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Jonelle Brooks Captures Nominations, Awards, and Hearts

Jonelle Brooks Banner

Among the greatest things about being a porn critic are the opportunities it provides to grow sexually and explore new things. Among the avenues in which I've grown sexually over the last few years is my appreciation--perhaps lust is the better word--for transgender women. Call me crazy, but the sight of a gorgeous face, pretty lips, bountiful breasts, hour-glass figure, shapely ass, muscular physique, and never-ending toned legs (all the attributes of a first-class female porn star) coupled with a hard and cum-spewing penis drives me out of my mind with overwhelming desire. I cannot help it...I love transgender women...to the point that I'm proud to be a judge two years in a row for the

Although I am not attracted to all transgender women, I am particularly smitten with Jonelle Brooks. Just feast your eyes on the banner image above. What a beautiful face, pretty hair, mesmerizing eyes, luscious lips, delightful tits, caress-able belly, and gorgeous cock. Damn, I want her badly! The image above is from Stunning Jonelle Brooks on .

Jonelle, as you might know, was chosen to play Caitlyn Jenner in Highly Recommended Kaitlyn Gender. My colleague, Sex Reed, extols both Jonelle's sexual performance as well as her acting in his thorough review here.

To begin our tour of Jonelle's bodacious body and sexual prowess, let's take a look at some overall "pretty girl" shots. Note, in all the images, Jonelle's pretty and flowing brunette hair, her "bedroom" eyes that bore directly into your soul, her pouting lips (which are perfect for cock sucking), her perky and shapely tits, her well-toned belly, and, of course, her proud and erect cock. I think she's luscious!

Photos (l-r): on shemale.xxx; , from Tranny Pros; on shemale.xxx; and from

Jonelle Brooks Pretty Girl

I don't know about you, but one of the most attractive parts of a woman's body, in my opinion, is her eyes. Able to communicate volumes with just a glance, Jonelle's eyes are particularly alluring. At left, Jonelle's eyes seem to say to me, "You know you want me...come get me!" On the other hand, at right Jonelle's eyes convey to Chad Diamond, her partner, "I adore you. You are the center of my world!" In both cases, my inhibitions immediately drop and I'm hers. What about you?

Photos (l-r): on shemale.xxx and from By the way, was nominated for Best DVD Release for the 2016 It's really worth a look!

Jonelle Brooks Eyes

Jonelle's breasts are some of her best assets. Although they are augmented, they are big, bountiful, shapely, perky, and oh-so-squeezable. No matter what angle at which they're viewed, they're fucking gorgeous. My favorite of the shots below is the far right image. Seldom do you see such firm and in your face tits. Wouldn't you love to motorboat them? Or, even better, to fuck them as she squeezes them around your cock? Be still my heart!

Photos (l-r); from , on shemale.xxx; on shemale.xxx; and on .

Jonelle Brooks Tits

Although many transgender women have big and luscious boobs, not all of them have nipples that stand tall, pert, and erect like Jonelle's As her lust builds...while masturbating or during sex...her nipples grow big and ripe. In fact, they become perfect for squeezing or suckling. And, as you can tell, Jonelle really likes to play with her nipples. Her partners often do, too...I know that I would gleefully suckle them if I were given the chance! Anyway...at right you can see just how pretty Jonelle's areolas and nipples are. At left, check out Jonelle's ecstatic face as pleasure transfers from her fingers to her nipples, to her greedy brain. The close-up center photo says it all: "I'm here, I'm ready, and you'd better pay attention!"

Photos: (left) Jonelle and Bella from and (center and right) from .

Jonelle Brooks Nipples

Jonelle is a pre-operative transgender woman, so she still has her pretty penis. Above average in size, it is easily aroused (you'll seldom see Jonelle flaccid during a scene or in a photo set), rock hard, nicely shaped, and is complemented with a perfect set of balls. Of course, Jonelle loves showing it off...and playing with it, too (see video clip here, from Jonelle Brooks Strokes Her Cock on ). And, her male, trans-woman, and genetic female partners adore it as they worship it with their hands, mouths, pussies, and assholes (more about that later).

Of the three photos below, I'm personally drawn most to the center one. It's a frame I captured from from . In this scene, Jonelle plays a cop who enjoys playing with both of her guns...the natural one between her legs and the pistol in her hand. The shot-from-below camera angle, in which Jonelle's penis is front-and-center and framed in the background by her magnificent tits, is superb. Congratulations director Joey Silvera on another videographic triumph!

The right image is pretty damned hot, too, as Jonelle's rod and balls are nicely framed with her pretty and feminine lingerie. I like Jonelle's thong in the left image, too, and how it sets off her achingly-stiff erection.

One of the things that penises do is urinate. Of course we all do that. But, Jonelle lets her videographers capture her in action as this clip depicts, which was taken from on jonellebrooks.com.

Photos...all of which are from ...(l-r): , , and

Jonelle Brooks Penis

Many transgender women have, well, guy-like asses. And, many of their asses are covered with lots of blemishes, perhaps due to the hormones they must take. This is definitely not true for Jonelle. Round, firm, heart-shaped, squeezable, beautiful, alluring, smooth...these are all words that describe Jonelle's butt. And, of course, they're attached to her perfect legs (more about them later). Not only are Jonelle's cheeks perfect, but they also surround a perfect asshole which, as you might expect, is always begging to be reamed.

The fishnet photo, at right, is from one of Jonelle's earliest shoots in 2011. Don't her pantyhose set off her cheeks and cock in a gorgeous way? Meanwhile, the image at right was taken in 2015. If anything, don't you think her ass gets finer as the years go by?

Photos (l-r): from jonellebrooks.com and on shemale.xxx.

Jonelle Brooks Ass

Talking about legs...wait until you gaze upon Jonelle's! Long, lean, toned, and lithe, Jonelle's legs carry her to a towering six feet in height. Wow...that's a lot of woman. No matter if you see her legs from behind (left) or front (right), straight or bent, Jonelle's legs are definitely the stuff a leg man (like me) dreams about.

Photos (l-r): on ; from ; and , from Tranny Pros.

Jonelle Brooks Legs

Jonelle has a great mouth, too. And, she really knows how to use it to please her partners. I, for one, love to kiss...to swap tongues and spit...with my partners. So, I'm always drawn to stars who enjoy oral ministrations as much as I do. Happily, Jonelle kisses well and often. And, she's equally comfortable locking lips with men (see the right image below) and women (left and center.)

Photos (l-r): from , Jonelle and Bella from , and Jonelle and Will from .

Jonelle Brooks Kissing

Of course, kissing is not the only use for a well-talented mouth and tongue. And, given that Jonelle has her own penis, you know she's going to do a great job sucking cock...or, in the case of the center image, cocks!

At left, check out Jonelle's longing eyes as she licks Reed's cock like a lolly pop. Don't you wish that your partner would express such longing? At center, Jonelle's capacious mouth stretches to accommodate two lucky penises while her talented hands stroke their hardness. At right, savor Jonelle's use of her fingers to simultaneously fondle Will's balls and stroke his lucky asshole. Jonelle...you can suck me anytime.

Photos (l-r): Jonelle and Reed from , Jonelle Sucks Them All from , and Jonelle and Will from .

Jonelle Brooks Giving Fellatio

Jonelle, a very proud owner of her own beautiful penis, enjoys having her cock sucked as much as she loves giving head. In virtually all her scenes (except her solos), Jonelle's partner--male or female--pounces on her dick and sucks it to heaven and back. And, since she's not too big, most of her partners deep throat her greedily...much to her absolute delight (see the center image below). Frankly, I, too, would love to suck her cock. I find this compulsion very unexpected...as I have no desire to suck a guy's cock. But, somehow oral sex with a transgender woman seems so right to me.

As you can see, both Reed (left) and Chad (center) have Jonelle's rod completely down their throats. They look pretty satisfied, huh? Bella, at right, doesn't isn't deep-throating Jonelle in this shot, but does during the scene. By the way, doesn't this captured-from-above shot look outstanding? Jonelle's big and bountiful tits and toned abdomen look fantastic. Her cock does, too.

Photos (l-r): Jonelle and Reed from , from Tranny Pros, and Jonelle and Bella from .

Jonelle Brooks Getting Fellatio

When it comes to fucking, Jonelle is really tri-sexual. She's had sex with women, men, and other trans-women. And, it's pretty damned obvious that she likes getting off with vaginas, anuses, and, as already demonstrated, mouths.

One of the things I like most about Jonelle is her "I'm in charge" attitude. She dominates her scenes and is always the one who tops. By tops, I mean that she's the one who does the fucking, not the one who gets fucked (which is called bottoming). As you can see in the four images below, Jonelle has a great time topping women and those women, in turn, have intense pleasure and cum repeatedly.

Most of Jonelle's vagina-pounding scenes have been released by . But, has captured some ts/girl scenes featuring Jonelle, too.

Of the images below, I like the right-most photo the best. This is a screen shot I captured for you from Jonelle and Bella, found on . To me the shot-from-below angle perfectly captures Jonelle's power as a fucker. The shot makes her body look particularly fine, too. And, of course, Bella's pierced pussy appears gorgeous, too.

Photos: (left and right) 's Jonelle and Bella; (center top) from ; (center bottom) 's Jonelle and Penny Barber.

Jonelle Brooks Vaginal Sex

As I mentioned, Jonelle is equally at home with women, men, and other trans-women. When working with men, she always dominates them in one way or the other. In fact, I have not seen her allow any guy to fuck her asshole (that's not to say it didn't occur in a scene I've not had the pleasure of watching).

Jonelle's dominant trait is, perhaps, why she really shines in the scenes she does for 's TS Seduction site, which has the tagline, TS Women Dominating with Their Cocks. Joey Silvera, director for , always lets Jonelle run with her dominant instincts, too.

Here are some shots of Jonelle reaming a guy's ass in missionary. The left image is from 's while the right image is from 's Jonelle and Reed.

Jonelle Brooks Missionary Anal Sex

Jonelle's a powerful fucker in any position she attempts...and no matter what hole she reams. Doggie seems to be one of her favorites, as shown below. In this position, Jonelle has her partner completely at her mercy and she uses that advantage to have her way.

Of the three images, I am most drawn to the center. Again, the shot-from-below angle perfectly sets off Jonelle's power...this time, as she inches her big rod past Penny Barber's sphincter. She also looks mighty dominant as she reams fully-erect Will at right.

Photos (l-r): from , 's Jonelle and Penny Barber, and 's Jonelle and Will.

Jonelle Brooks Doggie Anal Sex

Jonelle's penis is long and hard enough to pierce her partner in spoon as well. Check out her ecstatic face as she reams lucky Chad Diamond from behind in the right image. At left, savor her oiled-up tits as she piston's balls-deep into Robert Axel's asshole. Although you cannot really tell from the photos, watching the respective movies will demonstrate just how much those two guys loved Jonelle's ministrations.

Photos (l-r): 's and from Tranny Pros.

Jonelle Brooks Spoon Anal Sex

Jonelle's partners always seem to be in her lap, riding her erection in, well, what should I call it? Cowboy or reverse cowboy as compared to cowgirl or reverse cowgirl? Anyway, as they bounce up and down, shoving her rod balls-deep into their own asses, Jonelle keeps their dicks happy by greedily stroking them to keep them hard and right at the brink of ejaculation. Without a doubt, every guy who gets fucked by Jonelle has a hell of a good time! And, she enjoys herself immensely, too. Just look at her eyes in the left photo as she gazes into Chad's eyes while ramming her cock up his ass and stroking his penis.

Photos (l-r): from and 's Jonelle and Will.

Jonelle Brooks CG and Reverse Anal Sex

As a world-class porn girl, Jonelle, of course, loves cum. Her male partners pump their loads into her voracious mouth and decorate her chest and tits with "pearl necklaces." Never one to waste a man's most precious fluid, Jonelle eats as much as she can and is even known to slurp up semen from her guy's belly (left).

Although the photos below are pretty hot, wait until you see her take three loads of cum onto her face and into her mouth. Click here to see a clip of this scene (the whole excellent scene can be downloaded from . After milking all three guys dry, and eating as much of their cum as she can, glorious Jonelle grabs her own cock and gushes a load that puts the guys to shame.

Photos (l-r): 's and 's Jonelle and Will.

Jonelle Brooks Getting a Pop

What really sets a world-class trans woman apart from her genetic female sisters is her ability to ejaculate powerful ropes of semen. Whereas many trans-women can barely cum at all, Jonelle's pops put almost all male porn stars to shame...in terms of power, distance, and volume. As you can see from the screen captures I've provided below, Jonelle's eruptions, whether by her own hand or by the hand of her partner, are, to say the least, magnificent.

One of the best things about Jonelle's orgasms is her ability to cum when her partner sucks or jacks her to the brink. At left, Tinslee Reagan's vise-grip clamp on Jonelle's shaft (coupled with a finger up her asshole), does what the doctor ordered and causes a mammoth straight-up-to-the-sky eruption. Similarly, at top center Robert Axel skillfully strokes Jonelle to the brink and beyond.

At center bottom, Jonelle squeezes out the last remaining drops after creaming Bella's vagina. And, at right, Jonelle brings herself to a massive orgasm that makes a mess everywhere.

Even though these photos are hotter than hell, you haven't seen anything until you've actually seen ropes of semen explode from Jonelle's dick. Therefore, I captured a few clips for you to see:

  1. Here's Jonelle being jacked off by Tinslee Reagan in from
  2. Here's Jonelle cumming with her boy toy from .
  3. Here's Jonelle shooting her load all over her mannequin doll named Bob (from ).
  4. Here's an oiled-up Jonelle shooting a load of semen and then a voluminous stream of urine (from ).
  5. Here's Jonelle jacking herself off while dressed as a cop in (see the right image below).
  6. Here's Jonelle feeding her load to Will in 's Jonelle and Will. She licks her own cum off of Will's face.
  7. Here's Jonelle shooting one of her largest loads ever in this clip from Stunning Jonelle Brooks on .
  8. Here's Jonelle being jacked off by Robert Axel and then convulsing uncontrollably as he milks and sucks her dry in 's .

Photos: (left) from ; (center top) 's ; (center bottom) 's Jonelle and Bella; and (right) 's .

Jonelle Brooks Giving a Pop

To read everything our site has about Jonelle Brooks, please click . There are reviews of her scenes, photo galleries, and articles about this beautiful goddess. Please enjoy our site.

I certainly hope that this introduction to Jonelle Brooks has opened your mind to the world of trans women and that you develop an appreciation for Jonelle's beauty, sexuality, and prowess. Please make a point of visiting each of the websites I've linked so that you can learn more about transgender erotica. Visiting these sites also helps support our site and the Must-See-Girls Award Program.

Finally, my tribute to Jonelle ends with this slide show. Thanks to , and, of course, . Although I did not mention all of Jonelle's scenes released by all these sites, I have watched them all and enjoyed every one. All these studios are, however, represented in the slide show. Click the image to open the slide show.


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