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Not The Bradys XXX, Hannah Harper: Erotique and Lady Scarface

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Spotlight Title: Not The Bradys XXX

Hustler Video made some waves last week with the release of top porn parody title Not The Bradys XXX; a DVD we reviewed before any other media outlet (though it came it too late for the column last week). Patterned after the television series The Brady Bunch that aired between 1969 and 1974, the movie takes bits and pieces of ideas from the show, pornifies them, and the results are hilarious. Starring a cast of handpicked industry regulars that fit the roles of the cast (Ron Jeremy as Sam the Butcher who liked to "slip the beef" to Lynn LeMay's Alice the housekeeper being two of the more understated on display), the movie did a great job of emulating many aspects of the show. The story this time even combines some ideas from the series as Mike's troubles at the architecture firm lead the kids to getting jobs to financially help out. The ensuing sexual antics were all well done too, springing forth from the comedic situations the cast found themselves in, making it the perfect fusion of comedy and sex one would expect from a top notch effort. Not The Bradys XXX was another wonderfully silly but strokable fuck flick that the director can be proud of and well worth a rating of our X Critic Collector Series. The sex was as good as you will find in a feature, the casting of the roles particularly inspired, and the technical qualities substantially above the rest of the parodies I've watched in recent times. The story, visual, and musical elements so closely matched the original television show that it is no wonder it took so long to be released but this is clearly the comedy porn feature of the year to beat; proving that extra effort can make a porno that is different, and better, than the thousands of other titles tossed off to consumers by uncaring production companies. The movie wasn't perfect but for all of its minor quirks, it set a new standard for such releases, elevating the bar so high that few others need bother. "Parody porn at its best" should probably be the leading quote when offering this one to newcomers; the movie almost certainly a shoe in for awards and top of the year lists in the coming months. It was so good that we added about a dozen pictures to show you why so many are rushing out to buy the movie.

Sneak Peeks: Hannah Harper: Erotique

This week, we got a look at a title coming out next month by Digital Playground that was designed with the ladies in mind called Hannah Harper: Erotique: Over the last few years, Celeste has shown a willingness to evolve as a director, employing tips by her legendary directing accomplice Robby D., and provide a fusion of erotica with a slight gonzo flair unlike most of her peers in the industry. These works do not always work for me but her primary audience is made up of ladies and couples that aren't as keen for the harder sex as I seem to be, her latest title being Hannah Harper: Erotique. As a long time reviewer of the Erotique Series that started back in 2003, I have noticed that the spotlight treatment given to high end performers tends to be limited to contract gals, previous ladies in the series all fitting the bill better. This is perhaps more evidence that Hannah Harper was going to sign as a contract gal for the company and then bailed at the last minute but ultimately a contract is only as good as the scenes one makes while under one so whatever arrangement took place, I can see why things did not work out. The movie itself was a curious blending of styles and approaches, each of the nine scenes having a particular dynamic at work with an emphasis on visual and sonic appeal. It might not work for everyone but Celeste knew a good thing when she saw it so expect her brand of eroticism to bring out the best in Hannah Harper next month.

Highlights of The Week

Of much interest was another remake/parody of a classic show so we gave it a second look with Debbie Loves Dallas: 3 Disc Set: Earlier this year, Vivid made a splash with Debbie Does Dallas Again; an update of the classic title starring Bambi Woods about cheerleaders. There was something of a controversy surrounding the production that the world could see thanks to a reality show on Showtime HD that followed the potential players of the company around as they vied for control of the project and auditioned for roles, the movie ending up being directed by Paul Thomas. Well, off in the sidelines was the head of Vivid Alt, Eon McKai, and he made a creative pitch for an entirely different kind of movie to the bigwigs at Vivid Entertainment, one they gave the green light too, albeit with a substantially reduced budget, in the form of Debbie Loves Dallas: 3 Disc Set. As with any alt-porn project, Eon did not want to merely copy what went before him or slightly alter it as most of his peers are content with; finding that boring and not addressing his desire to create something new so he re-envisioned the concept to have the lead as a star stuck groupie chasing a popular band's lead singer; substantially altering the concept but keeping true to its roots. In all, I am not the biggest fan of alt-porn in existence and as such I have deferred to my pal The Mooninite for such projects unless we get in multiple copies to review but I found this to be a more creative look at the franchise and worth a look. I found it to be quite interesting in many ways. The extras were solid, if lighter than a three disc package would suggest, the casting for the roles was in keeping with alt-porn edicts, and the creative manner in which budgetary limits were sidestepped by the director to add an extra layer of cheese indicative of porn certainly added to the fun. The music was generally a couple of notches above what I'm used to in a porno and there were some solid sexual pairings albeit not what I would have preferred in most cases, so I rated this one as Recommended.

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Lovely reviewer Ravyn found a duo of titles to enjoy this week, including our long delayed look at Lady Scarface: The 1983 remake of Scarface with Al Pacino was and is a one of the most popular gangster movie, It was a matter of time before it became a cult classic and then Adam &Eve together with Daniel Dakota decide to make an adult parody of it with Lady Scarface. This gangster film portrays Carmen Luvana as the female counterpart to the role as "Toni Luvana". Born a poor Cuban refugee, she wants a better life and makes her way to America. With her mind set to become the most powerful women she can be, she sets her mind to take down those who get in her way. With an insatiable sexual appetite to go along with her need for power, Toni isn't completely happy until she has it all. I have never been a huge supporter of re-makes of any kind but in this cause I would have to say that both Daniel Dakota and Adam & Eve took a risk and it paid off very well. Carmen has come a very long way as an adult performer; and Maximum: Marcel Dorcel once again proved that you don't need to understand French to enjoy one of his adult titles. Fourteen beautiful and gorgeous girls welcome their guests to a glorious orgy dome, where they will take part in erotic and hardcore sexual games of all kinds. Intense penetrations, deep sodomies, and even Sapphic games are all on the menu for each participant. With such pleasures and experience, the guests will reach their Maximum point of sexual pleasure. Over all, Maximum's storyline, background, slight taste of fetish and the handful of beautiful ladies is a keeper in my book with a Recommend It.

Elegant Angel has made such a strong comeback in recent years that we also gave a second look to Celebusluts, finding it to have some cute nods to the pseudo celebrities getting so much media attention these days: The idea here was to offer up a slight parody of the tabloid tarts we see all too often proving that fame is considered intoxicating to the rich and stupid from what I can tell. The five scenes all mirrored the exploits of gals like Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, and the rest of the updated brat pack as they got into sexual situations of their own making. Had the movie's scenes stuck more closely to their real life counterparts, it might have stood out more from the pack but it was still a tidy little stroke flick for the masses to enjoy a number of times. It had a fine selection of ladies with decent sexual skills and the usual technical expertise the director is known for so I rated it as Recommended. There wasn't enough sparks flying between some of the couplings and the replay value was largely tied to the chemistry of the cast but as a fan of most of them, I can appreciate that finding men up to the same level is tough at times. Still, if you want a few laughs with your porn, you could do worse than Celebusluts; I just hope Nutsack goes a bit further if he decides to make a sequel.

New reviewer Alexander kept looking for that elusively pleasing porn and came up with a double dose of dicking too; I Love Veronique: Three plus hours of Latina hottie Veronique Vega? SOLD! This disc is required viewing for fans of Veronique Vega and gets a solid recommendation from me (and just misses a "highly recommended" nod due to the very weak second scene, a surprisingly un-erotic solo effort, and near-complete lack of extras). It's another winning compilation in the I Love... series from the folks over at New Sensations; and Assault That Ass 12: I was really looking forward to this newest installment in the Assault That Ass series. After all, of the 11 previous editions reviewed on this site, eight come "highly recommended" and two others are "recommended" (only volume 10 earned a "rent it"). With credentials like these, and the promise of a couple hours worth of double penetration, ass pounding, and a handful of (mostly) cute girls, I had no doubt that number 12 would continue Red Light District's streak of producing some of the finest anal scenes in the business. The butts in this video get absolutely attacked, resulting in some very satisfying scenes of gaping, cum-filled holes. Assault That Ass #12 is a fine addition to the successful Red Light District series, and earns a confident recommendation from me.

Reviewer Don Houston then took a lot of time going through the triple disc compilation from the popular Sodomania series, The Greatest Sodomania Scenes Ever!: Collector Edition, finding that while we like ass, we don't kiss it; chugging through over 7 hours of older scenes that had a decidedly offbeat emphasis: If you're a fan of the older Sodomania titles but never bothered to pick them up on DVD, the low price of this 3 disc set will likely be one of the better bargains you'll find, albeit with some of the most technically challenged scenes the company has released in a long time. I was never a huge fan of Patrick's older works for the technical limitations they all had but I can't deny that if you like foot fetish stuff way, way, way more than the average consumer; you will probably find this one of the better compilations of the last six months. The emphasis on tease was appreciated and I think there was a lot of room for disagreement as to what the best scenes of the series have been but I think those of you into foot fetish material will really get off on this one for a long time.

One of our favorite reviewer's Colonel Mustard, then showed us a whoretet of titles with All Out Anal: DVSX and director David Lord have put together a no-holes barred gonzo extravaganza that is "not for pussies". This DVD is a collection of five women, the start of each scene with some extended anal masturbation footage in which they prepare their assholes for the inevitable poop shoot penetration parade. The first thing to comment on this DVD is that the look and feel of the DVD was very sharp with both the crisp audio and video. The sex it self was very hot. I loved the tease opening sequences, which became even hotter as the five women provided a little POV dirty talk to the user; RPM XXXtreme: Director D Rock has put together an MTV style collection of hot aftermarket rides, blistering bikes and some seriously hot and young looking women to fuck on the rides. The scenes are set to some hardcore beats and there is a lot of post production work done to the footage in the use of split screens and different camera action to collect all the action; Filthy's Peepin Tom: The camera work of director Cezar Capone follows his 'studs' as they pick up young, beautiful unsuspecting women brings them back to the ole 'fuck' pad for a little lovin'. This is a phenomenal lesson of how to produce porn for free and a great way to end up on the receiving end of a class action lawsuit. Capone follows all the action after sneaking into the layer and filming around corners and behind walls and manages to capture all of the best angles. These 'recruited' amateur stars get lured for a quick anonymous bang and we get to see all the fun action spread over nearly two hours and five scenes. I loved the camerawork and the new take on gonzo pornography. All the participants really sold the idea that this was a trick played on the young woman, freshly seduced from the street. The hiding camera and voyeuristic appeal spiced up the existing heated sexual interactions caught on tape; and Secrets: is the work of Director, actor and producer Sophie Moone, who not only directs, but stars in each of the six blistering lesbian action on this DVD. It's worth mentioning that each of these scenes are somewhat independent of one another and each have its own opening menu. If you like Sophie Moone, you must get this DVD. I found her rather intoxicating, not only with how hot she appeared in all six of the scenes, but also her presence. She's blistering hot and with the type of girl on girl sex drive that makes me curl my toes jus thinking about the heat she can deliver. The sex on secrets, was very entertaining and that nice sort of hot sex that wasn't abusive, just super fine European women having illicit threesome affairs for all to view.

The third volume of the series, Addicted Forever, struck a chord in how much improvement a series could show over the years: This is the third in the series of erotic vignettes that I last explored with Addicted Again last year, showing the man has an eye for the beauties as he moved to using an anamorphic widescreen process and improved on most aspects of the show. The focal point of the action was narrator Ashlynn Brooke and as she develops into a full fledged porn performer of the top ranks, movies like this one may well be considered her stepping stones. There were five vignettes that worked on multiple levels, not sticking to the erotica style others do but never going into the overdone gonzo areas either. If that sounds as appealing to you as it does to me, you are certainly going to find this one a step about the pack. It was clearly worth a rating of Recommended or better depending on what you are looking for in a porno. The ladies were all attractive, especially Ashlynn and Amy, they often performed really well, and the technical values were a cut above the majority of similar efforts by the company and several of its competitors; enhancing the replay and strokability of the action considerably. In short, Addicted Forever was more than just a decent bunch of boning, it was a step in the right direction for both director Miles Long as well as contract cutie Ashlynn Brooke so give it a look when it comes out soon.

Then reviewer Kobiata gave us a look at a plethora of pussy in Thassit 3: a roller coaster ride of foreign gonzo sex, a trio in a gonzo series that had some cunning stunts engaged in lots of hardcore act including Seductive 4, Seductive 3, and Seductive 2; a bit of Asian Fever 33: a solid asian-themed porno with great home-grown ladies from Thailand, which should give you a respite from the established Asian-American pornstars like Lucy Lee or Jayna Oso. For the viewers that want to see Thai porn virgins from the motherland, then this is the DVD for you. These girls were probably plucked straight out of the Neon lit bars of Bangkok and taken into a hotel suite where the action was recorded. Unlike other Asian-themed pornos set in Thailand, this video has great production quality and it doesn't look as seedy as other releases from other companies. There's some great beauties in the DVD like Star and Da; Swank XXX 13: a European release by no other than one of the famous photographers in Europe Denys Defranchesco. Basically, Swank just stamped their brand on this video for US distribution. So, don't be fooled by the cheesy cover, because the sex scenes in terms of the sexual intensity and quality of women is very, very, very good; Innocence: Rebel: Michael Ninn still has the magic of directing a this by combining eye-candy and intense sex scenes. Hands down . . . this is a solid release and one of the better releases for his company since his days with VCA! This is the best Ninn Movie in years as each scene is has its moments from the aesthetic background to the steamy sex . . . it's quite a nice contrast. Furthermore, you cannot get bet with this fine selection of female talent . . . Presley Maddox leading the way of course with her very intense scene; and Liquid Diet 2: If you are looking for some blowjob videos from other companies besides Evil Angel and Jules Jordan Video, then this is a great alternative, especially with great performances from Aubrey Addams, the recent pornstar-turned-Christian Sierra Sinn, and one-hit wonders like the Filipina Ty Elani! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this blowjob video and this DVD gives hope to non-top tier porn companies that a good blowjob flick can be made.

Esteemed reviewer Namrufmot gave us a quick look at a trio of titles too starting with Asian Invasion: a compilation of the Asian Fever series. If you collect the series you can skip this title all together. If you just want to dabble in the Asian genre this DVD would make a good jumping off point; First Time Auditions 2: This was the first title in the First Time Auditions series I've seen and overall I was pretty satisfied. Not only are the girls all attractive and sexy, but most importantly they know how to fuck on camera. While I doubt these first are really first timers, I still found myself enjoying the action. I feel this title deserves a score of "Recommended"; and POV Cocksuckers 4: This was my favorite of all the titles in this series. For once, every girl is top-notch and really seems to enjoy sucking cock on film. They all show a lot of enthusiasm which is often an overlooked element in porn. Any fans of oral compilation DVDs will, without hesitation, want to add this to your collection.

We conclude our look at the top reviewed titles of the week with seasoned veteran reviewer Michael Vega and his take on MILF Worship 3: You know what? I'm just going to stop being so semantical when a company titles its flick "MILF anything". I've realized that there usually are only one or two girls on in the flick that actually has kids. In fact, Sienna is the only lady on the disc who cops to being a mom - so I guess there is at least one MILF I wouldn't mind worshiping. However, that doesn't mean this disc isn't hot and has some seriously sexy ladies on it. It does. And while Sienna didn't waste much time getting a rise outta me, Ava damn near made me explode (Note to self: You MUST find more flicks starring Ava.), Porn Fidelity 9: It's a fact that most guys avoid marriage like the plague. However, if more girls were like Kelly Madison, i'm sure that would change with a quickness! In addition to allowing her husband to fuck other hot chicks, she sometimes does the legwork and picks the girls up and then even participates! Man, things like that would have me start believing in the institution of marriage! Did I also mention that Kelly's hot as hell too? She's a very pretty chick, with a thick, sexy body and a tremendous natural rack. While I thought Cherokee, Richelle and Makayla were the only co-stars that caused a stirring in my pants, that's just my peculiarities coming into play and i'm sure less anal (no pun intended) viewers will find a reason to get some friction started. I also think this flick would be a great conversation starter for couples; 110% Natural 13: Yes, these girls have non-enhanced titties. Well, at least I think they do. I'm not being accusatory, it's just my inability to determine whether someone that didn't get a Minka-esque boobjob has fake mammaries or not. Natural knockers aside, this was a slightly entertaining flick with two standout performances by covergirl Ms. Olson and the lovely Ms. Love. In fact, Malia's scene alone is almost worth the price of admission.

Upcoming Notable DVDs

We'd love to read your comments and feedback on this column, Send us your thoughts on other things you'd like to see in the space, or even random thoughts about the world of porn. Drop us a line at [email protected].

The major contributors to The Blue Room this week were: Don Houston and Chris Thorne

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