to be worth watching depending on your taste of men. What surprises me is that Wicked did the first three scenes without use of condoms and the remaining three with. Although the use of condoms has a varied affect on those watching porn, I can go either way. Games of Love actually surprised me with its content. As I mentioned before PlayGirl DVD's have a miss or hit about them, this time it impressed me. The scenes weren't rushed but some of the older stuff the picture quality could have been cleaned up a bit more. As for the extras, again it's up to the person watching. What does irk me is that the female in the bonus scene wasn't credited and I do hope that I was right in crediting who I thought it was a very young Kelly Wells. Overall PlayGirl's Games of Love gets my recommendation in the "add" to your already growing PlayGirl DVD collection!

Apache Warrior found some solid smut to appreciate too such as Champion: starring Syd Blakovich who is a real-life mixed martial artist. She is a very promiscuous lesbian who her manager (Dylan Rion/Ryan) tries to promote as a wholesome person especially when a lesbian scandal breaks out through the Internet. Drama with her ex-girfriend and an old enemy on throwing an important fight make Syd contemplate on what is important to her in life. Is winning and integrity or the creation of a fake image more important? The supporting cast enhances the good storyline; The Stranger has a very nice mysterious mood to its storyline. However, depending on your taste, the conclusion could be a disappointment. Kirsten Price places a likable persona to her character. Once again as in several of her past films, the viewer wantsto see her happy. Her skill in putting forth characters who we want to pull for make her a special breed of actress. I see her as the Jennifer Aniston of porn. She is the industry's America's sweetheart; Fuck a Fan Volume Three is an improvement from Volume Two. Not only are the starlets good, but their male fans perform quite well and honorably. There is a lot of action. The chemistry between them feel very genuine. It does not feel fake. I had my doubts about porn stars and their fans who want to hook up for this site, but this DVD makes it very easy to see why this series will be successful for quite some time; Private Moments is a classic adult film from the early 1980's. It is about three married couples who have dinner together at their favorite restaurant regularly. The husbands are lawyers who enjoy discussing their cases while their horny wives enter sexual banter among their conversations. Since their husbands are workoholic robots who don't have much time for their sexual needs, the women enjoy fantasizing about some sexscapades; Hustler's Untrue Hollywood Stories: Paris is a parody on the very popular basic cable television show that focuses on the true lives of famous singers and Hollywood stars. It comes from the studio Hustler Video. In this production, the movie centers on the satirical portrayal of socialite Paris Hilton and her best friend Nicole. Hustler is the best studio that pokes fun of America's most popular television shows. No one else can match it; and Kristin's Life Volume One is a production from the studio Muffia. Mufffia is a company that has a stable of pay adult web sites so that people can view the video updates. Currently, they have a package of ten web sites for the price-of-one. Kristin's Life is one of their most popular sites. It focuses on Kristen Cameron's sexual life with her best friend Brianna (Bree) Ray, their husbands, and their sexy friends. As stated on the dvd cover and dvd, it is "a journey into the life of the sexiest Milf ever." Ms. Cameron is a very personable woman who can get down and dirty like a modern-day porn star, but also has a genuine heart that many starlets lack.

We close this week with a look at a title popular Rob Randell enjoyed tremendously: Nylons #5 is a fetish gonzo release from Third Degree Films. The fetish in this release is nylons (yeah, it is part of the title). There are 5 girls and they have on sexy outfits (pretty much bra and panties) with nylons/stockings. The girls give a short tease and then have sex. In some of the scenes the nylons get wrapped around various body parts during the action. Sasha is the girl found on the DVD cover. She is a real sexy babe with some great qualities. In this scene she has on nylons that go up to her leg and do not cover her pussy or ass. The camera opens with a great shot of her tasty ass. Then she gives a short tease. Next the dude shows up. She goes to work on his prick and gives him an intense blow job. Afterwards he returns the favor and eats her out. The oral exchanges were exciting. The sex continues to offer plenty of spank-worthy action. Sasha looks fantastic as she is penetrated. The scene ends with the cum shot on her nylons. Shawna is an adorable cutie. This blonde bombshell has a fantastic look with a great face and a smoking hot body. All of which is complemented by a really nice rack. She looks stunning in this scene with a sexy set of bra/panties. She also has on nylons. The scene opens with a non-nude tease. Then she crawls on the couch and moves towards a hard dick. Shawna performs oral sex and does not fail to impress with her talent. Her clothes come off during the blow job. Then her nylons are taken off and wrapped around the dude's prick. She sucks him off through the nylons. Next he eats her out. Then he fucks her hard and she sounds great moaning with pleasure. Throughout the sex the nylons are used on the guy's dick. He wraps them around his balls and fucks her. I didn't see the appeal in it. Still the sex itself is heated. Shawna is great gal to see fuck. The scene ends with Shawna putting the nylons on her face and the dude cumming on them. I am not really into the entire nylon/stocking fetish scene. However I enjoyed Nylons #5. The female cast was very good looking and their performances were also a lot of fun to watch. With that said, this DVD has more than enough heated sex and it has a lot of potential for replay value. Cover girl Sasha Grey and Shawna Lenee are fantastic in it.

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