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Belladonna Retires, Virtaul Shay Jordan and Sunrise Adams

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Spotlight Title: Work It Work It Get It Get It

Sometimes people enjoy seeing some variety in their porn, moving away from the cookie cutter formulas the industry encapsulates most titles with in favor of something off the beaten path so this week we gave the nod to Work It Work It Get It Get It; the tease footage alone being enough to merit special attention. HJ is a black director having worked for Evil Angel a number of times now so it came as no surprise that he was picked up by their Buttman Magazine Choice series to shoot another fuck flick given his past success. This led to him providing the wonderfully heated Work It Work It Get It Get It that I enjoyed this week in between reviewing mainstream titles, never falling into a specific formula except to make sure the ladies all had the big booty look so many of us appreciate. The majority of scenes were blowjob only but the fact is that they all were top notch at giving up some ladies having a great time getting men off, from the incredibly sexy Alexis Texas to the curvy wonders of gals like Taj Mendez, Jemeni, Breana Tabu, and anal queen Flower Tucci. The back of the cover gave extensive liner notes as to what was going on, allowing a fan to read between the lines for more information but also recognizing the heated dynamic going on at all times. It had enough strokability, tease, replay value, and technical qualities to warrant a rating of Highly Recommended for me. The raw energy combined with gals like Alexis Texas, Flower Tucci, and the others was such that I can see why the folks at the Buttman magazine would promote this guy so heavily, making Work It Work It Get It Get It a value packed DVD for all those into gals getting off. Good job!

Sneak Peeks: Virtual Sex with Shay Jordan

If ever a company existed that knew how to ferret out the hottest ladies in porn to sign as contract gals, Digital Playground would certainly be on the short list for such recognition so it came as no surprise that the finally got around to giving this exotic hotty the star treatment with Virtual Sex with Shay Jordan. Like other titles in the genre, this one takes the point of view (POV) phenomenon to the extreme by keeping the male talent in the background as much as possible while allowing the viewer to control what kinds of sexual action Shay will provide at any given moment. From straight up sex to heated foreplay to a titty fuck or foot fetish material, the DVD was among the clearest reviewer Don had seen in a long time, sacrificing any extras in favor of providing the technical qualities many fans enjoy. Shay was a delight to watch and it is clear that her star is on the rise as she quickly builds up her fanbase of loyal followers, some of whom have already asked when she will be getting her own Erotique special to compliment this one. Well, until that time comes around, this will be the DVD that has the most Shay fuck for the buck as Don put it in his review so look for it when it comes out next month if you have any interest in the beautiful newcomer at all.

The End of An Era - Belladonna calls it Quits

So hot on the heels of Jenna Jameson's announcement that she's retiring from porno comes the revelation that Belladonna will no longer be performing in front of the camera, her energies will now be dedicated to directing and the occasional solo scene. Her reasoning? She doesn't want to infect anyone with herpes. A fair enough decision, and obviously the right choice to make. Most readers here are well aware of the dangers and health risks that sexually transmitted diseases spread around.

While it's easy to respect her decision - let's face it she's doing the right thing for the right reason - the porno movie world just will not be the same without her. Starting off in fairly standard gonzo material Belladonna soon proved to be quite the little number and as she grew more comfortable with herself as a performer, he scenes became progressively more daring. She's done things on camera that no other 'name' porn star has done and was able to start and run her own company ensuring that she was doing it her own way.

Her sexual appetite and willingness to try anything on camera soon found her a pretty rabid following made up of people from different walks of life. For whatever reason, porno fans dug her. Maybe it was the gap in the teeth, or her all natural body. Maybe it was her tattoos or maybe it was the fact that her work was just so varied. She'd fuck a transvestite in one film and stick a cheery up her ass in the next one - that's not something you can say about your average starlet. Whatever the reasons for her popularity, she'll be missed in front of the camera. Her openness on her endeared her to those who followed her work and revealed a very intelligent and interesting woman who, despite her occupation, seemed surprisingly well grounded.

While she'll continue to have a presence in the adult film industry, it's safe to say that, as her announcement said, it's the 'end of an era.' The industry being what it is, let there be no doubt that someone will rise up and try to take her place - there is just too much money to be made for it to happen any other way - but there will always be only one Belladonna.

Ciao, Bella...

- The Mooninite

Highlights of The Week

Another top notch title this week was Reform School Girls 2: Mark Stone might well be the most underappreciated director working for Wicked Pictures these days but his excellent Behind the Scenes features and occasional directorial efforts almost always leave me impressed that he has considerable skill that rarely gets it's due. His most recent movie is Reform School Girls 2, the sequel to the well received Reform School Girls 1, where the ladies played youthful bad girls in need of vocational guidance in a reform school setting. The humor starting off each scene was often some of the best I've seen of late from Wicked Pictures so I described it below, making me hope that the company considers making more of their over the top comedies from years past. The sex was straightforward but usually appealing too, proving that Mark has not lost his touch and the cast were almost all perfectly selected for their roles. It earned a rating of Recommended thanks to the splendid cast, the quality of the goofy comedic aspects in the skits, and the replay value seen that enhanced the amount of fuck for the buck provided. The technical values showed improvement and Mark showed that his ability to get the comic timing right makes him a prime candidate to use this talent on comedy features a bit more ambitious than this one in the future. In short, I liked Reform School Girls 2 even more than Reform School Girls 1 and think fans of Mark's works will agree that he should be given more latitude to expand on the series in the future.

Reviewer Don Houston then found a title that fans of Sunrise Adams may well find to be Off the Hook: B. Skow is one of my favorite directors at Vivid Entertainment these days, many of his peers having left for greener pastures and PT locked into the "I'm bored with porn and it shows" mode. One of Skow's strengths is his ability to showcase a gal at her best, evidenced by his extensive work with Lanny Barby, so it came as a pleasant surprise that he was selected to elevate the status of Sunrise Adams in her latest coming out of retirement move; the gal certainly lucky considering some of her previous works. The vehicle for her latest release was Off the Hook, a series of vignettes that starred some appealing ladies in various roles that gave everyone a chance to provide comedy as well as some fine sexual action. Here's what the back cover said about it: "Look, here's the deal on this one: The sex is off the hook! So we called it just that. Sure there's a story - there's a bunch of them. From a rock and roll fantasy to the 'ho next door. But here's what you really need to know: Hillary and Nadia do anal. It's all in Vivid hi-def. Sunrise is everywhere and she has never been so hot! And B Skow outdoes himself with his craziest sex yet. Hook up. Off the Hook. See it now!" The amounts of fuck for the buck, replayability, and strokability were easily enough to warrant a rating of Recommended or better (especially if you are a fan of Sunrise Adams). In all then, a href=http://vulkanio.ru/reviews/read.php?ID=30137>Off the Hook was probably the best new release by Sunrise to date for her fans so give it a look if you get the chance.

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Then a surprise hit came out of nowhere with Full Service 2: Jax is a director that I know precious little about so when I picked up some titles from Tight Fit Productions last week, I figured I would see if he had anything special to offer the world of vignette and/or gonzo porn. The first title of his for the company making it to me was Full Service 2; a series of scenes where the men would find the off menu offerings at a secluded bar to be wonderfully appealing. The DVD package was kind of cool in that it had two discs, one in full frame and the other in widescreen, and the slipcase showed the women to be looking quite appealing if you know what I mean. It was a straightforward, simple fuck flick with a cast of ladies I really liked. The replay and strokability factors were pretty solid with the sexual hijinks ranging from oral to anal and most parts in between, the average technical matters sure helped keep me watching. The extras were light but given that two versions of the movie were included in the DVD case, I thought Full Service 2 earned a rating of Recommended. Granted, I would have liked more consistency in the lighting and better extras on the discs, but with a cast as solid as this one, I'd be hard pressed to find any significant flaws with how it was structured. If you're looking for circus act sex or something out of the ordinary, the movie might not appeal as much to you but otherwise, it was a pretty fair bit of work.

Lovely reviewer Ravyn then took a break from her interviews (only for a week though) to showcase a couple of couple friendly titles for us with: Club Sin: Every woman today seems to need a place to vent and let off some much needed steam. The story begins a support group for divorced women, each one relating their own story and hoping to move on with hopes of finding someone to sate the insatiable needs. . After the meeting is over, Ashlyn approaches Gwen and relates to her how she believes women hold the real power and that it is the men who are the needy and weak gender. Which at times in this day and age is somewhat true depending on who you ask. It was a great DVD in every area, and is a must have on the shelf of every serious porn collector out there. It is a great couples movie with a lot of intense chemistry and passion from the entire cast. I Highly Recommend Club Sin as one that you can watch again and again and see it from a different prospective; and The Muse: All Artist and Writers sometimes find difficultly working on a painting or a story with the help of a muse, which can be anything from music to a favorite place to work at. In this case, Stormy Daniel is the Muse that precedes the art work in each scene. The Muse directed by Michael Raven would be one of the titles in the years end couples movie list. Excellently written and produced each scene is an inspiration in it self. The story line and the sets used given more life into what they the cast put into with the heat and chemistry level. The Muse showed exactly why Wicked has always succeeded where others fail. Storylines and sensuality mixed in with the seduction that caters to both mind and body is what Wicked Pictures and Director Michael Raven are best known for. I Highly Recommend The Muse to all that are looking for a purely sensual and erotic ride appeasing both mind and body.

Compilations are tough to make a splash unless their subject matter is as hot as that in I Love Bree Olson: New Sensations has been churning out star focused compilations of late faster than I write reviews by the looks of it so it makes sense that with their huge vaults of smut, they would provide some heated compilations for fans to enjoy. Their latest one features hotty Houstonian Bree Olson in I Love Bree Olson, giving the cutie nine scenes from the company vaults to enjoy, including a few solo masturbation scenes. The back cover said it like this: "Alert the presses! Bree Olson is the newest addition to this acclaimed series with 9 tantalizing scenes. Watch her pussy get torn open, her ass get ripped in half, and her face get fucked with a mouthful of cock. With that beautiful body and those luscious tits, she's the cutest piece of ass you've ever laid your eyes on... And that's why everyone loves Bree Olson!" If you're one of the many who think this gal is the best thing to come out of Texas in the last year, you will probably appreciate her nine scenes with various partners. I rated the compilation as Recommended for the levels of fuck for the buck, strokability, and replay value. I've seen many of them before but always find Bree to be a great looking gal so I Love Bree Olson should suffice as a perfect compilation for fans of Bree Olson. In a perfect world, the compilation would include some of her work for other companies but New Sensations and their sister companies have enough footage that I suspect a second round of their compilations will be appearing before too long, mimicking other production companies with the exception that this one has some of her best work.

Seasoned reviewer Colonel Mustard then scoured the Earth for signs of heated porn, coming up with a trio of tantalizing titles such as: Wet: an all sex collection of five hardcore sex scenes with two of my favorite porn stars listed in the cast. Flower Tucci & Naomi bring star power to this DVD that promises to be a wet and wild High Definition adventure. Tight Fit Productions boasts their DVDs to be shot in 100% True HD Widescreen format, and it shows in the ultra clear picture. It seems only a few years ago, that we were watching grainy images of fornication on an old VHS tape that you hid from your parents. Compared to this DVD, it seems like several generations ago. Not only is "Wet" shot in ultra clear HD, with a crisp soundtrack to boot, it's contains some of the most blistering sex scenes that have come past my pile of adult DVDs in some time. All five scenes on this DVD were noteworthy, and best yet, provided something somewhat different in every scene from the typical formula; Animal Trainer 23: Rocco's taste in sex might not appeal to everyone, but you will never see any sort of vanilla or un-energetic or un-imaginative sex from anyone of Rocco's Evil Angel releases. Animal Trainer 23 is no exception. Blistering gang bangs, group sex and hot models fill over two hours of hardcore action on this DVD. Rocco is the master of pushing the envelope on what he can capture on film. The older lady sex scene was quite the departure, as was the giant bachelor party gang bang. I must Highly Recommended this DVD for the inspired direction, unique sexual situations and for Tommy in the first scene; and Double Penetration Tryouts 2: Stemming from the success of the Bang Brothers titles, Pink Visual is attempting to create a niche with some real and raw amateur women getting nailed fresh from off the street. In this case, many of the girls seemed like the double penetration was a first time event for them. Generally, I am not a fan of these types of DVDs, but I was pleasantly surprised about the quality of the movie. The sex was energetic, and the set-ups seemed about as real as fantasy porn can get. I must Recommend this DVD for anyone who enjoys watching real live girls-next-door types getting all the dick they can handle and for fans of hard hitting double penetrations.

We also received the third volume in the wave of screeners Tight Fit Productions so kindly sent to us, for Full Service 3: The idea behind the series is that Tony Flush plays a bartender at a full service bar where patrons on the "in" can get anything they want if the price is right. While a simple premise, it had some merit in how it was executed with the sex between the partners generally providing some solid interactions, albeit seeming too short to me given the length of some of the gonzo titles I've watched of late. It was another of his works that merited a rating of Recommended for fans of the cast. Considering the ladies included Sandra Romain, Brooke Haven, Vanessa Lane, Mikayla, Jenaveve Jolie, and Hailey Scott, the replay and strokability factors were such that even those that are not fans yet might become fans thanks to the heat they provided. In short, Full Service 3, like Full Service 2 before it, offered a lot to like, including a second disc using full frame to compliment the anamorphic widescreen presentation.

Popular reviewer Felix Vasquez Jr. then saw fit to applaud Asian Mayhem: Two things came to mind when I opened up "Asian Mayhem" to discover what was waiting inside. Was this extra juicy addition a chance to give buyers their money's worth along with a great porno, or was it desperate compensation for a really bad film? I couldn't stand the suspense, and hoped for the best... while I gazed at Mika Tan taking one up the beaver hole. Surely, "Asian Mayhem," at over two hours, attempts to give you a bang for your buck by including twenty 5x7 glossy photos including shots from the film, and it's a wonderful prize with the DVD, even if you don't enjoy "Asian Mayhem." In spite of the fantastic packaging and the wonderful money shots of Mika Tan, I prayed that the photos wouldn't be the only thing I remembered about Jax's "Asian Mayhem"... Not only do you get a really great porno movie that sports some lovely female performers including a nut stomping opener with Mika Tan dominating two men, you also get twenty full color glossy photos to enjoy after you've realized Mika Tan won't escape your fantasies.

The compilation machine then showed us what several reviewers enjoyed about scenes from I Love Paola Rey: Paola Rey is one of those lean Brazilian gals that really knows how to drive men wild with her seductive mannerisms and skillful manipulation of cock in her many scenes. Thanks to New Sensations, she is now the latest focal point of their popular series with I Love Paola Rey; a series of eight older scenes starring the cutie in action. If you've seen her before, you'll know what a spitfire she can be in bed, with a lot of you probably finding the older scenes when she was relatively new to porn being among her best works to date. If that sounds appealing to you, and you don't have a lot of her work for the company already, movies like this tend to provide the best levels of Paola fuck for the buck. It was probably not their best compilation in the series mainly because the scenes were almost all far older than other titles and she has proven to become even better in her performances in recent years. Still, it is difficult to argue that any compilation focusing on a hotty like Paola Rey should be less than Recommended given the amounts of Paola fuck for the buck, strokability, and replay value; even if a few scenes were not her best work for the company. In short, I Love Paola Rey truthfully advertised that she was in each of the eight scenes, marking this one as another to look for if you enjoy her style of aggressive sexuality.

As our growing adult coverage expands, new reviewers become the lifeblood by which X Critic expands the manner in which we serve you so the newest member of our team, Frankenlola, welcomed the chance to highlight Kink as a couples flick to enjoy: While this title had some good potential, it did not meet expectations. A title called "Kink" would lead one to assume that the kinkiness would be center stage, but alas it was not. The video consisted of mediocre sex scenes with some sort of fetish tacked on. These may be due to some laws prohibiting intercourse while actually being tied up, but I do not know for sure. This could be a good couple film to introduce your S.O. to the ideas of fetish, with-out being too extreme. The addition of the second film brings up the replay ability, and bumps this disk to a recommended. This disk would also be a good movie to watch with your mate, with decent dialog, some humor and hot sex.

One of our favorite directors was up next with Dirty Talk: DCypher was probably the most advanced director at Metro Interactive before he left for Club Jenna awhile back. He wasn't the only director there I liked; only the most reliable when it came to features that he often wrote himself. Typically, the stories would involve short morality tales and some of the humor too often missing in porn these days, making me wonder if he might be destined to end up at Digital Playground (to help revive their features that have been largely neglected as Robby pulls them into the gonzo market so completely) or Wicked Pictures before all is said and done. Whatever his final destination, his titles often seem impacted by smaller budgets that don't give him the time to really showcase a cast and his ideas, a problem that frustrates me as a porn fan as much as a critic because I've seen what the guy can do when given the chance. One of his last projects before leaving Metro was Dirty Talk, a small budget tale about a sex columnist writer having issues of her own as she sought sexual fulfillment. The story elements were cute but short, showing that whatever was initially written (Jim Enright held up a script in the BTS that looked quite thick), little of it made the journey to the small screen but the sex was pretty decent if you're looking for something not too risqué to share with a significant other. While that might appear to be damning it with faint praise, I enjoyed the sexual portions with a friend that wanted my full frame copy that came in the double disc boxed set, the gal assisting me on cast identities given the lack of them for the ladies this time. There was some creative use of lighting and camera composition as well as a lot of lipstick lesbian action many of you will enjoy, the totality of the program giving the movie a light couple's aura to it for those wanting something more than the latest Vivid equivalent. In short, Dirty Talk was a pleasant bit of fluff that was light on circus act sex and heavy on those little touches Devan adds to make a project his own so check it out if you are not a jaded old porn hound like I am.

reviewer Kobiata Hi-Speed Sex 3: is a high-performance porno starring the world's top starlets engaging in steamy sex! You don't want to miss this one! As in prior volumes of "Hi-Speed Sex," the scene starts with a highly stylized strip-tease session in front of a sports car. Toni Ribas has a knack of getting a 100% effort from his starlets! With top-flight talent like Angel Dark, Claudia Rossi, Suzie Diamond, Vanessa May as well as newcomers Jessica Girl and Alexis, it's a no-brainer but to reward Hi-Speed Sex 3 with a HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! This is a superior volume from the second installment since there was an excellent level of variety. The sex wasn't mechanical and there was chemistry throughout all the scenes!; and Evil Geishas Hotel: Lady May plays an accomplished DJ, who is on the verge of signing a major distribution deal, but she has a problem . . . she has lost her inspiration and the only way she can regain it is to enter the Hotel Sacrament and pass before seven doors of "sacrament" (but in reality only five). With only a few hours left before her major concert, she has made the decision to go for broke and spin the wheel of destiny and entering the gauntlet of sexual desires! The good acting and the great sex combined with the pleasant special effects resulted in a well-executed movie production. The story kept me involved, which is an oddity in the world of porn . . . but it's happened recently with this flick as well as in Tom Herold's "Fucker Takes All." I like what X-Off brings to PRIVATE and I expect to see more high-quality productions in the future. The pretty Filipina, Lady May, is a little firecracker and she equals or surpasses the sexual arsenal of Priva. I have no qualms giving this a HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Off the beaten path was a title so hardcore that some places are afraid to sell it; like Make Her Ass Scream: Louder Bitch!: The action was rough sex and anal action with the entire female cast going at the cock like crazy, making it worth digging deeper for if you enjoy that kind of thing. This being the first title in the series under director Otto Bauer's new distribution arrangement with Ninn Worx, I wanted to see what a difference could be made under this type of deal, and what a difference it was! In short, it was the type of porno you don't show to everyone thanks in large part to the extremely hardcore nature of the sex involved. The heavy use of roughness and anal made it something few women seem willing to watch (if you find a cute one that does, keep her!) and the circus act tricks made it a love or hate kind of title. I found a lot to like myself and compromised by rating it as Recommended but if you "get it", you will likely consider it worth a higher rating and if you don't, you probably would hate the action here. In each case, the ladies were giving the appearance that they were getting off to the rough stuff though so give Make Her Ass Scream: Louder Bitch! a chance if this is your kind of porno.

Selective but talented reviewer Saul Good then showed us the light with Cum Play With Me 4: Line up the ladies. 14 will do for now--at least until someone trumps it with say, 15. Dress them all in super tight sky blue shorts and flimsy white tees that can be peeled back to reveal boobage. Give them one cock to focus on, and let the mayhem begin. Oh, and after an hour, each gal gets a snowball of jizz. Sounds like a party! I actually enjoyed this film, but not enough to give it a strong rating. The fucking is worth your pennies, but there are not really any extras and the box makes it sound like the entire DVD is for this one 14 girl act, when it's not. It takes up the first hour, then is followed by 4 scenes which are decent in their own right--and do contain snowballing at least--but not alluded to anywhere on the box cover. I find this misleading. Bad Pink Kitty. I think oral aficionados would enjoy this one far more, but those who can only take so much of the art of BJing should only rent this puppy. Recommended!

Esteemed reviewer Namrufmot gives us the final nod with a quartet of titles deserving your financial consideration: Tight Teen 1 & Tight Teen 2 where the general idea was the same; I come away from this title with mixed feelings. On one hand the girls are all very attractive and give 100% to their performances. On the other hand you only get five scenes and practically no extras. Because of that I can't recommend paying full price, but if you can find it on sale it might be worth the gamble. The strength of this DVD lies in the quality of the girls. They just ooze chemistry and the resulting sex is passionate and exciting. Whether you're a collector of the series or just looking for a new Adult DVD, consider adding this title to your collection; Seymore Butt's Shhwing: s an instant classic. While relying on what has made the series so popular in the past, this release also adds fresh faces and new scenarios. Fans of the series will, without hesitation, want to pick this up for their collections. Also, anyone who has never had the opportunity to see a Seymore Butts DVD and is curious, might want to make their first purchase; and Send It Down 3: The strength of this DVD is the quality of the action. The girls all show an incredible amount of energy and enthusiasm and it really created some enjoyable oral. If there had been more extras, this DVD would have received the highest rating possible. As it stands, I still give it a well-earned rating of "Recommended".

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We'd love to read your comments and feedback on this column, Send us your thoughts on other things you'd like to see in the space, or even random thoughts about the world of porn. Drop us a line at [email protected].

The major contributors to The Blue Room this week were: The Mooninite, Don Houston and Chris Thorne.

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