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Spotlight Title: Not Bewitched XXX

Let's face it, most porn is pretty lame these days and all looks alike so when you get a talented production team willing to pour all their efforts into a limited number of special projects, you're bound to get something out of the ordinary. Such was the case with Not Bewitched XXX, a porn parody of the highest magnitude, the movie providing the best tribute to a beloved television show (even surpassing an expensive Hollywood production). This one even surpassed last year's "Brady" adventure and kudos to Adam & Eve for showing the foresight to distribute a movie so close in tone to the original that some experts are betting lawsuits will fly before the year is out. The movie is like a pornified episode of the beloved Bewitched, a television series I watched for years when it aired between 1964 and 1972. Distilling the basic elements to make for an entertaining porno, Jenna Haze stepped in for the Samantha Stevens role originally played by Elizabeth Montgomery, Mike Horner filled the shoes of two Dicks (York & Sargent) to play Darren, Nina Hartley played Agnes Moorehead's Endora, James Bartholet showed his acting chops as Larry Tate, Michelle Avanti was delightful as Gladys Kravitz, and even Ron Jeremy joined in to play the bombastic Dr. Bombay. In this version, baby Tabitha was played by Teagan Presley too, the plot revolving around her being magically altered by scatterbrained Aunt Clara (hotty Eva Angelina). More than any parody release of the year, the show worked thanks to the level of detail that the production team provided, relying less on the name of the show as others have to include props, lines, and situations indicative of episodes so many of us know by heart. It was a great deal of fun and proved that a feature, even a comedic parody, need not sacrifice heated sex scenes to work for a wide audience. The technical aspects were better than ever and the extras supplied some additional value but the main selling point for me was the great sex scenes that you simply won't find in most features these days. Our own curmudgeon of porn, Don Houston, even rated it as an vulkanio.ru Pick due to the levels of fuck for the buck, the replayability, and the devotion to detail no one else in porn seems capable of providing.

Sneak Peeks: Jana Cova: Lust

Jana Cova was my favorite contract gal at Digital Playground before they parted ways awhile back. Her beauty and sensual nature certainly played a large part of that but some of it was also due to her sticking to her limits without being pushed to do what she did not want to do. I don't get to see many movies by her now that she is rarely appearing in post company porn but some of her previously shot footage by director Celeste is still popping up from time to time, making it even more interesting for me to watch. I know that P2 is the most sought after movie by the company this week and while I'm waiting for that one to come in, it was still pleasing to see next month's Jana Cova: Lust before the other media outlets given my attachment to the leading lady herself. The movie was a series of six erotic vignettes with lovely Jana starring in three of them, always partnering up with other ladies, but still giving a wide variety of fans what they want to see with a nice selection of other gals such as Bobbi Starr, Brianna Love, Sammie Rhodes and others. There was no circus act sex and the sexual athleticism seen in some gonzo titles of late was also absent but it still had all the better attributes of a Celeste release with the down to earth technical values of Robby's works propping it up. It was a solid tribute to Jana Cova in that two of her scenes were very appealing to me and she looked as beautiful as ever. I am firmly of the belief that the company elevated her status tremendously and understand why they parted ways, but will always appreciate how much mileage they got out of the European beauty queen before she left them.

Highlights of The Week

Aunt Gertrudeis one of our newest forum members at vulkanio.ru and her outspoken nature is a perfect fit for our quest to provide you with honest information about porn. Her debut fuck flick is being released by Teravision is called The Sex Offenders and while I was initially skeptical, it did not take long for me to need a break when reviewing it today. The movie is a collection of four scenes, most notably an early lesbian scene by hotty Stoya, but each of them had a lot of heated appeal to me. The back cover said it like this: "The debut film from the sick and twisted mind of Aunt Gertrude is fully charged with sexual deviancy and hardcore adrenaline. Introducing Stoyas first penetration rockstar bukakke with Roxy Deville, downtown anal with Holly Wellin and Regan Reese, and high tensioned hole pounding hitchhiker sex with Lexi Belle. The Sex Offenders are rude, lewd and here to stay!" It might be best described as pure gonzo with an alt twist (or, as my friend put it "Alt-porn you could jerk off to") and the comic book sensibilities it offered perfect for Generation Y types that want intensity but not the "old man" trimmings so often found in modern porn. The relative lack of extras and limited running time held me back from giving this one as high a rating as I wanted to but it easily earned a rating of Recommended from me. Stoya was driven here, Roxy her playful self, Holly showing her need for seed, Ariel perfectly matched for her partner, Regan appealing, and Lexi as cute as ever. The technical qualities were a mixed blessing but the music was a nice touch and I suspect the world will be hearing a lot more from Aunt Gertrude in the future (at least I hope we will!). In short, The Sex Offenders had a lot of replayability, stroke value, and a different enough approach that I look forward to seeing what she will come up with next.

Sam No/Mason is one of my favorite female directors these days with her work at Elegant Angel almost always working wonders for what ails me. Her range is pretty wide in terms of what she shoots too, not just the edgy "abuse porn" she is best known for but some decidedly kinky gonzo that provides solid technical values as well. Her latest title to make it my way (finally!) is Massive Asses 3 , the continuation of her works that serve up five scenes of ladies that all possess large but shapely asses, the last one (Massive Asses 2) among my most replayed titles of the past year. With names like Gianna, Gina Lynn, Phoenix Marie, Emma Heart, and Kristina Rose, I had high hopes that this would be another single disc release worthy of my hand to gland love. It was another notch on her porn resume for quality performances caught really well, the cast all satisfying the physical requirements sufficiently and showing some of their best work of late so I rated this one as Highly Recommended. I would have liked better extras and more footage but I couldn't deny the level of quality making each scene a stroke-fest worth my time, money, and seed. In short, Massive Asses 3, like Massive Asses 2 before it, was the reason so many fans appreciate what Mason brings to her movies, a true dedication to making the best porn she can, often leaving her male counterparts at other companies in the dust.

Zero Tolerance is a company founded years ago when the head of the company split fromMetro, taking their most talented director with him. Over the years the company has proven to be a testing ground for a number of other talented types, Mick Blue showing a lot of promise in his efforts to make some heated porn for them as both meat puppet and director. His latest title to make it my way was Meet The Fuckers 8, the movie showcasing gals like Jenna Haze, Brianna Love, Alexis Texas, Courtney Cummz, Roxy DeVille, and Renae Cruz as they engaged in a variety of sexually depraved acts. The back cover said it like this: "What can be better than a hot hardcore honey that loves to fuck? How about a bevy of beauties that love to get their boxes boned! These nasty nymphs suck dick like it's their air-supply and ride cock like world-class jockeys. If moist, wet pussies tight asses and HARDCORE humping is your thing - this Fuck and Suck-fest is guaranteed to tighten your 'nads!" It had enough replayability, fuck for the buck, and high end technical values that I considered it worthy of being Highly Recommended. I would have liked more tease in the scenes and longer extras but there was no doubt in my mind that this was the kind of release Mick should be concentrating his efforts on if at all possible. In short, Meet The Fuckers 8 was probably the best outing in the series to date thanks to the incredible casting of ladies and the chemistry it displayed by an enthusiastic, talented bunch of high end performers.

Penny Flame is the adorable vulkanio.ru Blogger that is well established as a performer, a stoner, and a gal that loves to have fun. In her past, she has directed a handful of completely funmovies for Shane's World and she now picks up where she left off thanks to Vivid allowing her to direct Penny Flame's Expert Guide to Hand Jobs for Men & Women as part of Tristan Taormino's educational series. The idea behind the series is to provide a fun, low stress way to learn about various sexual themes with some sex tossed in to demonstrate, relying on a mixture of educational principles and sexual fun to elevate the quality of the production and make it a "keeper". This outing was the first where Tristan was not visibly at the helm and given Penny's appeal, it was a nice way to make a transition should the company decide to expand further with the use of other director/performers. It was a nice change of pace for the series and seeing the way Penny embraced her role made me hope she would continue to work on them. Just as Tristan took over from Nina Hartley a few years back, Penny is a natural to continue in the mighty big footsteps laid forth, this production earning a solid Recommended from me. In short, Penny Flame's Expert Guide to Hand Jobs for Men & Women was a reliable, dependable source of information with solid technical values and better than any of the clinical "how to" titles you will find readily available from the medical field, pornified just enough to make it appealing to all sorts of folks.

Diabolic is a production company that has served the industry as something of a training ground for top directing talent over the years, their straightforward approach to meeting the needs of the consumer always appreciated compared to the fruity artistic endeavors of some of their peers. Their back catalog is replete with examples of top flight scenes that fans still talk about in awe years later, belying the often generic nature of gonzo thanks to their meat and potatoes approach most of the time. Sid Knox is one of their current directors and while I still think he is learning his own style, I have found some of his past work to be quite interesting, depending on the casting to elevate the scenes more than the technical expertise he brings to the table but certainly on my list of people to check out when possible. His latest title to make it to me is Internal Injections (Blu-ray), the first high definition release of his the company was confident enough to send my way. The theme of the six scenes was to showcase a high end cast getting internal pop shots, catering to fans of the creampie genre so popular among those of us not into seeing a guy jerk off to a lady's face. With names like Amy Ried, Maya Hills, Aubrey Adams, and Harmony (among others), I expected this to be a title I could appreciate all the more due to the upgraded nature of the show. It was a solid overall effort to make it the first high definition title from the company I have seen, earning a rating of a high end Recommended due to the upgraded picture, the heat of the better scenes, and the manner in which a talented cast showed replayability, stroke value, and decent amounts of fuck for the buck. I would have preferred a better codec be used to remaster the title and perhaps even more extras given the additional cost of the release but I cannot deny that Sid provided one of his better outings this time to be upgraded. In short, Internal Injections (Blu-ray) was the kind of movie that benefited from having a high definition look to it, the nuances of the picture bringing it to life

Evil Angel has few competitors as a powerhouse distribution company, a great many in the industry truly envious of the success the company has fostered over the years. One of the reasons for their success has been the ever evolving line up of directors that provide top quality releases to be distributed, one of the best "old timers" being the versatile Joey Silvera known for all his fetish work as well as his glory days as an award winning performer. His latest title making it my way is Hellcats 14: Special Extended Set, the series best known as Joey's attempt to capture a bunch of youthful performers in heated scenes. It was more uneven than usual for the director but at least he took some chances with the established cast used in the six scenes so I rated it as Recommended. The replay and stroke value combined with the technical aspects and extras made this lengthy bout of perversion something fans should appreciate even if the age of the performers was older than typical for the series. I supposed the subheading "The Deal" must have referred to some of the themes of the day then and in fairness, there was a lot of fuck for the buck this time, the movie among the longest of the day, maintaining Joey's usual standards. In short, Hellcats 14: Special Extended Set was worth every penny it can be found for at your favorite retailer, a diverse and perverse cast making it worthwhile.

Brian Pumper has long been a performer in porn, even venturing forth to direct at West Coast Productions awhile back to moderate success. While some claim the industry is biased against black males and do nothing about it, Brian decided to do his own thing and show the world that quality productions sell regardless (maybe even because of) race. I have not seen his works in the past but he is now distributed by Evil Angel and his latest title is Juicy Latin Coochie: Special Edition Set, a set of five scenes (six if you count the bonus scene from another movie) where Latina babes with chunky asses got the nod in showcased efforts. It reminded me a bit of some of Justin Slayer's earlier works, the additional tease footage very much appreciated given the physical attributes of the ladies. Luscious Lopez and Olivia O'Lovely were my two preferred gals this time but each of them showed some potential as yet untapped, meriting a rating of Recommended from me thanks to the levels of replayability, stroke value, and solid extras topped with decent technical values. In short, if Juicy Latin Coochie: Special Edition Set is any indicator of the director's future efforts at Evil Angel, I will need to pay much closer attention to what he offers up.

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Gazzman is the directing name of a Scottish gentleman I've been acquainted with for years, even meeting him earlier this year when we had lunch at Treasure Island with his partner Dave West. His directing credentials include mainstream projects airing on broadcast television and his porn has won numerous awards for the kind of heated hardcore footage many fans appreciate, his association with Harmony Films recognized as making him a driving force in European flavored porn. Gazzman's latest title is Fuck Me (Jenny Hendrix) and in a departure from the previous titles in the series, the lead only has a single scene, allowing for a more diverse cast to be showcased in stylish gonzo scenes. While this wasn't one of Gazzman's most glamorous efforts to date, he still managed to bring something to the table worth your time, money, and seed even if a few of the ladies stood head and shoulders above the pack. It was a departure from the series that has been so well received in the past, and it merited a rating of Recommended for the levels of replay value, strokability, and decadent style as only the director could provide. In short, Fuck Me (Jenny Hendrix) would have been better if it had featured Jenny more frequently and given some additional time to the secondary performers in Chloe's scene but there was definitely a lot of stroke potential to put in your spank bank with this one so check it out.

Andre Madness is a director most recently known for his extensive directed works at Adam & Eve, generally involving youthful ladies having vignette sex or otherwise themed shows rather than features. His biggest movie of the year will undoubtedly be by New Sensations though, an interesting little feature called Hearts & Minds 2: Modern Warfare. The movie is light on plot an heavy on tribute to those serving in the armed forces, showing five scenes of couples related to their military service as lightly tied together by a storyline centering on a squad of Marines on a failed rescue mission in the Middle East. With an all star cast and just enough story to make it interesting, I was curious as to how this one would come out given the quality of production Andrews used to come up with when he was actively making fuck flicks. It was a lot of fun in how it balanced feature elements with sex scenes, probably better than Andrews used to do when he was at a rival company years ago. While this was merely a check disc screener without any extras, fancy packaging, or other finalized aspects, it struck me as worth being Recommended for all it had to offer any fans of the cast. In short, Hearts & Minds 2: Modern Warfare was several steps ahead of the original release from years ago, each of the cast seemingly in tune with what the producer and director were shooting for. It may not have cost a lot of money to make but unless you're fixated on buccaneers or magical nods to old television shows, you will like this one a whole lot more than most of what is released these days as "features".

Evil Angel has long been the distributor of some of the most talented pornographers in the industry, the common bond they have being a willingness to push the limits of the ladies and go further than their peers but always showing some appreciation for the ladies rather thansimply hating them. One such director is Jake Malone and while he is tied to the abuse porn niche more than any male at the company, his admiration for beauty is well known by many he encounters, this being a major reason why he gets so many ladies coming back to him for additional work. His latest title to make it my way was the lesbian hardcore title Bitchcraft 4, the sequel to Bitchcraft 3 that so many of you adored, where the ladies really seemed to enjoy getting off while following Jake's lead to push them past their previous limits, albeit with a lot of help from those they worked with. It was better for me than any of the recent hard edged lesbian outings by his peers, including Belladonna's works that are known for how much she will try to get away with (as a female, Bella is always given more latitude by critics and fans alike when pushing the limits of her performers than guys like Jake or Max Hardcore) but it also wasn't quite consistent enough to merit as high a rating as some of his previous titles for me so I rated it as a very respectable Recommended. If you are into lesbian hardcore sex with a lot of fetish attire, BDSM principles, and role playing, I doubt you will find anything as well shot as this one on the market. Largely devoid of artistic fancy and stylish tricks, Bitchcraft 4, like Bitchcraft 3 before it, was a solid effort in most ways with just enough unpolished edges to keep it interesting over many replays.

Jonalungus is one of the directors I met earlier this year that have always made me wonder about how much luck one individual can have in life. His hotty main squeeze Holly Wellin seemed to adore him, his peers spoke very highly of him even when he wasn't around, and his job capturing heated scenes of babes fucking has certainly got to be indicative of a blessed life. Much of his work is shot for the internet and then released later on DVD, my experience with such footage elsewhere telling me that the technical values always play second fiddle to the spontaneity of the sex, resulting in wildly uneven quality. Thankfully, Jonas seemed to be well ahead of the learning curve in Bubble Butt Bonanza #14, where he found a variety of ladies willing to tease, please, and strut their collective assets before his camera, the weakest part of the link being the moper men used to provide the hot beef injections the ladies wanted. Still, with names like Alexis Texas, Alexia Milano, and even Gianna in the bonus scene, I figured this would be a worthwhile effort, the emphasis on bubble butt babes drawing my complete attention yet again (though I haven't seen the show in years). It earned a rating of Recommended from me thanks to the manner in which he stuck to the theme so tightly, made sure everyone had fun, and the wealth of shapely asses on the ladies. In short, Bubble Butt Bonanza #14 might have benefited by serving up some more recent scenes or higher end talent but Jonas proved my appreciation for his body of work has not been in vain, his most recent titles showing better technical skills even though the scenes were cleaned up nicely.

Tony T. has been keeping a low profile of late, at least from what I have seen of his name in the press, but that in no way diminishes his presence as a director for Anabolic Digital. His recent titles have been exceptionally good in many ways and while I have not been a long time fan of his work, I recognize that he has upgraded his work while others remained stagnant, raising his worth to me as a viewer of porn. The latest release of his making it my way is The Big Ass Movie #2, the sequel to one of my favorite titles a few months back called Big Ass Movie #1. The emphasis was on showcasing gals with large but firm asses, some heated tease and oral tricks punctuated by all the usual gonzo sex acts, allowing the ladies enough freedom to prove their worth. As a connoisseur of ass myself, I prefer gals with curvy posteriors over the meth-head scrawny gals in most cases, even their personalities proving to be more outgoing and positive in my personal experience. That said, if you are still interested in the six scenes here, note that all the ladies looked the part and no condoms were used, the bulk of the sex pretty solid. It might not have been his best work of the year but I liked it enough to rate it as Recommended. The technical values in all but one scene were improved and the extras showed the gals having fun, even the scenes providing some replay value for me. In short, The Big Ass Movie #2, like Big Ass Movie #1, was worth your time, money, and seed so pick up a copy if you are into big asses nearly as much as I am.

Jonni Darkko is perhaps one of the most musically inclined directors in porn these days, his current work being distributed by powerhouse Evil Angel. While so many of his peers in the industry attempt to copy whatever is selling, Jonni has made repeated attempts to try new things, catering to smaller but dedicated niche markets as well as elevate his game by using some of the most skilled support staff (particularly Eddie Powell) to polish up his efforts. His latest release to make it to me just before Hurricane Ike slammed the Texas coast was POV Jugg Fuckers, a movie all about ladies willing to titty fuck and blow Jonni to completion, showing that their funbags were up to the task at hand. In fairness to the director, I tend to appreciate penetrative scenes more but found that his willingness to try something like this to be a nice change of pace, supplementing my usual stash of stroke flicks with a walk off the beaten path. It was quite well done and the point of view approach worked better than similar projects by others in the industry. Titty play is common in gonzo porn and I actually prefer it to a blowjob most of the time in my own sex life so it was nice to see the mix of oral and titty friction milking the wads of genetic juice. Some of the gals were more playful while others used a stream of dirty talk to stand out from the pack but in all, I found this worth a rating of at least Recommended if not even higher. In short, if you like the wonderfully gifted cast of ladies discussed above and appreciate good old fashioned titty fucking (and blowjobs) done in point of view fashion, you cannot go wrong with POV Jugg Fuckers and should pick up a copy right away.

Ray Bones has proven to be a capable director at Diabolic in recent times, the company long accepted as a training ground for a wide variety of his peers over the years. Ray employs a no nonsense style that some prefer over the fancier offerings on the market, showing he believes porn is about the ladies rather than anything else so when his latest effort, Consumer Affairs, came out, I was more than happy to see if he had kept up his high standards given the cast of curvy cuties like Alexis Texas, Diana Doll, and Rebeca Linares among others. The theme this time was on showcasing gals that all swallowed the population pudding launched into their mouths, providing a good dose of genetic juice is a fitting cap for porn scenes. If this sounds like something you might like, I assure you that the cast all seemed to enjoy the salty shakes provided. It was a consistently strokable fuck flick with substantial amounts of replay value on hand to set it apart from most of the generic porn on the market. The technical values were better than Ray has ever provided in the past (at least that I can remember) and the extras were pretty good too so I rated this one as a high end Recommended for fans of hardcore gonzo, especially fans of the cast that included Alexis Texas, Rebeca Linares, Diana Doll, and Sophie Dee. In short, Consumer Affairs was a heated bit of boning and the gals all seemed to swallow the semen without hesitation, marking this as yet another Diabolic title worth picking up for your collection.

B. Skow has been the driving force at Vivid Entertainment in terms of providing good looking porn in recent years; typically bringing something unique to the mix as he enhanced the performances of the ladies he shot for the company under so many sets of circumstances. His latest release is a bit different in that it was a series of lengthy scenes called Brand New Faces 11; a movie dedicated to showcasing four lovely young ladies in their first scenes for porn and the sequel to the extremely popular Brand New Faces 9 I saw recently. The porn industry is replete with gals claiming to be in their first scenes ever but the catch this time was the cover promising a "100% Money-Back Guarantee" that these were the first times the ladies were on film. Be that as it may, the cover also promised that the scenes were candid and given my experience with newcomers, I was hoping Skow could pull a rabbit out of a hat and also make them award winning performances. It was worth a rating of Recommended to me for all the action, the new faces, and the technical handling of the scenes but fans of brand new gals will think it was a "must have" since the ladies looked and performed their roles so well. I can't definitively state that none of them have shot a professional scene before but unlike so many titles that Vivid sits on for years as part of their marketing approach, Brand New Faces 11 was rushed right to the pressing plant to jump on the newness factor (something other companies seem to have embraced in the past as many of you like to see "firsts", real or imagined). Whatever the reality of the marketing claim though, all four of the cuties were breaths of fresh air and deserve some accolades for providing enough fuck for the buck, strokability, and replay value to make this a keeper for your collection. Skow does it again with his attentive nature to make these four ladies shine better than his peers could hope to, the series website probably the best thing the company has provided in a long time in terms of consistent quality.

B. Skow might best be known these days for his series of newcomer titles at Vivid but I have found his entire body of work to be well above average when taken as a whole. Let's face it, he is not given the big budgets of PT and he doesn't go overboard in terms of using artistic effects to cover technical failings, preferring to coax solid performances out of his casts and let their abilities do the talking for them. His latest vignette release is Touch Me, a showcase piece starring Briana Banks in three full scenes, the high definition upgrade truly enhancing her physical appeal to the point it gave me fond memories of our limited time together in Las Vegas earlier this year but this standard definition version also a cost effective way to get off repeatedly. Right away, I knew that any fan of Briana would need this one for their collection! It was her second comeback movie for the company and a winner in my book. I'll admit that she is a classic beauty to me and while I wish she'd gain a few pounds to flesh out more, there is no denying her staying power in the industry known for flavor of the month performers. The high definition version of the movie was basic but hit home runs in most scenes, the appeal of Briana Banks, Alexis Texas, Nadia Styles, and Daisy Marie all contributing to significant levels of fuck for the buck, replayability, and a strokability not often found in big company titles so I rated this one as Recommended. In short, Touch Me came across to me initially as a generic title but thanks to the cast and Skow's direction, it surprised me with how much the classic "keep it simple stupid" approach worked. I don't know how the standard definition version could possibly compare to it but I do know this looked better than most such titles available at this writing, nice work! The standard definition version was not as vivid (pardon the pun) or engaging, but Briana looked hot and the rest of the ladies were appealing too.

Handheld Pictures is notable as the brainchild of director Robby D.; the man developing the company as a means to push himself ever further in his quest to make the best porn possible rather than chase the crowd as so many of his peers seem willing to do. The company's titles are distributed by Digital Playground, a company many seem too willing to think of as a couples only producer but the label on the box covers of said releases should serve as fair warning that these are not your dad's feature fuck flicks. The next title coming from the company is Black Cock Slut: Special Edition Blu-Ray, a single disc version of heated interracial sex scenes starring some of the best talent found in porn today, upgraded in a high definition format. Unlike many of Robby's other releases in his Jack Universe, he remains silent while letting the performers go at one another to push their limits, resulting in some of his best work to date if you like black males pounding away on white and Asian females. It had a lot of interracial fuck for the buck thanks to the strokability, replay value, and fine cast of attractive women led by hotties like Gianna, Rebeca Linares, and Faith Leon to name a few. The release allowed the movie to provide over three hours of quality sex as well as extras rarely seen on one of the company's releases, elevating the rating to a solid Recommended if you enjoy gonzo interracial. In short, Black Cock Slut: Special Edition Blu-Ray was a cut above the pack in many ways for those of you that have found Robby's titles to be good but in need of some extra spark at times. In that sense, none of these scenes were fillers and the excellent tease footage made this one a set to look out for when it comes out. I would have liked something extra added onto the disc or a higher bitrate (for a better picture) to maintain the rating the SD version provided but marginal upgraded are such that individual consumers must weigh the cost to benefit of upgrading on their own.

Robby D. is currently the lead director and cameraman for the popular Digital Playground company. As such, he gets the lion's share of work, and credit for the work, and I think this makes a lot of sense. His years of working of working assembly line porn at a competing company trained him well to make do with what he had on hand and try his best to get a good batch of material for the editors to clean up. Some of the time, he succeeds on many, if not most, levels while other times he tries and falls short but his growth as a director is easily seen by comparing his earlier work against what he makes now. His latest venture is another spin off series from the Jack's Playground series he started years ago, called My First Porn Blu-Ray where he takes a shot as a mythical director just starting to direct adult movies. BY stepping into such a role, he can hopefully poke fun at the industry conventions as he "learns" to do what he already knows so well. Like most of his body of work, the success of this line will largely depend on whether he can offer up performers that charge head first into great scenes and the amount of fuck for the buck he offers. Looking at his other two series, you'll readily see the two extremes of this concept but as long as he shoots for the Teen America end of the scale, I'll be happy. The show though seems to have Robby breaking into porn with the assistance of a guy old enough to be Yoda (with as much hair in his ears too) in some funny skits where this mentor gives Robby advice from his wheelchair. It was a good movie with a great cast and solid replay values so I'm rating it as Recommended, this high definition version definitely an upgrade, though only a modest one at that. Sure, I'd have appreciated extras better than a bunch of trailers and photogallery related stuff but the amount of fuck for the buck was above average for Robby (especially if you factor in his couples oriented work for Celeste) and the humor bits were just enough to tie in the scenes as part of a movie.

Alexander provided a trio of titles too such as Diggin' in the Gapes: a new series from Vouyer Media and AVN nominated director Van Styles. The fresh series focuses on filthy ass play, gaping holes, and hardcore ass fucking. The beautiful assholes to be sodomized include Jandi Lin, Bobbi Star, Harmony, Claire Dames, and Dana Dearmond. The front and back cover art is promising and let's hope it doesn't disappoint. Vouyer Media only produces quality porn. I was confident in Diggin' in the Gapes as soon as I saw the cover art. The first scene tears us a new asshole and keeps us wanting more, and by the last scene we are still watching in amazement as Jandi gets ass pounded. This new series exceeded my expectations and is perfect for any anal fans. The girls are hot and the fucking is even hotter. I congratulate director Van Styles and Vince Vouyer on another winning series; Barrio Booty 4: a Latin themed gonzo movie from Hustler that packs some beautiful brown tits and ass. The movie certainly lives up to its name; the opening scene doesn't forget to include the Old English lettering, the low-rider bikes, and everything stereotypical from Los Angeles culture. Barrio Booty seems like a product of Black Ice or West Coast Productions if they had a Latin division. The women are hot, but the energy is lacking in some scenes. If the director and producer can perfect the formula, they could have a successful series in their hands. I recommend this title to fans of the Latina genre or who enjoy interracial sex, as every male performer is Black; and Fuckin' Around in South Beach 2: the second installment in the young Florida based series from Red Light. I remember a few months back, AVN did a cover story on directors and producers recruiting girls from the sunshine state. The in-depth article profiled directors and producers and their reasons for producing in Florida. The cost is less and there is an abundance of fresh girls to choose from within the thriving strip club scene. Juan Cuba is one of my favorite directors for several reasons; he knows what he is doing, the girls are beautiful, the sex is hot, and his creepy perverted voice behind the camera always gives me a laugh. Fuckin' Around in South Beach 2 takes us out of Porn Valley and places us in the sunny Miami beach front where the girls come to us. Some might complain of seeing Mark Wood in four of the five scenes, but being in South Beach doesn't allow having all the resources one has in Los Angeles. In addition, why mess with something that works? Mark Wood always gives great scenes with hardcore fucking.

Our own Horny Housewife then provided a lot of attentive looks to a mountain of porn with titles such as Finger Licking Good 6 from 3rd degree Films: it set stage for the sixth installment of the series here and what a Disc this promises to be. From Knockout hard hitters like the beautiful Brunette duo of Georgia Jones & Erin Avery to the platinum blond and sexy as hell Jana Jordan; this Disc shows promise to launch this girl on girl series to the next level. From the opening scene to the very last each one had something that made me go "WOW"; Top Wet Girls from Christoph Clark and Evil Angel was a definite hit for me when it came to hot girls and nasty sex. The only downside of this DVD was the video quality and I really wish it had been a tad better as this title would have been over the top with higher quality visuals. That being said the DVD was good and there were several girls here who drove me crazy including Jennifer Love, Lea Lexis, Zafira & Black Angelika. I would have no issues recommending this title to someone looking for some hot euro girl on girl action; I love Gabriella Fox Sexy Hot Digital Playground has a true gem on their hands with this starlet and getting to see her on film for the first time was ..well.... breath taking. The two scenes of this disc that featured this girl blew me away. Gabriella is the girl every guy dreams if and every girl wishes she looked like. The additions of blond beauty Shawna Lenee and the Asian brunette Jandi Lin sealed the deal for me on this video. While it's not the super hardcore sex I am usually into this Blu Ray title definitely had some steam and I will be throwing this title in my player for some time to come; Barely Legal #86: a respectable title with some nice looking girls. Audrianna, Kelly, & Summer were all girls who I had been fans of before hand so seeing them here was just really great for me especially in HD; Praise the Load 2: I was definitely anticipating popping this DVD in once I received it. With some hot little sexy starlet's on board this 2 Disc release for certain has it's moments that shine including seeing a new favorite of mine Carolyn Reese take 4 monster loads to her adorable face; Fucked On Sight 5: The opening sequence to the Angelina Valentine scene was amazing and this girl knows how to dress to impress let me tell you. The Nika Noire and Carolyn Reese scenes on top of the Angelina Valentine one were the highlights of this disc. Those three girls alone make Manuel one of the luckiest guys in the world; Prime Cups 5: Raul Cristian definitely delivered another knockout punch for me in all areas. Hot Euro girls with some amazing tits in some nicely captured action was a real winner in my book. I was absolutely floored by the Kate Jones, Sabrina Rose, Roxy Panther & Georgiana Scenes; Animal Trainer 25: I will admit that the first four scenes were not overly impressive but the last two more than made up for the shortcomings of the beginning of this Disc. Megane and Christina Lee as well as Lucy Bell and Chloe Delaure were absolutely amazing. A bit of everything I like can be found in the two scenes featuring these four girls. From a bit of rough action with Megane and Christina to some very hot looking girl on girl from Chloe and Lucy to open up their scene followed by a nice threeway had me wanting to go take a cold shower; and Sophia Santi's Juice ( Blu-Ray) had some hot women in it no doubt. From beginning to end the caliber of hot and sexy girls is abundant and it definitely had a ton of potential for me just from looking at the cover box. That being said I just don't know what it was that never fully clicked with me to have this disc stand out like I thought it should have.

The MILF Next Door 3 is directed by Jack Mayhoff who works for Diabolic. This movie is the third installment in their popular Milf Next Door series. The plot lines for each scene are convincing and sets up each scene well. The six women who are cast in this film are definitely ladies who any ordinary man would enjoy spending quality time with them. Great credit must be given to the director and, of course, the on screen talent for making a very enjoyable and entertaining film; I Came In Your Mom is a definite buy. Many of the couples have real chemistry. It makes the sex scenes more realistic. The sex is hot and the women are strikingly beautiful. I can see this movie over and over. Moreover, this movie will make the viewer a fan of the women performers. I suspect that the movies of these women will gain more attention; Real College Girls #16 is a worthy addition to Hustler's popular and successful series. By having good chemistry with their partners and hot sex, it is easy for me to highly recommend this movie; Kayden's Krossfire is a full feature production by the high quality studio Adam & Eve Pictures. It stars Adam & Eve's contract star the genuine Kayden Kross. This movie is her first release for that studio. The plot is quite good and entertaining. It's about a bank robbery and the ramifications of that event on the cast of characters. The conclusion of this movie is not to be missed. Kayden Kross is a rare treasure. Adam & Eve is lucky to have her. She has good acting skills and gorgeous looks. Although she is a starlet who deserves to be the covergirl all the time, Kayden also has a genuine personality that makes the viewer care for her. The audience supports her and is on her side.

Bound to Please #4 kept in line with its predecessors. However, it was very light in the Bondage play area. In each of the five scenes timed at 25 minutes with an equal amount tease and sex making for a heated watch. Each of the girls at the time of filming was still somewhat new to porn and gave it their all. Each of the guys took their time with the tease and slowly built up to the actual penetration and even then it wasn't rushed. There is no anal action if you are looking for any of that in Bound To Please #4, though it would have been nice to see with these very eager young ladies .What I enjoyed most from Bound to Please #4, is that I finally got to see Erik Everhard and Michael Stefano in action after hearing some much about them; PlayGirl's Dirty Delight was just that a delight. The combination of water and using classic cars in the themes worked nicely. To my knowledge women in general enjoy indulging their fantasies involving water play and a man's other lover.. His car. My favorite one of course, is the first one with Nicole and Voodoo Roof Top Rain. Even though they are real life husband and wife they made the water play very steamy and sensual. Incorporating what both men and women enjoy into Dirty Delights makes it keeper for first timers. There is something for everyone in Dirty Delights; Playgirl: Sensual Ecstasy: It never fail to amaze me how PlayGirl titles go from one extreme to the next. My previous review rated a " Rent It" and this one is most certainly a " Highly Recommended. It touched on fantasies that all woman have at one point of another. This time around there were no audio video issues, the picture came in very clear and crisp. Which should be done with every title they have. Granted that not every Playgirl releases is a keeper, but this one is.

Hustler's Take it Black series is back with its sixth installment. This time around hotties such as Eva Angelina, Jenna Haze, and Veronique Vega are taking on some of the biggest black cocks in the industry. Ok, maybe they aren't the biggest, but they certainly are large. If you enjoy watching hot girls getting plowed by large cocks then you'll undoubtedly fawn over this installment. The action here is some of the best that the series has seen and there's plenty of variety to go around. All in all this is a solid installment in the Take it Black series and a feather in Hustler's cap. For the simple fact that Eva and Jenna are both in Take it Black #6, it comes easily recommended; when you add in the other girls such as Lexi and Veronique the title gets even better. Lorena's scene is probably the weakest of the five though it still has some merits as well. All around this is a nice inclusion in the series and stands out as one of the better ones in my opinion. Hustler has another fine release withTake it Black #6 and if you are looking for some hot sex then you need to look no further; Lewd Oil is such a tantalizing name isn't it? It simply sounds taboo. Sadly it doesn't necessarily sound Asian, which is what this entire release features. Every one of the girls here is an Asian star such as Lana Croft, Priva, and Lily Li. The main attraction here is the focus on wet, sloppy sex. And trust me when I tell you that it gets slimy. Lewd Oil is a nice little title from the mind of Hero Morimoto. It features some sloppy sex with buckets of slime being drizzled on and in the performers. The girls are hot and the action is very good all around. There are some balancing issues in terms of content with Jessica being the weakest link and Lana Violet coming in a close second. Other than that the three other scenes are fantastic with some great bang for your buck. If you enjoy sloppy, wet sex then definitely add this to your play list.

Cock Happy 2 is more or less in the same vein as the original Cock Happy. No surprise there. It's Belladonna getting down and dirty with the dudes, something she doesn't do on camera that often these days. Cock Happy 2 is pretty decent gonzo fare, done Belladonna style. It's completely raw and hardcore and shot with some creative intent utilizing some interesting ideas and quirks. Bella looks good here and seems pretty into it all while her male co-stars respond in kind. The extras aren't really anything to write home about but you still get quite a bit of content and this release comes recommended; For those not familiar with Razordolls, the website is similar to what's been going on at the Suicide Girls website, but like the Burning Angel crew, it's full on hardcore. What does that mean? In a nutshell, cute little alterno-punker-goth chicks getting railed. Vonn fink has directed a couple of films using the Razordolls stable of ladies, the three hour Electric Cherry, distributed through Anabolic, being the latest entry. If tattooed goth girls are your bag you'll enjoy this one. There's enough variety in the sex and in the girls' looks and bodies to make it worth a watch. The fuck footage is well shot, the soundtrack is solid, and this one really does get right to the chase - all killer, no filler; and Sporting one of the best titles of all time, Burning Angel's Rock & Roll In My Butthole (it's just funny to say out loud) is exactly what you think it is - hardcore anal from Joanna and her crew of spunky femme fatales set to a rock and roll soundtrack. There's no plot, even if there are a couple of running gags to keep things on the light and humorous side. The extras aren't as strong as they have been on other Burning Angel DVD releases in the past but the content is hot enough that we can overlook that and the presentation if alright. If watching punk chicks get drilled in the ass is your thing, Rock & Roll In My Butthole will get your willy's attention and then some.

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