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Intelligent Talk About Adult DVDs

Spotlight Title: Alexis Texas is Buttwoman

Elegant Angel is one of the most reliable companies in terms of old school styled gonzo offerings, directors Sam No/Mason and William H. Nutsack having impressed me repeatedly this year for all sorts of awesome flicks crammed full of replay value, strokability, and wild chemistry that even some of the biggest companies are not as consistently able to provide. This being "that time of year" when the best of the best are released, I was ready for the sequel to last year's Brianna Love is Buttwoman title, the result being Alexis Texas is Buttwoman, a double disc set showcasing the curvy Texan like no other release to date. Alexis is known for not giving up her sweet ass in scenes, nor showing a lot of love for black men but the first barrier is now broken with her infamous ass proudly displayed while she receives a good, hard cock a few times. I have found Alexis to be a very appealing lady since first seeing her in action but her sexual skills have not always been as consistently heated as many of her peers so I had concerns regarding what the movie would provide for a jaded old porn hound like me. Then I remembered how many scenes in the various related series were either lesbian outings, lacked anal altogether, or had marginal secondary performers. It was also pointed out to me that the series is not about which lady can do the most circus act sex, who is the most whorish (that would be the Slutwoman series), or who does the most anal since frankly, having a world class ass is what merits inclusion into the exclusive club. That the cast also included award winning ladies like Jenna Haze and Gianna was merely icing on the proverbial cake but she was provided with a lot of decent male talent to liven things up as well. With a full disc of extras and the movie lasting over three and a half hours, I was sure that this would be a winner, the movie also released as the company's first Blu-ray title too. It was the best showcase I have seen for Alexis Texas, the gal excelling in all five of her scenes with great chemistry, replay value, and strokability worthy of a superior effort, meriting a rating of Highly Recommended.The action included her first anal scene on camera, more footage of the beauty than any other movie to date, and had a wealth of extras that few companies could possibly offer up these days. In short, Alexis Texas is Buttwoman proved that she could provide a wonderful series of heated scenes and the bottom line being that this is a "must have" for any of her fans but certainly strong enough an effort to merit inclusion on the list of gonzo aficionados that love large ass gals giving up their mouths and pussies really well too. I had my doubts going into watching this one but Alexis Texas managed to put my fears at ease by the way she kept up with her peers that starred in the previous volumes, outdoing most of her previous scenes to the point where I wonder if she would consider a follow up next year as her skills develop.

Sneak Peeks: Stoya Sexy Hot and Mrs. Conduct

Stoya has been a force of nature in porn for about a year now, her early reviews here at vulkanio.ru helping launch the beautiful young performer into the limelight so it makes sense that we would keep an eye out for any new projects of hers, such as her works with Celeste. Coming next month will be the next such project, a movie titled Stoya Sexy Hot where her fans will get the latest dose of their "fix" the cutie has become. In keeping with the series premise, the assorted erotic vignettes provided a variety of different styles, all shot by the usual suspects to the specifications of the visionary director. Stoya herself is something of an enigma, her blogs of the past suggesting she is still evolving into an even better performer, more in tune with her diverse sexuality, and someone fans simply want to learn more about. This time, Stoya provided three full scenes and a short solo tease, easily enough to satiate fans until her next title comes out early next year. It was certainly a lot more hardcore than most of her works to date, Stoya's kinky nature catered to really well as she provided more fuel to the fire for fans wanting to see her in all sorts of depraved situations. Stoya certainly made the movie as the "sex android force of nature from the future" served up a lot of strokable footage, the replay value making it easy to rate as Recommended. My initial impression that this was a Christmas present for Stoya's fans was largely proven by the end of the movie, giving me the impression that the little lady will become an even bigger name in 2009.

Celeste is the conceptual director of many movies at Digital Playground, allowing the grunt work to be handled by the production crew led by her boyfriend. This arrangement frees her up to come up with wickedly deviant fantasies to be shot for your viewing pleasure, many of whichsatisfy the needs of couples as well as the women they are designed for. Next month, the director will provide a focused look at the MILF phenomenon with Mrs. Conduct, a series of six scenes starring some well known ladies that favor experience over youth. My own experience in life tells me that older women are better sexually, reaching their peak at just the same time society tells them they are unworthy of adoration or praise, forgetting that a recent political candidate turned men's heads at the ripe old age of 44. That said, with names like Rayveness, Devon Lee, Darryl Hanah, and several others, the potential for the movie to satisfy fans of the genre seemed quite high. It had a select group of MILFish ladies that should appeal to a wide variety of fans, the best of the batch being Rayveness and Darryl as they proved experience trumps youth in almost all cases. The down side was that several of the scenes did not exactly show much chemistry or replay value so I rated it as a Rent It but genre aficionados will likely savor the better parts of the movie when it comes out next month. In short, Mrs. Conduct could become a great series due to the thematic handling of the material.

Highlights of The Week

Eli Cross is a talented director known for making Upload and Corruption thanks to Sex Z Pictures. His skill levels with blockbuster titles rely heavily on his main squeeze, Kylie Ireland, and other staffers, but ultimately, it is his personal vision of decadence that drives his success as far as I'm concerned, production difficulties postponing a similar effort overseas to be replaced by the far more modest Icon for 2008. The movie is a showcase for contract performer Hillary Scott, the blond gracing the front cover that is known far and wide as an anal whore type of gonzo gal, her ability to aggressively impale her asshole on large objects renowned throughout the industry before she slacked off into the easy life of a contract gal. While not nearly as ambitious as the big budget titles of the past two years, I expected a lot from this cast and crew given the way Eli has managed some of them previously, my only concern being how the third and fourth discs of bonus scenes were seemingly tossed in to provide quantity over quality. Icon might not have provided the best gonzo sex of the year, but it did provide a lot of strokable entertainment value even without the two "bonus discs" of unrelated scenes. I'm not going to boost the rating much on the additional discs since they had nothing to do with the movie but in my opinion, Icon earned a low end Highly Recommendeddespite not living up to expectations from previous years and it should be considered a "must have" for any fans of Hillary Scott due to how much she was showcased in the flick. I would have preferred another true feature from the director but in all, it struck me that he managed to show he could bring home a winner on a lower budget.

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Shane's Worldhas long been a favorite company to me for their truly "alternative" form of gonzo smut mixed in so heavily with amusing party styled antics, especially on their road trip movies such as the College Invasionseries. The playfulness of the action is always hilarious seeing the porn performers interact with the drunken college guys so when I heard College Invasion 12: Special Jam Packed 2-Disc Set would be their biggest such title to date, I admit to being psyched. As with the rest of the series, the company sent some gals to a college party, Delilah Strong in charge of the antics this time, the gang going to Kentucky to wow their fans in the boonies of the Bluegrass state. This volume of the series showed a lot more unknown college guys getting full scenes with the ladies too, not just handjobs, and the ladies really handled themselves quite well, a few of the men appearing to be on a little blue pill as they lasted so long. It provided some solid strokability and replay value with the cast a decent mix of new gals and experienced performers servicing the men (and women) of the Kentucky college scene. I admit to being a huge fan of the series so while my rating of Highly Recommended might be more than a lot of you would give it, the freshness of the footage (no stale formulas here!) and excellent extras made this a splendid value. In short, the College Invasion 12: Special Jam Packed 2-Disc Set will hopefully serve as the template for future outings as the double discs allowed for more goodies fans have been trained to expect these days, my pal Nate dead on when he suggested I would find this a particularly entertaining volume in the popular series.

Most titles fall off the charts within weeks in these hard times so is it any wonder that Hustler would emulate the success of other parodies they distribute with their own This Ain't The Munsters XXX Blu-ray. The gimmick here is the tried and true take off on the popular television show from the 1960's, complete with all the regular characters (except "Spot") and adding in a low budget laboratory to coincide with the limited comedic attempts. The original showed aired for only two seasons on network television (1964 to 1966), taking the black & white sitcom family to the extreme with an oddball collection of monsters in the roles (the father was a knock off of Frankenstein, the wife and father in law both vampires, the son a wolfman/boy, and a firebreathing dragon as the family pet, with only one member, the daughter, being a major hotty). Taking a different approach to the concept by focusing more on the sex and less of the actual parody elements, Anton spent less time on sets emulating the show than make up and apparel, the result of the end product being something of a parody-lite offering. It was not a bad first effort for the folks at Hustler as they learn to carve out a niche in parody porn much like some of the companies they distribute (contrary to popular belief, even All Play Media took awhile to get it right) so I rated it as Recommended. The high note of the movie was that the sex was not bad at all and fans of the cast will certainly want to check out Shawna Lenee, Aiden Starr, Roxy Deville, and Jenna Haze in high definition so give it a look but don't forget that the extras were solid and technical values of the standard definition version were not as good as the high definition version so check this one out if you're a fan of the original sitcom or the cast. This was one case where the upgrade to high defition elevated the value of the production for me enough to push it over the edge, the look of the show better enough to justify the additional praise even if a second disc for the Blu-ray version would have helped elevate the quality of the picture somewhat.
Danny "Pat Myne" Case is one of the directors at Zero Tolerancethat have shot flicks at several companies (albeit under different names) as he built his reputation for loving women and catering to tease. This has served him well in my opinion since so many of us adore the extended tease sessions he and a few of his peers have embraced, leading to us looking for his works when they come out. His latest title for the company is Apple Bottomz 5, the sequel to Apple Bottomz 4that I appreciated last year at this time, a set of six scenes in both of them emphasizing some well rounded rumps on display. The gonzo nature of the movie was not a problem either as the fast forward fodder was minimal and the ladies able to provide some stimulating tease even before they were sucking and fucking so heartily. It might not have been his best work to date in terms of technical values but the casting was solid and the ladies were all attractive enough to cover for any minor issues arising from the basic camera work and editing. Had all the listed features been present, I might have elevated the score too but it merited at least a rating of Recommendeddue to the better performances having so much replay value. I would have preferred the men go down on the ladies more frequently and that more tease by the ladies was provided but Danny/Pat did show he was a suitable replacement for the former director of the series, Chris Streams, that has moved on to bigger projects. In short, Apple Bottomz 5was the kind of appealing movie ass lovers will adore on multiple levels with the levels of fuck for the buck high enough to make it well worth your time, money, and seed so give it a look.
Vivid Entertainmentis one of the few companies in the porn industry that has shown a willingness to evolve in substantial ways in recent times, catering to their usual fanbase but expanding to become more inclusive with the assistance of directors like Paul "Chuck Lords" Thomas. It wasn't that long ago that a "typical" scene by the company was under ten minutes with condoms littering the landscape and that weakened their offerings to guys like me that appreciate lengthy tease and more than a couple of positions. The latest title in high definition coming from this combination is Power (Blu-ray), a showcase for lovely Savanna Samson as she introduced four scenes, three of which included her presence. The back cover said it like this: "Some guys like the girl on top. In this authoritative look at sex and submission, Chuck Lords takes Vivid's Nasty Girl, Savanna Samson, and puts her in charge of the sex and the situation...and the result is rather unbelievable. She's on top in the office, the gym, the home...and she's never been hotter...she's never been wilder...she's never been more in control." While much of that stood as advertising hype, I am a fan of Savanna that thinks she has gotten better with time, routinely proving that experience trumps youth in terms of sexual performances. It was a nice homage to the power of Savanna Samson and earned a rating of Recommendedfrom me. I would have liked better extras and more scenes but as far as Savanna Samson footage was concerned, this was a solid offering for fans and newcomers alike. In short, Power (Blu-ray) had good levels of replay value and strokability, meriting a second look from those of you that appreciate such attractive MILFs. The quality of the Blu-ray version of the movie was higher than expected too, making it worth more than a few sessions of self love.

New reviewer Essin' Em provided a quality pick this time with Real Girls, Real Orgasms: This movie was slightly different than expected. With two hot Australian babes on the cover, most would think this a DVD of women fucking. However, it provides many clips of masturbation, both mutual and solo. All "real" girls (no silicone to be found, and many choose not to style their pubic hair, going all natural), and real orgasms, this certainly isn't your average porn, and it isn't really even the traditional "girl on girl." It's queer porn, a genre that has really exploded in the past few years, and AbbyWinters.com is right on top of that wave. This isn't some fancy-schmancy film with lots of extras, the ability to be interactive, multiple camera angles, etc. It's hot girls, masturbating (themselves and each other), and it really doesn't need to be (or try to be) anything else. The piano music between scenes is nice - it would be nicer if it continued during some of them. To be perfectly honest, some of the scenes were a little boring to watch. While watching a partner get herself off is always hot, sometimes it can get a bit old when it's someone you don't know, and it can seem kind of repetitive. However, the entire DVD becomes worth it during the scene between Angie and Fotina - this is one of the best sex scenes featuring two women that AbbyWinters has ever produced. It's fun, playful, and of course, incredibly sexy and hot. It really makes the movie. If you're someone that likes to watch women get themselves off with REAL orgasms (and no fake nails!), this is a great film for your collection.

Mick Blue is the talented director of I Came In Your Mom. There are six scenes in this flick. Each scene has its own plot line. They are very entertaining and the women actresses have fun personalities. They are seduction artists. Several of the performers have instant and real chemistry between themselves. It is not a surprise since some are being paired with their real significant other. This great movie comes to us from the studio Zero Tolerance. I Came In Your Mom is a definite buy. Many of the couples have real chemistry. It makes the sex scenes more realistic. The sex is hot and the women are strikingly beautiful. I can see this movie over and over. Moreover, this movie will make the viewer a fan of the women performers. I suspect that the movies of these women will gain more attention. Here's one scene for example: Lisa DeMarco is sitting by the pool when her fitness instructor enters the scene. He tells her that it is time for her lessons. She does some sit-ups for him. She marvels at his bare and muscular chest. The seductive Lisa walks into the house. Marco Banderas looks for her. He finds her on the couch nude. He gets near her and rubs her pussy. They kiss. Lisa gives him a hot blowjob. Her face is very pretty. Any guy's dick would stand at attention if she is near it. When she gets on top of his penis, they do a pretty good reverse cowgirl ride. Then, the position changes to a missionary one. Ms. DeMarco rubs her clit, tastes her wet fingers, and stares at his face during this segment. Their chemistry is not as obvious as the other couples, but there is a sense that something is between them. After a short blowjob, a doggystyle scene is initiated. A very good spooning and cowgirl fuckdom occurs before he unloads his cum into her. The cum drips from her pussy.I highly recommend this movie.

When Digital Playground hit serious pay dirt with Pirates a couple of years ago it sort of went without saying that there's be a sequel soon to follow. Well, the wait is over, and Pirates II: Stagnetti's Revenge is upon us. The first film was a fun, couples friendly feature with good production values, a nice mix of humor and adventure, and of course, some pretty sizzling sex scenes - can lightning strike twice? It would seem that way. Joone is once again in the director's seat and many of the cast members that helped to make the first film the success that it was are back in action this second time around. Jesse Janes reprises her role as Jules, the pirate hunter with the big fake titties, who winds up involved in a war of sorts against a witch from the Far East known only as Xifung (Katsuni). What exactly is Xifung up to? She needs to find herself a mythical artifact that will enable her to resurrect Stagnetti from the dead so that the pair of them can go out and do all manner of evil pirate/witch stuff together. Jules will have to work alongside Captain Reynolds (Evan Stone) and a couple of saucy pirates wenches like Olivia (Belladonna) and Maria (Sasha Grey) to stop Xifung before it's too late... The plot borrows from another famous pirate series a bit but it winds up to be just enough to keep things moving. The film is a fun and enjoyable romp with some inspired set pieces and cool ideas and a lot of great costume and set design work. Not all of the effects are up to par but the stunts and sword fighting are better than you'd probably expect. If slick and polished is what you want then slick and polished is what you'll get. Pirates II: Stagnetti's Revenge is a high-gloss fuck fantasy that gathers up an interesting cast and does a decent job with the story and the production values. It's a little on the predictable side and the attempts at Hollywood-esque special effects don't work so well but the film is an interesting achievement both technically and erotically speaking and it looks and sounds better than anything else out there in the wide, world of porno.

Our own Horny Housewife then shared two titles she liked with Daughter I'd Like To Fuck: Two words jump off at me right off the bat "Juicy Pearl!" What a stunner this girl is and to be honest I have not seen anyone quite as eye catching at first sight in sometime. I have watched her scene twice already and look forward to getting a 3rd and 4th peek in the not to distant future. While in my opinion Juicy was the star of the show other girls such as Dani Jensen and Jessica Steele delivered great performances despite being so new to the jizz biz. In reality this was a pretty run of the mill standard sex disc with no circus acts or really hardcore action that most of the time I crave but that is not a bad thing. The cuteness factor of the girls here was high and I really enjoyed watching this movie. I recommend you check this title out yourself and see some cute girls getting down and dirty and Pound Pussy: from Evil Angel studios and Director John Leslie was a very solid release. The title was good from beginning to end with my personal favorites coming from Lexi Belle, Rachel Milan and Mia Lina. The camera work was outstanding and really captured all of the girls on the disc well. I have really come to admire Evil Angel for there outstanding titles and this one while not the best I have seen from them ranks as a top 10. In all honestly from the first scene on I was thrilled to be watching this and if you are a fan of any of the girls on the main feature you need to check this title out as all the young ladies look fantastic. The addition of lots of bonus features translates to this being a "Highly Recommend" title in my book.

We then heard about Girls With Desire: Abby Winters turns in another set of girl-on-girl scenes featuring the natural all-stars of their very popular online site, bringing their joyful noise to the widescreen set. Angie gains the highest amount of screen time here, in which she shares a big-boobed roll in the hay with the fiery Chloe B., as well as providing Shaminee a very excitable introduction to the Abby Winters world. She also ushers in a more anal-centric flavor to the proceedings, which is, well, a beautiful thing!As with most Abby Winters girl-on-girl releases, the sense of intimacy is truly key in their play for natural girls doing natural things to one another. The enjoyment on their part is honest, forthright and all-too-human ("Is that good for you?", a quizzical Chloe asks Angie during their foot-happy scene - when was the last time you heard that in a porno movie?). As well, the anal feasting happening in both of the central scenes is a definite draw, even with the skittishness that welcomes the act upon Chloe, as with Shaminee's initial on-camera greenness, both ending in a tousle of the utmost love-worn and finger-sucked richness. Likewise, the additional material is generous as it's ever been, though the audio track overall may not be up to par for most set-ups (one hang up that I'm willing to sift through, really!). But to see the firm branch out slowly in both sexual quality and breadth is the biggest cause for celebration here, which for both the value and the bang comes Highly Recommended.

Addison DeLick then saw fit to offer up a glimpse of Just Turned Eighteen #20: Busy porn maker Juan Cuba, who makes frequent trips to Miami to roll camera, is back home in L.A. for this latest in the "Just Over Eighteen" series. Warm sunshine is clearly his smut métier. This rather genteel program (no anal, no rough stuff) features the usual five scenes, each involving one girl and one guy (not counting talkative cameraman Cuba). A couple of the scenes make a stabe at a narrative scenario; the others are just gonzo sex. The girls are all young, cute and totally natural, though they're "just over 18" only if "just" means just a few years. Red Light presents a typically solid, easily navigable disc. Pop it in and after the obligatory legal info, you head right to the live-action main menu, which offers simply Play Movie, Scene Selection and Special Features. If you don't want to see all five girls in the heat of action right away, but prefer a little token attempt at erotic foreplay, start the movie via the scene selection menu, since the opening credits give away the whole show. Five young, diverse, little-seen and very delicious girls are the main selling point in Just Over Eighteen #20. There's not much preliminary thesping leading up to the action, which makes the sex a bit of a perfunctory letdown. Gonzo veteran Juan Cuba knows how to pick 'em and how to shoot 'em, but a little more storytelling would have helped get the viewer's juices flowing. Nothing too kinky is going on sexually, but with its decent helping of extras, this disc is certainly recommendable.

The Mooninite also looked at a blast from the past with Johnny Wadd: The first of what would be many Johnny Wadd films made by Bob Chinn and John Holmes, this is the picture that kicked off a huge career for the best known male adult film performer of all time. While Holmes had been popular in adult cinema prior to the release of this 1971 private detective story, this one made him a marquee name and a bankable commodity that would wind up exploited time and time again throughout his career. Holmes plays the titular character, a private dick (pun intended) who works out of his dim office near the beach. He's asked by a woman named Wendy Bellamy (Andy Bellamy) to investigate the disappearance of her friend, Jeannie Hamilton. He accepts the case for a cool thousand dollars and a fuck on the couch. After Wendy's been taken care, Jeannie's sister, played by Sandy Dempsey, shows up and offers Wadd twice what Wendy was paying him in order to walk off the case and leave it alone. As the movie goes on, the cast of characters surrounding the missing girl come in and out of his office as Wadd's narration deduces that Jeannie's disappearance is somehow related to her family. Most of characters have sex with Wadd or with one another. Wadd eventually wanders around and asks a few random supporting players a question or two and eventually winds up getting into a fist fight with another guy before solving the case and having more sex but not before running into Jeannie's mother who fucks herself with a glass bottle because Wadd can't get it up for her. While not a perfect release, it's great to see VCX put a commentary on a film as historically important as this one. Holmes would make better pictures with Chinn and this isn't the best of the series but it's still a really fun XXX take on the hardboiled detective genre that makes good use of its cast and which contains a few reasonably steamy scenes. Highly recommended for fans of the golden age of smut for Chinn's commentary and recommended for everyone else.

Upcoming Notable DVDs

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