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Intelligent Talk About Adult DVDs

Roller Dollz, Pirates II in Blu-ray, Hard Candy 4, Katsuni Sexual Freak 10, and a great deal more...

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Intelligent Talk About Adult DVDs

Spotlight Title: Roller Dollz

James Avalon has long been a talented director and editor that I wished gained more attention by the porn industry but even his excellent features at Red Light District a few years ago were not met with much appreciation. His latest work is a dual venture by Zero Tolerance and Adam & Eve called Roller Dollz, a feature about rivalries in the female contact sport of roller derbies, the sexual trysts involved including some of the hottest names in porn at this writing such as Sunny Lane, Penny Flame, Eva Angelina, Bree Olson, Teagan Presley, Ava Rose, Courtney Cummz, Kayden Kross, and others. As always, I will not spoil the plotted elements for readers but the main story here was how Florence Fightingale (Sunny Lane) and Pyra Klastic (Bree Olson) fought on and off the rink, ending up in a small orgy where things worked out for all involved. The idea of two production companies working in tandem to provide contract performers, crew, and financial backing is nothing new (one of the most successful flicks of all time was a joint venture with Adam & Eve in the form of Pirates I, similar to Perfect Match, and InTERActive, in showing how rivals can work together for the mutual benefit of all concerned). The back cover said it like this: "For the first time ever, adult industry rivals Adam & Eve Pictures and Zero Tolerance join forces and invite you to go head-to-head with Roller Dollz! Go on the track and behind the bleachers as two competitive roller derby teams (the Bitch N Moaners and the Pin-Ups) bend all the rules... And each other... in this full contact sport! This high-end feature is big-budget quality and hot gonzo style sex all rolled into one!" It had a lot of sex, a cute plot that you can easily skip without missing too much, and some fine extras enhanced by a very appealing cast so I rated it as Highly Recommended. The sex was not as hardcore gonzo as most projects associated with Zero Tolerance nor was it as couples oriented as most projects coming out of Adam & Eve but I wish they had offered up extended versions of the sex scenes as other top companies have done of late with their blockbuster efforts to appease the raincoaters out here in consumer land. In all though, the double disc set should provide some stroke value for fans of the cast as well as a broader audience wanting something a bit more entertaining than generic porn so pick up a copy of Roller Dollz and see what people are talking about.

Sneak Peeks: Hard Candy 4 and Katsuni: Sexual Freak 10

Gabriella Fox is a cute and curvy new contract star working for Digital Playground. Already receiving critical praise and lots of love from fans, the attractive brunette is poised to break out in 2009 with a variety of projects designed to maximize her appeal, a precursor being Hard Candy 4 that comes out at the end of next month. As with Hard Candy 3, the movie comes from the twisted mind of director Robby D. with the added bonus that it will be released under his infamous Hand Held Pictures line, virtually guaranteeing it will contain even more hardcore action than usual. The theme of the series has long been established as catering to fans that appreciate younger performers that have not been in dozens of scenes, making Gabriella a prime candidate as the featured hotty on the front cover. With five lengthy vignettes of decadent sexuality (lasting nearly two and a half hours), I expected a lot of stroke value from the flick, the casting offering me lots of reasons to appreciate the potential provided. It had everything advertised and more. Gabriella Fox was luscious looking and showed how sexually gifted she could be with several of the others providing a lot of spank bank material to inspire fans for quite some time. The amount of young fuck for the buck managed to elevate the majority of the movie to the point where it earned a rating of Recommended or better, the replay value alone making this one special. In short, Hard Candy 4 was even better than Hard Candy 3 so fans will want to check it out when the movie is released late next month (just in time for the holidays).

Celeste is best known these days for meriting positive accolades as a female director at Digital Playground, even winning a spot on the recent vulkanio.ru "Top Ten Female Directors" list. Presenting a woman's view of sexuality, her various series employ erotic vignettes and a feminine point of view unlike any other at the company known as a couples friendly production house to begin with. Well, next month she will release Katsuni: Sexual Freak 10, the latest in the series last seen starring Sexual Freak 9, this time featuring the two breakthrough contract gals so praised for their work in Pirates II: Stagnetti's Revenge; Katsuni and Shay Jordan. Katsuni is the well known hotty featured on the front cover and is up in two ball draining scenes while Shay Jordan was given a shorter scene in a ménage a trios along with cute Micah Moore and Scott Nails, even former contract performer Lacie Heart scoring a scene to make this a special volume in the series. The theme of the action is the same as always too, the gals are allowed to go a bit beyond their usual work to get especially freaky, nods to BDSM included as recurring ideas. It offered up a light BDSM theme to showcase Katsuni, Shay Jordan, and others as they engaged in heated sexual contact with their partners. The replay value was enhanced and the technical values showed them all in very clear manner having a tremendous amount of fun, leaving most of the artistic trimmings associated with the director behind this time so I rated it as a solid Recommended. In short, fans of the Asian starlet will definitely want to mark their calendar for the end of next month so they don't miss out on Katsuni: Sexual Freak 10.

Highlights of The Week

The best high definition title of the year seems to be Pirates II: Stagnetti's Revenge Blu-ray after having built a lot of anticipation up in the market. Without providing too many spoilers, the show reunites most of the cast from the original to wage war against the forces of evil, an Asian sea witch named Xifeng (Katsuni) attempting to locate a legendary magic artifact in order to resurrect the long dead Victor Stagnetti and unleash his wrath upon an unsuspecting world once again. Picking up the gauntlet to stave off the demoness are Jules Steel (Jesse Jane), Captain Reynolds (Even Stone), and the crew of the Sea Stallion with some added help from Olivia (Belladonna) and Maria (Sasha Grey) as they try to secure a pardon sparing Serena from the past she gave up years prior. With more sex, more effects, and more movie than ever before, Pirates 2 is more than just a movie, it's an event with all the trimmings! It was bigger, bolder, and better in virtually every way imaginable so I rated it as an vulkanio.ru Pick.The amount of fuck for the buck in the movie alone was substantial but combined with the wealth of extended scenes, the heated bonus scene between Stoya, Belladonna, and Katsuni, and the ton of other extras made this a superb offering for those that like features just as much as those that will stick with the gonzo action of the second disc. The production values were very high (you can see every penny on the screen too), the movie having twice as many special effect shots as the original, an even better cast, and the kind of package that you just don't see every day. In terms of big budget blockbusters, Pirates II: Stagnetti's Revenge is so far ahead of everything released in the last year that there is no contest about best feature but even some of the individual scenes merit special attention when awards time comes about. Further, it is likely that P2 serves as the ultimate template of a top end release for some time now, the movie going so far beyond what is typical in the industry these days; P2 becoming the default company flagship title for perhaps the next few years.

Another high definition title you will want to consider is Buttman's Beautiful Brazilian Ass Blu-ray. Sort of picking off where Ass Fetish left off, John flew down to Brazil yet again to showcase a myriad of fleshy foxes with big booties, this time in an anamorphic widescreen version as well, that one reviewed last week if you care to look. The movie still serving to provide hours of quality entertainment with as much tease as even a guy like me can appreciate. It was a nice looking gonzo movie, this high definition version almost certain to look even more lifelike on properly equipped television sets than the last version did. There were only three scenes but each gal was selected for her curvy ass and good attitude, making this easily worth a Recommended rating as far as I was concerned for replay value, strokability, and better technical aspects. In short, Buttman's Beautiful Brazilian Ass Blu-ray was a solid return to the genre that many consider was founded by the director years ago, I just wished he had offered it up in a double disc fashion with better extras so check it out and learn why so many claim that Buttman is the king of gonzo tease footage. The high definition version might not have fully utilized the clarity of the format but it did manage to serve as a solid upgrade here for those of us with the proper equipment to appreciate it too, future endeavors will likely be even better given my contacts in the industry.

Erik Everhard has been one of the best directors in porn thanks to his double disc titles distributed by Jules Jordan Video. He provides a tremendous amount of fuck for the buck with a wealth of tease to boot, often getting top notch ladies to join him in making some very heated (and chemistry filled) titles that few of his peers can touch. His latest title to make it my way is This Butt's 4 U #4: Special Edition, the sequel to last year's This Butt's 4 U #3 that really worked so well for me. The idea of the series has long been to showcase ladies with very shapely asses and get them to do depraved things on camera, Erik making the most of the situation by generally taking control himself. To say that this series has proven to be one of his "must have" releases due to the casting, the tease, and the sheer quantity of action isn't enough though as the quality of action is among his best in most cases too. It was yet another of his lengthy extravaganzas providing substantial levels of fuck for the buck, a great deal of strokable tease, and a cast just diverse enough to serve as inspirational material for a whole lot of us out there so I rated it as Highly Recommended. In didn't hurt that the replay value was so high either but This Butt's 4 U #4: Special Edition, like This Butt's 4 U #3 before it, was the kind of double disc set I have come to expect from Erik and most of Jules' minions so give it a look and find out why so many fans have jumped onboard his fan wagon.

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Elegant Angel was long known as a cutting edge company when it came to providing hardcore sex just a bit ahead of the pack, eventually taming down a bit as others took up the mantle of extreme sex to the point where they had legal troubles. Now the home of director Mason,there are a number of people that think Elegant is heading back to its roots, the gal renowned for the kinds of rough sex she likes to shoot in her movies, pushing the limits as far as she can while always keeping in mind what her performers enjoy doing. One such flick was the recently released Slave Dolls 3, Mason taking the series over from Graham (who did a decent job with Slave Dolls 2), to show a cast of true rough-sex aficionados for the home viewer to appreciate. The five scenes lasted almost three hours and each of them displayed a lot of hardcore circus act sex, including choking, slapping, spanking, anal, crying, and really going at it in a manner that made it clear they into no holes barred action. It was certainly an upgrade to Slave Dolls 2, proving that the director really has an ability to bring the most out of her casts to make a show worthy of being Highly Recommended. The movie provided exactly the kind of action one would expect, displaying a lot of hardcore abuse sex just as it advertised and ultimately, that is the best way to rate a movie. With substantial amounts of fuck for the buck, replay value, and personal chemistry between the performers that were totally into their work, it is easy to see the appeal of Slave Dolls 3 even if you are not heavily into the edgy style of sex they had, the kind where the performers were let loose to explore their darker sides regardless of the movie being shot.
B. Skow is not only a blogger here at vulkanio.ru but he is also an award winning director working for Vivid Entertainment, his eye for the ladies always allowing him to find their most positive attributes and promote them like few others could dare. His talent with a camera is also renowned and few that see much of his work find fault with it, at least when he controls a project. His latest release is The Nikki Jayne Experiment Blu-ray , a double disc showcase starring the company's newest contract gal, a hot blond English export first seen in Gazzman's The Initiation of Nikki Jayne where she stunned the world with how into the nastiest sex she could get, proving that beauty does not preclude talent as so many suggest has to be the case. This time, Nikki gets a full work up of fun for hours of entertainment, from short solo scenes to lengthy bouts of boning the likes of which no one would have predicted coming from Vivid even a few years ago. With long blond hair and gorgeous blue eyes, the curvy babe also manages to prove Skow's summation of her nasty side, making her a contract starlet you'll want to keep an eye on in coming years. The movie proved that Nikki Jayne's debut appearance last year was no fluke and that fans can expect a lot more from her than her associate contract gals. The quality of the scenes revolving around Nikki would have sent the rating even higher had the weaker scenes been left behind (and the extras fleshed out more; I hate edited scenes) but due to the technical aspects and amount of quality fuck for the buck, it still merited a rating of Recommended from me. I don't need a lady to be an extreme queen to appreciate her performances and Nikki's beauty alone should elevate sales of her works, but suffice it to say that Nikki Jayne is something special and I expect a whole lot of her contract with Vivid. In short, The Nikki Jayne Experiment Blu-ray showed Vivid thinking outside their usual parameters as they seek to appease the fans, her signing likely proving to be a move we can all find very wise indeed. And we even brought you a second look by our own Horny Housewife for those wanting her opinion, amounting to a lot of loving by the hot British export.

Belladonna and her hardcore fetish movies at Evil Angelhave long drawn considerable attention as filled with plenty of raw energy and enthusiasm, promoting the concept of sexual athleticism in modern porn. Bella enjoys all aspects of her sexuality too, jumping into the scenes she directs as often as not in the past, resulting in a lot of award winning smut that her fans readily gobble up as fast as she creates it. Her latest release making it to me was Belladonna's Foot Soldiers: The Stomping Grounds, a tribute to foot fetish material for those into the related action of the fetish. This allowed her to serve up six scenes of depraved foot smothering, trampling, licking, and jerking off to mention but a few of the kinks on display here. There was also the regular penetrative sex and oral for those that care, the movie best described as a narrowly targeted movie designed for a specific audience more than Bella's usual push the limits hardcore. It might not have been designed for a general audience like myself but even for me it was well worth a rating of Recommended. If you are into foot fetish material, I strongly suspect this will have you rubbing out lots of loads all over the place making it a must have for such aficionados of the genre. In short, Belladonna's Foot Soldiers: The Stomping Groundswas made for a dedicated group of people but if you have any interest at all in the subject matter, by all means check it out to see if perhaps this is the kind of thing that floats your boat too, the project providing more foot fuck for the buck than the vast majority of similar titles available on the market today.

Mick Blue has directed a number of movies for Zero Tolerancein recent times, his approach not quite as technically perfect as Mike Quasar's can be but often providing a lot of his personal touch along the way. In that sense, he seems to make a point of finding the best on all the ladies that work for him, this being the case on his recently released title, Flying Solo . The double disc DVD set provided a series of female masturbation scenes without any men to assist them in getting off, a wealth of toys deployed to satiate the varied cast by their own hands. For those that care to know, there were not a lot of firsts here nor did any of the ladies really try anything new but the appeal of them teasing, rubbing, and using a variety of vibrators/dildos on their pussies (and in many cases, their assholes too) was pretty smoking hot. Granted, each scene averaged around 12 minutes so there should be plenty of inspirational material for your personal spank banks to enjoy without the usual parolee stepping in and the lack of fast forward fodder might make some of you even happier, but each lady provided their rendition of "how I got off on my summer vacation" as they moved around the house. It had no genetic juice or population pudding drained on the faces of the ladies and the actual cast was diverse enough to appeal to almost everyone (more ethnic diversity might have been nice though), but the strength of the double disc set was in what it did have more than what it lacked, a set of attractive ladies diddling themselves silly with toys and fingers, some of them getting lubed up from their own fluids to the point that even the ones faking it were pretty well versed in providing some anticipated action.

Sunny Leoneis one of the most physically attractive ladies to enter the porn industry in quite some time, her exotic looks appealing to a wide range of men and women alike, always looking her best when directed by B. Skow for Vivid Entertainment. I know a number of folks were not as taken with her since she initially only did women but as she expanded her repertoire to doing a guy (her then fiancé), interest in seeing more of her blossomed quickly, resulting in the subject of today's review of The Other Side of Sunny. The movie provides five lengthy scenes with Sunny herself starring in three of them, a bonus given she does men but also explores her kinkier side. My hopes for the movie ran very high given the artistic look of the cover (primarily because it also mentioned the director I knew would bring home the goods) and I figured there are far worse ways of spending three hours than watching the latest Sunny Leone offering by Skow himself. It served as a solid showcase for Sunny Leoneas her limits continue to expand, though she fell short of doing any fisting as she claimed during the ending credits. I admit that I find her exceptionally attractive and hope her previous limits of only doing other women or the one man in her life (not Matt anymore) are cast aside to go even further, especially if she can display the kind of chemistry with other men as she did here. I rated the show as Recommendedbut any fan of the young lady should consider this one they will need for their collection, the amount of fuck for the buck and Sunny Leone action included certainly worthy of checking out. In short, The Other Side of Sunny did manage to show her doing more sexually oriented tricks than in previous releases so if you find her even remotely appealing, give this one a chance (you might be surprised at how far she has come).

Jana Cova is one of those attractive Czech Republic gals that I never got to see much of until she signed a contract with Digital Playground. In person, she comes across as one of the nicest people you could hope to meet but still exudes a raw sexuality that is unmistakably appealing, even to a jaded old porn hound like me. Well, for better or for worse it was only a matter of time before she became the focus of a Celeste movie and the title of it is Porcelain Blu-ray. If you like slow motion, special effects, and scenes that are designed less with a raincoater in mind than a couple trying to find common ground to warm up to (rather than finish off with), this will be a winner for you. I'm going to suggest this one as Recommended, though it was clearly a fine example of the aforementioned style and Jana has never looked so inviting on a DVD (and those who hate the style can simply join me in wishing for more scenes of the hotty done up in the typical Robby D. style we favor so much). Better extras and longer scenes would've helped to provide more fuck for the buck, but as a niche product for couples intimidated by more mainstream porn, this will serve as a nice starting place. In short, Porcelain is a tribute to the lovely Jana Cova made for couples that will set your crotch on fire, though I want to see a lot more of her in future outings. The up side of the production being provided in the high definition Blu-ray format was that it looked stunning in most cases, a clear visual upgrade even if the aural qualities were not as solid.

Robby has been experimenting a lot of late as he seeks out new ways of conveying sexual tension and heat in a very crowded market; succeeding most times in addressing a particular market niche (he does it all, does it well, and doesn't rely on the same tricks all the time to keep it interesting). Today's review is of Deeper 2 Blu-ray, the thematic sequel to Deeper 1,where the cast of ladies all seem to want the men to hammer them increasingly deeper as they provide a cross between the erotic Celeste style and the more gonzo Robby style that the director shoots. Let's face it, there are still over a million players out there and the opportunity to serve that market after others have abandoned it is a pretty big feather in their cap; though I doubt sales will be big enough to continue indefinitely. The entire female cast were "A List" talent and the primary selling point was clearly the beautiful contract star Teagan Presley; a gal on her own as of this writing and only doing other women on camera, looking leaner than ever. The emphasis was on artistic sex with hot ladies, some of my favorites included. My personal taste in porn tends to lean away from the artistic stuff though I appreciate it most when taken in small doses (and only when done "right"; a value judgment some on the production side get really touchy about at weaker companies). Still, director Robby D. earned a rating of Recommended from me for Deeper 2 Blu-ray and fans of Teagan's that don't mind condoms should consider this a must have title. In summary, Deeper 2 was as much a showcase for the creative talents of director Robby D. as it was for the flawless beauty of Teagan Presley; transcending the throwaway porn all too common these days. It won't be for everyone but it will certainly serve its intended audience for a long, hard time to come.

Robby D. is the big cheese over at Handheld Pictures, his brainchild for hardcore smut projects that don't quite fit his regular employer. As such, he uses his position to explore settings andcombinations of sex acts that might be too rough for them but help fuel his personal muse. Last month, he provided the world with yet another project in the form of Cumcocktion Blu-ray , a series of five lengthy scenes full of decadence and depravity using a variety of ladies one doesn't see every day, this time in glorious high definition. By carefully selecting his cast, he gets a chance to appreciate them being all they can be, hopefully giving fans some strokable action with a lot of replay value. The main draw this time was to offer up creampie scenes by the ladies, the loads of population pudding looking genuine in every case (unlike some of the competition). It had a series of actual creampies for fans of the sub-genre, making it a step above the usual product where cheating is allowed all too readily. The cast was better than I would have thought going in to review it so when it comes out next month, consider it worthy of being Recommended. While most of his peers cheat the consumer with internal pop shots that are laughably fake, Robby used Cumcocktion Blu-ray to give consumers what they have demanded, elevating the merits of the movie beyond the partners having hardcore good times and making it memorable even for a jaded old porn hound like me. Well played in all ways, you get your money's worth this time, the upgraded version showing the ladies off even better than the standard definition offering that came out earlier this year.

The Horny Housewife then gave us a couple more titles to appreciate with 20 Questions: Meggan Mallone plays the role of the model Meggan Douglas a newbie Model / Actress from Houston Texas looking to break into the biz. Derrick Pierce who plays the role of an interviewer interested in her story meets up with the beautiful fresh young talent over lunch and the pair begin to get acquainted. Meggan tells of her breaking into the adult business and her upcoming first boy girl scene and how she is a bit nervous but nothing a bit of alcohol wont fix. Derrick who seems genuinely interested in what she has to say pokes and prods with Meggan and her story asking her questions over lunch. The subject of Meggan and relationships comes up and She quickly mentions of a guy she was with while getting into the industry but the subject is a sore one for Meggan so she asks to drop the subject. While the conversation is taking place Meggan finds her mind elsewhere. It was a decent movie and was in actuality the first feature I have actually sat and watched in sometime. Not only was it the first feature I have seen in who knows how long it was my first attempt at reviewing a feature XXX film. While the story is your typical porn theme with not much to character development or substance the sex was pretty good and the young Starlet Meggan Mallone sure knows how to capture a viewers attention. I really did enjoy seeing Meggan on screen and really think better visuals would have done her a ton of good here. Add in a few other really hot girls in Phoenix Marie, Maya Gates, and Jennifer Dark and you got yourself a pretty good porn to watch; and Teens Corrupted 2: The first Teens Corrupted was one of my favorite titles when it released and in all honestly I can say that Vol # 2 was even better. In all honestly from top to bottom this title has a slew of good looking young gals with standout looks and performances from Sarah Shine, Summer Bailey and even Alexa Benson. Jake Malone who has been around for a good while knows how to make good porn and thankfully this is one that lives up to the guys name. The extras could have been stronger bu thats the only big downside I have for this flick.

Wind Tunnel than found one to his liking with Rocco's Breaking Ass in St. Petersburg: Hot on the heels of Rocco's recently documented trips into St. Petersburg (Rocco's Intimacy 2, specifically), Breaking Asspresents a more wiley, group-oriented set of scenes, all of which tip the female scales on a higher ratio than their attending male partners, and all of which partake in, well, ass breaking! Along the way of the polyamorous pairings, Rocco, often behind the camera, attempts to woo the blond-haired nymph Laura, who appears in between scenes as the girl that refuses to be caught in a web of Siffredi. He does triumph, but not before a load of solid fucking (featuring a delectable platter of Euro-bred babes) is witnessed on his camera's behalf. As a continuation of Rocco's love affair with the ladies of St. Petersburg, Breaking Ass should yield subsequent volumes and titles in the future, though this is certainly a chapter worth a Recommendedappeal, for just about everyone. The sex, as the title would imply, is on the more aggressive, group-oriented level, though all involved are well aware of their playful smacks and slaps enough to chide and joke with their partners along the way. Fans of Euro-based ladies will find much to offer here, with many of the break-ees being of the trim and teen varieties (especially Bac and a few of the party boat girls), all with a penchant for furious ass-plugging that only someone like Rocco could offer them over the course of a weekend. I'm not so sure that the ongoing narrative truly is worth the effort, though the payoff of seeing the vibrant and nutty Laura break off three dicks in a round-robin scene is certainly worth her early hinting via Rocco's constant stream of frustrating blue-balling aspiration. Likewise, all the rest serve their share of hard-nosed bump via tag-teaming and group sharing, all with lovely, giggly results. Do it for Laura!

Apache Warrior then gave us the heads up on the latest in a popular MILF series called Momma Knows Best 7 is part of Red Light District's popular Momma Knows Best series. The director is the fabulous Maestro Claudio. I really like his confidence on what he wants. He is very self-assured of himself and that is a great quality to have in this business. The performers want a director that already knows what he wants from them. It makes the scenes go by quicker and easier. He also likes to give positive feedback to his actresses. It makes them feel good that they are doing a super job. It is not a surprise that many adult stars want to work with him again. Momma Knows Best 7 is a good movie. I recommend it. The star of this movie is Ms. Mae Victoria. I hope that people do not underestimate her talents. I think that she can be a great comedic actress. I hope that she gets the opportunity to show off more of her fun side. It's important to check out her Behind the Scenes segment. Her personality really shines through. Another woman who really has great potential is Krista Keslo. I would like to see her in a more meatier role where she can use her acting skills. I think that she will shine. All in all, this movie is worth the bucks for the fucks.

Reviewer Alexander Espinoza found one too with Bomb Shell Bottoms #4: The Bombshell Bottoms series prides itself on "showcasing some of the most perfectly proportioned butts in the porn game." Director Donnie Cabo follows tradition and gives us an impressive roster of amazing asses including Mackenzee Pierce, Audrianna Angel, Megan Monroe, Shay Moore and Vouyer Media favorite, Asa Akira. These girls are here to show off their assets and for all of us ass addicts out there. Bombshell Bottoms 4 is the definition of what gonzo porn should be. It delivers on every promise it makes and is certainly for the ass aficionado as stated on the cover. The asses are beyond incredible and all the girls are new or relatively new. The beautiful Asa Akira produces the most sexually intense scene on the disc and in recent porn memory. In addition, the bonus features are an added perk as we see Mia Lina fuck for the first time in front of the camera. For these reasons and more, Vouyer Media brings another must see title to the industry of smut. Having seen a few of the earlier works in the series over the last few years, this looked to be another title worthy of the Vouyer Meedia company from the looks of it.

The Mooninite then gave us a few to consider with Asia Noir 6: Evil Sex Trap: A man (Dick James) is murdered while fucking his girlfriend. A cop named Trent (Mr. Marcus) is on the case and as he starts to investigate, he gets pulled into a world of femme fatales who may or may not be in his head. Trent's reality mingles with a bizarre, dark fantasy world and he becomes increasingly unsure of what is real and what is imagine in this odd but hyper-stylish XXX thriller from director David Aaron Clark. This is obviously an exercise in style over substance but at least it's a good one. The kink here is that in each scene a black guy fucks an Asian chick, so you're likely to get more out of this movie if that's your bag. That said, even if it isn't your particular fetish, the story is interesting if a bit funky and out there at times. The performances are definitely better than average for a modern day 'porno with a plot' and the cinematography does a nice job of establishing mood and atmosphere. Some of the scenes are tinkered with in terms of the color and the shadow detail and that might irk those who absolutely need to see every gynecological close up in bright detail but anyone who appreciates stylishly shot sex scenes will enjoy the look of the film. If black dudes and Asian chicks are your bag, then Asia Noir 6 - Evil Sex Trap should get your blood flowing in all the right ways. The story is pretty mediocre but the film is well shot and the sex is hot enough that you can overlook the issues with the narrative. The disc looks and sounds good and contains a decent second disc of extra sex scenes to provide you with plenty of value and wank material; and Shades of Romona: A sexy doctor named Romona (played by cover girl and all around hottie Ava Rose) invents a machine called Virtual Vacation that allows anyone who uses it to travel off to a virtual world that they create in their minds and where they can do anything that they'd like to do. If that weren't great enough, it only takes an hour to live out your entire fantasy. When the good doctor decides to record clients in their virtual worlds, however, things get a little more complicated... A fun plot and a nice mix of sex scenes (guy girl/girl girl/solo) collide with some fantastic candy colored visuals for a truly hot XXX feature that strikes that nice balance of style and hardcore eroticism. The performances are decent enough to work even if no one's going to take home an Oscar, and the cinematography and lighting really does a good job of playing up the 'fantasy world' aspect of the production. The girls all look great and seem really into what they're doing, and the sex scenes are well paced and steamy. It'll likely appeal more to alt-porn aficionados than those who prefer their films straight up gonzo style but Shades Of Ramona is hot stuff. It looks good, it sounds good, the extras are pretty cool and the feature is sexy and fun.

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