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Anna Bell is a "Peak" Performer


As I was perusing the Burning Angel Website a couple of months ago, I came across a brand new girl who simply blew me away. Not only is this amazing woman gorgeous, but she also has the most amazing blue-gray eyes you'll ever see. And, even better, she is a terrific fuck, too.

Yes, Anna Bell Peaks, shown above in , is definitely my type. She's tall, extremely buxom, fit, toned, horny as hell, and appreciative of her sexual partners. In addition, at least from my point of view, her extensive and extremely attractive tattoos absolutely seal the deal.

Before going into detail about this new-to-the-business star, let's take a quick look at her stunning body in some pretty-girl shots. At left below is a photo from the first of Anna Bell's movies that I had the pleasure to see: Burning Angel's . In this scene, Anna Bell plays a visitor to Los Angeles who, inexplicably, is all alone in a strange city. Mr. Pete picks her up and the real fun begins. As I watched this scene unfold, I knew, from the very beginning, that Anna Bell would be a Must-See Girl. Not only is she stunningly beautiful, but she is so enthusiastic and vivacious that her attitude is intoxicating and infectious. It is not possible to watch Anna Bell in action without feeling oh-so-good.

The center image, one of my favorites, highlights Anna Bell's bountiful pierced tits, long shapely legs, adorably cute face, mesmerizing eyes, and, of course, her trademark magenta hair. The photo is from and it provides just a taste of what glorious Anna Bell has to offer.

At right, another image from gives you a sneak preview of the glories of Anna Bell's pussy. I'll extol more of its virtues later in this article. But, suffice it to say that it is pink, pierced, and provocative. It's the perfect receptacle for her partner's lust.

Please click the links in this article. I've arranged for you to see lots of scene-specific images, previews, and reviews to whet your appetite for Anna Bell. If you join any of the sites or buy any of the movies shown on the links, you will help us keep this site and the Must-See-Girl program alive. Thanks.


If you read my articles and reviews, you probably know that I am a tits and ass man. So, you'd probably expect that Anna Bell's bodacious boobs are what originally drew me to her. Without discounting the immense value of her immense breasts, I must confess, however, that I find Anna Bell's eyes to be her best feature.

The three photos below capture, in my opinion, three widely different expressions and feelings that Anna Bell communicates so well and so easily with her eyes. At left, from , check out the intense pleasure that Anna Bell is communicating to her partner, Johnny Sins. I cannot help but think that Anna Bell really likes not only what she sees but what she's holding, as well.

The center image, another of my favorite photos of Anna Bell, is from 's 600th Episode. To me, her come-hither look communicates, "I want you, you want me...let's do it!"

The photo at right, from , expresses Anna Bell's untold happiness, bliss, and joie de vivre, if you will. Look at the absolutely delight in her shining eyes, her pleasure in seeing you. And, if you look carefully, you also see her mischievousness, too. What a delight!


Even though Anna Bell's eyes are my favorite part of her body, her breasts are absolutely stunning, too. Without a doubt, her gloriously-enhanced G-cup breasts are a dream come true. Not only are they a tribute to her vision and desire for her own looks, but they also attest to her very wise choice of surgeon. And, her sexy-as-hell nipple rings add even more to the desirability of her bountiful boobs.

In my very first look at Anna Bell, in Burning Angel's , the left image overwhelmed my senses. Such great beauty, such shape, such size! And, they hang so fucking well! Can you imagine coming face-to-face with those breasts? What would you do? Yeah...I thought so. You'd attack them with your hands and mouth...just as I would.

As you gaze upon the center photo, can you imaging strolling up to Anna Bell to shove your throbbing cock into her mouth and savoring the site of her terrific tits? That's what happens to Mr. Pete in Burning Angel's .

Finally, if you're as lucky as Mr. Pete in Burning Angel's , you'll get to look down on Anna's firm and perky boobs and oh-so-erect pierced nipples as you fuck her in missionary. What a delight!


One of Anna Bell's Must-See Assets is her wide assortment of extensive, tasteful, and quite feminine tattoos. The left photo below, from Lex's Tattooed Vixens, provides an overview of Anna Bell's flowery right sleeve and her belly butterfly. At center left, check out Anna Bell's angel wings, also from

The center-right image highlights Anna Bell's signature tattoo...the one that graces her gigantic and oh-so-lovely breasts: "Judge Me Not," surrounded by roses. This photo, taken from embodies, in my mind, many of Anna Bell's best traits...both physical and emotional. Her physical attributes are obvious. But, so is her joy, her happiness, and the pleasure she finds in every moment. Outstanding, Anna Bell!

Finally, at right, check out Anna Bell's fine ass cheeks accentuated by two pretty bows (as if they are surrounding a fantastic gift--so true!), and a chain link of hearts that shout out "stay out...unless you love me." This photo was taken from one of my favorite Anna Bell Peaks scenes: 's 600th Episode.

Of course many of the top performers today are heavily inked. However, I think that Anna Bell's tattoos are a real cut above. I think they are beautiful and truly depict who she is and what she wants us to know about her.


As we head south on our tour of Anna Bell's fantastic body, we simply must stop and savor her magnificent vagina. Not only are her labia big and beautiful...like a butterfly's wings...but her clit hood is wonderfully pierced, too. It's obvious that Anna Bell really likes her pussy because she takes such good care of it and shows it off proudly in every photo shoot in which she appears. And, her beautiful hole has shown its ability to swallow virtually everything...including massive toys.

The left image, taken from pretty much sums it up as her pierced clit hood overlooks her pretty labia as they beckon us to enter her wet, accommodating, and tight hole. At center, imagine you are Mr. Pete, in Burning Angel's , as you gaze upon Anna's loveliness while her eyes implore you to "come and take me!"

The right image is an actual screen capture from Highly Recommended Triple BJs, one of my hero Mike Adriano's recent flicks from To me, this photo truly exemplifies what a classy woman Anna Bell really is. Not only are her genitals lovingly groomed, but her nails are perfectly manicured, too. Of course, her pussy looks absolutely wonderful as her labia peak open under the watchful supervision of her pierced clit hood. So sweet!


Of course, all the best physical assets come to naught if the woman can't perform like a world class superstar. Let me assure you...Anna Bell is among the best newcomers in the business...most likely the best. Of course, one of the most important benchmarks of a superstar porn star is her fellatio skills. And, Anna Bell's are amazing.

Not only can Anna Bell suck cock, but she can also wield one, too. At left below, check out Anna Bell's expert cocksmanship as she rams her plastic strap on down Tiffany Starr's throat in

Of course if you're a guy like me, what matters most is how the girl gives head. And, without a doubt, Anna Bell is a champion. In fact, I think she's one of the best cocksuckers currently gracing the blue screen.

In the center, put yourself at the receiving end of this POV shot. Imagine yourself in Mr. Pete's place, in Burning Angel's , as Anna Bell sucks and strokes your cock while gazing wantonly into your eyes. Be still my heart!

As hot as these images are, they pale in comparison to Anna Bell's real skill...and that's deep-throating. Check her out in the right image, which is from 's 600th Episode. Yep, that's Ryan Madison's long and thick penis completely down Anna Bell's accommodating throat. And, although I don't have photos to "prove" it, I've also seen Anna Bell deep-throat massive toys, too. It's like she can open her esophagus and swallow anything. What a champion!


Of course, oral sex is a two way street and any guy lucky enough to feel his cock wrapped by Anna Bell's lips and clenched by her throat owes it to her to go down on her gorgeous, juicy, and oh-so-delectable vagina. Johnny Sins does just that in the left photo, taken from . I don't know about you, but gazing on this excellent photo, I can not only feel Anna Bell's labia with my tongue, but I can taste her sweet nectar, too.

At right is another of my favorite images of Anna Bell. Taken from 's 600th Episode, this shot captures an incredible moment in time in which Ryan Madison tugs on Anna Bell's clit hood ring with his teeth. Look at the expression of total and complete bliss on Anna Bell's face. What could be finer?


Although most of Anna Bell's scenes to date have been boy/girl encounters, she has appeared in some solo scenes and has a wonderful way with girls, too. If you like to see solo girls push themselves to massive orgasms with huge toys, look no further than I Love Big Toys 41, from New Sensations (left). About this scorching scene, colleague Don Houston writes that Anna Bell begins with "a squirt fest of a solo scene with an initial clear dildo wider than her arm (and as long as her forearm). Once warmed up, she took out what some call a flesh colored toy of thicker nature to actively ride while seated on the wooden chair, impaling herself as her bald beaver calmly took most of it to the hilt, more fluids coming from her before she continued the process with several other huge toys helping her soak the floor completely." Like Don, I was mesmerized by this scene...watching just how much Anna Bell can take in the name of pleasure. And, her squirting orgasms were damned hot, too.

My favorite of Anna Bell's Sapphic scenes is . Anna Bell plays a hospital administrator who accidentally comes across some porn scenes featuring one of her employees, played by Tiffany Starr. Of course, Anna Bell likes what she sees and demands a little lovin' from Tiffany. At center, watch the two horny bitches share pussy-to-pussy tribbing. Meanwhile, the right image shows Anna Bell's strap-on skills as she wields the toy with finesse and makes Tiffany cum volcanically.


Oral sex, toys, and girl-girl trysts are hot as hell and Anna Bell looks and performs very well in these activities. However, the proof in the pudding, of course, is a performer's boy/girl skills. And, hot-as-hell Anna Bell really excels in good old in-and-out action...beginning with missionary.

At left below, check out just how hot Anna Bell looks while being pounded by Xander Corvus in . Be honest now...wouldn't you love to look down and see Anna Bell's magnificent body while ramming your cock to the hilt in her pussy? I know I sure would.

I really like the top right image, which is a frame I captured from 's 600th Episode. I love the look of total and unbridled bliss beaming from Anna Bell's face as Ryan Madison fucks her silly.

Speaking of facial expressions, check out Anna Bell's smile in the bottom right image, from Lex's Tattooed Vixens. Her ecstatic look says it all...she loves having Lexington Steele's massive cock balls deep in her accommodating cunt. Excellent!


Anna Bell also looks and performs like the champion she is in doggie. I really like the left image below, which was taken from Burning Angel's . Her heart-shaped and stunningly-beautiful ass looks particularly good in this position as Mr. Pete pistons in and out of her vagina. Of course, her blissful look and pretty tattoos add to the overall enjoyment.

At center, be sure to savor Anna Bell's massive dangling breasts as Ryan Madison pounds her from behind in 's 600th Episode. Finally, in the right image, Anna Bell's smile belies her enjoyment of Lexington Steele's thrusts in Lex's Tattooed Vixens.


I've noticed that Anna Bell and her partners naturally move into some sort of standing position (a modification of traditional doggie, if you will) as they fuck. I particularly enjoy seeing her body and moves in these positions and have provided a few examples of just how awesome she appears while standing during sex.

At left, Ryan Madison shoves Anna Bell up against a wall and fucks her from behind in 's 600th Episode. Xander Corvus gets his turn at center, in . And, the right image, a screen capture from , epitomizes why Anna Bell appeals to me so much during standing sex. Just look at her fantastic flesh, her massive and perky pierced tits, her toned and firm belly, and her ecstatic expression. Wouldn't you like to be in Johnny Sins' position and be able to grasp handfuls of Anna Bell's belly like he's doing in the photo?


Cowgirl, of course, is the best position to play with your partner's breasts with your hands and mouth. Believe me, Anna Bell's massive breasts provide lots to enjoy, to squeeze, and to suckle.

At left, Xander Corvus squeezes a handful of perfectly-sculpted boob in while Anna Bell fucks and grinds him...and shares her intensity with us using her oh-so-intenseå eyes. In the center, Johnny Sins uses his arms to draw Anna Bell close so that her pierced nipple is just centimeters from his greedy face in . At right, Xander's hands are once again all over Anna Bell's tits in .


Although my favorite position in which to fuck is cowgirl, I always like watching reverse cowgirl the best. Somehow, the location of the girl's legs and the positioning of her body in this position always boils my blood. And, the three images below, in my opinion, prove my point.

At left, check out Anna Bell's amazing tits, belly, and spread-wide legs in a shot from . It sure as hell looks to me like Anna Bell is having a terrific time fucking the cum out of Xander Corvus.

The center photo, from 's 600th Episode, highlights Anna Bell's amazing commodious cunt as she uses her powerful leg and thigh muscles to piston her body up and down on Ryan Madison's lucky penis. Finally, the right image exemplifies Anna Bell's flexibility as she turns around to kiss Johnny Sins--while fucking him senseless--in .


Truth be told, I am a real sucker for girls who squirt when they cum. And, Anna Bell is a magnificent squirter whose ejaculations are strong, powerful, and copious. Although I've seen Anna Bell squirt in several scenes, I only have access to images I captured from 's 600th Episode...and those images are shown below.

At left, check out the power of her squirt...straight as an arrow...as it emanates from her magnificent bejeweled pussy. Believe it when I say that I'd love it if that fire hose was inches from my face right now. The center screen capture gives you an idea of the voluminous nature of her spray when she fingers her clit while cumming. Finally, the right image is another position I'd like to be in...like Ryan Madison, squeezing her magnificent breasts while she masturbates and orgasms. Wow!


Of course, we guys like to shoot like geysers, too. And, we love girls who love receiving our generous loads. Anna Bell Peaks is, without a doubt, a lover of cum!

At left, check out Anna Bell's wide open mouth as she greedily takes Johnny Sins' load in this screen capture from . The top center image, from 's 600th Episode, shows Ryan Madison's semen oozing from Anna Bell's delightful vagina after he gives her a cream pie.

At bottom center, note that Anna Bell is an equal-opportunity cum swallower as she gorges herself on Lexington Steele's semen in Lex's Tattooed Vixens. Finally, at right, is an image that pretty much sums up Anna Bell Peaks as a porn super star. Look at her delight as she licks Johnny Sins' semen off of her fingers in .


I'll bet that you'll agree that Anna Bell is definitely a Must-See-Girl. If you like her as much as I do, you really need to start watching her scenes now. She's quite new to the business, and as of October 1, 2015, only has 13 titles in her filmography. Frankly, I love discovering great new talent like Anna Bell at the beginning of their careers. I hope that you'll like her enough to help me propel her to super-stardom.

You can read our reviews of Anna Bell's scenes by clicking . Or, you can join and enjoy some of the online sources mentioned in this article.

One last thought...I'm going to defy Anna Bell's inked slogan, "Judge Me Not," by saying...Anna Bell, I have judged you and find you to be a Must-See Girl.

My homage to Anna Bell comes to an end with this slide show. I hope you enjoy watching it. Thanks to , , and for the use of their images throughout this article and in the slide show.

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