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Interactive Sex With Jenna Haze and Debbie Does Dallas Again

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Spotlight Title: Interactive Sex With Jenna Haze

The best virtual sex title of the year was how Don labeled Interactive Sex With Jenna Haze this week, saying: Mike Quasar is currently one of the best directors in porn, even if he downplays his skill routinely as a defense mechanism. His work for Zero Tolerance has often set the standard for gonzo elsewhere, making him their go-to guy when someone needs something shot as though they directed it. His latest title is Interactive Sex With Jenna Haze, starring the lovely Jenna Haze, a virtual sex release that allows you to control many types of action featuring the performer, with multiple angles to double the fun. I liked his first foray into the field of virtual sex with Interactive Sex with Courtney Cummz so I knew this would become a big seller, the larger than average cover alone making a lot of fans happy at the 2007 AEE Show this year, with me noticing how many times fans would approach her to get one signed (even though she was at another booth). In any case, the general premise of such a DVD set is to give fans something focusing on a single performer and this joins her work for current boyfriend Jules Jordan in Jenna Haze: Dark Side as must have titles for your collection. There was more Jenna Haze fuck for the buck than anything released in a very long time (second only to Dark Side), the replay value was superior to most offerings in the genre, and the strokability of the action was undeniable; even for a guy like me that appreciates how cute she is but prefers curvier gals. The technical values and uniquely made extras could have been better but I thought Interactive Sex With Jenna Haze was clearly a title I thought earned every bit of a Highly Recommended and for fans of the lady, there is no disputing that it was collector material (thanks in large part to the many selections and variations of the material on the main disc). Good job!

Thorne in Your Side - Porn Ramblings From Chris Thorne: Debbie Does Dallas Again - Blu-Ray and HD DVD

Chris Thorne is back and better than ever (that is if you believe the hype... so don't). In any case, I'm here to report that Vivid has popped Blu-Ray's cherry with the announcement that Paul Thomas' Debbie Does Dallas Again is going to cum on DVD, HD DVD and...drum roll please... Blu-Ray. Wheee. I'm still waiting to see studios take advantage of HD DVD and Blu-Ray for the next generation of virtual sex titles. That could really be something! Also of note, if you've got Showtime, starting tonight (March 9) they've got , every Friday at 11pm. Funny thing... Showtime doesn't even list it under their series list on their site... Best kept secret?

CT props this week go to Shane's World who turned to for casting advice and other suggestions for the next installment of The Great American Squirt Off. It's a smart move for studios to ask the people who watch their stuff what they think (especially in a forum of more casual porn watchers).

I've been a little lax in my porn watching of late, but I did have a chance to check out Bang Bros' and . I'm not generally a fan of outdoor sex (having it is fun, watching it...not so much) but my mind has been changed by this series... Shot in POV by a Czech named Robert it features public sex with some extremely attractive Czech girls. But the reason to see it isn't just the sex, Robert's broken English is hilarious. It's hard not to bust a nut with phrases like "I make sperm in your mouth" and "Oh my. It's Nice".

CT out.

Highlights of The Week

Reviewer Don Houston really liked G For Gianna by Evil Angel, ''a tribute to the busty babe gracing the front cover that has really skyrocketed in popularity in the past year. If you like gals with womanly curves (front and back), she's an adorable alternative to the boyish waifs so many in the industry seem to prefer these days as being the "be all, end all", body type. Truth be told, Gianna's work is typically across the board great so short of her trying to act like she's an alt porn legend, I had no worries about the overall quality of her work here. Did Jonni live up to his end of the bargain as director or did he drop the ball and screw up one of the hottest gals in the business these days becomes the question of the review. G For Gianna was the best tribute to lovely Gianna you will find, bar none. She was put through the paces in various settings, allowing each one to work for some sub-group while still offering up a lot of stroke value for the rest of us not into the narrowly defined niches catered to. If you like Gianna as much as I do, you'll already have a copy of the movie but despite some technical limitations mentioned above, this one was well worth a rating of Highly Recommended.''

Lovely reviewer Ravyn also enjoyed Playgirl: Hot Caress: is all about couples this time around. Someone at PlayGirl must have been reading over my shoulder as I typed my last review. Everything that wrong in the other was corrected, well all except the music and the harsh voice of the narrator. With the longer scenes, more sensuality and passion by the performers this is one I can Recommend. If Playgirl keeps this style of making there titles, I for one will make sure to grab future copies for my own personal collection. Playgirl's Hot Caress was a very welcomed surprise which I totally enjoyed.

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We also got a look at Penny Flame's Out of Control by Shane's World where Don said it was: a movie Penny herself described in our forums as "my first attempt at something entirely new"; a series of vignettes interspersed with hilarious comedy bits that she wrote herself. Like most of her work, it comes across best when you've taken a mood enhancing substance or three but the sex was solid stroke material and the comedy provided a nice break between the scenes. Penny Flame's Out of Control was clearly worth a rating of Recommended for the casting, the comedy, and the heated sexual performances. While still full of rough edges, it offered up a nice bit of adult entertainment and showed that Penny could excel at new things and push her talents into areas that worked well with the Shane's World dynamic (a lot like the Shane's World: Nerdz movie awhile back). The levels of fuck for the buck, strokability, and replay value were as solid as ever, albeit without as much of the spontaneity of the usual company offerings. In short, Penny Flame's Out of Control showed Penny on top of her game, my biggest complaint being that she was only sexually participating in a single scene this time (hey, I'd have offered my "two pump chump" services free of charge if that would have helped out). Seriously though, it wasn't the same old stuff and fans are likely to find it a lot of fun so give it a look!

Reviewer Colonel Mustard then found a trio of tales to tease your libido with Pin Up Honeys 2: The downside to this DVD is that it only features five scenes with four different women. However, this is the only difficulty I found. If you're going to pick four women to star in your film follow Director Van Style's lead. All of the models are ridiculously hot and perform with energy and take all the nasty sex with a smile on their face. The outfits and tease footage was separated this DVD from the pack. I have to Recommended this Hustler Hardline DVD for all of the hot woman and hardcore penetrating fun, Make Me Creamy 3: What does the title tell you? It tells me that we're in for a wet and wild ride featuring cum shot internally. What the telltale orange packaging mean? To me it means that we're in for some high quality hardcore porn shot in 16:9 High Definition widescreen. There are five scenes spread out over three solid hours with the cover girl being a cream pie Virgin, Hayley Jade. Vince Voyeur put together a solid cast of characters in this cream pie extravaganza. Each and every scene felt like there was enough energy from a cast of women that I've not have had the pleasure of watching perform before. Without question, the three hours of footage, the bonus scene and the hardcore sex make for a very good bang for the buck. The HD Widescreen video put this DVD over the top. I must Recommended this DVD for all the cream pie filling inside, and Ice: What would you do if you were a man with infinite wealth and power? How would you make your sexual fantasies come to fruition? Ice is a story about such a man with the assets to make all of his wicked desires come true. New Sensations director Ethan Kane pulls together a stunning visual collection of dream like sex featuring some incredibly hot female talent. Ice looks and feels a whole lot like an airbrushed music video. I find this a great thing. It puts a little of the fantasy back in the porn industry. Even if that fantasy is nowhere close to reality. The scenes are all superbly well lit with fantastic backdrops. The sex wasn't spectacular, but hot enough to get the blood boiling a touch. I have rated this DVD as Recommend. Ethan Kane has put together a great DVD that must have taken a great deal of time in post production.

Next up was a peek into Evil Anal 2 by Evil Angel: a series of gonzo scenes with little set up but lots of the fun fans have associated with Manuel's work on both sides of the camera. If you like a nice variety of action, you've come to the right place, with three hours of material in the movie alone, followed by some of the best gonzo extras on the market this year. The scenes were all really well done with lots of replay and stroke value and superior amounts of tease and fuck for the buck for fans to enjoy for a long, hard time. The casting was better than average with Sativa Rose, Dana DeArmond, Gianna, and Jenna Haze only a few of the notable names worth checking out. The picture quality could have been better but I've been told that this will be taken care of by someone in the know that helps Manuel so look for even better titles in the future. As far as the rating is concerned, I'm on the fence since the two disc package offered so much but was hampered by the technical aspects but I erred on the side of chemistry and heat to give Evil Anal 2 a rating of Highly Recommended.

Talented new reviewer George Capistrano appreciated Meet The Fuckers 5 as a straightforward fuck flick, pulling no punches in his review but also recognizing that it had the core material strokers will need by saying: This is not a film that will redefine the way you look at porn. It's not even all that distinguishable from 95 percent of the other gonzo discs available. But it gets the job done with it's sexy ladies and energetic sex scenes.

Reviewer The Mooninite saw two top titles too, including Educating Nikki: The film finds Nikki in the role of a low rent hooker who is brought on and educated by a high-class madam played by Naomi Banxxx. They put her through a few tests and then send her out into the work force. There are a few twists along the way but that's more or less the basics of the plot. So does Nikki live up to the hype? Well, she makes an impression, that's for sure. She's not the hottest thing to come along in the last few years but she is definitely a very nice looking girl with a great body and a decent screen presence. With a little more experience under her belt she could be a name for some time to come and there's something to be said for the naivety that comes with being so new to the business that makes her endearing. The film is very well shot with nice cinematography and a decent score and some obvious money put into the production values. The cast is strong and the girls, goofy implants aside, are all quite attractive. Consider this one a decent couples movie in that it's not too kinky, there's a reasonably decent story line and it looks really good, and Timeless: It features six scenes, each one set in a different time period. The theme here is that styles and trends may change but that sex and beautiful women never go out of style. It's pretty hard to argue with that. Slick production values, nice camera work, a very hot cast and some genuinely decent sex make Timeless worth a look for couples in particular. Hustler has done a fine job on the release and this disc easily earns itself a slap from the ol' recommended stamp.

Esteemed reviewer Namrufmot had some quick takes on a plethora of releases such as Balls Deep 11: I come away from this DVD with some mixed feelings. On one hand the girls are all hot and give some splendid performances. On the other hand I'm not too sure they would hold up to repeated viewings. With that taken into consideration I still recommend purchasing this DVD if you can find it on sale, Dirty Little Stories: This DVD has three things going for it: Good technical quality, decent extras, and intense action. When you get those three things you're sure to have a solid DVD on your hands. I usually a fan of Digital Sin's work, and this title carries the torch. If you're a fan of anal sex, you might want to consider checking this one out, Fill Me In 3: Overall I was highly impressed with this release. The girls were all uber-hot with playful attitudes, and none of the scenes felt like cheap fillers. Fans of cream pie titles will definitely want to pick this one up, and everyone else should consider adding this DVD to their collection as well, Ten Little Piggies 9: If you're a fan of the foot genre then this DVD delivers all that you could ask for " and more. Combing some of the hottest girls in the business, great technical quality, and a plethora of extras Ten Little Piggies Vol. 9 has earned itself a place in your collection, and Barely Legal Cumming of Age: I've had the pleasure of viewing a number of titles in the Barely Legal series, and I've always been a big fan. This title, the others, delivers exactly what you want from an adult DVD. Sexy young girls, wild sex, and solid technical quality " the only knock I can find is the lack of redeeming extras. When taking all that into consideration, I still feel this earns a rating of Highly Recommended.

Cumswapping was the theme of Mouth 2 Mouth 9: The idea is to pair up two gals & a guy for some sexually twisted antics, then have the gals cumswap and swallow at the end. In all, it's a pretty good idea and depending on the strength of the cast in a particular scene. The cover said it like this: "Step 1 - Fuck the living shit out of a guy with your hottest friend. Step 2 - Right before he is about to come, take his dick and aim it carefully into your friend's mouth. Step 3 - After his cock is completely drained of man muck, beg for your friend to spit it into your yearning mouth. Step 4 - Kiss passionately like the whores you are, while the slippery semen finds its way down your throats and all over your faces. Diabolic's study guide for every whore in this movie. How can you not enjoy it?" It had some quirky technical stuff and some of the pairings were simply not inspired to say the least but others were great too. This led me to rating the show as Recommended; primarily for the levels of fuck for the buck, the ladies, and the aforementioned technical work. In short, Mouth 2 Mouth #9 wasn't the best Chico had to offer the fan but the action was as described and the better scenes won out when balanced against those that lacked something.

Reviewer Rob Randell enjoyed a trio of titles himself with Asia Carrera 4 on 1: a compilation of 4 VCA features that star Asia Carrera. The videos are Hollywood Hookers (date of prod 7/31/1996), The Scandal of Nicky Eros (date of prod 8/19/2003), Betrayal (date of prod 4/29/1997) and Asia is in too Deep (date of prod 8/1/2000). If you like Asia Carrera, then this DVD should be worth a look. Being a big fan of Asia Carrera it is hard not to enjoy her steamier sex scenes, which this DVD covers some of. It is a no brainer for Asia fans that don't already own these movies. Of course this is also a good introduction for new comers to the hottest Asian porn star, Big Dicks Little Asians: a simple concept, dudes who are well endowed have sex with petite Asian chicks. This feature stars 5 different girls in 5 different scenes. The action is fairly tame, but still offers plenty of excitement. It was a pretty good DVD. I enjoyed all of the scenes. Girls like Tia Tanaka and Miko Sinz make this DVD worth checking out. It is great for the fans of Asian babes, and Reign of Tera 2: had a great cast. I love all of these girls and some of them looked pretty darn good. I thought the scenes were great (ignoring the rather dull storyline, lets face it, I don't think a lot of time was put into it). Fans of Asian babes should enjoy this steamy installment. The threesome scene with Tera is more than enough reason to get it.

A great title for ass lovers everywhere would be Crazy Big Asses by Exquisite: Knowing that Flower Tucci, Ana Nova, and Georgia Peach were featured in the gonzo flick also made it an easy sell given their routinely solid performances in the past but fans will surely agree that the truth in advertising quotient was high here as every scene had anal in it. It was a nice example of how well he can capture some of the most diverse acts in porn. I'll be the first to admit that the technical matters on the outdoor scene with Marie could probably have been handled better but the sweet BTS extra alone had more action than many features on the market these days and four out of five scenes were highly strokable with solid replay value. The amount of fuck for the buck wasn't the best he's provided this year but I'm sure most people will enjoy the anal (and other sexual activities) enough to make Crazy Big Asses worthy of being Recommended, and nearly the next step up. If you're looking for an up and comer director worthy of attention, there are few that live up to the hype as well as this guy; his raw edges adding something to the mix more often than not.

Fans of youthful performers will enjoy Hellcats 12: The cast was a mix of several types of action and ladies, providing a little bit of variety for those in the market. As in most things, your mileage will vary depending on your particular tastes for specific gals but it was another title worthy of making his porn resume, especially given some of the quality performances by the ladies. It was a pretty solid title that a lot of you raincoaters will enjoy. Most of the rougher sex was done by the ladies towards the men and the selection of gals will undoubtedly be appreciated as having serious strokability and replay factor; leading up to nice levels of fuck for the buck. I rated Hellcats 12 as Recommended like I did for Hellcats 11 since it had a lot to offer but the rough edges and a couple of performances fell a bit flat. Still, I had fun with it and I think many of you will too so check it out.

We close out this week with a glimpse at Club Jenna's Casting Couch 1: a series of gonzo vignettes that show ladies interviewed before having sex with a single partner; perhaps to see what they offered the company for work or a contract. The interviews were punctuated by pop up videos to add some humor, working as often as not but demonstrating the lack of a hook better than anything else. The back cover said it like this: "From the murky depths of the Club Jenna machine comes the swankiest of gonzo features - Club Jenna's Casting Couch, by Dic Tracy. Drench yourself in a truly creative movie, combining raw gonzo action and slick animation like you've never seen before! The first of its kind (and the first in an all new series from the masters of adult entertainment), this flick brings you hours of dripping wet fun moistened for your pleasure. This first installment of Casting Couch features five big names - before you came to love them as adult superstars. Watch how Lauren Phoenix, Vanessa Lane, Nadia Styles, Leah Luv, and Penny Flame make you squirm in your seat with hours of blistering hot action! The most creative minds in the business have slashed up conventional sex scenes to bring you primal passion with a hilarious twist sure to please the pervert in us all. So take your seat on the couch-o-fun, strap yourself in, and cast your vote for shameless sex!" It showed a lot more technical weaknesses than usual for the company but at the same time provided a glimpse into the making of a director from a very rough, unpolished piece of clay. The ladies were not always at their best and some of the technical matters weakened the scenes but I still found the amount of replay, strokability, and fuck for the buck to be pretty high; even if the extras sucked donkey balls so I rated it as Recommended. In short, Club Jenna's Casting Couch 1 seemed almost like a pet project tossed together by a couple of people but managed to use animation well and add in some laughs with a few of my favorite performers in tow to give it enough strengths to overcome the weaknesses present.

Upcoming Notable DVDs

We'd love to read your comments and feedback on this column, Send us your thoughts on other things you'd like to see in the space, or even random thoughts about the world of porn. Drop us a line at [email protected].

The major contributors to The Blue Room this week were: Don Houston and Chris Thorne

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