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Spotlight Title: All By Myself

This week, reviewer and porn connoisseur Don Houston convinced us to select a title that some of you might consider off the beaten track with All By My Self. There are not many movies on the market where the action is strictly centered on females masturbating, especially ones with this much quality so we went with the logic offered up by our productive associate. In his own words: Patrick Collins has been the head guy at Elegant Angel forever now, almost selling out awhile back but thankfully sticking with the jizz biz and making a comeback. His latest release is a fetish flick called All By My Self (or All By My Self depending on who you believe), a female masturbation movie much like rival Third Degree's All Alone. The entire movie was made up of a variety of super appealing women masturbating and teasing the camera, providing superior stroke value along the way. If this is the kind of action you like, you'd be hard pressed to find a better set of scenes and extras. It was clearly a winner for fans of ladies getting off. I know porn is full of hype but I believed that the ladies were truly having orgasms, making the marketing claim on the front cover "100% Real Female Orgasms" seem plausible, if not the actual case in each scene. Thanks to a nice diversity of performers and their various means of getting off, I felt a rating of Highly Recommended was fair since All By My Self provided exactly what it said and in such a high quality manner that Patrick proved his talents yet again. Good job!

Sneak Peeks: Jack's Leg Show & Virtual Sex with Kira Kener

First up, we find Jack's Leg Show: Robby D.'s movies aren't always perfect but they do offer something different, often focusing on targeted niches like his Jack's MILF Show, Jack's Asian Adventure, Jack's Big Ass Show, and Jack's Big Tit Show have proven in recent months. This time, Jack finally gets around to catering to the foot fetish fanatics with his unique brand of perversion. I'll be the first to admit that I'm acquainted with some people into this kind of thing but never really worked out a load to it myself, so your mileage may vary from mine but there was a lot to offer in this DVD so you might want to pre-order it now before it comes out next month. Each gal in the five scenes teases the camera with a lot of foot and leg play, almost surprising me that the title didn't reflect the foot aspect over the legs. Teagan, Maya, and Audrey were all in great form and the other two will probably provide some strokable material for the less discriminating too. For me then, the rating seemed fair at Recommended, though some of you will be ranting about how great the foot work was and demand a lot higher as a result so your mileage may vary from my more general opinion. The technical values and editing were very well handled, the strokability and replay factors high enough, and the casting seemed to provide something for everyone. In short, it was a foot fetish fan's dream come true and fans of lovely Teagan will rejoice that she had a new scene without a condom; marking it as an occasion I'm sure many fans will appreciate.

We also got a look at Virtual Sex with Kira Kener, the latest in the series to look at popular contract star for another company well before she left them. The same premise applies here as elsewhere; you get to control the performer through various sexual acts, making her do what you want to do for as long as you like. Fans will undoubtedly find it to among the best material showcasing Kira in years, even if the DVD was not as advanced as some of the recent volumes in the series. Both of these titles will be out soon and your mileage may vary but check out the specifics from our reviews and you may find that they appeal to your libido.

First Report: High Definition Porn

As some of you are well aware, the reviewers at X Critic have been on the cutting, perhaps bleeding, edge of technology for years in order to keep you up to date on the latest advances in the wide world of DVD technology. Currently, there are no other websites providing as in depth coverage of HD DVD and Blu-Ray releases as our staff, thanks to our philosophy that you have a right to hear about it all. Our latest leap into the world of high definition includes a look at the first two porn titles released in the HD DVD format, Camp Cuddly Pines Powertool Massacre HD and Island Fever 3 HD. The industry has been abuzz with stories supporting both sides of the high definition format war, with the general consensus that the Blu-Ray camp has shunned the adult entertainment industry; even preventing an early supporter, Digital Playground, that it wasn't welcome. The spin doctors are hard at work marginalizing the plethora of press releases bandied about but ultimately the stakes were raised at least a little bit by the move. You will not find reviews for these two titles on most mainstream movie websites but we cover it all as in depth as needed to give you the information to help find the best porn available and we were not about to let an equipment barrier stop us this time.

Camp Cuddly Pines Powertool Massacre HD was the first HD DVD title released on the market, with Wicked Pictures teaming up with Image in order to pull out all stops. The result is a superior looking title of one of our favorite award winning features, a horror spoof by talented director Jonathan Morgan that offers some of the best extras available on the four disc set to go with the great cast, the heated sex, and the kind of care that stands out even today as standing head and shoulders above the thousands of porn titles released since the original version came out back in 2005. Mastered in 720p, this version loses the grain and video noise inherent in the original to provide an even better experience; one that has been universally praised as a quantum leap forward for the porn market. If this is what the industry can do with the first title in the brand new format, imagine how great titles taking full advantage of high definition will be in the next few years.

On the other hand is a title using footage shot even longer ago called Island Fever 3 HD. Starring fan favorites like Jesse Jane, Devon, and Tera Patrick, this is one of the classic examples of pretty porn that still sells incredibly well even years later. The first release included a high definition disc that would play only on computers and served to usher in high definition for porn, albeit a limited version for fans to enjoy. The action was stylish and shot in the tropical isles of Bora Bora & Tahiti, with the trio of hotties providing the kind of ambiance that many women and couples appreciate, losing the bad acting most features offer up. The improvements of HD DVD were not as prominent in this title but even some of the most difficult people to please have admitted that it was a step up in terms of visual and audio quality. Once again, read the full reviews but expect the learning curve the companies are going through to quickly allow them to give fans a reason to upgrade to a porn friendly format. On a side note, a rival company has announced that it will release a Blu-Ray title next month but many in the industry have their doubts given the cold shoulder given to the first two industry heavyweights that tried to do likewise.

Thorne in Your Side - Porn Ramblings From Chris Thorne: Kim Kardashian Superstar

CT is back in the hause with a look at the ever growing sub-genre of porn - the Celebrity Sex Tape. When Paris Hilton gave her raccoon eye'd stare onto the camera it was the dawn of a new era for Celebrity Sex Tapes. These celeb-fuck tapes aren't anything new...for some background on them read the amazing by Allan MacDonell... but they've become a pretty normal part of the every day ebb and flow of porn. Admittedly most of them just suck. From the awful quality night vision of 1 Night in Paris (did anyone learn anything from Rollerball!?!) to the down right crappy Screeched (Dirty Sanches + Bad Sex = Skip It). Some of them are head scratching... I mean who ever really wanted to see Tom Sizemore Fuck or just plain freaky is that a clit or a penis?!?! with 1 Night in China.

Things look like they are on an upswing with newly unveiled . A of the tape from Vivid's site shows that this tape was made by people who know what their doing and despite being famous our not Kim Kardashian is a true hottie. If you are asking yourself who the fuck is Kim Kardashian Vivid's press release sheds some light: "She's the Daughter of O.J. Simpson's Lawyer Robert Kardashian, the Stepdaughter of Olympic Gold Medallist Bruce Jenner and the Best Friend of Paris Hilton; He's a Best-Selling Indie Hip Hop Recording Artist Who Has Been Linked with Lil'Kim and Most Recently Whitney Houston." It's probably no coincidence that Kim Kardashian is buxom biddies with Ol'e Paris who obviously gave Britney some good..."How to Show everyone your snatch" advice. Who knows, maybe Paris will have a career as a Porn Mogul?!

Highlights of The Week

We had a surprise from Digital Sin this week when they provided a hot title that nearly took the highest honors with: What An Ass! 4, shows attractive young women teasing and pleasing in front of the camera. This volume was no different and the casting was top notch here, even if a performer or two are still reaching their full potential. That said, the tease alone was worth the price of admission so most of you out there will find this a solid entry in the series. It was a nice ride for me as the ladies (Carmen, Jayne, Cody, Jordana, and Britney were all beauties that fit the ripe round rump category; four of them very talented sexually too). The technical matters were great in terms of the visuals as the camera work and editing provided great stroke footage with lots of replay value and while the music sucked, it didn't last long enough in any scene to kill the whole thing for me. In short, there was enough fuck for the buck to drive this one all the way up to a rating of Highly Recommended, thanks in small part to the anamorphic transfer and decent extras. If you enjoy tease, erotic build up leading to solid sexual scenes, and a lot of chemistry between the performers, What An Ass! 4 surpassed even What An Ass! #2 in terms of delightful amounts of fine fucking. Good work!

Josie would love this group of lesbian Pussy Cats: Courtney Cummz is the talented contract performer working for Zero Tolerance that has taken the plunge and decided to work on both sides of the camera. Using the skills of fellow director Mike Quasar (like others at the company do), her sophomore effort, Pussy Cats, is now available to the public. Having cut her directing teeth on Face Invaders, Courtney seemed to fill her role with more confidence this time, adjusting some of the industry standard action of lesbian scenes to suit her own tastes. The result is a solid collection of lesbian scenes that really worked in most cases, some achieving the highest levels of heat due to the chemistry observed between the ladies. It was one of those times when the elements combined just right to make the title worthy of being Highly Recommended. The ladies were premium pussy, the action was far better than usual, the replay and strokability were greatly enhanced by the technical values (kudos on using an anamorphic widescreen process), and the extras sure didn't hurt either. In short, Pussy Cats was one of the best sophomore efforts by a performer/director that I can recall in a very long time, marking it on my short list for titles to direct friends into checking out. I can't wait to see what the lovely lass comes up with next given the quality displayed here; great job!

Some might call the harder edged porn on the market a guilty pleasure or more than they can handle but Gang Bang My Face was one of our favorites nonetheless our reviewer saying that: Jake Malone offered up a blow bang title that uses his general dynamic to full effect, serving as an admittedly guilty pleasure for a guy like me that prefers women openly treated nicely and enjoying their work over the rough realities that some of them really prefer this type of action. Every scene was a winner for what he was going for and I'm sure that Jake's fanbase will grow thanks to the action provided in the movie. It was high on suck for the buck value, technical values, a cast of great performers (the women at least), strokability, and replay so I rated it as Highly Recommended. There were some rough edges with the camera work that could've been touched up, some minor quibbles about my preference for more tease at the beginning of each scene, and limited other aspects that amount to my Monday morning quarterbacking of the man's work but in all, Gang Bang My Face was another title by a guy I used to routinely dismiss as misogynistic when the ladies tell me otherwise (I'll take their word for it since they were there). In any case, if you like blow bangs with a rougher edge, you'll probably really enjoy this one a whole lot more than the generic fluff flooding the market.

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New reviewer Dick Danger found one of his first winners with Cum Fart Cocktails 5, saying: I had been wanting to see some of the Cumfart Cocktails movies for a while now but hadn't had the opportunity. So when I got the chance to review #5 in the series, I was very excited. Although I wasn't familiar with many of the girls listed on the box I figured, Hey, it's girls drinking cum out of each other's asses! What could be bad? This movie was pretty enjoyable, especially if you like to see girls eating ass flavored cum. There could have been a lot less tease footage, and maybe some tightening up of the action just a little bit. I think it's always a mistake to put the hottest scene at the beginning of the movie, because then you can only go downhill from there. Also, while I do love seeing girls drinking ass cum, I actually stated to miss seeing some nice messy facials. Call me picky. One more note: stay tuned during the credits, which feature Cherrie playing the piano while sitting on Liv's face. It's good to know she has something to fall back on in case the whole porn thing doesn't work out for her.

Digging up a classic title of tease and tush, Evil Angel offered up Buttman's Butt Freak 2: an earlier effort that wasn't a dedicated movie at all but a collection of footage that didn't fit anyplace else. The show was shot before July of 1995 and released the following year, using a variety of now classic footage that showed John's appreciation for ass to the fullest. The scenes were little like the extremely lengthy scenes of today, never lingering or fleshing out the ladies as much as I've grown accustomed to but still managing to provide some superior stroke value on a regular basis. It was something of a legacy classic for me. I saw it long ago and appreciated it compared to the contemporary titles released at the same time. The technical limitations and general lack of extras lowered the rating a hair but it was still worthy of being Recommended for all that great ass and tease the movie showed. The performances were unpolished but still struck me as having the kind of raw energy that John rose to fame for providing and fans should get a kick out of seeing some now-vintage porn finally released on DVD. In short, Buttman's Butt Freak 2 was a title long in need of coming out to DVD and I hope John continues to dip into his back catalog to offer up such worthy titles for fans to enjoy.

Esteemed reviewer Namrufmot picked up two popular titles to praise this week with the hottest MILF seller on the market, MILF School 1 being the first; While some of the women don't appear to be real MILFs they are older than most of the girls you'll find in porn. Despite the crappy extras, this DVD is still worth picking up if MILFs are your thing, and What's Up Her Ass? 2, the anal themed Crawdaddy asstravaganza being number two; I haven't had the opportunity to watch many DSVX titles lately, and this one reminds me of why I've always liked their work in the past. This rating is a no-brainer. Highly Recommended. Whether you like ass or experience, each provided some stroke value to make your day a fun one.

Don even got a chance to check out last week's sneak peek a bit closer with MILF School 2, saying it was: even better than the first volume in the series so here we are looking at the full DVD to provide a full review. Our initial observations proved to be accurate that this was a lot of fun with only a few areas in need of polishing up thanks to ladies that really weren't as good as hoped and some camera work not yet up to speed but the bottom line was it had a lot of stroke and replay value. If you like older, curvier women that like to fuck, you're going to get off on this one repeatedly. It offered solid value thanks in large part to the ladies, the heated sexual conduct, and the amount of fuck for the buck. We know that gonzo and pro-am titles are not yet associated with Club Jenna but at the rate Cezar is going, they might take over given the kind of sales that they are having. In short, MILF School 2 was a lot of fun and the scenarios might not have all been believable but they allowed the situations to provide the kind of tease and action the director has long been associated with.

Lovely reviewer Ravyn enjoyed the heat of Flesh and Fantasy in between her rollercoaster ride in the world of adult entertainment, saying: With eight titles under belt Kelly Holland has kept to what works well for her. Most of her work to date has been on vignette erotica softies for Playgirl focusing on appealing more on the female POV and romance. All of which was to provide a less explicit, more erotic look at sexual encounters between men and women. Taken from actual stories written in Penthouse Variations, Flesh and Fantasy brings just a bit more as callers reveal their fantasy to the beautiful radio show host who's nightly topic are your deepest and darkest sexual fantasy. Five callers two of them man, one with a taste for red silk panties and the other silk stockings. It had nice packaging, five well written scenes, background music that heightened the sensuality, performers that very in tuned with their co-star made this worth a recommended. What more can anyone ask for? As a writer myself I did enjoy well written the scene which is why I gave it this rating.

Reviewer The Mooninite found a trio of titles worth checking out: Blue Light Project: While there certainly could have been more done with the props or more unusual props used, it was still a decent collection of four hot scenes and a fine way to kill ninety minutes. It isn't really breaking any new ground but the girls look good and the fuck like they mean it, Filthy: is hot stuff. It's couples-friendly in that it doesn't get too kinky or obscene but it's strong enough that it'll get a rise out of you. The transfer is strong and the extras mediocre, but the girls are all hot and so is the sex " recommended, and Porny Monster: The Burning Angel troupe is one of the few porno production companies out there that can effectively mix genuinely funny humor with sizzling hot sex scenes. Each of the girls in this production is a looker and the guys all give great supporting performances as well. The narrative is funny and reasonably interesting and the sex is steamy. Couple this with a pretty decent selection of extra features and it's not hard to see why it comes highly recommended.

Another talented reviewer joins the team, Big Tymer, to find a few hot titles for your perusal, Larry Flynt's Private Collection 5: Hot Showers: This DVD provides hot lesbian action with less focus on the circus sex acts and more focus on the basics such as chemistry and lots of hot kissing. While not without a few flaws, this eight-scene DVD provides seventeen very hot ladies getting wet and wild in a variety of situations and places. For the most part, the camera work is very good and things look fairly crisp except in a couple instances where there was less than ideal lighting. A great introduction to Hustler's "Hot Showers" series and a good choice for anyone else who can appreciate lesbian action without the circus acts or are looking for something a little more tasteful to view as a couple. This DVD also serves to highlight some of the more famous starlets who have graced the Hot Showers series over the years, and Freshly Fucked 3: A well-produced and well-polished DVD release with a nice mix of girls, many of them who are fairly new to the porn business, which would fit in with the title of the movie. The variety of girls is diverse so there is probably something for everyone on this disc. The lack of circus sex acts makes this title a bit more couple-friendly than other gonzo flicks, but may leave others feeling that the title is lacking. Though I felt the action never reached a fever pitch, the fairly high quality is consistent and makes this DVD that I'd give a recommended rating to.

Don Houston did not get an early look at Control 5 but found it to offer some fine qualities nonetheless, saying: It continuing his series that uses a number of different approaches to hardcore gonzo, with some of the best tease I've seen in a long time by lovely Jenaveve Jolie. The movie had a mixture of themes that often worked, though admittedly sometimes better than others, and fans of the director's works will undoubtedly find a lot to appreciate here as well. It had some fine scenes by Jenaveve Jolie, Paola Rey, Jordana James and Cayton Caley, with okay scenes by the others, making it worth a rating of Recommended. The technical values were solid and the strokable replay value was very high in the listed scenes, with a touch of BTS offered up at the ending credits. The extras were light but the levels of fuck for the buck were high thanks to the extended amount of time the movie lasted, keeping even a grumpy guy like me happy as a result. In short, Control 5 was another fine selection to pick up from the newly appreciated director and surely a sign that his potential holds even more.

Reviewer Colonel Mustard also wanted to share his thoughts on a few winners with Sugar Butt: This New Sensations project helmed by a tag team directorship of Greg Lansky and Mike Adriano has pulled some hot young vixens to the set and pulled a lot of energy from their stars. Each one of the five scenes was worth watching. The thing that separates this release from some of the other standard DVDs on the market is the incredible feel of the audio and video of this DVD. Shot entirely in HD, the picture is as crisp as the sound. At two and a half hours of action with a bonus scene for less than $25, this title is very high on the fuck for the buck scale. I must recommended this DVD for six total scenes and some very cute new female talent, and Sex City 3, the last in the award winning series that he thought was : a surreal fantasy land of corruption, lust and power. The Sex City trilogy extends over 30 scenes and nine hours featuring an absolute murder's row of hot European female talent. This DVD, and the entire trilogy is well worthy of a Highly Recommended rating. This Private Gold release is shot in all of its 16:9 Anamorphic widescreen glory. The entire DVD has a great feel and very high production values. This is a great DVD for couples and raincoaters alike. The only downside to this movie is the sloppy voice over. It was outstanding work by director Pierre Woodman and talented cast and crew.

The cover alone foreshadowed Juan Cuba's best title to date in Round Butt Sluts 3: The idea behind the series was that the ladies would tease the camera with an emphasis on displaying their asses, leading to some solid sex scenes based on various scenarios in the truest sense of the gonzo world. Juan really provided some solid work this time and if you like ass (but not necessarily anal), this should really work for you. It showed that the company and director were far from second rate as some online critics would suggest. The technical values, the ladies, and the amount of replay and stroke value made this one worthy of being suggested as Highly Recommended for ass aficionados everywhere. The levels of fuck for the buck elevated the rating a lot more than usual so you can feel comfortable that Round Butt Sluts 3 lived up to the tradition of the series (whatever happened to the second volume?); one I've found endearing thanks to the way things are handled by whomever directs it. Good job!

Skilled reviewer Rob Randell also gave up three worthy titles with Me Luv You Long Time 10: is Red Light District Video's latest installment in their Asian porno line with Mr. Pete directing. This series features several fresh new faces to porn, who bare all and have a good time doing it. It had a pretty nice lineup with sexy babes like Tia Tanaka and Miko Sinz to name a couple. I enjoyed seeing these girls and the others get down and dirty. Viewers who like seeing Asian chicks in action should definitely pick this up, Asian POV 4: The latest from Devil's Film with an all Asian female cast and point of view action. Point of view or POV is sex captured in first person. The director/performer holds the camera while engaging in sex with a partner. This installment offers decent action for both the POV and Asian fan. The sex scenes weren't off the wall exciting, but they still had some good action. I think the scenes with Taya Talise, Keeani Lee, and Kitty make this DVD worth looking into, and Sakura Tales 11: DVSX's latest edition to their Asian DVD series. This installment has five beautiful girls who bare all and have sex. The scenes open with the girls in schoolgirl outfits giving a strip tease. Next they have sex with some random guy. The action is fairly clean and straight forward, but should be more than enough fun for those who enjoy seeing attractive Asian babes in action. I thought this DVD had some great action. It had some hot babes like Christina Aguchi, Kea Kulani, and Miko Sinz. These three scenes are what make this DVD worth seeing. Viewers who like seeing attractive young Asian babes in action should pick up this DVD.

Then there was Fuck For Dollars 2: where the guys would cruise for women to capture on video for varying amounts of money, even though it was clearly a set up type of situation. The make believe portion of the movie adds something here as an alternative to the "wham bam, thank you ma'am" type gonzo flicks that dominate the industry, though some of the lengthier scenes do run a bit long at times. The back cover said it like this: "Eddie Powell and the Greedy crew are back in the mix doing what they do best. Watch as they randomly pick 5 gorgeous girls off the streets and offer them cash -- to fuck and have it taped. You'd be surprised, but these girls will do anything for a buck. And take our word for it...what a difference a dollar makes!" Not all the scenes were great but some of them were more fun than a barrel full of porn chicks so if you're still interested, you'll want a copy for your very own. It was worth a rating of Recommended from me. Had a couple of the scenes been as good as the others, I'd be singing the praises even louder but it had some nice fuck for the buck, strokability, and replay factor without all the trappings of glamour porn or the generi-porn that seems all too common these days.

Don liked Savanna Samson in Rough Draft: a story about a writer played by lovely Savanna Samson, who is challenged by a producer who orders continual rewrites of her work (driving her crazy in the process). There really wasn't a lot of story here, relying more on the heated pairs than anything else to move the action forward, but given the strength of the cast, I found it a decent flick to enjoy with a significant other on the couch with me. The story elements served to provide a baby step from the vignettes of Colors in the direction of a full fledged feature, never quite making it but certainly aspiring to do so nonetheless. If you like Savanna Samson as much as I do, picking up a copy is a no-brainer given the amount of Savanna fuck for the buck it offered. It was almost like a rough draft of a true feature porn release, one that Bryan apparently aspires to making for the company as a mark that he wants to do something new and different.

Couples will like The Female Gardener: a story about interpersonal relationships and jealousy. The back cover said it like this: "Don't fuck around with the hired help. At least not so as to get caught. When Sunny's female lover finds her flirting with the gardener, things get real ugly real fast. Sunny never knew that Roberta could be such a jealous and abusive bitch. Treat someone badly enough and you'll drive her right into someone else's arms. Sunny likes the comfort that Roberta provides but she craves the animal attraction of her Mexican gardener even more. A battle royal of the fairer sex." If this sounds like a nice vehicle to showcase the lovely Sunny Leone to you, that'd be because it was such a flick. The ladies were appealing, especially Sunny Leone and Hillary Scott, the action was often intense, and the technical values, while not the best the company has to offer, still very pleasing on a regular TV. The extras weren't bad and there seemed to be a lot of Sunny fuck for the buck so give the replay and stroke value of The Female Gardener a gander when it comes your way.

Ass fans might appreciate Assparade 9 as it: provided five scenes where the ladies spend a lot of time teasing the camera before having standard sex scenes with an assortment of third tier male performers. If that sounds good to you, you'll be happy to know that for all the rough edges the show provides, the quality of the tease and sex isn't bad at all. It was not the shining example of all that the company provides but it did seem to be worthy of a Recommended rating for all it provided in terms of tease and heat. The collection of ladies was top notch in almost every case and the raw energy they displayed transcended the handheld camera caught action's weaker points. If you want glossy porn, look elsewhere but if you're in the market for some seriously playful porn, Assparade 9 was a good place to start your quest.

If you liked our spotlight title of the week, All Alone should appeal to you as well since it was: a series of twenty masturbation scenes by some of the hottest performers in the jizz biz. Each scene took a slightly different way of shooting the material, some indoors and others outside, some using a hand alone while others used toys, and some a bit rougher while others were more seductive. In all, it was a very good title for the advertised action. There was a lot of solo action for the buck and while there wasn't enough variation for me to rate it higher, my rating of Recommended was based on the great cast and technical values more than anything else. In short, All Alone was a heated display by a cunning array of stunts that should appeal to most men, straight men at least, since most of us love seeing this kind of thing.

Jenna Haze fans will like Crack Addict 6: a series that focuses on providing top quality ladies that fuck like they're driven to new heights, even as they do anal. The tease from most of the scenes was very pleasing and the action in most scenes was incredibly hot, making me glad I picked this one up last week. It was a really solid effort using superior technical values, a splendid cast, and some of the best performances I've seen of late; all adding up to a rating of Recommended, largely lowered on the basis of the one dud scene and the missing (though advertised) BTS extra. If four awesome scenes are enough for you to overlook the defects mentioned, by all means run out and pick up a copy for yourself as though it was a notch higher, I just wanted to be fair in my objective rating. In short, Crack Addict 6 carried out the tradition of the series to provide some of the most strokable fuck for the buck action you'll find on a gonzo title, offering up a lot of different types of scenes instead of relying on a strict formula as most titles like this rely on.

Humor and race mixed well in The Adventure's of Shorty Mac 2: where a short black man (Shorty Mac) with a large penis uses his verbal skills to convince women to come back to his messy bedroom to have sex. Each scene ends with the guys giving the ladies the boot in a comic manner, the scenarios being fake but amusing nonetheless. The idea is as basic as can be and has been done many times in the past but the series is growing on me as I watch more volumes (I have #3 here as well), since it is clearly a put on. The technical values were pretty solid, as expected from Tim's work, the ladies were a nice selection of new gals and established professionals, and the heat from the scenes proved to be slightly elusive in a few cases but definitely a factor in others. In short, The Adventures of Shorty Mac #2 was the best title from the company that I've watched to date, thanks to the combined efforts of those involved.

Another worthy compilation was Larry Flynt's Private Collection 7: Barely Legal Corrupted: in how it provided eight scenes that were collected in a compilation format, none of them showing any obvious edits from their original versions. The sheer amount of fuck for the buck outweighed the relative lack of extras and the quality of the ladies was as solid as you'll find from Hustler. Some of the scenes were markedly better than others but your mileage will vary according to how much you like particular performers. In short, Larry Flynt's Private Collection #7: Barely Legal Corrupted might have had a bit of a problem with the audio being turned down too low (mostly rectified by cranking up the volume of your home theatre set up or TV set) but it was a decent offering overall.

We end this week's look at the top titles with Belladonna's Dark Meat: Special Extended Edition, saying she: has long proven that not all porn stars are the glamorous types most of us associate with the industry, giving far better performances on average than most, if not all, of her peers over the years. There were those who thought that her taking up directing was a waste of talent and to be frank, I wasn't too sure she'd be able to pull it off myself when she first started out. Thankfully we were all proven wrong and Bella's ideas worked most of the time to provide some of the highest quality porn on the market for the extreme sexual circus act tricks she embraced in her flicks released by Evil Angel. She takes a lot of chances and that means some of her movies take on a hit or miss quality but she rarely leaves us fans hanging completely, as was the case with her latest title, Dark Meat: Special Extended Edition. The three disc, many hour, movie (and extras) focused on interracial scenes with a slight twist in the final scene, many of them providing some really heated match ups by talented ladies able to almost keep up with Bella herself. Fans will love it as there was a lot of strokability and replay value here so adjust the rating according to your own standards knowing full well that Bella still provided a lot of fun here.

Director Interview: Andrea Di Angelo

I first came to know director Andrea Di Angelo by reviewing a couple of his movies here at X Critic. We then crossed paths via an exchange of emails discussing comments I had made in my reviews, giving us both a better perspective of where the other was coming from. One thing led to another and the result is this interview I obtained from him via email and by phone, the director insisting I call him Andy as we spoke about a variety of topics. Andy started out in porn as talent, serving as a male talent for two years before making the transition to working behind the camera in any capacity possible. He learned the hard way how much abuse the crew could be subjected to but he was fulfilling his dream of working with beautiful women in exotic locations and working for some of the biggest companies in all of Europe; something you just don't complain about thanks to the perks. 14 years later, he is one of the new breed of imports that companies hire for all sorts of projects, working at Hustler, VCA, and Elegant Angel having been extremely busy in Europe working for Private, Orion, and MMV (to name a few). He doesn't see himself as a director so much as a man with a hobby having a great time, working from 7 AM to Midnight while keeping a sense of humor about his current profession. Andy now resides in Palm Springs, a long way from Porn Valley, in order to enjoy a peaceful life when not at work. Here are some of the answers he had to my probing questions (some of which are paraphrased below) on January 30, 2007:

1) How different is it shooting a porno overseas than here in the States? It's more difficult for me as a German; I had to fly to Budapest, Paris, and Prague. Here in California, I drive two hours by car to LA and that is it but people are more open sexually overseas than the states making it easier to work with them.

2) What were the first films you worked on? The private couples and amateur stuff; I started from the ground up and it was a great experience. I did everything myself; lighting, stills, and camera. It was a learning experience for me.

3) You've won a number of awards in your career. What were they for? I've won best director twice and best movie twice, having been nominated for many others over my career.

4) Is there one company you favor over another to work for; if so why? I had many great years in Germany with Orion and Versand; both great companies with great people and my special little redhead (lol). Working for Larry Flynt is great. Drew Rosenfeld gave me a good start. (Drew is a producer from LFP)

5) What do you look for in a company to work as a director, money? If I would be interested in money,..., I would work as lawyer. j/k

6) Out of all the beautiful places in the world you have filmed in, which are your favorites? The south part of France; including Nizza and Cannes, but both are pretty expensive.

7) During casting calls for your movies, what is it that you look for in the performers? I'm looking for people who know what it means to be a professional. My favorites include Tyler Faith, Nikki Benz, and Brooke Haven as they are all gems to work with.

8) Your fetish titles overseas are far more hardcore than the domestically released ones for legal reasons. In any fetish title, which do you prefer to make vanilla or hardcore? It depends on the situation. Most fetish, and all kinds of porn, are hardcore and more intense. Some scenes start off vanilla and end up very hardcore. But fetish can be some times very vanilla, with spanking like there is no day tomorrow. It's for people who love to have head sex. I like the mix, but I hate the stuff where girls where used like a fuck toy.

9) Have you ever had a difficult performer to work with? Do you find it easier working with men or women? It does not happen not so often now, but some girls think they get money to just show up on the set, and that's all. It happened two times and I sent them home because I need no divas at work. I do everything, which the talent thinks feels good and with that we can all work like pros. The male performers are never a problem. They show up ready to work. The ladies on the other hand are more lax, leading to the two I sent home. I understand that some of the ladies are tired from working three and four scenes without any rest but they return the next day ready and able to perform.

10) Was there ever a time you wanted to give up on making porn? Yes, when all the German company's thought that they had to shoot hard American gonzo. I thought the best time was to work for Private, because they never produce this sick stuff.

11) Who is the "real" Andy? What type of person is he? I come from a poor back ground, my parents couldn't buy me a Ego when I was born, and they had no money for milk, so I was raised up on grandpa's self made whiskey. I take my job seriously, but not the business. L.A. is such a fake town, everybody is an actor, or in the music industry. They fuck with you mentality here in LA. That is the reason why I live in Palm Springs. I love playing soccer, cat's, and hiking through the dessert.

12) In Taboo Fetish Factory you had Eva Angelina wearing a spiked masked throughout the scene, what was the purpose of that mask? The masked was just that a prop, I needed something extra to make the scene work and it did just that.

13) What are you own personal views on porn (Ex. Classic, stereo-typical, circus act, anal)? A) Filming porn is more of a serious business and there are too many fakes out there. Classic porn dating back to the early 60's and 70's had a simplicity about it. The sets and budget were more reasonable and affordable. Porn back then was mainly two positions, foreplay and the cum shot. There were more taboos back then, now nothing is taboo. B) In all films when you see two men in a shot you know that the next scene is going to be a DP, very typical and not something I am fond of while shooting. C) Circus Acts during sex: Again something which I personally do not do in my own private life and doubt that anyone else really does either. Not everyone in the industry uses that crazy format in their films, I certainly don't. D) Anal Sex: On film, I really want the female performer to enjoy it and not be uncomfortable with it. I have heard some say they are ok with it and it shows on the camera that they aren't. Anal is something one has to be really sure they want to do; not just say "yes" for the hell of it.

14) What are your major turn-offs in porn today? Deepthroating a woman to the extent of making her gag and throwing up the dribbling of the cum from a woman's mouth. You won't find those in my films.

15) Can you explain the smoking scene in Taboo 6? Smoking fetish is very hot in Europe. Men get off on it as well as women. There is something sensual about having smoke blown on ones body.

16) How do you come up with the ideas for the scenes? I do mostly vignettes. What's most important in each scene are the sets. I shot what I enjoy and the ideas are based on my own fantasy life. Hustler's Taboo series is based on the Taboo Magazine which I enjoy very much.

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Have a very Wicked Week and an Even Wetter and Hotter Weekend! Ravyn

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