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Intelligent Talk About Adult DVDs

Spotlight Title: The AJ Bailey Experiment

Vivid Entertainment once had a slogan referring to the "Vivid Revolution", the company providing a level of quality control and high end contract performers unsurpassed in the entire industry. Over time, they tried different marketing campaigns to varied success but in recent years they have begun a back to basics approach I've found particularly refreshing. Much of this new attitude is credited to director B. Skow, his love of the ladies and appreciation for sexy action a departure from the couples/feature market the company was stuck in, his no-nonsense manner of showcasing ladies rarely better than in his "Experiment" series where he has spotlighted gals like Nikki Jayne and Sunny Leone. To me, the company only seems serious about contract stars that get their own volume in the series, making a performer's debut with one as in The AJ Bailey Experiment, of particular interest to me. AJ is a beautiful blond with a fit body best known for doing a small number of lesbian scenes to finance her education. My own experience with educated ladies is that they are better in bed, more fun to be around when they cut loose, and infinitely more appealing to my libido so hearing her referred to as "the smartest girl in porn" immediately made her a "must see" hotty to check out. This being her debut for the company as a contract performer should interest fans for it containing her first scenes with men, even including two guys doing her in one scene. As far as debut splashes are concerned, I'll admit that getting to see her in three whole scenes, lengthy scenes at that, certainly helped me evaluate her performances more than her book smarts but the gal had it going on for me, the end result elevated by Skow. In short, thanks once again to the talents of B. Skow, The AJ Bailey Experiment has helped propel their newest contract hotty well on her way to getting noticed favorably, something I have come to expect of the series thanks to his efforts. I can't predict what the future will hold in store for AJ but it's hers for the taking should she make the most of it.

Highlights of The Week
B. Skow is rapidly growing popular as a director for Vivid Entertainment, his showcase efforts such that every woman he focuses on becomes more appealing. This is not a new phenomenon either, the director largely responsible for enhancing the stature of Lanny Barby back a few years ago. His latest title making it my way is no different in that sense either, the movie called Centerfolds Exposed (SD & Blu-ray) and starring uber hotty Nikki Jayne. Nikki is a blond babe with a lean physique, beautiful eyes, and the kind of sexual appetite very few people associate with contract performers; the gal among the best performers in porn with that level of appeal. The six scenes of the movie included three starring Nikki but also three others with performers such as Alexis Texas, Tori Black, and Chayse Evans so going in to watching the movie, I felt strongly that this would be a top flight offering, especially in the high definition Blu-ray version. It was not a perfect fuck flick but the director kept quite as the performers went at one another, the degree of enthusiasm, energy, and chemistry enough to merit a rating of Highly Recommended, in large part due to the appeal of Nikki Jayne's splendid performances. She was in half the scenes and the other ladies, such as Alexis Texas, Tori Black, Chayse Evans, and Prinzzess were all well suited for way the director shot the scenes. In short, Centerfolds Exposed (SD & Blu-ray) brought it home with a lot of fuck for the buck, the all sex production showing the cast excelling at their craft as they delivered some of their best performances to date.

Manuel Ferrara is one of the most popular male performers in the adult industry these days, his raw appeal and good looks appealing to the ladies in a manner that only they could adequately convey to you from my experience. On the other side of the camera, Manuel's movies are distributed by Evil Angel, certainly considered one of the biggest and best deals the man could make. His latest fuck flick is Slutty & Sluttier 10: Special Set , the sequel to Slutty & Sluttier 9 that some of you loved so much. As expected, the ladies act like...well, sluts and do all the decadent things one might expect of them, Manuel sharing them with his pal Toni Ribas. Anytime a cast includes Alexis Texas, Lexi Belle, and Tori Black (to mention a few), you can pretty much be assured you'll be whacking off like crazy, the scenes all generating at least a little bit of chemistry or more, depending on the situation. It had some very appealing scenes that could have easily qualified to be split up but I liked how they often flowed into one another, the levels of chemistry enough to escalate the rating to at least a Recommended or better. The cover advertised more footage in the main flick than was present which bugged me and some technical quirk of disc two prevented it from working in my computer (making screen captures difficult) but as expected, it was a good movie for gonzo fans. In short, Slutty & Sluttier 10: Special Set showed Manuel at his best on both sides of the camera, his stud services working magic with the ladies and his ability to get the most out of the gals certainly making it at least as good as Slutty & Sluttier 9 was earlier this year.

Mercenary Pictures has been one of the few companies not releasing more titles in the compilation genre than their original works in recent years, a dynamic that is slowly going away at all their peers due to economic pressures. That all changed for me when I saw Lexington Loves Big White Booty though, a compilation of nine of the company's biggest hits involving white babes like Brianna Love, Gianna, Flower Tucci, Luscious Lopez, Katja Kassin, and several others mentioned below. There were none scenes with six anals, none of the performances truly lame even if a couple were head and shoulders above the rest thanks to aggressive and raw sexuality expressed by the ladies. I wish the project had been labeled a compilation and that it had better extras but this was indeed better than most releases from the company, at least based on what limited titles I see for various award shows I vote in. It had some serious fuck for the buck, curvy babes that pretty much everyone loves, and Lexington himself in every scene (occasionally assisted by studly Marco Banderas) so it is easy to see why people might rate it even higher than Recommended but the lack of labeling as a compilation, the weak extras, and the inability of the company to even tell what movies the scenes were from all combined to lower the rating from me this time. In short, Lexington Loves Big White Booty showed substantial amounts of "big white booty" that appreciated Lex and interracial sex much more than the handful of industry debutantes that are hold outs, all of them with some appealing curves you will want to check out.

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Ceazar Capone.com is a series of websites that sprang forth from the vision of its leader, each delivering some of the finest smut you will find on the internet coming out of Miami these days. I've had some experience browsing their websites and time flew as a result, so I was particularly interested when they began releasing scenes shot for the web but placed on disc for those of us that prefer all the little quirks of streaming video be banished. The latest movie of theirs that came in for review was Ass Delivery 2 , a look at five well rounded rumps in need of some attention, the five scenes providing over three hours of strokable content that included a set up, some tease, and then the usual boning one would expect from the company. It might not have offered up the very best from the company vaults in terms of well rounded rumps in play but it did have plenty of fuck for the buck in the Cezar Capone style so I rated it as Recommended. The technical values were at times spotty and not all the ladies seemed at home with their roles but even having them jump the bones of the two mopes of the cast did not weaken their acts much at all so I could not help but like the show. In short, Ass Delivery 2 is the kind of web-to-DVD type of show that it set out to be with each gal possessing the kind of healthy ass you should expect so give this one a look if you get the chance.

Cezar has long had the advantage over many of his peers too in that he shoots out of Miami instead of Chatsworth, providing the director with a lot of ladies his competition just does not have access too, especially for those of you that appreciate ladies that are not shot out. The title most offered up as an example of this upgrade was 18 With Proof! #3, a series of five lengthy scenes showcasing young women aged 18, the second in the series that I have found so addicting. Regular readers of mine will know that I prefer quality fucking over barely legal types and with extremely few exceptions have I found most industry titles to be worth much in terms of replay value but I had to admit that the claims of this being the equivalent of digital Viagra were not without merit! The ladies looked 18, acted 18, and showed their IDs on the front cover so say what you will but the truth in advertising alone made this a winner in my book. It proved to me that newcomers do not have to be passive or hate sex, the gals again revving up to bone like crazy in order to make their scenes especially strokable. The replay value was exceptional and I have to admit that my skepticism was overcome quickly, the lengthy introductions of the ladies making them much more interesting than the generic gals found all too often in "newcomer" or "barely of age" pornos shot in Chatsworth. I would have liked better extras and this was a lot shorter than previous volumes in the series but my rating of Recommended seemed fair thanks to the amounts of fuck for the buck provided. In short, 18 With Proof! #3 was a fine DVD and the website provided a glimpse into even more scenes worthy of inclusion on subsequent volumes, Cezar again living up to his name as a leader in internet porn.

Jay Sin is perhaps one of the most natural fits as a director at Evil Angel, his love of ass and anal tricks reminiscent of Buttman's earliest works (albeit adjusted for modern sensibilities). His latest title sent my way was Anal Buffet 2: Special Set, another double disc extravaganza full of his usual stylish anal antics with a cast well suited for the action. My personal favorites this time were Flower Tucci and Phoenix Marie, the rest of the cast standouts being a bunch of foreign babes less interesting but also willing to engage in all the twisted acts Jay wanted of them. It is every bit as kinky as his previous works and the rough edges on the technical matters aside, fans will find what they are looking for unless they want something different. Whether or not that is a bad thing will depend on what an individual wants, the substantial amounts of anal fuck for the buck, the strokability, and the wealth of extras sufficient to merit a rating of at least Recommended or better, so adjust your personal rating accordingly. In short, there were no surprises with Anal Buffet 2: Special Set and as such, the director gives his loyal fans just what they probably want, I just wish that he had taken the opportunity to expand beyond the reliance on circus act sex since he could expand his audience by doing so.

Digital Sin/New Sensations is widely known for their adherence to the principle of providing lots of fuck for the buck in their double disc compilations. Often providing 12 full scenes of material in unedited fashion, eschewing the idea of trimming down scenes like some companies have been known to do. Their latest compilation making it to me called Dressed For Fantasy. The idea here was, of course, to showcase ladies wearing a variety of role playing outfits to spice things up somewhat, drawing heavily from POV series helmed by talented directors such as Brother Love. It might not have been their best compilation to date but it served well as a substitute for a date all the same, gals like Gianna, Penny Flame, Alexis Texas, and others on hand to really escalate the quality of the double disc set enough to merit a rating of at least Recommended if not better. I wish there was some all new material present or at very least some indication on the external box cover as to what titles the scenes came from but you really cannot go wrong if you do not have the titles mentioned in the review above. In short, Dressed For Fantasy was a strokable tribute to role playing games couples engage in all the time so check it out.

While many adult features do a good job with their storylines, plot development, and acting, Fallenis virtually flawless. In particular, jessica drake's portrayal of the leading lady, Angel, is at par with, or even exceeds, the performances of such mainstream icons as Julia Roberts. Fallen's storyline and plot are extremely well developed during the movie's 02:46 running time. Instead of the story being a meager attempt to tie together a group of sex scenes, Fallen's plot is rich and could easily stand on its own without the nine sexual encounters it surrounds. The story tells of failure, consequences, despair, and tragedy. But, it balances those negatives with romance, love, and, ultimately, redemption. Bottom line, Fallen is unforgettable; Diggin' in the Gapes 2 is a five-scene anal-intensive gonzo flick that, as you might expect, emphasizes cavernous and gaping holes. The movie is an example of extremely well done gonzo in that the director, Van Styles, gets very much involved in the action. As our surrogate, Van doesn't have any reservations whatsoever about reaching from behind the camera to squeeze, probe, and caress the superb flesh of the girls in front of his lens. In other words, Van does what we want to do and, as a result, keeps us directly involved in the action; Breathe Me is a couples-friendly five-scene adult all-sex release that is composed of three boy/girl scenes, one foursome orgy, and one girl/girl encounter. The movie features incomparable Jesse Jane in three of the five scenes...two boy/girl and one girl/girl; Bounce is a five-scene look at ten absolutely outstanding all-natural queen sized breasts and the horny girls who own them. There is a boy/girl/girl threesome in which bouncy blond Vivid girl Hanna Hilton pairs up with delectable Whitney Stevens to pleasure each other and Voodoo. Of particular note is a very unique scene that begins as girl/girl, morphs into boy/girl/girl for hot foreplay and dildo fun, and then morphs again into a one-on-one boy/girl fellatio scene; Bad Girls is a five-scene all-sex movie in which the unifying theme is, as you might expect, "bad girl" sex. Four of the scenes feature mild bondage and/or blindfolded sex. Interestingly, girls and guys spend some time blindfolded or restrained. That's kind of unique, in my experience. Bottom line? Bad Girls is a good solid movie with a kinky theme and non-threatening all-vaginal sex that won't alienate your partner. It's a good couples flick and four of the five scenes are definite winners.

The synopsis of Rough Sex is that there will be five women who get to play out their fantasies. They designed the scenes, they chose their partners, they choose what happens, these are truly the fantasies they chose. Yet more proof Tristan Taormino is amazing. Each scene starts out similarly. Both performers speak about their ideas of rough sex, what it means to them, their limits. The women discuss why they chose the scene. I enjoy getting into the heads of people I fuck, and the same goes for the people I watch fucking. It's safe to say that this entire DVD is hot. The scenes are well shot, well laid out, and the women are all genuinely into them (it doesn't hurt that they designed the scene and chose the man). The sex is rough, but genuine. My two favorite scenes are those with Sasha & Francesca and those two alone would make the DVD worth buying. Sometimes it's easier to write bad reviews, and with this title I can't give this title enough praise so I'll leave at at that and say vulkanio.ru Pick. In this unprecedented new series from award winning author and filmmaker Tristan Taormino, the scenes are based entirely on the real fantasies of the female performers. Through deeply personal interviews, you'll discover their definitions of rough sex, why they love it, how they establish trust with their partners, and what they need to feel safe to play on the edge. With scenes that are part documentary and part vignette, Rough Sex dares to challenge conventional wisdom about the fantasy lives of women. Through dramatic role playing, each woman shares her most intimate desires, tests her own boundaries, and rides the seductive line between pleasure and pain. Witness female sexuality at its most extreme: raw, rough, and real.

Jenna Haze: Nymphomaniac is one of the latest releases by Harmony. It features a bevy of attractive girls and top performers all taking on different aspects of sexuality. There's really no routine scene here as each has something different to offer and each of the girl's exploresdifferent angles of their nymphomania. Directed by Gazzman, this release is full of great sex and six scenes that will really push your buttons. The girls are hot and the sex is great, what more could you ask for!? While the "themes" presented here don't really differentiate each scene as much as intended, the sex all around was fantastic. Every girl gives a knockout performance that deserves to be seen and comes highly recommended. If you want great sex and hot girls you're not going to be disappointed in the least with Nymphomaniac; and Splashes on Glasses is really about what you'd think it is. A collection of hot girls get all sexed up and at the end of the scene the whole affair ends with a climax on their glasses. Personally I do enjoy watching girls with glasses in porn, but I've never quite understood what's appealing about having cum splattered on them. Despite my first time watching a release in this genre, I must admit that I had a great time. With Tori Black, Rebeca Linares, Riley Evans, Roxy Jezel, and Andi Anderson as the female performers there's really no way it can be bad. The sex is great, the girls are hot, and whether you appreciate the fetish or not Splashes on Glasses features five scenes that are no slouch in quality. Splashes on Glasses is a solidly produced title that features some great sex, hot girls, and an intriguing fetish. I loved every one of the five scenes here and couldn't get enough of the girls (especially Tori and Rebeca). Unfortunately due to some of the camera work and quality of the video this title lost a lot of steam. I highly recommend watching the sex and all, but as far as this release as a whole is concerned I'd only give it a recommendation.

Tower of Power is from the studio Cal Vista Classics. It is directed by Robert McCallum. Tower of Power is one of the best classic movies from the 1980's. It stars Angel who is the most beautiful woman who has ever appeared on screen. She is afraid for her husband's future at the company. She is determined that he succeeds there and that he obtains his well deserved promotion. Another subplot that crosses the film is that there is a traitor among the office. Someone is giving out company secrets. A fine cast in Annette Haven, Janey Robbins, Melanie Scott, John Leslie, R. Bolla, Herschel Savage, and Harry Reems makes this film a winner in any generation. Tower of Power is a sensational classic. The storyline is intriguing. Several people have good roles and it doesn't focus only on Angel. Herschel Savage, Annette Haven, and Janey Robbins are amazing. However, with all of these superstars, Angel is still the one person who is the most memorable and it is not surprising why she is the most beautiful adult actress who has ever been filmed. It's great that this studio has been bringing back those older movies so that these classics will gain newer fans and the old fans can relieve the golden era of porn once again; Lesbian Seductions Older/Younger Volume 27 is the twenty-seventh installment of Girlfriends Films' very popular and successful Lesbian Seductions series. This studio sets forth the objective of creating "... the most realistic sex in lesbian adult video." It's in the pursuit of this goal that allows the actresses to be gentle and act sincere towards each other. The viewer really feels the chemistry between the performers. It's both highly sensual and heartwarming. Two sexy and sensual elements to a great Girlfriends Films pairing are the sultry voice from the loving seductress and the intimate eye contact from the couple; and MILFS in High Heels is from the studio Penthouse Variations. It is directed by Kelly Holland. The premise of the movie has a man, at the beginning of each scene, mention his fantasy about a sexy Milf (Mother I Like To Fuck). Each woman is wearing sexy high heels and outfiits. This movie is a combination leg-heel fetish and milf attraction. The men spend quality time in admiring their partner's sexy legs as well as getting turned on by the enticement of having sex with an older woman. MILFS in High Heels is a good movie for those who have a foot and leg fetish along with a milf attraction. The five lovely women have sexy legs and their intimate apparel makes them even more sexier and sensuous. For the most part, the men spend quality time with their stems.

There's something sexy about a girl with glasses on, particularly when that girl isn't wearing much else. Digital Sin raids their vaults to bring you this two disc collection of twelve scenes geared towards those who appreciate four eyed honies, and the results are pretty impressive. There's over five hours of content here and quite a few top caliber performers in the cast list. While all of this material has been seen before, if you want a nice, easy way to get a whole lot of girls with glasses footage in one easy swoop, this is the way to do it. A nice, solid cast of good looking ladies wearing glasses makes this an easy recommendation for those who appreciate such things. The video quality varies a bit and the extras are lame but the quantity and quality of the sex makes up for it. Girls N Glasses is recommended; Boobs are great. This is still a fact and no one can argue with it (I know I'm repeating myself, but it's important that you take this away with you from reading this review). There is substantial scientific evidence that's been compiled over the years to prove this fact, roughly four and a half hours of which have been made available to the public by way of this handy two disc set from Digital Sin, Boobstravaganza #15 - Titties Galore!, one of the more recent in their ongoing line of big tit titles. Starring such big titted beauties as Gianna Michaels (thankfully a regular in this line of titles and for good reason), the increasingly popular and heavily stacked Carmella Bing, and others, it's wall to wall big boob fun just the way you (or at least I) like it; and See that picture of a dripping wet Gianna on the cover? That pretty much says it all, as far as what to expect out of Naturally Yours 4 . Five big titted beauties, all sans surgical augmentation of any kind, get down and dirty for the camera in this latest entry in what will hopefully be a long running series from Diabolic. There isn't any plot to speak of, in fact, there's barely anything even remotely resembling a set up, but there is over two hours of quality hardcore fucking to enjoy. Fans of nice, natural tits will enjoy Naturally Yours 4. The sex is hot and constant, all killer no filler so to speak, and the girls, all of whom look great, perform enthusiastically and without any hesitation. It's a nice mix of sex, some scenes a bit harder than others, and it's all well shot and quite nicely produced. The extras are nothing to write home about but this is otherwise a pretty solid package and it comes recommended.

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