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Spotlight Title: Debbie Does Dallas...Again

In an homage to the past, Debbie Does Dallas...Again takes the center stage this week, notable for the simultaneous release of the standard and high definition versions; a first in porn: Paul Thomas is the directing icon responsible for much of the success obtained by the Vivid Entertainment Empire. Every year, he gets to make a huge blockbuster or two in an effort to wins scores of awards, typically getting the resources he needs to succeed in bringing home the bacon. This year, his big entry is the title Debbie Does Dallas...Again; a tribute to the popular porno made almost three decades ago, Debbie Does Dallas. Debbie is still a cheerleader but as in the classic mainstream title Here Comes Mr. Jordan, she has an accident and is given a second shot at life. Her goal to usurp the power of her cheerleading rival aside, Debbie's life centers on winning the national cheerleading competition; a goal that brings her back from the dead in the body of geeky Hillary Scott (at least made to look geeky). Along the way to her goal, the members of the squad and those she encounters have numerous sexual liaisons, ending in a macabre orgy that revisits another classic remake from recent years. It was shot on film but aside from that fact, it was a very entertaining movie with a lot of additional fuck for the buck thanks to the extensive extras and copy of the original movie tossed in for good measure. Stefani Morgan fit the airhead, vengeful Debbie of the modernized version perfectly so apart from the overacting by Penny Flame and Evan Stone (both of whom camped it up big time), the movie earned a rating of Highly Recommended for those of you looking for a variety of sexual encounters from the hardcore (Staci's scene) to the lesbian outing (between Lacie and Sunny) to the arousing ending starring the rest of the highlighted cast.

Sneak Peeks: Jesse Jane In Pink and Deeper 5

Digital Playground provided us with a duo of early releases this week, including Jesse Jane In Pink: a title I could easily rate as Recommended without a lot of qualifiers as I sometimes add with her more erotica oriented releases. The fact that Jesse Jane, Jana Cova, and Shay Jordan were all in the movie didn't hurt it one bit and aside from some unpolished aspects making it look a bit too much like a standard Robby flick (giving up too much of Celeste's usual style per my current significant other), Jesse Jane In Pink was a nice surprise in some ways. Jesse has long been one of my favorite performers in porn, attaining "star" status that evades so many of her peers and Jana is always welcome as a positive influence in a porno. The levels of replay and stroke value were pretty high this time and the cover was the type of work that would make a great poster by the way it completely infuses Jesse's appeal from a distance.

We also got to see the latest volume in a popular series by director Robby D. with Deeper 5 (Jana Cova): Like the featured performances of previous volumes in the series, this one served to provide some heated footage of international cutie Jana Cova along with some other ladies that have become synonymous with jerking off, an attribute that most people reading this review will want to know about. There was no central theme, substantial dialogue, or other aspects to get in the way of your viewing pleasure, the scenes providing fantasy material that just about anyone could enjoy. It provided some reasonable levels of fuck for the buck, replay and strokability, and technical values that while a bit more artistic than the director usually provides when using his own nom de plume, were still better than average. In short, the movie will appeal to Jana's fans but also others that aren't into the extreme circus act sex so many other companies have chased off a cliff in recent years, the ladies seeming to have a good time as a result, making this one well worth a rating of Recommended.

High Definition Porn: Round Two

A few months ago, we told you about the initial wave of high definition porn in our First Report: High Definition Porn article. It detailed the first releases by two of the biggest companies in porn as they provided the first double dip titles worthy of the HD DVD format. Well, since that time, they have continued their quest for hi-def dominance with other worthy titles; a third industry player upping the stakes with a brand new title simultaneously released with the regular version on day and date (a term we haven't heard much about since the demise of the VHS format years ago). How do these later efforts stack up and what direction is the industry going? It's too early in the format wars to definitively answer the latter but the former question is easy; we like what we are seeing. We sent point man Don Houston to check out the latest batch of HD DVD titles, pleased to find out that the 1080p transfers are now coming out.

Howdy all! Our first 1080p porno was Curse Eternal (HD DVD), the Brad Armstrong winner from last year courtesy of Wicked Pictures. The movie was a horror flick focusing on the return of an Egyptian ruler (aptly played by Kaylani Lei) bent on sexual depravity as she searched for a long lost lover. Only a hot archeologist (Jessica Drake) can save the day and the darker nature of the scenes was greatly enhanced by the use of the new technology. The best extras were kept and a few newly remastered HD DVD scenes tossed in to sweeten the package, making this a solid title to hold us over until the company starts releasing their top gun titles later this year.

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Next up was the remastered version of the most awarded movie in the history of porn, Pirates (HD DVD). If you haven't heard of this one, you've been cut off from civilization as the title is still winning awards two years later, the sequel generating more buzz than a hive of honey bees. Speaking of honey's the movie starred all the top names from both Digital Playground and Adam & Eve in a porn epic starring Janine, Jesse Jane, Carmen Luvana and others as they sailed the seven seas in search of treasure. Those of you with large screen television sets will greatly appreciate the new version that replaces the WMV disc with a true HD DVD outing, though the changes were otherwise minimal to the package. Last, but certainly not least, was the HD DVD version of this week's top pick: Debbie Does Dallas...Again (HD DVD). Fans of the classic may not remember how lame the original really was but it remains a pop culture icon even to this day so adding in an actual story and a stellar cast only serves to enhance this latest look at the movie that put NFL cheerleaders on the map. The show was the subject to a reality television series on Showtime, with the enhanced technical aspects of the HD DVD version helping to mitigate the use of film used to shoot the flick. In terms of fuck for the buck, Vivid Entertainment provided fewer extras but if you have the right equipment, you will want to get this version thanks to how much better it looks on the big screen. As the first 1080p title released on day and date, we applaud the company for their upcoming version on Blu-Ray as well; the first release of such a title in adult entertainment by an industry leader.

Highlights of The Week

If you like tease footage, you simply cannot go wrong with Cheek Freaks 2: The idea of the series is to allow the ladies a lot of time to tease the camera in a playful manner, in effect seducing the viewer into their skillful anal antics that got really hardcore. This is not the kind of porn you tend to invite a new gal pal to watch unless she's given you ample hints (a stack of Buttman magazines on her bed table, a large collection of anal toys, including some completely worn out, and the gal picking it up in the video store asking why you haven't had the chance to review it all being reasonable clues) and make no mistake about it; this isn't couples porn for most people. It was a gonzo title that you'll probably think is worth a rating of Highly Recommended for the levels of fuck for the buck, the heated pairings of passionate partners, and the amount of chemistry they all displayed as they worked each other over to the very best of their abilities. The technical aspects were not always the best and the extras were minimal but Cheek Freaks 2 surpassed even Cheek Freaks 1 in terms of replay and strokability factors; making it another winner on Jazz's resume.

Esteemed reviewer Namrufmot found a lot to like this week, starting with a trio of gonzo titles worth consideration including Naughty Best Friends: A bunch of foreign babes you may have never seen before grace this one. The overall review of this release is extremely simple. There is an all-star cast of girls, over two hours of lesbian action, and solid video quality. If you're a fan of lesbian DVDs, then this would make a worth addition to your collection, Double Stuffed 8: The girls are all very attractive and display tons of enthusiasm and gusto for screwing on camera. The intense sex combined with a few decent extras, all wrapped in excellent video quality make for a solid DVD. Fans of gonzo DVDs will want to pick this one up, and Prying Open My Third Eye 2: Mike Adriano showing some anal action like never before with a hot cast. I was pretty satisfied with this DVD. The majority of the scenes were very enjoyable with attractive girls, intense action, and solid technical quality.

Don was surprised to find PT releasing another multi-disc title so close to Debbie with Layout: The movie is a send up of some of the industry practices that take place, largely centering on the exploits of the employees of AVG magazine (a thinly disguised version of AVN; tacitly approved of by their main writer Mark Kernes as evidenced by his quote on the cover). While the specific plot points were usually generalizations of people and events over the years, the concept of payoffs for favorable treatment, the lack of journalistic integrity, and other popular claims directed at the trade icon were not unnoticed. It had enough decent sex and extras to warrant a rating of Recommended for me, the technical limitations of film weakening it almost as much as some of the less inspired sexual pairings that were often truncated. Distilled to it's core essence, the movie seemed to hold back too often on the plot points, almost as if warned to do so by the trade organization it was poking fun at. The mixture of film and video also added a layer of problems that made me wonder if some of the action was captured after the fact as pick up material to cover what was edited out, but I think there was enough here for fans to enjoy nonetheless.

Reviewer Rob Randell then offered up a eclectic batch of titles with All Internal 1: A fetish porno with a foreign cast of euro-babes who partake in sex scenes that conclude with a white creamy sauce. The scenes finish with internal cum shots, both vaginal and anal. The scenes also have opening bits with the girls having white liquid inserted insides and squirted out. The sex was enjoyable and the girls were attractive. There was also a lot of attention on the creampie fetish, Big Titty MILFs 3: a porno with a title that explains it all. It has a cast of 5 busy mature babes who participate in one on one sex scenes. The action is fairly tame, but still has enough excitement for fans who like busy older women who are willing to get into action. Overall, I thought that this was a pretty good DVD. It wasn't my favorite for the genre, but I did enjoy seeing babes like Nyomi Banxxx and Adrianna Nicole in action, No Swallowing Allowed 12: a gonzo style porno that focuses on girls who like to take the cum shot on their faces. In the earlier volumes the sex scenes were filled with facial only vignettes where the girls were take multiple cum shots on their face. There were a couple scenes that I really enjoyed and the rest were good. I really enjoyed seeing cutie Angelica Lane, Presley Maddox and Joanna Angel. These gals are good enough reasons to check out this DVD, and Facial Frenzy 3: the latest installment from a facial fetish porno put out by Anabolic. The format is simple. Girls have sex and then end with a facial from their partner(s). Then 5+ guys show up and add more cum to the pretty girl's face. By the end of it they are glazed. The sex scenes were all generally good, my favorite being Kaiya Lynn's, and the ending facial goodness was spot on. If you enjoy seeing cute babes engage heated sex and finish off with lots of cum on their faces then pick up this DVD.

Katie Morgan has long been a favorite here at X Critic so it was no surprise that Perfect Match was appreciated by the professor of porn himself: It was a look at the life and times of the dating world in modern day USA. While a small budget flick, it gives more than a passing nod to some of the prevalent types you'll meet at bars and the encounters you may well find yourself in. With some very interesting dialogue by screenwriter Jennifer Allison, the movie did not appear to be overly ambitious, making it a light hearted romantic comedy that you could share with someone else and not be totally embarrassed. It earned a rating of Recommended from me for the sexual encounters, the cute but short dialogue, and the replay value combined with strokability. It doesn't set out to be the latest gonzo flick and the couples friendly nature of the show made it perfect for those not wanting to sit through a whole movie as they warmed each other up on the couch or bed. In short, Perfect Match might just be the perfect match for those of you looking for a couples flick that doesn't totally suck like most such titles seem to do these days; making it a rarity thanks in large part to the appeal of Katie Morgan (who would make the perfect contract gal for the company).

Reviewer George Capistrano found a delightful duo too with Destination Tonsils: Thirteen sexy, sexy women - not a dog in the bunch - fill 11 scenes with sloppy sucking, ball licking and cum dribbling in what is surely a Happy Blowjob Day present to us all. Because it's cock sucking and not a thing more, the scenes are abbreviated. The shortest clocks in at 9 minutes with the longest going 18. But for even the casual fan of girls choking on fat cocks, this movie does it all admirably. Shot point-of-view style, the formula is pretty simple. The girls generally strip a bit, but not always, play with themselves and then get down to swallowing meat swords. This blowjob disc is a winner in almost every category, and Mark Ashley Fucks Them All: The massive 2-disc compilation is a Mark Ashley "best of" album with a whopping 13 scenes. A Digital Sin sampler that revolves around the dick of one man, Mark Ashley Fucks Them All is a good, if not great, collection of varied sex scenes. There's something for everybody, but maybe not enough of it. Regardless, the consistently sexy girls, the camerawork and the intensity earns this one a Highly Recommended rating, if for no other reason than there's so much sex on these two discs.

Newcomer Kayden Cross was thrust into the spotlight with Kayden's First Time: Eli Cross is one of the most well rounded directors in porn thanks to his background at AVN and as Kylie Ireland's main squeeze/production assistant. While he is now under contract elsewhere, he made a few titles for Vivid Entertainment that often provided some heated sex, albeit limited by the audience the company caters to. His latest release from the company is Kayden's First Time; the Vivid debut of beautiful Kayden Kross; their latest contract gal. I prefer experienced gals since their sexual energy tends to be so much more interesting but those of you wanting to see this former stripper turned performer get her shot, this is the place to go, a few pictures of her can be found at My 2006 Photo's if you look for them. The boxcover said it like this: "Kayden Kross was always a star. We just didn't know it. And then we found each other. We rushed her to the set. And she jumped on Manuel Ferrara like a seasoned pro. There's a word for that: hot. Vivid presents our brand new contract star, Kayden Kross, in her first movie ever. She will be major. But she'll be yours first." I enjoyed it more than a little bit. Kylie, Julie, and Penny have long been proven quantities in porn with the newcomer appeal of Kayden certainly adding in some fun too. The levels of fuck for the buck and strokability were high enough to warrant a rating of Recommended, the standard package of extras and minor technical issues not weakening it in any significant way.

Reviewer Colonel Mustard searched far and wide to come up with a title to suggest you might enjoy, coming across Hi-Speed Sex in the process. "The smell of new leather, waxed hot metal, the fumes of a revved up motor... speed and sex: Hold on tight for a sex powered dream of the world's most desired 4- wheeled cruising machines". That's the hook on the back of the Private Gold release of Hi-Speed Sex from Director Toni Ribas. Man's infatuation with automobiles has been chronicled since their advent. Combining the buffed metal finishes, with the smooth skin of some of Private's hottest stars seems like a match made in pervert heaven. There are five scenes on this DVD, spread over close to three hours with of Private style hardcore sex. Combining the male's engrained love of automobiles and hardcore sex was a grand idea. Hi-Speed Sex feels like a car show featuring scantily clad car models draping themselves over high priced automobiles, then takes the sexual energy from a tease to some hardcore debauchery. Love the idea, and the execution of the idea was well done. Using the cars as sexual props made this DVD memorable. As an added bonus, the video was extremely crisp and audio was perfect. I must Recommend Hi-Speed Sex for anyone who loves automobiles and porn as much as I do.

We end this week with a second dose of top picks from Namrufmot, this time focusing on youthful performers starting with Barely Legal 69: Every time I review a Barely Legal titles I rant and rave about how hot the girls are. Needless to say I was simply amazed that this DVD has assembled the best-looking casts I've ever seen on one disc. Girl one through girl five is simply incredible. When you also add in the wild, intense sex you have a DVD that belongs on the shelves of every guy who enjoys teen DVDs, Twatinas: This is the first title in the Twatinas series and overall I was pretty satisfied. Not only are the girls all attractive and sex, but most importantly they know how to fuck on camera. The lack of extras hurts the final ratings a little, but I still feel it deserves a score of "Recommended", Barely Legal Princess Diaries 2: continues the tradition by delivering a DVD full of pretty girls, intense sex, and solid technical quality. Whether you're a collector of the series or just looking for a new teen title, give this DVD some consideration, and Stuffin Young Muffins 7: One of the main considerations for me when recommending a DVD is the value. New Sensations, in my opinion, is the one company that always tries to give their customers plenty of "fuck for your buck". Not only do you get five solid and enjoyable scenes, but all the extras you could hope for (don't forget the bonus scene!). I was a big fan of the previous installments in the series and this one carries the tradition proudly. If you're in the market for a new teen DVD, definitely give this title careful consideration.

Upcoming Notable DVDs

We'd love to read your comments and feedback on this column, Send us your thoughts on other things you'd like to see in the space, or even random thoughts about the world of porn. Drop us a line at [email protected].

The major contributors to The Blue Room this week were: Don Houston and Chris Thorne

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