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Teagan Presley: Icon, Shay Jordan and the Top 20 Adult DVDs of 2006

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Spotlight Title: Great Big Asses 3

Fans of rounded rumps will rejoice that the latest title supporting their habit is now out with Great Big Asses 3: Jordan Septo is one of those rare directors in porn that doesn't feel the need to dwell on circus act sex or abusing women to sell copies of movies. That alone would be a good reason for Exquisite/Venom Digital to keep him as their exclusive property but his skill at getting women comfortable enough to enjoy themselves seems to be in rare supply too. His latest movie is Great Big Asses 3, the sequel to Great Big Asses 2 that has a number of ladies teasing the camera with their great, big asses, before engaging in enthusiastic, energetic sexual practices. If that sounds pretty good to you, imagine how happy I was to get a hold of a fun porno to enjoy that didn't need fourth rate acting to prop up a poorly written story or the abusive porn so in vogue these days. Great Big Asses 3 also showed that the director was back in the fine form I've always appreciated about his work. The cast was a solid mix of attractive women with varying degrees of experience in porn, adding a nice dynamic in most cases to elevate the stroke and replay value to the point where I felt a rating of Highly Recommended was in order. The BTS feature alone added some solid entertainment value for me and while I would have appreciated more extras, the overall package seemed to fit right in with the kind of porn I can appreciate repeatedly. In short, Great Big Asses 3 was another hit by the talented Jordan Septo that proved quality can be had without all the frills you'll find elsewhere, a credit to his directing abilities that have been favorably compared to Stagliano, Jordan, and Butts by those who pay attention.

Sneak Peeks: Teagan Presley: Icon & Shay Jordan: Deeper 4

There is no denying the appeal of some contract stars with Teagan Presley and Shay Jordan providing heated performances in a couple of sneak peeks we covered for titles coming out later this month. The first, Teagan Presley: Icon: provided a lot of erotic fuck for the buck with a largely terrific cast and some new stylish tricks up the sleeve of the production crew. I would be remiss if I said that the artistic nature of the movie will appeal to everyone but the same could be said about any other porno you'll find on the market too so let your personal taste decide as guided by my overview. In short, Teagan Presley: Icon was among the best opening rounds of the year in the battle for erotic supremacy, with Digital Playground setting the stakes high for others to try and catch up with, earning the DVD a Highly Recommended. If you're looking to give a gift to that special someone you missed at Christmas, you might want to consider this one as a perfect title for the ladies.

The second, Deeper 4: The movie served as a cross breed project that utilized a variety of techniques to provide the perfect settings to allow the cast to truly shine. In this case, Robby really did provide the "gold" in the sense that each scene worked on multiple levels, repeatedly, in a way that rarely happens. The company advertises the series as: "The Deeper series is shot with all the technical savvy and artistic design of Digital Playground's "Erotique" series, while still encompassing all of the hot passion and sound of today's best gonzo porn." Shay was incredible and the other ladies certainly proved their sexual resumes were in order as they actively worked the cock like they were on fire. In that sense, Deeper 4 (Shay Jordan) earned a rating of Highly Recommended from me as a cut above the pack, a disturbingly heated set of scenes, and the kind of fusion that Robby has sought to provide in the past, hitting his stride yet again with this superior title.

Top 20 Adult DVDs for 2006

Every year, the reviewers at X Critic attempt to find a process to figure out how to select the best movies released for our end of year lists and every year we come to the conclusion that there is no perfect way of doing so. 2006 was no different in that regard although with the competition for the top slots was a bit easier thanks to the endless budget cutting by many companies that allowed the blockbusters to really shine. If you have read our niche lists in previous weeks, you'll be acquainted with a number of very worthwhile releases from the last year and while this list is an admittedly eclectic group of titles from a wider variety of genres as selected by our team of hard working perverts, it covers a lot of ground. If you've read our reviews, you'll understand what I mean when I say that porn tastes are a majority of one, but like the , , and , you can consider this a great starting place if you truly want to find some of the best titles available to float your boat and trip your trigger. In coming weeks, several of our team members will be writing follow up lists or providing honorable mention titles you may also enjoy, but here is what a number of you have been waiting for, The Top 20 Adult DVDs for 2006:

1. Corruption: Porn companies tend to shy away from political thrillers, but director Eli Cross found a company willing to devote significant resources to make an epic about a modern day Caligula with Sex Z Pictures. There was a lot of controversy about the fisting scenes, the violence, and the kind of hardcore scenes you don't normally find in a feature but superb acting and heated sex by a cast full of performers willing to show that all porn is NOT alike combined to make for a disturbing and cautionary tale that voters appeared to take to heart when voting last year, resulting in an upheaval long in the coming. Hillary Scott showed she was more than a hot little anal princess and Eli proved he had the kind of acting chops to pull off a role that used his dark vision to full advantage. There are multiple versions of the movie available at this writing but despite what you may have heard, this was a superior effort compared to the competition; so cutting edge that Sex Z Pictures felt obligated to provide free legal assistance to those worried about political retaliation from right wing prosecutors. (Full Review by Don Houston)

2. Manhunters: Combining the better elements of a mainstream movie with the heated sex scenes expected from some of the most skilled hotties in porn, Manhunters told the tale of a group of female bounty hunters with curves in all the right places in a three disc set laden with extras that showed Wicked Pictures was on top of their game. Unlike our top choice, this one was a bit closer to a multitude of mainstream movies released in recent years, proving the critics wrong about director Brad Armstrong and Wicked Pictures as the pairing once again provided a lot of entertainment value both in and out of the sack. If you like sexy action dramas, you won't find anything better than this, especially thanks to some fine work by the lovely Jessica Drake, sexy Carmen Hart, and other performers strutting their stuff in fine fashion in time for the awards season. (Full Review by Don Houston)

3. Sacred Sin: It takes a pretty special movie to be able to successfully combine religion, horror, and hardcore porn but considering the music was provided by none other than Eddie Van Halen, you have to expect something out of the ordinary. Called "one of the best looking pornographic movies ever made", this double disc dose of heady ideas proved to elicit raves from numerous sources and is likely to score well next week at awards time. Proving to turn around the fortunes of Ninn Worx for our team of reviewers, it is clear that the use of mental imagery will upset some of the squeamish but in turn make for another title that fans can show as a reversal of the general trend to provide quality porn to those wanting something superior then the latest circus act sex show full of disposable performances. (Full Review by The Mooninite)

4. Britney Rears 3: Speaking of controversy, there is little doubt that the recent pictures of a certain pop star's genitalia have invoked a lot of interest in her flagging career so what better time then now to remind fans that not all features had to be serious, dark themed, or otherwise disturbing to the masses? Like the James Bond series, the Britney Rears franchise took a quantum leap forward by hiring delightful anal princess Hillary Scott for her second breakthrough role of the year as the pop singer we all want to meat. This time, director Will Ryder showed Britney going back in time to the 1970's to provide a superior set of sex scenes and some light hearted humor poking fun at pop singers everywhere. The back up ladies like Jasmine Byrne as J-Ho were also in fine form, resulting in an upcoming spin off that is sure to garner more awards next year. (Full Review by Don Houston)

5. This Butt's 4 U #2: The world of gonzo had a lot of solid hits too with few on the same level as Erik Everhard's sophomore effort in this series. Providing over 5 hours of fuck for your buck with a cast as diverse and talented as you could possibly expect him to provide, Erik managed to show the world that his style of directing and casting are not dependent on a particular company with this Evil Angel release of his. According to him, 2007 will provide him even more opportunities working for Jules Jordan but if you want the kind of cut to the chase gonzo porn that currently drives the industry, you'll be hard pressed to find many titles comparing favorably to this one, featuring ladies such as Lisa Ann, Mia Rose, and a number of foreign bred women world renowned for their ball draining methods. (Full Review by Don Houston)

6. Handheld Pictures: 2006 was a bonanza year for those with the skill to transcend individual genres in porn, a marked difference from those who focused on selling the same basic porno with a slightly different cast each time. Such was the case for director Robby D's fledgling company, Handheld Pictures. Distributed exclusively by parent company Digital Playground, Handheld offered up the raw gold that Robby often talks about to anyone who will listen. The movies are completely shot, edited, and scored by him with only the slightest of assistance in rare cases where a particular scene doesn't live up to Robby's standard of quality; showcasing some of the hottest ladies in porn providing a wealth of world class performances that are untainted by the comedy aspects of the director's extensive line up of quality Jack titles for those who want the unfiltered, unadulterated, and unrestrained action only Robby seems able to offer up. You may not have heard of the company yet, but with a wealth of titles such as Control 1, Control 2, Control 3, Control 4, Cockasian, Throb, Ass Addiction, Pulse POV, Hard Candy 1, Hard Candy 2, and Hard Candy 3, you'll want to catch up to the crowd or be left behind. (Full Reviews by Staff)

7. Virtual Vivid Girl Sunny Leone: Virtual sex titles have been a staple of the industry for years now, some crediting their success to the demand for gonzo and point of view (POV) movies. Well, even though the big companies have offered little innovation in the genre for a long time now, Vivid showed a lot of spunk by taking on the crowded field and WINNING hands down with the release of this showcase for lovely Sunny Leone. The untold hours of sex footage and extras alone should be evidence that they were gunning for the competition but the casting of Lanny Barbie, Amy Ried, and other quality gals added fuel to the fire that a follow up version would push the technological limits even further in 2007. If I was a betting man, I'd give odds that this DVD set provided more fuck for the buck than any other virtual sex release to date, a tribute to director Q. Roberts for his debut title. (Full Review by Don Houston)

8. Island Fever 4: was clearly another superior effort in the field of pretty porn; the kind of erotic hardcore material that everyone can enjoy together from raincoaters, to couples, to those who simply like watching the most beautiful women in the world having sex in the sunny tropical islands that serve to enhance even their looks. With gorgeous ladies on hand like Jana Cova, Teagan Presley, Sophia Santi, Jesse Jane, and Kinzie Kenner, is it any wonder that this is one of the best selling titles of the year? The stylish photography aside, the three disc set showed disbelievers that Digital Playground could really top previous volumes in the series with Robby shooting camera for director Joone once again to provide one of the best titles for replay value you will find on the market. (Full Review by Don Houston)

9. Jules Jordan: As far as gonzo directors are concerned, there are precious few that fans actively seek out as much as Jules, causing him to cut out the middle man last year to form Jules Jordan Video. His own titles tend to be twice as long as many of the competition but never relaxing his demanding standards of quality as he explores his kinkier side with a plethora of women that often provide superior performances for the director. Titles such as Dark Side: Jenna Haze, Ass Worship 9, and Slut Puppies 2, all provided hundreds of minutes of quality porn for the hardcore porn aficionado, offering up a lot of tease per scene that far too many of the cut rate pornographers seem to dismiss as a waste of time. Jules regularly makes the yearly list for a reason and now that he has only his own imagination as the limiter to what he presents, expect 2007 to continue his expansion as the dominant force (his company even picking up Erik Everhard recently). (Full Reviews by Staff)

10. Teen Cum Squad 5: Another talented gonzo director would be Manuel Ferrara and his double entries on the list (see below) show that his popularity is on the rise as well. His journey from France to working in hundreds of movies in recent years has been a delight for a lot of love struck (or cock happy) women both in and out of porn but his movies at Red Light District were evidence enough for porn master John Stagliano to employ the talented guy; effectively taking him away from the competition. In this case, his positive attitude towards youthful women that liked a healthy dose of population pudding propped him up into our list's elite level compared to the thousands of teen and gonzo titles on the market. (Full Review by Namrufmot)

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11. Sex City #1: The Sex City Series has provided a lot of fans a look to see what it would be like if a porn director imitated a mainstream rollercoaster ride with a decent budget and special effects based on those that made the original such a piece of eye candy for fans. Taking certain liberties with the Frank Miller classic, director Pierre Woodman exchanged some of the violence for the heated sexual antics of an all star foreign cast that knew few boundaries. They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery so Pierre surely flattered Frank as he has done to other mainstream directors in the past; all while offering up three hours of premium pussy and some substantial extras to adoring fans. While later volumes in the series appear to be a mixed bag of tricks, expect the Colonel to give them a second look in the near future for what is being hailed as the biggest project by Private in a long time. (Full Review by Colonel Mustard)

12. Evilution #1: What do you get when you combine one of the hottest directors in gonzo with an all star cast including gals like Tiffany Rayne, Naomi, Annette Schwartz, and others? A heated ride that will last you a lot longer then the over four hours of strokable hardcore porn included on two packed discs. Manuel Ferrara managed to impress another of our reviewers that he was hitting his stride for Evil Angel with comments like "another step in the evolution of Evil Angel, a company already known for some of the best porn in the jizz biz, offering lots of stroke value to the masses" made as a result. In terms of raw energy, few could compete with Manuel's admittedly diverse set of vignettes, using each gal in ways that she had not been coaxed into previously. The sequel wasn't quite as skillfully made but both showed the director to be a man on the rise, under the tutelage of Buttman himself; the best resource for old school gonzo alive according to those who know. (Full Review by Don Houston)

13. Tristan Taormino's House of Ass: In terms of quantity of work, there is no doubt that director Tristan Taormino is a dabbler in the porn world but the kind of offerings she has provided in the past as well as her recent commitment to a new series for Vivid both speak clearly to her intention to provide a new type of porn for her readers to enjoy. Basing itself on the MTV Real World series, she selected a number of talented performers to live together for a short time, enjoying a free atmosphere where almost anything goes. This was her comeback to directing porn and her subsequent release of Chemistry (using an identical theme) showed that she is devoted to this form of sexual expression; one that eschews a formulaic approach in favor of the organic nature of real human interaction. With over three hours of strokable fun on hand for consumers, it should come as no surprise that the immediate future looks very bright for this educator if this was any indication of what she will offer in the future. (Full Review by Disco Dirge)

14. The Visitors: There really isn't enough horror in porn, nor are suspense tales all that common with any degree of credibility but two of our reviewers thoroughly enjoyed the Wicked Pictures release of The Vistors, a showcase for Kimberly Kane and Keri Sable as much as the directing talent of the often underappreciated Michael Raven. The story felt a lot like an alien invader movie from the 1950's, leaving the audience guessing whether the aliens in question were the figments of over active imaginations or the real deal. The attempts by Raven to fuse mainstream sensibilities with hardcore sex proved to be especially worthwhile and hopefully another ongoing attempt to expand the market beyond the dregs of gonzo porn that so dominate the market these days. If you enjoy horror porn, one of the latest genres to find a receptive audience, you will probably find this one to be a step up from the high school acting so prevalent in features these days. (Full Review by The Mooninite and Full Review by Don Houston )

15. Mami Culo Grande 3: As I've mentioned in a previous review, the world of adult cinema is one of the many places that doesn't adhere to "truth in advertising". "Barely Legal" doesn't always mean "teenager", "MILFs" aren't always mothers and trannys....well, okay, you can tell when a tranny isn't a tranny. However, titling your series "Mami Culo Grande" is a pretty lofty thing to live up to. I am very pleased to let you know that Justin Slayer continues the level of heat and thickness that started with the first "Mami Culo Grande". From the terribly gorgeous and plump rumped Sunshine and Meagan, to the sexy Kelly and my girl Marquetta, Mr. Slayer has delivered another volume that will definitely please those fans of juicy Latin booty's. (Full Review by Michael Vega)

16. Emperor: Most attempts by veteran directors in porn to expand the envelope and offer something truly artistic fall far short of the mark. Much of this is due to the poor acting skills of the performers who are often referred to as sexual athletes more than anything else so what happens when two award winning superstars clash in a battle of wills on the set of a Fellini inspired movie by director Paul Thomas? Sparks of great energy is what happens according to Don, who described the movie as an intense look at Rocco Siffredi and Janine bumping heads and other body parts in a movie that gets better with each viewing. It did not hurt that the extras package was one of the highlights of the year, nor did the admittedly grainy film stock used reduce the hat that much but in terms of providing a movie that a lot of people can enjoy as something well above the limitations of most features; it truly succeeded beyond the usual marketing hype. (Full Review by Don Houston)

17. Girlvana 2: Mike Quasar is no stranger to awards and placement on year end lists but this time, he really went all out to provide about five hours of action in what our reviewer called: "a winner on several levels with great replay and stroke value, some solid energy and chemistry, superior production values, and more fuck for your lesbian loving buck then you'll find on the market today." While not exactly as popular now as it was ten years ago, lesbian porn still has a big following of fans that aren't into seeing the third tier mope squad member of the day plugging away at the ladies with his Viagra-throbbing cock. Mike enhanced the lengthy movie with his famed technical expertise, showing folks why Zero Tolerance should be on your short list for quality gonzo of all types. If you like lesbian action that splits the double disc into a dual dynamic of harder and softer scenarios, you will want this one in your collection. (Full Review by Don Houston)

18. The Girl Next Door: Shane's World has long carved out a niche as a company willing to provide something fresh and different, perhaps the best description of an alternative porn for fans that like seeing happy people enjoying life. This time, the double disc set focused on the hiring of contract hotty Casey Parker, a lengthy road trip to get the ground pounder to California, and a series of sex scenes that showed a wealth of beautiful ladies like Roxy DeVille, Eva Angelina, and Kinzie Kenner on the prowl. The extras and movie combined to provide another 5+ hour extravaganza that showcased the company effort to make it on its own, with a series of follow up titles starring the cute blonde already being released to adoring fans. Her future looks so bright, she better get some shades because Casey hit the big time when she caught their eye. (Full Review by Don Houston)

19. Teen Dreams 14: New Sensations is known for providing a lot of niche driven titles but they also have a reputation for offering up younger ladies that don't quite look like performers so much as coeds found at a local junior college or newcomers to the industry. That is why some of our review team seeks out their youth oriented titles with a passion, seeking to get their fix of the good stuff such as with this title. Starring Mindy Lee, Rebecca Linares, Tommie Ryden Ruby Lane, and Isabella Djor, the vignettes showcase exactly how solid the company makes their porn when things go right, an increasingly common occurrence for director Tyler Scott to hear some talk about the man. In this case, the entire package of goodies set itself above the majority of teen titles flooding the market, making it worthy of inclusion on our list. (Full Review by Namrufmot)

20. Briana Loves Rocco: As fate would have it, Rocco had a bonanza year thanks to his work for director Paul Thomas in Emperor as well as this title. His own production company keeps churning out increasingly marginalized titles but when he is hooked up with a superstar lady, he simply can't lose from the looks of it. In this case, the lucky lady was Briana Banks, one of the most reliably heated contract stars working for Vivid in recent years. The movie itself was a series of extremely hardcore scenes that pushed Briana's buttons as much as her limits, showing she could take anything Rocco dished out and provide some seriously wild sex at the same time. As a cautionary note, this title was not meant for the feint of heart or usual couples market Vivid caters to (at least according to reviewer Ravyn) but it showed the director was spreading his wings in many directions this year, which is part of the new philosophy at Vivid. (Full Review by Ravyn)

Highlights of The Week

Don really enjoyed Shane's World 39: Casey's Pool Party: Collector's Edition, saying that: Casey Parker is the hotty contract gal at Shane's World who has already gained a tremendous fanbase according to those who know about such things, largely due to the way she fits in with the market niche the company addresses (college age males that enjoy something different from their porn; not wanting stuffy features or lame gonzo). In her second release for the company, Shane's World 39: Casey's Pool Party: Collector's Edition she once again lights up the small screen with her antics, this time as the result of a pool party that has no rules. The addition of an anamorphic transfer and a fun cast of performers in lieu of the usual strangers getting handjobs in a van driving about town was a nice change of pace with the sex scenes all adding some fun to the movie. With solid extras and a lot of fuck for the buck, Shane's World 39: Casey's Pool Party: Collector's Edition became a title worthy of being Highly Recommended by me for all it had to offer. The stroke and replay value, the fun factor, and the pool party theme were all enough to push the movie up just enough to make it but fans of traditional porn may find it too liberating to enjoy so your mileage may vary.

Fans of alternative genres may like Filthy's First Taste: Pro-Am porn uses newcomers in settings that we find in everyday life to provide a sense of familiarity but also lose the largely over rated glamorous aspects of modern porn that many find so distracting. Many consumers get bored of seeing the same old performers doing the same old things with the same old partners (much like real life in fact) so the thought of something new appeals to them. Since most sex acts have been thoroughly documented by now, the only "new" thing to provide are new performers, with a handful of companies seeking out such women to work with for fan approval. The title was much like the earlier work provided by the director at Bang Bros (he was co-founder of the company) except the production values were enhanced. The lighting was not the Wal-Mart lighting you'd see in most gonzo porn, there was some build up as the ladies met the men rather than start off on the couch and end up naked in under 30 seconds, and the ladies really were inexperienced in terms of being on camera (more so then most releases under the label of Pro-Am these days in fact). If you like glamorous women with few physical imperfections, wearing professionally applied make up and performing like they've done it all a thousand times in the past, you will immediately dislike Filthy's First Taste 1, otherwise, you may find it a breath of fresh air for your viewing habits.

Our spotlight pick of the week above was also complimented by Contract Girls Gone Gonzo; a movie where The Amazing Septo turned formerly tame contract performers into amazingly heated sluts with a need for seed. His latest release is a quaint little offering that pokes holes in the theory that gals under contract can't reform their ways and offer heated sex with Contract Girls Gone Gonzo. Using strictly gals that used to be under contract to companies such as Teravision, JKP, Pleasure, Video Team, Extreme, and Simon Wolf, Jordan gets almost all of them in performances that might have really smoked up some executives and resulted in longer contracts for the ladies had they been as well handled back in their day. If this sounds interesting to you, you'll be pleased to note that 4 out of 5 scenes were very pleasing with fans of the ladies really needing to check this one out.

A collection of three classic titles, Vanessa Del Rio Collection 1 was on reviewer Ravyn's favored list this week: As I sat and watched Beyond Desire, my thoughts were how different the movies where back then. There was no such thing as circus acts sex nor did it matter the length of the male performer. What I saw was indeed a classic. To see the performers actually enjoying themselves and not so much as watching the clock was a nice change of pace. These ladies took pride in their bodies making sure that they gave as much as they took and understood it was all about making men desire you no matter your body size. Vanessa was and always shall be the epitome of what men wanted back then and even today in a Latina woman. That desire and drive which easily seduced both mind and body forever shall reign in the Latina Queen and Goddess of Porn Vanessa Del Rio. For those that enjoyed watching Vanessa the first time around this is one that has to be in your collection.

Don thought Absolutely Adorable: Special Edition: was a lot of strange, Shakespearean fun with a splendid cast and the kind of production values Jim displayed in his later movies. The use of Kylie Wilde as the lead was inspired as she was truly adorable as the cover suggested but other gals did more sexually and it was a nice mix of fun. I rated it as Recommended, though a reasonable argument could be made for a higher rating; it was just that a number of scenes seemed to end before their time and as a stroke flick, this worked against the larger picture involved. Still, Absolutely Adorable: Special Edition was a solid effort by all involved with a good deal of replay value and strokability, even if not the pinnacle of porn as some of Jim's previous works had proved to be.

Reviewer The Mooninite found fun with Silent Night: Tis' the season to be horny. Christmas porn? Why not. Axel Braun is certainly down with the idea if this recent release from Ninn Worx is anything to go by. This disc takes the artsy ideals that the label is known for and throws in some holiday themes for kicks and kink. No story, no plot, just five hot scenes shot with care. While the seasonal theme of this release might not be to everyone's taste, Axel Braun has made a really hot piece of smut that can be enjoyed any time of the year. Each of the five scenes on this disc is a winner, which is a rarity in and of itself, and the behind the scenes documentary is also quite good. Given the quality of the ladies involved in this production and the genuine heat brought to each of their performances, consider Silent Night highly recommended.

As we come preciously close to finishing our prolonged look at Jim Holliday classics, we sent Don in for the scoop on Eye Candy 3: Special Edition: a title full of attractive women that showed a variety of sexual skills and appealed to different niches. While many of the staple acts that Jim used were also tossed in here, the short nature of the movie kept it from being one of his all time classics like previous volumes in the series. To me then, a rating of Recommended was on the high side but the value of the commentary as a time capsule for the industry by itself was enough to carry the day, and the action as a whole was better then you'll find in most features made at the same time. In short, while Eye Candy 3: Special Edition wasn't a masterpiece, it was full of some darned good fucking as Jim would put it, making it worthy of checking out if you find it on sale.

Esteemed reviewer Namrufmot enjoyed Barely Legal Spoiled Brats 2: I'll be the first to admit I'm a sucker for the Barely Legal series. They often feature some of the youngest, freshest girls you'll ever see. Barely Legal Spoiled Brats #2 continues the tradition by delivering a DVD full of pretty girls, intense sex, and solid technical quality. Whether you're a collector of the series or just looking for a new teen title, give this DVD some consideration. Like the previous installment in the Spoiled Brats series, this one comes in an anamorphic widescreen format. The lighting was almost always solid, resulting in excellent crisp colors, lifelike flesh tones, and minimal shadows. There were no compression artifacts or pixilation on the print, just as you'd expect from something shot by a high-end studio.

Our team also saw some extra energy in 2 In 1 Hole: Kat Slater has always struck me as a gal with a lot of potential as a director that has gone relatively untapped. She definitely adds a lot of energy to her work as she participates somewhat from behind the camera but it doesn't always translate well if she is holding the camera. Her latest work is for Hustler Video in the form of 2 In 1 Hole. The idea behind the movie was that each gal got a double penetration of one sort or another, including double anal, double vaginal, or a technical DP variation, with Kat helping out as able. If this sounds good to you, the action was even better. The raw energy was good but the mixed chemistry and lack of technical expertise impacted the replay and stroke value a bit for me so I rated it as Recommended. Your mileage may vary according to your own personal tastes but I thought that 2 In 1 Hole was worth checking out for fans of circus act sex and extreme queens in porn.

Reviewer Michael Vega thought Exposed: was a pretty sexy flick. And while I didn't necessarily care for the way director Richard Hamilton began each scene, the lovely ladies on this disc kept the flames below the belt scorching during the majority of the film. I'll definitely be keeping an eye out for flicks starring Carmella and Memphis in the future. Video was shot on film in an anamorphic 1.85:1 widescreen ratio and the picture was very, very sharp. Audio was clear and presented in Dolby Digital 2.0 stereo. There were lots of value adding extras to appreciate as well and the movie earned a rating of highly recommended.

In a stylish turnabout for an artistic company, Altered Minds seemed intriguing: The movie served to showcase the skills of contract hotties Jesse Capelli and McKenzie Lee as they showed a lady trying to figure out her place in a world gone wrong. The cover put it like this: "A high class sex slave owned by a wealthy and powerful man escapes his pervasive jealous and controlling behavior by exploring the decadent fantasies of her subconscious with her evil doppelganger. The further she allows herself to slip into her wanton daydreams the more control she loses until she eventually gives herself over entirely to the darkest elements of her libido in an attempt to gain her freedom." If that sounds as interesting to you as it did to me, you're almost sure to appreciate the action, albeit as a solid alternative to the usual fare from Club Jenna. The action varied a lot according to the theme of the particular scene but the movie proved to be a giant step forward from most of the movies released by secondary directors at the company, earning a rating of Recommended. The direction allowed for the movie to serve not only as a good stroke flick but as an entertaining one as well, addressing deeper themes that few in porn seem willing or able to do these days. The ending was decadent (there were alternative endings for the squeamish) but Altered Minds was clearly the first volley of quality for Devan Cypher to prove yet again that all porn doesn't have to be lowbrow.

Alt-porn guru The Mooninite also found a worthy title with Avenue X: [It] is weird. It takes pot shots at the current administration by way of some unusual references to prisoner torture using Tommy Pistol and Veronica Jett. There are all sorts of little jabs at the government and at the mainstream news media here, and it all gets very trippy and very heady " but at the same time, the feature is chock full of intense, creative and hot sex courtesy of a really interesting mix of male and female performers. It works, and it works well, but this one isn't going to cater to the same sort of crowd that most porno movies do. It's quite subversive and it actually requires you to think about what's going on in the movie to make sense of it all (unless you just want to go straight to the sex scenes, which are easy enough to do through the scene selection menus). Interesting stuff, it makes you think a little bit but you can still rub on out to it if you like.

Reviewer Don Houston found the double disc dicking of Gang Bang 5 to be a twisted journey too, stating that: It was a movie that provided two gang bangs, one starring Naomi and the other starring Sasha Grey; in hour long scenes along with a trio each of their best scenes for the RLD/PXP universe. Both ladies have their strong points and John seemed to capture them well with the use of Jake and Martin on assisting cameras, making this 5+ hour double disc set a very value oriented one for those who haven't already acquired the bonus scenes. Gang Bang 5 was one of the best spotlights either gal has had at this point in their relatively short careers. I wasn't sure what to rate the DVD set since I wanted more unique footage (the bonus scenes were well done but how much can you elevate the score of a release based on older material that consumers likely already have or have seen?) but you can adjust my rating of Recommended accordingly. Naomi and her wonderfully perfect pucker were complimented nicely by Sasha's youthful brilliance, giving fans of hardcore, circus act sex a lot to enjoy. Each were truly sexual Olympians worthy of a raised eyebrow or two so check out Gang Bang 5 if this all sounds good to you.

Namrufmot saw fit to highly praise Teen Cum Swappers 3: If there is one word to describe this DVD it's "wow". It stars some of the most incredibly hot young girls you'll ever find in porn especially Lucy and Nicky). The only real knock I can find is the lack of quality extras. Still, I'd recommend everyone running out and adding this title to their collection. The last scene alone is worth the purchase price. This release was presented in a non-anamorphic widescreen format, as are most new titles shot for Devil's Film. I'm glad to say that the video quality up to their above-average standard. There was only the slightest pixilation/edge enhancement present, and when there was it was not enough to distract you. The color palette was very warm and provided extremely lifelike hues. Plenty of natural/artificial lighting was used so shadows were never a concern. Also, considering the wide variety of backgrounds, the scenes all have a very consistent look to them. The audio was in 2.0 stereo and sounded fine with decent separation.

Reviewer Don Houston found it interesting that another movie about buccaneers predated the ever popular Pirates in the form of High Desert Pirates: Special Edition: cashing in on the Johnny Depp movie long before Digital Playground came up with their massive blockbuster a few years ago. The story involved a bunch of gals hijacking trucks in the desert, using their sexual charms to persuade the drivers of said vehicles to forget the details of the robberies. The back cover said it like this: "On the high desert back roads, trucks are being hijacked by a gorgeous gang of topless pirate babes with perfect tits. For what purpose? The drivers are screwed silly and released, but say nothing. Why? Feds and locals are investigating. Every now and then Jim Holliday jerks a movie clean out of the ball park...High Desert Pirates is just such a movie, with 9 scorching sex scenes " and not a dud among them. The only rubbers are on the truck tires. Fast-forwarding pinhead critics who can't detect Holliday's plots will be flat out lost in this desert. High Desert Pirates...it's a mystery, it's an allegory, it's a hip and cryptic commentary on historical and contemporary pop culture. But more importantly, it's a sex fest extraordinaire with the female cast of the year - marking the return of Sky Lopez to adult features. In fact, it's pure, vintage classic Holliday from the opening Haiku to the end credits. You will not soon forget the ghost ship that sails the high desert sands." In all, it was a lot of fun, and while it was made concurrently with two other fluff flicks by the master, a lot of attention was directed on this one, making it a sweet little title worthy of your time and money.

Reviewer The Mooninite, our resident alt-porn, classic porn, and erotica porn expert, found much to like in the compilation title known as Michael Ninn Box Set #1: Divas: a four disc set from VCA is worth a look for fans of the director or just those who appreciate Sapphic love. Although Ninn's style was fully formed by this point in his career, he'd go on to make more interesting movies later on down the road but these four movies do represent what the man has become known for " artfully shot hardcore featuring plenty of glitz and glamour without skimping on the sex. It was a very nice presentation for four well made all girl features, including Caught in the Act, Deep in Glamor, Pure Pink, and Sexual Aria.

Another classic finding some love was Charm School Brats: Special Edition: I thought Katie Morgan was the lead here but technically, Shayla was the one playing the spoilt brat in need of refinement in this tale about a school dedicated to improving the demeanor of ladies. The cover said it like this: "When snotty debutantes get out of hand...when snotty movie stars play prima donna...when the spoiled nouveau riche need their dull sheen polished, there is only one solution. Ship them off to the Darwin Joston Charm School where intense classes on class, polish and sophistication await them. Since students always have a keen desire to learn all about sex, and since Jim Holliday movies are always wacky and filled with fun and fluff, you can always count on an oddball janitor or handyman or two lurking around to help the coeds with their lessons. Once again for your further enjoyment of a Holliday movie, there are 10 sex scenes - double your money's worth - including Ava Vincent and Kurt Lockwood in a remarkable backdoor update of Shakespeare's Taming of the Shrew - so now you highbrow snobs have no excuses." The plot was minimal but funny, the cast of women above average in terms of quantity and quality, and the technical values were substantial with the benefit of some solid extras as a result. In short, Charm School Brats: Special Edition had everything a fan of the legendary director could want, and in copious quantities, with serious replay and stroke value to sweeten the deal.

Namrufmot found a lot to enjoy in 18 Eighteen Xtra #4: I had the opportunity to view previous installments in the series and this one blew them all away. The girls are all incredibly fresh, energetic, and most importantly know how to fuck on camera. While the lack of extras does hurt its overall rating 18 Eighteen Xtra #4 still comes away with a rating of "Recommended". The picture was presented in the usual 1.33:1 ratio full frame color. Overall, the video quality is pretty good. No major compression artifacts were present and all colors were life-like. While it's not the absolute best video quality you'll find, it is definitely adequate. The audio is the standard 2.0 stereo. Usually I find many releases have the background music turned up too high, thus drowning out the actors. I'm please to say that this isn't the case here, allowing you to hear every whimper during the action.

She Devils In Pink: Special Edition: a weird combination of various sports using scantily clad women as eye candy. The back cover said it like this: "Check out the fast paced world of competitive female "Hollyball" - a cross between women's field hockey, soccer, polo, softball, roller derby and volleyball. No shit, sports fans, don't miss this sports "stew" - it's more fun to watch than the individual games themselves. These She Devils will dazzle you with stick work. Naturally, it's the big bad championship blue team that squares off against those tiny little she demons in pink for the title. The pre-game and post-game fucking and sucking will leave you gasping for air and signaling for your last time out, and on the field action will fascinate you. Power & strength versus speed and quickness. Whoever said "porn stars are not coordinated, not are they the least bit athletic" is out of his fuckin' mind. The post game shower is sportsmanship brought to a new level. Hollyball is Jim Holliday's contribution to collegiate athletics and the Olympics, circa 2032... Will all those cute little plaid skirts be banished forever in favor of the more politically correct unisex athletic shorts??? These jock chick She Devils in Pink don't need not sports bras neither." I'm not a sports buff but I like naked and sexually promiscuous women enough to appreciate anything they do so long as it doesn't involve beating on me, making this a cute little throw away movie to really enjoy. It offered up copious amounts of fuck for the buck, a beautiful cast of hot women, stroke value second to none others made at the time, and a lot of replay value so I rated it as Recommended. In short, She Devils In Pink: Special Edition might be just the answer for those of you wanting another look at women's sports, as well as some fine poon tang eye candy to appreciate.

Contract hotties got the nod again in Colors: a spotlight on hotty Savanna Samson that had five vignettes with her in three of them. For fans then, this is a treasure trove to appreciate, even if you find some of the scenes lacking in heat. The idea was to use sets of specific colors to invoke a mood, though I didn't really see any substantial difference in how the ladies interacted with their partners, but even failed experiments help point creative types in new directions so I cut them some slack. Thankfully, there was some quality going on with the movie too, albeit not as much as there should have been. I liked it just enough to rate it as Recommended thanks to the casting, the amount of fuck for the buck, and the attempt at providing something different. The director tried to do something that he couldn't quite pull off but showed an effort to do something interesting, making Colors worthy of your time and money if you are a fan of Savanna Samson. Naomi was the highlight for me but all of the women had something to appreciate so check it out and you'll see what I mean.

We end this week's look at quality titles with Witch Coven College: Special Edition: The plot was as light and fluffy as ever, with a twinge of darkness about a coven of witches in training that were protective of each other. The cover said it like this: "Not all witches are toothless old hags with pointy noses, bony bodies and ice hold tits... Jim Holliday has found some bonafide, guaranteed College Coed ENCHANTRESSES that rate among the hottest babes in the land. These aspiring witches in training do all the things the sweet Cinderella's never dreamed of -- like suck cock and take a dick up the ass with a genuine smile on their faces. They always ride both their brooms and their dicks bareback!!! As the group approaches Coven status, discover first hand why the fun and fluff of Lake William University has plenty of room for collegiate witches who may choose to dance with the Devil, but come to screw regardless." It was a fun movie that Jim referred to as his witchcraft movie on the commentary, using new gals mixed in with some of the regulars, tailor made for those who enjoy his flicks. It was light hearted fun with a good cast, solid technical values, and a decent amount of fuck for the buck. The extras, including the interesting director's commentary, combined with the sex made for a DVD that I could safely rate as Recommended but your personal tastes will dictate whether to raise or lower the rating accordingly.

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