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Spotlight Title: Mr. Marcus Goes To Washington: Collector's Edition

In a rare breed of socially responsible porn, Mr. Marcus Goes to Washington: Collector's Edition showed that folks in porn can care about more than their next paycheck, bed buddy, or substance of choice to abuse as a band of weary travelers set out to relieve the sexual tensions of those who suffered from the natural consequences of a nasty storm a few years back. The movie subtitled "Operation: Fix That Shit!" Mr. Marcus and his small band of porno activists, had sex while checking out the response to Hurricane Katrina on a road trip that had them asking a lot of questions. For those who have been off planet the last five years, a massive hurricane swept through New Orleans causing the collapse of the series of levies that held back the ocean for so many years back in 2005. The federal government dedicated billions of dollars to reconstruct the city that was almost completely wiped out, an estimated 150,000+ refugees moving to Houston who opened its arms to them. It was another round of sexually stimulating fun, no matter what your beliefs are on the Katrina response or the unrealistic expectations of people interviewed. What the company does best is provide sex in non-traditional public settings with performers and civilians' alike, mixing things up rather than following a generic experience like so many other companies offer. In that sense, Mr. Marcus Goes to Washington: Collector's Edition was yet another shining jewel in the crown of the company's catalog; displaying enough replay, strokability, and great extras to warrant a rating of Highly Recommended. The dark humor of how few people cared enough to contribute (preferring to blame a faceless government as the one responsible to go to) mixed with the silly antics of hotties like Jasmine Byrne, Delilah Strong, and Mika Tan, with some assistance by Jack and Marcus of course, combined well with the sexual material to give this one extra replay value.

Sneak Peeks: Filth Cums First, Jack's POV 8, and Sexual Freak HD-DVD

Excellent is but one way to describe the lengthy Filth Cums First: Special Edition: The movie was special in a number of ways, not just because of the great cast, but also thanks in large part to the extensive tease that blew similar efforts out of the water. If you want to see a hot cast doing all kinds of depraved sex acts for your viewing pleasure, you simply can't go wrong here. The cast, including babes like Bree Olson, Brianna Love, Rebecca Linares, and Sandra Romain, was very appealing with enough variety to please almost anyone except the interracial crowd. The technical matters were such that Robby kept the visuals and audio experience in check to support the heat rather than rely on washed out lighting you see at the supermarket. The running time was among the best the company has ever offered, providing superior amounts of fuck for the buck with the BTS providing some extra laughs as well. I would have loved to see more extras but the coverage of the movie itself included over four hours of tease and heat; easily earning a rating of Highly Recommended or better from this reviewer. In short, Filth Cums First: Special Edition was a special edition in more than name only, showing that quality and quantity go hand in hand when it comes to Handheld Pictures, this being one of my favorite gonzo comedy movies of the season to date.

Then we found the point of view camera angle getting as much of a workout as our funny bone with the latest in the Jack's POV Series, where Robby shoots all the scenes as though he were getting actual sex that did not involve paying for it or his hand. The humor employed in most scenes is indicative of the larger Jack universe, albeit in smaller doses, and coming soon is the latest volume to enjoy, Jack's POV 8 (Jana Cova). The cover wisely chose uber hotty Jana Cova to sell additional products though the choice was interesting considering she only does other women, so my curiosity got the better of me and I gave this one a closer look. It was another title of theirs that combined humor and heated sexual antics; the ladies all in fine form as they stood up to the test of time in their scenes. I would have liked to see more of Jana in action but her lengthy solo scene had the kind of replay value that I've come to appreciate about her work, the other gals showing a love of cock that proved to have substantial strokability too.

We then noticed the high definition war heating us as Jesse Jane: Sexual Freak HD-DVD prepared to come out soon. This release was a change of pace for director Robby D. who rather than go strictly with the Celeste style of erotica he shoots, Robby tried a fusion with his regular style, and while it may have been a bit too cautious for my tastes, it was certainly a few steps in the right direction. That the series of vignettes starred the lovely Jesse Jane made the package all the better for this fan to enjoy. The amount of fuck for the buck, the women used, and the technical values all made this one easy to suggest as Recommended or better, depending on your level of tolerance for erotica style porn. The Behind the Scenes feature was short but also very funny, making me wonder when Robby will try his hand at a full blown comedy, backed up by his usual crew of Nick and Joey, both of whom are said to be major factors in Robby's success in recent years. That said, Jesse Jane: Sexual Freak HD-DVD did show Jesse getting freaky and served as notice that Digital Playground is not content to sit on their laurels just yet. For strokability and fun sex, this one seems to be a winner.

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Highlights of The Week

Leave it to the Bang Brothers to pool a bunch of great scenes in a single title such as Ass Parade 12: This time, the company went all out to offer some of the best ass flesh in the business, using attractive gals as well as the most bootilicious babes available. One glance at the cast list should be enough for any raincoater to understand where I'm coming from, the cast getting ample time to shake their money makers before some heated sex took place. It was one of those rare opportunities when I found the movie well worth a rating of Highly Recommended. Granted, the extras were light and the technical matters not the best I've seen from the company but the superior stroke value, the awesome replay value, and the award winning cast of hotties all gave the movie a wealth of fuck for the buck passion that I really appreciated as something the company should aspire to more often. The variety of scenarios helped make this a special edition for me and I wonder what the company will be able to do to top Ass Parade 12.

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Lovely reviewer Ravyn has been gearing up to find a selection of increasingly appealing titles too with Confessions of the Heart: When any relationship goes sour, nine times out of ten the both are to blame when one of them is overly possessive and smothering and they get bored with the sex and uses that against the other. That is what happens here. Roxy begins to have second thoughts about the break up and the green eyed monster has a tendency to appear. What I enjoyed most was the chemistry between Roxy and Steven, they work very well together and light up the screen in every sense of the word. It was most definitely a couples flick with a message to all couples; careful what you wish for, you might not like what the turn out is. DCypher did a excellent job getting his point across and I loved the way he went about doing it. The change in lighting gave it a freeze type setting and his use of the red and other colors worked very well; and The Houseboat: When it comes to romance and lust, men have a hard time handling it together. They often have a habit separating them and shielding their heart and libido from rejection. Such as it is for Van Damage, who plays the Clerk at the bookstore that comes across a beautiful blonde that has taken over his senses as well as his thoughts while working. As all men are creatures of habit Van Damage lets his mind wander as he imagines the heated sexual encounters that fill his mind constantly. As a couples movie, the sex isn't has hardcore as other Vivid titles and it plays to the romance angle for the ladies. There was even a bit of comedy with Nick Manning playing a Pimp. There is always a certain something we all look for when it comes to a feature titled. It could be the smallest thing as a look or even how the performers' expressions during the sex acts. Houseboat had a lot of those things going for it including a touch of romance which is seldom found in porn. As a couple's movie, I would have to Highly Recommend it. All the scenes and the performers put their best foot forward to make it work for Chuck Lords.

Lesbian outings are among the most difficult to get right in porn so Metro called upon director Britney Foster to helm Babes Illustrated 16: 3 Disc Set: For the uninitiated, the series is a lesbian outing much akin to Where The Boys Aren't at Vivid, but adding Metro's own brand of spice as the gals romp around in panties and bras, eager to please each other sexually. This time, the limited thread between the scenes is that of cheating partners who seek out sex as much as possible, with the consequence being the revenge fuck afterwards. It might not have been the biggest lesbian outing of the season by the porn industry but given the treasure trove of extras in the form of two full movies from Metro's vaults, I think the levels of fuck for the buck made it easily worth a Recommended. The gals were physically attractive, showed some experience with pleasing other women, and the technical matters were all decent enough for the show so Babes Illustrated 16 will likely work for those of you wanting to see the ladies in action.

Talented reviewer The Mooninite than found that the Alt-Porn version of Debbie Loves Dallas to be a cut above the more mainstream version of the near classic remake, saying: It is an interesting and playfully sexy hardcore romp through one girl's quest to fuck a rock star. Debbie (Cassidey), is a huge fan of the band Dallas who have just released their latest EP. In town to play a show at the Rezon Club, Debbie decides she's going to lay their lead singer, Punky (Alex Gonz). While this is going on, her friends Tammy (Dana DeArmond) and Bambi (Charlotte Stokely) are trying to break into the local scene beginning with Tammy's rendezvous with Deeze (Tommy Pistol), a dude who hangs out around the studio in a van and who hooks the girls up with hot dogs, concert tickets and music. Shot with plenty of filters and optical effects, Debbie Loves Dallas is a candy coated hardcore pop-culture soufflé. With references made to various music groups, current technology and Internet culture, porno films past and present (look for Dave Naz basically playing... Dave Naz) and the whole 'alt porn' trend it's an interesting really well put together stab at smut industry expectations and the preconceived notions that accompany those expectations. Amazingly enough, as incoherent and intentionally obtuse as parts of the movie can be, it works really well and it gives a very playful contest to the sex that makes up the bulk of the movie.

Metro pulled out the stops for Jerk & Swallow too: The movie is a series of twelve blowjobs and handjobs given by a variety of lovely ladies looking to make some extra cash using what skills they've developed for their careers. The general formula would have Vince interviewing the ladies, getting a look at their cookies, and then asking them whether they wanted to jerk or suck off their scene partner. The lady would pick, the guy walk into the room, and the fun would begin in a straightforward style reminiscent of the company's earlier works. It lacked much depth but it was a solid selection of handjobs and blowjobs for those of you that might want a change of pace. The majority of ladies looked actively engaged in getting their partner off and the look they provided in their panties and bras added to the fun. Some were a lot more talented with a meat pipe and others hand the thrill of youth propping up their respective act but even the worst scene was fun to watch. The bonus disc from the Metro vault was pretty cool as an extra too, so I rated this one as Recommended (adjust it according to how much you like the cast and/or sexual actions focused on in the movie). In short, Jerk & Swallow will leave your balls drained and your wrists sprained from the amount of hand to gland combat you'll be doing while watching it, the replay and strokability adding to the reasonable levels of fuck and suck for the buck.

The infamous porn reviewer Kobiata then provided us with a trio of titles that covered a wider than usual range of sexual antics such as Celebusluts: is based on real-life celebrity stories combined with plenty of creative licensing. This release illustrates how Elegant Angel is diversifying and branding their releases as compared to Jo Schmo companies that blindly put out mediocre releases. This is another great title from this company that was on life support several years ago with their aging series like the Blowjob Adventures of Dr. Fellatio and Sodomania. The scenarios, the acting as well as the sex is top-notch for the most part and this is probably the most couples-friendly Elegant Angel release since the scenarios and the healthy variety of sex scenes should engage your girlfriend . . . in other words it's not a stroker flick like BWA and it's not "vanilla" either; then found time to applaud improvements in the Suck It Dry Series with his look at Suck It Dry 4: This blowjob only release has something that should appeal to everyone . . . for the ones that like to watch some hardcore throatfucking and deepthroating . . . and for those that like watching something a little more light. There is great continuity throughout the entire DVD, especially with Bobbi Starr's scene right after Bobbi Bliss's. You'll be hard-pressed to find a porno flick with so many A-list talents from Jenna Haze to Lela Star to Rebeca Linares and others! Most important, Bobbi Bliss performs a scene to remember for the ages; and Russian Angels: Christoph Clark is one of the most consistent directors for Evil Angel and this release proves it. The movie started with a bang, but it ended with a whimper since scene four seemed out of place. I can handle watching hardcore scenes, but the milk enema may be extreme for the average viewer. Cherry Jul is definitely a looker who seems too PERFECT, especially with the falsie-looking teeth, but I guess it's better than crooked teeth on a hottie! If you want to see nasty and sweaty hardcore action by Christoph Clark, you'd better look elsewhere to his Angel Perverse series, especially with the delectable Susie Diamond in Angel Perverse 5.

Prolific reviewer Don Houston then took some time out of his busy schedule to give a nod to Gina Lynn in her newest title, Gina Lynn's Tear Jerkers 3: a movie dedicated to blowjobs and handjobs. The back cover of the DVD case said it like this: "This movie is full of cock-wrenching blowjobs with some nice big facials and titjobs. See Katarina use some of the skills she learned in the circus! Newcummer Vanilla sucks Travis's cock upside down in his barber's chair! Riley takes a big juicy load all over those sweet tits and Gina takes on "The Hedge Hog" Ron Jeremy and just to show him what's up, throws another cock into the mix! If these BJs don't make you jack off, then I'll blow you personally!" If that sounds as good to you as it did to me, you will probably want to check it out regardless of what I say in the body of the review. The ladies all had their own skills and particular appeal, the amount of superior oral work enhanced by hand and tit job action was solid, and the technical values in most scenes were nicely handled, giving the movie some decent replay and stroke value. There could have been more of lovely Gina Lynn and some better extras but some of the newcomers added to the mix and in that sense, Gina Lynn's Tear Jerkers 3 will have you tearing up as you jerk off more than a few times so check it out to see what I mean.

New reviewer Alexander is the latest in a very long line of reviewers (Pussy Party Reviews) to find a lot to like in one of the most enjoyable lesbian series on the market with Cousin Stevie's Pussy Party 21: As a relative newcomer to the world of adult film, I had no idea what to expect (short of what I could glean from the box art) when I slid this 21st installment in the Pussy Party series into my DVD player. I assumed I would be treated to some hot and wild all-girl action with an impressive array of dildos and vibrators. Cousin Stevie's romps have won an AVN award, after all. But I had no idea how far these girls would go to pleasure themselves and their co-stars. And "far" they go, from squeezing two and a half foot black dildos into their asses, to eating peeled bananas out of pussies, to lucky Allison Pierce getting simultaneously finger fucked by six (!) girls. Just two reviews ago, in my write-up of Katsumi vs. Roxy, I mentioned that I'm not a huge fan of all-girl scenes because there are only so many ways to film a group of girls rimming or licking each other's cunts or something. I obviously had no idea what I was talking about. In Pussy Party, twats (and in Aaliyah's case, assholes) are stretched, poked, and prodded in ways I never imagined. And the girls love every second of it. As will you.

Not all the best ass flicks come from the big name companies as evidenced by Apple Bottom Snow Bunnies: a show about ladies who possess nicely shaped asses and enjoy sex with a variety of men with no set list of acts required of them. As an ass man myself, I appreciate it when a company pays tribute to sweet backsides, my experience being that a few companies at the top of the pack in this regard but relative newcomers often have something to add too. In this case, some of the action was really solid and only one scene left me cold, making it well worth watching by likeminded fans. It had three scenes that were noteworthy thanks to Alexis, Fayth, and Krystal but enough stroke and replay value to obtain a solid rating of Recommended for the levels of fuck for the buck. The technical concerns were a step up from some of the director's previous efforts and while the extras were on the weaker side, the body of the movie itself provided some heated action you will find really appealing so check it out. In short, Apple Bottom Snow Bunnies may not have had much to do with snow bunnies but the bottoms were typically shaped like apples and I'd have polished almost any one of them if asked nicely (or even not so nicely).

Reviewer Colonel Mustard only rustled up a single top pick this week but found a really hot fucker from internationally renowned director Gazzman in Young Harlots: The Governess: is the latest installment in the series surrounding the loose premise of a boarding school where the faculty and students are learning a little more than the basic reading, writing and arithmetic. This is the third DVD that I have seen in the Young Harlots series from Harmony films by Gazzman and Evil Angel. There is not a series that I have enjoyed more than these in all of the years (2.5 years) I've spent reviewing adult DVDs. Gazzman combines some of the hottest talents of Europe and creates some of the hottest scenarios for them to show off their trade. In the three "Young Harlots" DVDs that I have had the esteemed privilege of reviewing, Director Gazzman has done a fantastic job of creating some of the hottest scenes that you can imagine. The best part is that the scenes are very unique, well scripted that create the sense that you never know which direction he will take. Harmony films has created another winner with "Young Harlots: The Governess" that I can easily give the Highly Recommended rating. It was an outstanding DVD that I would proudly recommend to even the most fickle hardcore DVD fan thanks to the phenomenal effort given by Gazzman, his staff and the cast.

Next up was a sleeper hit of a feature in Call Girl Confidential: a feature starring Monique Alexander as a hooker looking for a better life. She turns to an old friend that has found a calling of his own, the results somewhat mixed for both of them when her pimp decides he isn't too happy with the outcome. The back cover said it like this: "Cherry is a street hooker having a difficult time in her chosen profession. She hates her job, her friends and her pimp. She wants out but doesn't know how. After an encounter gone wrong with one her johns, she runs into an old classmate who turns out to be a preacher...Marcos Leon...who's also is at odds with his chosen profession. After a scorching anal scene, and some wild interracial with Mr. Marcus, Monique comes to terms with her life on the streets. And Marcos' life in a church. And the come to each other. And the rest is purely Confidential." It was a short but interesting little dramatic exercise that did not skimp on the heat, energy, or story elements, making it a nice one for couples and those not wanting to see a strictly gonzo bone-fest as populates the majority of the market today. It was worth a rating of Recommended thanks to the efforts of Monique Alexander and other ladies in the movie as much as the direction by Paul and his crew. There was some replay and solid strokability going on here with the plotted elements providing just enough to give the show some texture. The extras were the usual batch and while I would have preferred more material unique to the movie itself, having seen most of the bonus scenes and other stuff, I can't deny that much of it added value. In short, Call Girl Confidential was a nice showcase for the talents, sexual and nonsexual, of Monique as she develops her skills as an actress as well as continues her climb up the porn ladder.

Mere weeks after the last volume in the heated series, All Internal 5 then found it's way to our greedy little hands: Chris "Raul Cristian" Rolie has been distributed by Jules Jordan Video for awhile now; his Cruel Media company best known for the kind of nasty hardcore sex that pushes limits beyond what gonzo typically provides. If you've seen any of his All Internal Series to date, you will know how each of them is built to showcase creampies, be they anal or vaginal, with none of the ladies escaping the doses of population pudding plowed into their respective holes. His latest release in the series is the newly released All Internal 5, following the formula with a new batch of ladies; many of them impressively skilled or good looking. There are so many creampie titles on the market these days that Chris tends to go overboard on the rough sex so if that isn't your thing, you might want to look elsewhere or at least adjust the rating a bit but you can't say that his works are ever a surprise given his consistent dynamic towards pushing the limits of his cast. was worth a rating of Recommended or better depending on what you are looking to see. The sex was rough and hardcore, the ladies typically pushed a lot more than elsewhere (though not like Max Hardcore or Jake Malone might offer), and the technical values shakier than average but the cast was full of attractive ladies doing some cunning stunts and there was a whole lot of it going on.

Last up this week was a tribute to double penetration by our friends at Combat Zone with Double Duty: The company is almost always focused on using the youngest or newest gals in the industry for their movies, making this task even harder as the ladies have little fanbase support in their quest to impress. The latest offering by this director is Double Duty, a set of five double penetration scenes with gals that were not at all accustomed to doing them. Applying the newcomer dynamic, this is supposed to give a fresh new look at the subgenre of hardcore sex, appealing mainly to those of us needing an extra bit of kink to get us through the scenes with pud in hand. The advertised action provided a fair amount of fuck for the buck due to the replay value and strokability factor. Further, some of the ladies had a little spark going for them that could translate into something deeper if given the chance to germinate, making Double Duty just good enough to get a rating of Recommended. I don't think this was the best niche for the company to shoot for given their reliance on newcomers but it does prove they won't shy away from using domestic ladies in their harsher offerings; and use them fairly well.

Upcoming Notable DVDs

We'd love to read your comments and feedback on this column, Send us your thoughts on other things you'd like to see in the space, or even random thoughts about the world of porn. Drop us a line at [email protected].

The major contributors to The Blue Room this week were: Chris Thorne and Don Houston.

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